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Topic #8653545
mcoop - Sharon went up to HOH room to "vent" to Ryan & adam 0 Replies #8653545 12:11AM 08/04/2008
Sharon is pi**ed that shes being called "the mole" by natalie and everyone else. She thinks natalie is the one who made it up.
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Topic #8653794
cannotsleep - Ryan goes up to the HOH room to talk to Adam. Adam says I saw you talking to Sharon, maybe you two have a deal (LONG) 0 Replies #8653794 12:29AM 08/04/2008
Ryan says yeah, Sharon and I are running sh*t, Ryan laughs.

Ryan relaying the details of James' pitch including the fact that James says he has Sheila's vote for him to stay. They both decide that probably isn't true. Ryan says I told him if you get Sheila's vote for sure, then come back to me and we can talk about it.

Says James said you and Sheila owe me. Ryan says they already said before that they were even. Adam says you got to give him credit for trying, Ryan says yeah, but it isn't working. Adam asks if he said who he would put up if he stayed and won HOH? Ryan says no. Ryan asks to eat some of Adam's food.

Adam asks did you tell him straight up no, that you're not keeping him? Ryan said no, I didn't say straight up no yet.

Adam says there is no benefit to keeping him. Ryan tells Adam, I told you I've got your back dude. Adam says he's f*cked dude. Ryan says he knows he's f*cked.

Ryan says it seemed like he's trying to say Adam and Natalie are really close and that Ryan needs James on his side to counter the two of them. Ryan says he doesn't know that we're going to the final 3 together.

Adam says it's his last ditch effort. Ryan says it's all he's got to go on.

Sharon comes upstairs to the HOH, saying she is going to explode, that Hoops is going to come out. Sharon says I listened all day that we've got to get Adam out, and now I hear this. Sharon says I can't go to sleep when I'm too upset like this. She says she's this close to exploding on Natalie but she's not going to. Sharon is getting sooooo irritated that people are putting words in her mouth, pounding her fist in her hand over and over. Says if you hear something, come to me! Come to me directly.

Sharon says Hoops has not come out this entire game, but she's about to, she's sooooo irritated. Adam says my fate is in your hands.

Sharon says I HAVEN'T TALKED SH*T about ANYONE, and now I'm the MOLE? Sharon says I ran the show with Jacob, I ran everything. If you asked Jacob right now he would tell you I ran the show.

Says if you talk sh*t about me, Hoops will come out and tear some sh*t up. Sharon says again she hasn't talked sh*t on anyone, not on you, or on you.

Ryan says I know she's been trying to cover all of her bases, it's just hard to know who to believe. Adam says I have no control over keeping James. Sharon says James thinks he can manipulate Adam to get Ryan, and James can manipulate Sheila on his own.

Ryan says it's always Sheila whispering and plotting, because she can't win anything. Adam laughs.

Sharon says this is the first time in my life that I want to explode and I can't. Says Natalie will reap what she sows. She drives me insane, I've got to pull myself together.

Ryan says you girls are just crazy in here. You girls just throw each other under the bus. Sharon says Natalie is covering her *ss, saying to Sharon that if you win HOH, just don't put me up, put the boys up.

Sharon says if she wins HOH, she's going to put up Adam and Sheila, and then take one of them off, and put up Natalie and get rid of her. The premise will be that she's breaking up the couples.

She says it's going to be fine, I'm just going to win HOH, or get Natalie to throw it to me. Ryan says he has a feeling it's going to be physical, because they're giving me all kinds of meds. Sharon says I'm not the f*cking mole, I'll give you (Natalie) a f*cking mole. Tells Adam and Ryan none of this can leave this room, or else I'll know who came from.

Ryan says tomorrow you know we're having a luau, and have a great time, not talk any game, and have fun. Flames.

Sharon says anyways, now I've vented and I feel better. I can't talk to James about it because he just wants me to go off on her. Sharon: "I'm not going to start no sh*t."

Adam says you want a smoke man? Ryan says yeah. Adam and Ryan are going down to smoke, Sharon says don't worry I won't go off on anyone. They all leave the HOH.

Now outside, Adam says to Ryan, dude, you gotta win HOH, dude. Ryan says who do you believe dude, Natalie or Sharon, I don't believe either one of them. Saying they are both trying to cover their *sses. Who do you believe, probably neither. We're both f*cked. Ryan says do you believe Natalie more than Sharon? I don't know dude.
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Topic #8653830
cannotsleep - Natalie talking to Sheila in the boat room. Natalie says now is the time when you have to win POV, that's the most important thing. NT 0 Replies #8653830 12:32AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8653831
susooz - Ry-Adam to BY to smoke & talk-both say don't know who to believe Sharon or Nat - 0 Replies #8653831 12:32AM 08/04/2008
each blames the other & now says Ry has to win HOh to ensure Adam safety- Ry said he would put Sharon/Nat on block to battle it out NT
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Topic #8654018
mkeep - Ryan: I got all my sleep int oday, I'm ready to party tomorrow 0 Replies #8654018 12:48AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654024
cannotsleep - Sheila and Natalie in the bathroom, Sheila says look at my hair, I'm a mess, says look at this woman, I need some beauty products! Says good night NT 0 Replies #8654024 12:49AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654038
cannotsleep - Natalie finishes brushing her teeth, passes Ryan, he says he'll be back soon, he needs to brush his teeth too, Ryan goes in WC NT 0 Replies #8654038 12:50AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654058
cannotsleep - Natalie looking intently at the memory wall, stands up on her tip toes a couple of times, and stops to talk to the guinea pigs NT 0 Replies #8654058 12:52AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654059
mkeep - F 1&2 Nat staring at memory pics. F 3&4 empty WC 0 Replies #8654059 12:52AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654094
mkeep - F1 Nat getting into bed and yawning. F2 Sharon asleep in bed F3&4 still on empty WC NT 0 Replies #8654094 12:56AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654126
mkeep - Ryan out of toilet, washes hands then slurps water out of hands (didn't look like he used any soap.) NT 0 Replies #8654126 12:59AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654135
cannotsleep - Natalie praying, Ryan washes his hands and heads to bed. Nat says good night Ry-bread, he says good night, I'll try not to snore, they laugh NT 0 Replies #8654135 1:00AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654152
mkeep - F1 Nat and Ryan going to sleep. F2 Sharon sleeping F3 Looks like shiela asleep F4 James, not really alseep, but trying to. NT 0 Replies #8654152 1:01AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654172
cannotsleep - All HGs in bed (no cam on Adam though). James lying in bed with his eyes open, now he gets up and goes into the WC NT 0 Replies #8654172 1:04AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654182
mkeep - James up and went to toilet, NT 0 Replies #8654182 1:05AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654189
DrC - Sharon waits in Sauna for Ryan to finish in WC after coming down from HOH (about 15 - 20 min ago) 0 Replies #8654189 1:06AM 08/04/2008
they discuss for about 5 minutes about being pi**ed, how she's going to go balls to the walls and take Natalie down. How if she hears back from the girls, mainly Natalie, about what she said to Adam and Ryan in the HOH she will know where it came from. She says them to their face, I'll tell you what I will do it if when HOH, I will put up Adam and Shelia using the last couple argument, one of us three wins POV and takes Adam down then Sharon will back door Natalie and get rid of her a**. She never told ANYONE that not even you (RYAN) so if I hear it I know where it came from (that Adam told Nat).
Sharon is all fired up, Ryan says he hasn't seen this side of Sharon and likes it. Sharon no one has seen what she can do yet. She admits to coming down early on the Disco Balls and how if she needed to she could have stayed up till the end. How she WILL win HOH.
Ryan mentions what Adam said outside while smoking (he said he is really screwed cause everyone wants to put him up) that if either of them win POV, Adam comes down better yet if during POV they the last two standing Adam will throw the POV to Ryan he takes Adam down that way neither of them will be on the block. Then Natalie goes up and they vote her a** out of there.
Ryan and Sharon finish talking (whispering) and leave. Sharon to bed, Ryan goes into boat room and talks to Shelia and Nat and DOES NOT talk about his talk with Sharon.
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Topic #8654209
mkeep - James stretching in WC then washes hands w/ out soap, now cleaning his ears, 0 Replies #8654209 1:10AM 08/04/2008
looking at a jar of vaseline, Now James is out at the kitchen and looking in fridge.
Closed fridge and heading back to bed. all snuggled in bed now.
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Topic #8654215
cannotsleep - James washes his hands, and then takes a large container of Vaseline out of one of the drawers and is reading the label. Puts it away and heads to 0 Replies #8654215 1:11AM 08/04/2008
the fridge, looks inside, then closes the door and just stares at it for several moments. Walks very slowly back into his bedroom and gets under the covers. Lets out a big sigh and yawns as well.
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Topic #8654223
mkeep - All HG's asleep or trying to sleep NT 0 Replies #8654223 1:15AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654275
cannotsleep - James is tossing and turning constantly... much more than usual, and now makes a hacking sound, lying under the covers, with his eyes wide open NT 0 Replies #8654275 1:42AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654310
cannotsleep - James lifts himself up, and waves for a few seconds at the wall between his bedroom and Ryan/Natalie's room. Not at a camera, but low at the wall 0 Replies #8654310 1:54AM 08/04/2008
perhaps because Ryan is snoring loudly in the other room
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Topic #8654325
cannotsleep - James pulls on some shorts, grabs a towel and gets into the hottub NT 0 Replies #8654325 2:00AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654354
cannotsleep - James taking a shower and washing his hair NT 0 Replies #8654354 2:32AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654359
cannotsleep - James is wearing only his white underwear. He puts on his mic in the kitchen, and is now in the BY golfing NT 0 Replies #8654359 2:42AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8654372
folieadeux8381 - James is fully clothed... and is in the kitchen messing around. It looks like he's 0 Replies #8654372 3:03AM 08/04/2008
putting beef into a bowl?
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