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Topic #8526661
Shannon72 - Nat tells Sheila she's going to ask DR if she can make Matt a birthday card. 0 Replies #8526661 4:52PM 31/03/2008
Sheila saying she's been thinking about Matt alot today because his birthday is coming up. Both want Matt in the house for his birthday. Sheila said that even though she probably talks to his family once a week (and on his b-day) it still sucks for him. Now saying that BB has to listen in on his conversations with his family when he talks to them.

Nat talking about how she misses Matt's presence in the house. Yada, yada, yada. Sheila saying that at least it was fun in the house when he was there and how it's so boring now with those that are left.

Sheila saying that everyone who is in the house right now deserves to win the money but James. Nat saying that no matter who James is up against if he is in Final 2 then they are not voting for him anyway. They are saying that Chels and Josh will probably be the only one's voting for James to win the money.

Adam just walked by and gave the girls an evil grin. The girls laugh and tell him that he is looking for trouble.
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Topic #8526681
Shannon72 - Around the feeds -- Nat/Sheila in SR. Nat is painting another picture and Sheila watching. Josh/Sharon in HT - random chit chat NT 0 Replies #8526681 4:53PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8526695
allen - Nat and Shelia lower their voices to a whisper in the Salon 0 Replies #8526695 4:54PM 31/03/2008
We need to get the next HOH we have the votes now. Adam comes back in interupting them again,,, they both say hes is just trolling for trouble, he laughs sinister like and leaves again bangs on patio doors,, Nat and Shelia go back to a whisper,,, Nat tomorrow is April fools..., Sheila, I know.... but we already have done the tricks. I already got the boys, the flour, the water. Nat adds she got her in the trash can too.. Shelia, everyone has punked me, that show is so good. We have no funny ppl in this house anymore. flames interupt again.
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Topic #8526697
Shannon72 - Feeds keep going to Flames in random intervals (no idea why) NT 0 Replies #8526697 4:55PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8526788
Shannon72 - James joined Sharon/Josh in hottub 0 Replies #8526788 5:02PM 31/03/2008
James saying he's having a hard time getting through this (talking about his lack of sleep). Josh telling him he only has 3 1/2 weeks left. Sharon saying how slop makes it worse and that it makes them more tired. James asking Josh/Sharon what they did today. Josh telling James about his pizza breakdown and how Adam consoled him -- "of all people". Josh saying that he was sitting in the HT all by himself and that it sucked. Sharon saying that all she did was layout with the girls.

(ed. apparently James and I didn't miss much!)

James saying that BB was yelling at James to get up and he refused. James saying that BB wants him to be up and he made a gester like he didn't care either way.

BB just yelled at Ryan to put on his microphone. Sharon saying they always get yelled at.

Sharon telling James that Chels is going to "blow out" Natalie the minute she (Nat) walks into sequester. Sharon saying there's probably more drama in sequester than in the BB house because there are no rules there.
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Topic #8526848
Shannon72 - More James/Josh/Sharon in HT 0 Replies #8526848 5:07PM 31/03/2008
J saying he feels fine. That if HOH is either mental or phyiscal and he F's up then he still has POV. James admitting that winning POV is not the same as winning HOH.

Crew talking about how Sheila got her SAG membership. Josh saying it was from a movie filmed ages ago. They said her SAG membership expired anyway so it doesn't matter.

FLAMES again!
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Topic #8526854
allen - feed back to salon wider shot so we can see what Nat is wearing today 0 Replies #8526854 5:07PM 31/03/2008
a white tank top tight of course, red long shorts which is a departure but tight no less and her red laceless canvas deck shoes. Baller is up on the massage table laying on his stomach wearing a army green tshirt with the collar and arms cut out and a baseball cap talking to Nat about going in business together on a gift shop... Oh and Ryan joins them, he wears a greay shirt and black long legged shorts... ooops BB scolds Ryan for no mic, he leaves to fetch it. Adam why do you hate men shelia,,, I dont hate men, are you Dr. adam?? I love men, I think women are facinating ppl but I love men.. Nat chimes in I LOVE MEN big strong men....ok it goes south quick. Shelia what do you like about women,, Adam their smell... Shelia I will tell you what I like men,, I like men that I can talk to, they are different from women,, I like having a buddie, I like having a man beside me, I like a man that goes fine dining, I dont like a guy that watches tv sports,,, I like to go have sunday brunch, Sat is play day. Nat likes,,,, ok not approprate for this post.. thats you says shelia. I dont like a man that doesnt respect his mom, or always says what do you want to do, Aadam: thats not good, got to have a plan and get it out. Shelia, I hate it when a man dont have a plan, Ilike to cook, my mom and grandmother taught me well,,, I am a great cook, I just dont cook here,, Adam grumbles... Sheila I like to have a nice bottle of red wine in my house at all times,, Adam ya bro,,, shelia just on weekends,,,, Adam,, whatever!!! flames...............
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Topic #8526983
Shannon72 - Hottub Crew -- Talk about fast food, Josh's attitude and James/Nat convo from last night 0 Replies #8526983 5:17PM 31/03/2008
James talking about his slop recipe -- adds worsheshire (sp?), basil, BBQ sauce. Sharon adds tuna. Now talking about McDonald's, Carls Jr., Dairy Queen, Cold Stone, Taco Bell. Josh is having a hard time talking about it. Now talk goes to coffee, plane flys overhead and OOPPS -- FLAMES AGAIN for a second.

Sharon telling Josh that's he's been looking pissed off. Sharon saying they are both unhappy. Sharon telling Josh that only a few people made comments about Josh's 'tude. Sharon telling Josh not to tell anyone she told him that -- especially Sheila because she doesn't want Sheila to think they were talking about her (Sheila).

James saying that Nat really pushed him over the edge last night. James saying he told Nat that if she pushes James, Sharon and Josh out of the house then she has no votes in sequester. James said that Nat told him that if she was against him in the end she would win. James said that Nat said she would win against anyone. Sharon said, "Oh my gosh" in disbelief.
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Topic #8527089
Shannon72 - James saying that he hates people who are being too cocky (Nat/Sheila). 0 Replies #8527089 5:25PM 31/03/2008
James remembers when Jen saw her picture first on the memory wall and how she said that that meant she is going to be win. Sharon saying that Operation Top Shelf really worked. Sharon saying that everyone thinks that if they are against James to win then they will get the money since no one will vote for James.

James/Josh saying that if Sheila is up next then she'll be voted out. That Josh will vote her out and so will Ryan. Sharon saying she doesn't know s*it about Ryan so she doesn't really know what he'll do.

James saying "they" are banking on a mental HOH this week. Sharon going back to saying how Nat is so cocky that Nat puts herself as a winner in every scenario. Sharon saying that James would laugh her ass off if both of them stayed and tore down the house.
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Topic #8527202
Shannon72 - Switching feeds to Sheila/Nat in SR then to kitchen crew 0 Replies #8527202 5:33PM 31/03/2008
S - If James keeps coming back and won't come down then that means this boy is going to go to the end and that's something I'm just going to have to come to terms with it. Sharon better do what I'm telling her to do by putting up James. It's her life on the line if she doesn't. I think I'm going to win it because I think it's my job to send him out the door.
N - I think so, too *yawns*
S - You tired? Me, too.

Sheila and Nat leaving SR to see what the boys are up to. Nat showing off her mermaid painting to Ryan in kitchen.

Ryan said that Sharon is out there in backyard "moling" them out. Sheila said that she wasn't and even if she was, so what? Sheila saying it would be a really dumb move if she was. Nat saying that Sharon is out there trying to get information. Ryan saying there is no info to get! Nat saying there is nothing to talk about. Sheila telling Ryan that they need Sharon to go out there and get info for them. Ryan saying again that there's no info to get. That all they are talking about outside is possible scenarios.

Adam told Sheila that if she sells them out for Sharon he's going to be pissed. Sheila telling Adam he doesn't know what he's talking about. Nat telling them to stop bickering. Adam shoves another bite of double cheeseburger into his mouth.

James comes in -- talk stops.
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Topic #8527216
allen - josh just cant stand these ppl, he cant talk to them anymore 1 Replies #8527216 5:33PM 31/03/2008
Josh really really wants to get shelia out of here. When josh gets out he will talk to chelsia, maybe but dont want to have anything to do with shelia. Sharon talks about shelia's broken home background, and her mother lives in a nursing home on 200$ a month, like we have have problems, shes not got a lock on that. Sharon asks do you want shelia out before Adam? Josh,, I really dont care. feed 1 is very choppy tonight
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Bama_Gal - That was James not Josh and he was talking about Nat not Sheila NT #8527312 5:39PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8527222
Shannon72 - All HG's inside - most in kitchen. Getting ready for dinner time! Most making slop, Nat making pasta. NT 0 Replies #8527222 5:34PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8527559
DanaRose - SHEILA (not shelia!) and Ryan talking at HT, Sheila saying she needs to get 0 Replies #8527559 5:56PM 31/03/2008
HOH or she's gone, talking about the wrap party, Sh says its tripping her out that in 11 days she'll be 46, and that there were so many April babies in the house this season, (ED: me too! lol) Ryan says hes gonna work out, Asks where Adam is. She says Adams gonna be 30 yrs old, Ryan says wow. Nat came out and shes gonna be 29 in Nov she says. Nat asks everyones still on board right? Ryan sys yea, Adams just f*^cking with us.
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Topic #8527658
sexylexie1 - James just took a drink from what he thought was a glass of water and it was the 0 Replies #8527658 6:01PM 31/03/2008
glass of vinegar Josh used to try to make a pickle!! He gagged!!!
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Topic #8527667
DanaRose - James frying up slop, Nat saying James wont talk to her, Sheila saying 0 Replies #8527667 6:02PM 31/03/2008
theyre two peas in a pod, nat says its probably killing him that Chelsia's in seq with Matty. They agree they should have a party when josh leaves. Josh comes outside and Sheila quickly changes subject...sys loudly I cant believe im gonna be 46! Nat says she feels like she just had her 18th birthday, doesnt ever wanna say shes 30, eewww, Sheila says thats when she had her son, at 30.
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Topic #8527711
DanaRose - Nat said to Sheila I cant wait to see you in the movie, European Vacation, Sheila says shes not allowed to talk about it, but she had no 1 Replies #8527711 6:04PM 31/03/2008
lines in it and they gave her credit for it, shes right in the beginning, and her 'title' was pig in the ?Poat? sorry didnt understand that one.
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beatlelovr - Pig in the Poke NT #8527749 6:06PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8527728
allen - tough crowd.. Pet of the year in in HT talking to Nat about how she likes the way she looks now 0 Replies #8527728 6:05PM 31/03/2008
better than when she was in penthouse, Her favorite picture is just a head shot taken when she was 18. Last year she was taken out to a romatic dinner for her birthday.. Nat had no guys at her last birthday, she wants a romantic birthday. Nat has some long earrings on like tassle like.. Nat has a headache will midaol help,, PET's says yes.. nat heads inside....spellchecking :-P
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Topic #8527762
DanaRose - Nat goes up to HOH, Sharon in there listening to yellowcard, Sharon says James is so full of 0 Replies #8527762 6:07PM 31/03/2008
sh!t, hes so bitter. Hes just like im gonna do whatever I can to take out the big dogs, Nat says who's the big dogs? Sharon says i think Adam and you, us girls HAVE TO stay together, or we're gone. Nat says it on now.
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Topic #8527770
DanaRose - Nat tells Sharon that Ryan said he trusted her (nat) more than he trusted Adam NT 0 Replies #8527770 6:08PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8527789
dustytissue - Sharon and Nat talking in HOH. Sharon saying the girls have to stick together. 0 Replies #8527789 6:10PM 31/03/2008
Nat: Ryan said he trusts me more than he trusts Adam.

Sharon: Really? (surprised)

Nat talking about how James can't keep winning.

Nat: People want him out because he's so bitter. If it doesn't go your way, you're a sourpuss. It's a game, you know? Enjoy yourself.
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Topic #8527861
dustytissue - Sharon: James will be bitter even if he wins this game. 0 Replies #8527861 6:14PM 31/03/2008
Nat says he's an example of someone who needs God. Sharon says he thinks he is God.

Nat: He should be grateful that he got picked.

Now talking about the definition difference of predetermined vs preordained.
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Topic #8527914
dustytissue - Sharon: Do you think James was attached to Chelsia as much as she was to him? 0 Replies #8527914 6:17PM 31/03/2008
Nat: He told me he was very jealous during the pool kiss.

Sharon says James doesn't tell her anything.
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Topic #8527929
dustytissue - Nat is hoping Josh goes out with dignity. NT 0 Replies #8527929 6:18PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8527980
allen - James talking to Adam problems james is having not being able to talk to anyone 0 Replies #8527980 6:21PM 31/03/2008
without everyone thinking they are scheming with him.. if ryan talks to me Nat gets all up in arms thinking they are conspiring with one another.

James says Nat is predictible.
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Topic #8528008
dustytissue - Sharon a little irritated by Josh's complaining and freaking out. 0 Replies #8528008 6:24PM 31/03/2008
Sharon: No one in the history of BB has been on the block for anyone else.

She doesn't feel like he appreciates it.
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