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Topic #8668473
JustHrt - HOH (A/J/She) room talking about sequester, most dangerous player in the house 0 Replies #8668473 9:28PM 08/04/2008
9:22 HOH room with J/She/A
Shelia wondering why they said things about them
James: we were just joking
Shelia: You could of put Nat up it would of been easier
A: You will win HOH tomorrow Shelia
She: The last HOH would be awesome
J: I said you are the most dangerous player to the house (to Shelia)
She: no you didn't
J: I bet you
Talking about how She could flip the house like that
She to J: You should have come back and joined with me
J: I am leaving because I won the most
She: true, you should have laid low
A: You should have come back nice
J: I gotta go straight up
A: Natty's a ***** liar
9:25- J: If Matty is lying about the BJ thing that is lame
She: there are no camera's in sequester, right?
J: no there are
She: It's not liek this you are away from al this but someone is monitoring you, right?
A: You are in sequester
BB said Shelia stop that because she was talking about sequester
Shelia says sorry I didn't know we weren't supposed to talk about sequester
Shelia doesn't like the BB voice, he is mean
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Topic #8668513
JustHrt - A/J/She in HOH room talking game, who you would want to take the final 3 0 Replies #8668513 9:31PM 08/04/2008
Talking about Nat
She: Nat could put u up if she wins HOH
James: I would rather go up than win HOH at this point
She: this is so scary right now
9:29- James: You are fine (to She)
She: you think I am safe because i am not a strong player
J: no, just no one sees you as a threat
A: You are campaigning machine (to She)
J: I see you (She) sticking around to final 3, 110%
She: I hope so
J: why would you want to take Sharon to the end, she is athletic
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Topic #8668571
JustHrt - J/A/She in HOH talking about what if Ry and Nat were at the end 0 Replies #8668571 9:37PM 08/04/2008
J: what if America votes who leaves the house, I will probably leave still tomorrow
She: no I think people like you
Adam is eating chips, offers some to James, he declines
J: I ate a pound of meat at 3am last night
9:33 Adam: I don't think anyone want to win but Sharon tomorrow
J; Nat want to win
A: I hope she doesn't put my ass up
S: she won't put u up, she will put Sharon and I up
J: but she is talking about cutting deals with Sharon
S: What? She is cutting deals with Sharon
A: big time deals with Sharon, Sharon is buying that BS either
J: or will she, who does she see as more of a threat Natalie or you guys
A: If that bitch puts me on the block she is ***** done
they all laugh
9:35- J: someone will get bounced out of here in a not nice way
A: Probably me but I want to keep a cool head
S: you are more of threat than Ry
A: how so, he is nasty, he is a POV machine
J: you are about to see Ry win a bunch of POVs
A: Ry's a threat big time, you don't see that Shelia
J: If I see Nat and Ry at the end that is hard, I don't want Nat or Jen to get the money. Who do you least want to see at the end. I think Ry is a good guy but not Jen.
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Topic #8668620
JustHrt - HOH w/J/A/She: talking about Nat cutting deals with everyone, 0 Replies #8668620 9:41PM 08/04/2008
J: She is telling everyone that I came to her to cut deals but Nat came up to me this time saying if you don't use POV I won't put you on the block next week. She said the Christian and the Atheist, no one will catch on.
She: she's been trying to cut deals with you all along, just in case you win, to save herself. OH God.
A: She probably won't put me up, she will put S or S up

9:39- Nat is up asking Sharon in BR where the others are
Sharon: I think A/S/J are upstiars
Natalie is wondering around looking at GPs

HOH room
Shelia: I don't think they will come after you
A: Here is Natty (looking at feed), she is eating pizza
J: why is she eating
A: that is good for you Shelia
She: Why is that good for me?
Adam: She is going to ***** real quick

Ryan and Natalie in the Kitchen whispering

HOH room talking about Ry and Nat
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Topic #8668683
JustHrt - Nat eating in kitchen; J/A/She still in HOH talking game plan, Sharon/Ry talking about where the clippers are 0 Replies #8668683 9:47PM 08/04/2008
Natalie eating pizza
HOH room is watching them

BB says Ryan please go to the diary room

She: that's prerecorded is it not?
A: yes
She: he is mean, I don't like him
BB: STOP THAT, thank you very much

She: let's talk about game plan
A: why do you love game play so much, I don't have game play right now, I jsut want to survive
J: how is big She gonna pull Ryan?
A: How am I going to pull Ryan's vote over Shelia

A: it will be alright, it will be okay
Get me by this week and it will be fine
She: He can't do anything about it (about James)
A: you are out of here tomorrow boy that's it
She: unless that sirene goes off
J: no it won't go off, I am ok, I have had enough TV time

Sharon and Ryan talking in BR about where the clippers are, perhaps Chelsia has them they say
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Topic #8668721
raindrop110475 - Sheila says she will ptu up adam and sharon (shes talkign to adam) says 0 Replies #8668721 9:50PM 08/04/2008
thens hell backdoor nat. she will use excuse she cant put up ryan . Adam says why put up me and Sheila says u did iit to me and james says if your up against sharon u will go home. Sheila says if adam and sharon go on block then natty wont win Veto adam says why not put up nat and sharon and she said then she can win POv and adam says what if ryan wins POV and wont use it and Sheila says shell make him. Adam says whoever puts him on block goes home bnext week is pissed sheila would put him up
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Topic #8668792
raindrop110475 - James is trying to get adam or sheila to help him get vote. Sheila offers sympathy vote to james and sheila says she will. 0 Replies #8668792 9:56PM 08/04/2008
James says no dont burn that bridge with sharon and adam says only person Im safe with winning HOH this week in nat and sheila says yeah this week and adam says but next week I can play again. James says bs if sharon or sheila come off you go up and he says yeah but 3 of people will keep same and james says true. Then BB comes over loud speaker and says ryan and sharon put on mic. they say intresting and adam says ryan sharon have cut as many deals as nat. and here I am screwed cause i was HOH and sheila says well BOO HOOO and nat says here I am taking my boy out cause house wanted it and sheila says I didnt want him out and Adam says bs sheila and she said no and adam says bs sheila
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Topic #8668798
JustHrt - HOH room, James is campaigning to She and A 0 Replies #8668798 9:56PM 08/04/2008
Shelia: I am going to get out the strongest player that is a threat to me
A: code name Chatty
S: Yes, I am going to try, I will put you (A) up and then you have to win POV and take yourself down
Natalie and Ryan in the wash room looking for clippers
Ryan: James is going to do something ***** up before he leaves

HOH room w/S/A/J
J: I need you to go do your magic and save me (to She)
She is talking about how A put her up and that sucked
A: who ever put me out I am going to come back and ***** them hard
J: why don't you pressure Ryan into saving my ass and you will be fine
J: Sharon has to go, she has already cut deals with Nat
A: I am out of all the deals, I am the deal breaker
She: you think you are the only ones being targeted, they are coming after you and me
J: Can't we pull Ry aside and say we are going guys v. girls you guys and go for it
A: he won't go for it, he is dead set against you
She: I don't know how it will play out
J: give me a sympathy vote, I don't want to walk out of here a total loser
She: I will give you one babe
J: no don't burn that bridge
A: Nat will win and I will be fine
She: That is true

J: BS you are not fine; Ryan is more a mental player

BB: Ryan, Sharon please put on your microphone

Shelia: interesting
J: he is good at croquet and golf (talking about Ryan)
A: I just ***** this week, that is all
She: It is going to be a big golf thing and I didn't get to play with tthat becaue you guys tore that up
A: Ryan had made deals with Sharon and I am the one getting the brunt of the deal because I am HOH, now I am going to get *****
S: Boohoo Adam... ...I am not the one that wanted to take James out
J: at this point in the game I am okay

Ryan is getting his haircut by either Nat or Sharon (I am not on that camera)

BB says Ryan put on your microphone

Nat is down cutting Ryan's hair

Sharon is at HOH asking if James wants to go to the Sauna room
James says let me grab my bathing suit

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Topic #8668800
raindrop110475 - james leaves and sheila says we have to game up and tells adam hes fine she will make sure hes safe this week she promises NT 0 Replies #8668800 9:57PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668826
JustHrt - James leaves HOH room to go to sauna with Sharon; A and She talk game in HOH 0 Replies #8668826 10:00PM 08/04/2008
She: well we are going to have to game up, Adam you are fine
A: No I am not
She: yes you will get through this week, I promise you I will get you through this
A: I can't trust anyone and I hate it
She: do you think I can trust anyone
A: more so than me
She: if she wins she will try to get rid of the females (talking about Nat). Do you really want to go to the final three with her? That would suck because she has endurance. Tomorrow will tell the tale of this game. If Sharon wins she will put us up. I have to trust that you or Ryan will save me. I don't know who to trust right now, I am scared. I don't trust anybody. No one has your back. I have had to talk to both of those girls telling them not to come after you, it sucks. Ryan is more of target to them b/c Ryan already one 10,000 dollars.
A: You have to help me out Shelia.

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Topic #8668868
raindrop110475 - james in sauna with sharon and tells her nat lied about being a cheerleader and sharon says who does that NT 0 Replies #8668868 10:03PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668918
HighRollerz - Sheila is in HOH w/ Adam bad mouthing Nat about not being smart and Sheila is smarter than her and she dropped out of school NT 0 Replies #8668918 10:06PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668931
Pizzaman - shiela upstairs scratching ballers back, talking about how dumb natalie is. 0 Replies #8668931 10:07PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668938
raindrop110475 - sharon tellign james she coud have beat him on disco balls if she needed it but she didnt she knew chel and him would fight so she jumped off NT 0 Replies #8668938 10:07PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668954
HighRollerz - Nat cutting Ryan's hair, Adam to the DR, Sheila listening to music in HOH NT 0 Replies #8668954 10:08PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8669036
JustHrt - James and Sharon in the Sauna whispering 0 Replies #8669036 10:12PM 08/04/2008
-Sharon and James chatting in the sauna, whispering
-BB says Adam to the diary room
-James: something about shelia pretending
James: You are not sweating at all yet? That is not healthy. I think everyone is just making deals with you.
Sharon: Mmmmm Hmmm.

Natty cutting Ryans hair, Sharon and James in Sauna
Ryan: Just do a 3 all around (about his hair)
Nat: Maybe I can lift up and blend
Ryan: yeah

Sharon talking about all her dang hair

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Topic #8669154
JustHrt - J/Sharon in the Sauna 0 Replies #8669154 10:19PM 08/04/2008
James is excited to have some cigarettes and a beer on the plane
J: Be careful not to get played and always use the veto if you have, unless it is a situation where shelia would go

Adam is yelling something in the background

BB: houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions
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Topic #8669200
JustHrt - Nat cutting boys hair, Sharone and James get out of Sauna 0 Replies #8669200 10:23PM 08/04/2008
J/Sharon talking about how a double eviction goes down.
James is biting himself in the suana for a few seconds.

Natalie is talking about shaving Ryans hair (it is done). Telling Adam he needs a 5 because they used a 3 on Ry.

James and Sharon out of the sauna.

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Topic #8669273
JustHrt - All in the washroom hanging out (except Shelia), talking about Adams laugh 0 Replies #8669273 10:27PM 08/04/2008
James laying on couch, gets up to kitchen
Ties towel around his neck like a cape, smiles a little
There is food out on the kitchen table (messy)
BB: James and Sharon please put on your mics
Ryan is showering
James in the Wash room with Nat and Adam, Adam is getting his hair trimmed by Nat
Ryan says to use a 6 on Adam's hair to fade it, he is talking from the shower
Sharon: You have the funniest laugh Baller, I laugh at your laugh
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Topic #8669354
JustHrt - Sharon showering, Nat doing A's hair, Ry out of shower, James touching up hair 0 Replies #8669354 10:31PM 08/04/2008
James is touching up his hair so it is pinker in wash room
Nat and Baller together cutting his hair
Ryan in BR getting dressed, he is in towel
BB: Ryan please put on your mic
James leaves room, don't know where he went
Ryan in the kitchen making something
James comes back ino wash room with Nat and Adam (But not talking to them at all), still touching up hair
James asks Ryan how his hair looks in the back and Ryan helps him put the right amount of pink in the back of his hair *nice*

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Topic #8669399
JustHrt - Nat still sheering Adam's head, James plays in kitchen with car, eventually they are all in wash room (except Shelia) 0 Replies #8669399 10:35PM 08/04/2008
James in kitchen asks Ryan: are you happy getting rid of me?
Ryan leaves kitchen (they were joking)
James playing with car in kitchen
Ryan goes to wash room and jokes that Adam's hair does not look good, freaks Adam out but he is just joking
James plays with car so that it goes into the washroom where the others are, others are not effected by this
James is done playing with the car
James asks Nat if she has ever done hair before (as she is doing A's)
Nat: yes, lots of times
James is watching the hair being done

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Topic #8669600
JustHrt - James bumbling around house, then talking to Sharon about GPs 0 Replies #8669600 10:52PM 08/04/2008
James singing I been a bad bad boy in hallway
Nat trimming around Ryans ears
Shelia in the HOH room listening to Bon Jovi
J eating something (that looks delicious) at the chess board
Shelia walking through the room after her shower
Ryan is telling Natalie to just do "general Maintenance" to her hair
James is in the kitchen talking to Sharon now, nothing important
James is eating something more and Sharon was getting something out of the cupboard
James is bumbling around the house with food in hand, looking around (he has on turquoise tropical swim shorts)
James asks Sharon if the GPs are allowed to eat chocolate
She says no, they could probably die, don't
James says they will die anyway
Sharon: Not if I am here. Did you really give them chocolate? Knowing you you probably did.
James: Why are the GPs so scared of me?

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Topic #8669647
JustHrt - Sharon says James can be sexy, J/A go to play chess 0 Replies #8669647 10:55PM 08/04/2008
Sharon to James: Even though you can be a goofball sometimes, you can be cute and sexy sometimes (Sharon has something on her lip, like food)
Sharon: I could see you with that I could be a business man type of look
J: I am suprised you are a realtor.
Sharon: Whatever, I am classy.
J: I see you going to a booty dancing club with dudes all over you.
J hollers at A: What are you going to do for the rest of the night? Want to crack into some chess?
J/A sit down to play chess
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Topic #8669710
veedsboo - Natty is putting some kinda of lotion all over Ryans back, and arms. NT 1 Replies #8669710 10:58PM 08/04/2008
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_paradise_ - it is nair. NT #8669725 10:59PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8669752
veedsboo - Now Ryan say he has to let the nair sit for a couple of minutes... 0 Replies #8669752 11:02PM 08/04/2008
then get in the shower and he also asks Natty to wash it off him with a wash cloth.
It burning him and Natty says: "I wonder why the neck is so sensitive?"
Sheila in the background and agrees that it can burn sometimes.
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