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Topic #8528027
dustytissue - Sharon saying she has been made fun of her whole life for being too skinny, having no ass, boobs. Says even Jacob did. NT 0 Replies #8528027 6:25PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528035
Laura - Adam and Josh playing pool, Shelia soaking feet in HT, Sharon and Nat in HOH complaining about Josh NT 0 Replies #8528035 6:26PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528044
Laura - flames NT 0 Replies #8528044 6:26PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528052
allen - Adam finds a game with Josh 0 Replies #8528052 6:27PM 31/03/2008
josh racks, adam lets him break, Adam strikes a cig, leans on the washer, josh sinks a solid, Adam takes stripes. Josh takes his shots quick kinda shoots from the hip style but does manage to sink em'.

Adam is a little more deliberate shooter. Josh wearing a orange texas longhorn sweat shirt and carpenter shorts knee length with crocks. ..flames.
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Topic #8528064
BB_Addiction - Now Sheila is in the HoH NT 0 Replies #8528064 6:27PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528103
dustytissue - Nat, Sharon, Sheila whispering about someone (didn't catch who) being jealous and bitter. NT 1 Replies #8528103 6:31PM 31/03/2008
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Bama_Gal - They are talking about James NT #8528110 6:31PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528141
Laura - shelia saying james is jealous ...adam wants to donate his money to autism NT 0 Replies #8528141 6:33PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528162
Laura - Shelia said James says the people who watch the show is crazy NT 0 Replies #8528162 6:35PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528214
dustytissue - Sharon can't wait until the wrap party or sequester so she could tell them things about her. 0 Replies #8528214 6:38PM 31/03/2008
She says people say she's quiet but it's because if she starts talking, she will start saying things she shouldn't. Says people do not know her.
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Topic #8528264
allen - wow adam calls a jump and actually followed thru 0 Replies #8528264 6:42PM 31/03/2008
Adam can hop the que ball over another to sink the 8 in the corner and win the game.

Adam then goes to workout with Ryan and tells ryan jimmy said sharon was asking who she would send home first sheila or adam.

Ryan said jimmy lies, he said ryan was gonna take him to end. Ryan dont trust james at all. He tells them (sheila and sharon) what they want to hear. What is Josh thinking, why should we keep josh around for jimmy. James obviously wants josh to stay, he acts like he dont care but he does care. ryan pumps more iron.. Adam watches straighten ups the weights for ryan when ryan rests, then takes his turn.
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Topic #8528331
dustytissue - Sharon, Sheila, and Nat talking in HOH 0 Replies #8528331 6:46PM 31/03/2008
Sharon: all of America will see how much I've done for someone who's treated me like sh*t.

Sheila: would you want to see James win the money?

Sharon: hell no.

they tell her he thinks she does.

Sharon: i wouldn't give it to Josh OR James.

Natalie mostly listening, 'mm hmm's every now and then, warns them that she might fall asleep.
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Topic #8528415
dustytissue - Josh and James sitting in the kitchen. Not much talking going on. NT 0 Replies #8528415 6:51PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528430
allen - Josh and James in KT talking 0 Replies #8528430 6:51PM 31/03/2008
James saying they are not a big group, I will be thrown under the bus next week for tryin to help you. I will be throquwn under the bus anyway, so.

boy they are quiet, not saying much alone in kitchen,, flames
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Topic #8528527
allen - James saying 200$ for the next 48 hours (adult) 0 Replies #8528527 6:57PM 31/03/2008
James saying 110$ to josh saying just 48 more hours to go, the two of them are still very quiet not much to say to one another. then they head to the BR for a nap, Josh saying he did get the courage to masterbate in the shower today... feed cuts to BY
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Topic #8528547
dustytissue - Sharon talking about her parents, dad was gone her whole life, she became mom and her mom became dad. NT 0 Replies #8528547 6:58PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528613
allen - back to Ryan and baller working out 0 Replies #8528613 7:02PM 31/03/2008
Ryan is very percise in his breathing, Adam has to be reminded by ryan to breathe. ryan saying to tell sharon they would put sheila up not james. flames............
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Topic #8528639
dustytissue - Now Sharon talking about her sister, Charlene. She says Charlene and Chelsia are alike. NT 0 Replies #8528639 7:04PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8528689
allen - boys doing shrugs now to conclude the workout 0 Replies #8528689 7:08PM 31/03/2008
they make fun of BB with the restrictions and disclaimers they must have showed them about the workout equipment. Now ryan and adam start shooting baskets... get side tracked looking at some strange fat roll on ryans arm that he says is muscle, now the feed cuts to BR where Josh is changing sheets.
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Topic #8528911
allen - Ryan jogging around yard now, Adam teasing him 0 Replies #8528911 7:21PM 31/03/2008
Adam was inside drinking a chocolate shake, told josh to try it josh said eww no, oh come on says baller you know how just open your mouth and swallow.

Adam then comes out back and says three,,, ryan says 5,,, as ryan passes he says 4 ryan says 6 louder.

Then they sit on pool table,,, talk about the girls wanting to stir up a girls club.. Adam says we got Nat let them have a girls club. takes a drag off Adam's cig

they both say sheila is postering herself for next HOH whoever it might be, Ryan believes if sheila wins she might put james up but, he dont trust it one of the the two of them need to win knock sheila out.
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Topic #8528955
allen - Adam then Ryan go up to HOH to bust up the hen party Ryan knocks first, sharon says come-on-in.. Flames NT 0 Replies #8528955 7:23PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8529092
allen - feed back with shaorn in kitchen by herself 0 Replies #8529092 7:31PM 31/03/2008
looks at clock says good lord 7 . making some slop. Sharon has changed into red shorts and black tank top and black flip flops hair up in a bun like top of her head. guess the day went by fast for her. Can hear sheila voice bleed over from other feed, she is up in HOH with rest of them except for josh and james who are napping in BR. Sharon runs to storage room, looks in frige and says eewwww, grabs something out of upper cabinets and goes back to kitchen. her moves are chipper and quick, camera wirring in the background she looks up at HOH door, continues making her slop.
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Topic #8529197
allen - Ryan joins sharon in kitchen 0 Replies #8529197 7:37PM 31/03/2008
runs water and sharon stiring her slop its hard to hear their whispers, dishes rattling in drain pan.. tallking about sheila,,,, ugggg feed timeout... ryan was pretending to wash dishes,, josh wondered thru ryan left
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Topic #8529295
dustytissue - Sheila and Adam talking in HOH about having to stick together. Natalie is there too but is asleep. 0 Replies #8529295 7:40PM 31/03/2008
Sheila: Ryan, you, me, Sharon.

Adam: there's no logic in keeping him (james) here.

Sheila saying James' 9 lives will be up, no one likes him, asks why no one would like him.

Adam: he's a liar, manipulator, con-artist, a**hole, not nice, mean, rude, inconsiderate

Sheila saying she's so glad no one laughed at the pickle juice incident. It would've devastated her if everyone laughed.
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Topic #8529431
allen - now ryan is back in boat room with josh 0 Replies #8529431 7:47PM 31/03/2008
BB scolds ryan for mic.. and Josh no mic.. theirs was again about sheila. but couldnt make it out. Josh goes to ring the DR button. Ryan towels up for the shower. Sharon stops him as he passes kitchen mouths something in her non vocal communication method, the cam I am on is from other side of dining.

Sharon asks should I go up to adam and act like i dont know that and ask? Josh is freaking out, rayn says it dont matter i am voting for you anyway,,, sharon pissed off cause sheila acting like shes gonna win the whole thing. both in the bathroom now. they have the quietest whispers known to man, have volume all way up still cant hear very well. sharon talking fast whispers too. saying James will make it work no matter what, we can talk later,, James comes by to pee, ouch loud now with chit chat about what to shake her protien shake in, guess it wasnt slop after all she keeps stiring it with a spoon
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Topic #8529476
cannotsleep - Sheila talking to Adam in HOH while Nat is sleeping, Sheila says she told Josh that if he had won HOH he should put her up, that she has only said 0 Replies #8529476 7:49PM 31/03/2008
positive things about him in the diary room. Says she said put me up and put me out of my misery. She says that's what shut him up.

Reiterates to Adam that if James is still there 2 weeks from now, he knows she's his biggest competition, because Sheila thinks the jury will give her the money over him.

Sheila says James is not Superman, and she's going to win HOH. Adam says he'll be her man servant.

Sheila has a woman's instinct that they can trust Sharon. Says James' luck is going to run out.

He's a cat, his nine lives are up and he's got to go. Says after James walks out of the door, she'll be happy if any of the rest of them win the money. She may have a 250 or 500 thousand dollar book deal. She was on Letterman 27 years ago, and has a story to tell, even if she doesn't win the show.
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