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Topic #8525355
Laura - Nat said something about April 9 ....his 9 lives is up referring to James NT 0 Replies #8525355 3:12PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8525360
BlueMoonStarr - Adam now telling Nat that Josh broke down, wanted to eat, now Nat telling 0 Replies #8525360 3:12PM 31/03/2008
Adam of Josh's plan about the penalty nom but now it won't work cause he'll get a penalty vote instead
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Topic #8525487
BlueMoonStarr - Josh in HT promising Adam he will throw HOH if he stays 0 Replies #8525487 3:21PM 31/03/2008
saying it is going guys vs girls, campaigning to stay
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Topic #8525580
dustytissue - Josh in the hot tub talking to Adam. Josh: If James did win HOH, I would give you my vote to stay. NT 0 Replies #8525580 3:28PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8525704
dustytissue - Josh and Adam chatting by the hot tub 0 Replies #8525704 3:37PM 31/03/2008
Josh: If Sharon wins HOH, you or Ryan will be going up. She is not going to put James up.

Josh: I won't win (don't want to win?) HOH, I swear on a stack of bibles. I just want to f*ckin stay.

Adam: I feel for you bro.

Josh: I'm hungry, I'm f*ckin starving, etc.

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Topic #8525752
cindytexas - Adam is now relaying some of what Josh told him, to Nat and Sheila. 0 Replies #8525752 3:42PM 31/03/2008
Adam wants the vote to be 2-2 and Sheila and Nat are saying, "No!"
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Topic #8525798
dustytissue - Sheila and Nat joking around with Adam, trying to convince him not to hesitate about the vote 0 Replies #8525798 3:47PM 31/03/2008
Sheila to Adam: You know what? You should go on slop because I think I like you better on slop.

Sheila: wake up and.. smell the baby food

Nat: yeah, seriously

Sheila says he shouldn't be thinking this.

Sheila: Don't do what I've been in this game - hesitating. Think about it. Don't even think about it, just do it.

Nat: Maybe we need to un-hood him.
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Topic #8525801
cindytexas - Adam asked Sharon to please go out and talk to Josh, that he feels isolated, needs someone to talk to. 0 Replies #8525801 3:47PM 31/03/2008
Sharon is telling them that Josh just wants to go home. (lie)

Adam does seem genuinely concerned for Josh. (?)
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Topic #8525810
cindytexas - Adam just said to Sheila, "I can't even talk to you anymore. It's a waste of my time." Sheila didn't respond. NT 0 Replies #8525810 3:48PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8525834
cindytexas - Adam goes in to the BR, lays down to read the Bible. Ryan and James are still in bed sleeping. 0 Replies #8525834 3:50PM 31/03/2008
Sharon went out to the hot tub, talking to Josh. She's telling him she knows it's not fun but she wants their last two days together to be nice.

Sharon tells Josh, "I can't save you. I feel helpless. Last week I could save you."
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Topic #8525859
dustytissue - Sheila and Sharon talking about slop and how they put tons of stuff in it. Sharon said she put a ton of mayonnaise in hers. NT 0 Replies #8525859 3:52PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8525861
cindytexas - Sharon goes in the house, getting Josh tea. Sheila asks if Josh is okay. Sharon whispering, saying Josh is the kind of person who needs somebody 0 Replies #8525861 3:52PM 31/03/2008
save him. She went on the block for him last week. (Sorry, didn't hear the rest.)
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Topic #8525905
cindytexas - Sheila sitting at kitchen counter alone, thinking. Sharon repeating same things to Josh at hot tub, about being the kind of person who wants to 0 Replies #8525905 3:56PM 31/03/2008
help, she can't help him this week, she feels helpless...
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Topic #8525920
bluejays6 - Josh: eating actually takes up time from your day. 0 Replies #8525920 3:57PM 31/03/2008
Sh: at least we only have to spend 3 days like this together.
J: this is not quite AS brutal.
S: try to find anything positive in it, cuz there's really not many things.
J: what time is it when you were inside?
S: 3 something.
J: brutal
J: only thing I hope is sequester is someplace warm not cold.
S: Nat thinks it's some lake here in CA.
J: her and her theories.
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Topic #8525940
bluejays6 - Sh: I guess James has it the worst, when everyone hates you. 0 Replies #8525940 3:59PM 31/03/2008
At least we dont have everyone avoiding us.
J: true.
J: I can't believe that boy can sleep so much. he's been in bed all day.
S: think about it, when you bicycle for 10 hours, there's nothing in your system. It makes sense, he bicycles all day long where he doesn't get any sleep, doesn't have any bed, couch surfs. I could never sleep in some random @ss house.
J: that boy is crazy.
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Topic #8525983
bluejays6 - Sh: it just sucks 0 Replies #8525983 4:02PM 31/03/2008
J: at least tomorrow we load our suitcases, and I can take time to do that.
Josh and Sh talk about saying their goodbyes.
S: I want to be the last one you see.
J: I wonder if they show everyone's or just yours.
S: they show you snippets.
J: I'm sure Sheila's will be perfect to me.
S: she's nice in hers.
S: i honestly don't think people get as close as we have this time.
J: that's cuz we started as couples. played as one.
S: um humm.
S: that could have been why, they said this would be the closest cast.
J: you and me were just a fluke.
S: but actually we still did have a lot in common. I couldn't believe we both answered 800.
J: me either.
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Topic #8526038
bluejays6 - Sh: what do you think Chase is thinking? 0 Replies #8526038 4:05PM 31/03/2008
J: I don't know. I wonder what kind of phone calls you get in sequester? I wonder if it's like prison, one call a week. If I get only one, it'll be my mom; if two, my mom and my boyfriend.
S: what I'll do is tell my mom I'll call you next week at 4:00, then have everyone there with a speaker phone.
J: if I leave this week, I leave, if I don't, it'll be next week.
S: I know. I'm not moping, I had an amazing time with you. It's going to be difficult either way for me, either you're leaving and I'm stuck here by myself.
J: with all these b@tches.
S: OR, you'll be stuck here.
J: do you think the story about Chase is believable?
J: here's the speech: it's like, everyone sit down, I want you to know there is a fourth couple in the house, me and Neil, for 5 years, and we adopted a son, Chase. And Neil agreed to leave. I don't want to get too detailed.
J: that makes sense, right?
S: yes you're going to freak them out. they're going to feel like a bunch of d@cks.
J: cuz Neil is 29. I've known him 5 years.
S: he could have been at UT.
J: or visiting his family in Austin
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Topic #8526052
cindytexas - Josh is telling Sharon his plan to tell the others that he and Neil were a couple, they adopted a son, 0 Replies #8526052 4:06PM 31/03/2008
Neil left to take care of their son and he stayed to play the game.

He wants to rattle the others before the HOH.
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Topic #8526068
bluejays6 - J: Sheila always says that she could look in his eyes and tell he cared. 0 Replies #8526068 4:08PM 31/03/2008
I'm going to tell her that's because he's a DAD.
J: everyone thought Neil and I were together. THere's four couples and 4 colors, this will be the fourth couple.
S: I was only here 2 days, we did that comp the first night, we went to bed, then we hung out that first day and the 2nd day I left at noon.
J: you can just say I was wondering why he was so upset that Neil left. You can help build it.
S: I can say you talked so highly of him, that's cuz you knew him.
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Topic #8526085
allen - Sharon and Josh enjoy the HT on a chilly cali evening 0 Replies #8526085 4:09PM 31/03/2008
Sharon is wearing a prodomanately white bikini with small blue strips wrapped in a large dark blue terrie cloth beach towel with her feet in the HT talking to Josh. Shes bundled in tight so it must be cold day in Cali (65?). Josh wants to come up with a departure speech that rattles Ryan, Adam and Shelia enough that they dont do well in the HOH. Sharon says it has to be short like 30 seconds or less.

Josh wants to make up a story that he and Neil knew each other and have an adopted son to make them freak out.
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Topic #8526104
bluejays6 - Sh: they're going to sh@t. his last name is garcia, right? 0 Replies #8526104 4:11PM 31/03/2008
J: yes, neil garcia.
S: they're going to freak
J: it'll take She down a notch.
S: five
J: and I'll say I'm not like you, I don't exploit my children for votes.
S: she'll freak out.
(ed: think he's going to tell them in his speech when he leaves the house)

S: I guess her son's very sensitive.
J: she wasn't that upset about Chel's comment.
S: she was upset until adam made fun of it. then it didn't bother her as much.
J: wait til she sees it on tv. I really got questioned about it in the DR.
S: I've never heard the term before.
S: I will get to see your reaction to my goodbye, once we watch the show!
and you'll get to see mine, and I might see yours.
J: this will be my 3rd one to you.

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Topic #8526129
bluejays6 - S: I had a break from the block for one week. 0 Replies #8526129 4:14PM 31/03/2008
I've never heard that saying. They all kept saying it's a biker term.
J: it could have originated there. Obviously everyone heard it.
S: yeah cuz it was live.
God, I wonder if they are really related. she was out here crying about matt again today. She said how it's horrible that some people have lasted in this game and some people that were really nice went home, like alex and matt. And his mom is a single mom and he's living in a bldg that his grandpa owns.
(ed, have to stop for now).
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Topic #8526227
allen - baller has money hes just here for fun shelia told sharon 0 Replies #8526227 4:22PM 31/03/2008
sharon telling josh that baller has money, cause he spent alot of money on a bill board in philly. James, shelia, and maybe Nat need the money. Nat lives in a 2 bedroom apartment for 5 hundred and something one she uses for a studio, so she has no debt. Sharon finished off friends basement of her friends mom. has a sofa like the one in DR red sweade just a bit lighter. 3 biggest things have happened to her in her life recently, its just insame. half of her winnings will go toward paying her mom off for all the expenses she is covering for sharon while she is in BB house.
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Topic #8526448
allen - shelia lounges back in the salon by herself wearing 0 Replies #8526448 4:38PM 31/03/2008
jeans cuffed big to half calf, short tight grey tshirt with "love is" on it. She has her wide black leather belt on adjust the pillows on the padded platform in a reclinded position.... flames keep interupting ... talking to Nat now in the hallway who is eating her HOH ice cream.. oh and incomes Adam to roust shelia up, feeds are choppy today, the three of them joke around.. Nat settles down to sit beside shelia now that shelia is upright, adam leaves the room. nat sits against the wall with big pillow behind her, shelia shifts postions lays on platform at Nats feet then back to sitting postion.. Aadam returns,,, chilly outside.
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Topic #8526568
Shannon72 - Sheila and Nat in SR talking about James' 9 lives 0 Replies #8526568 4:46PM 31/03/2008
Sheila saying that James is not going to win HOH because James' 9 lives is up because 1) the eviction is on April 9th and 2) this is the 9th week in the house. (ed. I guess the number signs are aligned again *sigh*)
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