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Topic #8655661
echo - ryan did NOT wash his hands , heads outside then back in, back to his room 0 Replies #8655661 8:19AM 08/04/2008
he grabbed his mic , now in sr changing batteries
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Topic #8655683
echo - ryan is now back in his bed NT 0 Replies #8655683 8:21AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8656062
echo - all still in bed but adam on f3 is very restless, tossing and grunting, james f4 tossing too NT 0 Replies #8656062 9:00AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8656417
echo - we hear im to sexy for my love then flames NT 0 Replies #8656417 9:36AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8656620
echo - sharon in sr changin batteries, ryan n blue br 0 Replies #8656620 9:55AM 08/04/2008
sharon looking for ryan in pink br
sharon say gm babies (ed quietly)
sheila gettig in shower, water running
nat heading to wc sharon follows her
bb ryan plz put on mic
ryan looks like he was tryin to fix a zipper
ryan off to wc in towel still
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Topic #8656633
echo - sharon tells ryan in wc that she found his meds for him left in sr 0 Replies #8656633 9:56AM 08/04/2008
sheila says she heard ryan early he says around 8 went to see doctor in dr
james still in bed
hsaron brushin teeth hard to hear
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Topic #8656642
echo - doc gave ryan some excercises to do for his neck 0 Replies #8656642 9:58AM 08/04/2008
nat brushing hair siad she didnt hear ryan snore at all last nt
ryan pickin face in mirror
nat in other mirror doin same thing
ryan now brushing teeth
ryan says he sores more when hes drinkin he fell asleep right away last nt
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Topic #8656662
echo - nat lookin for wash cloths sheila tells her where to find one 0 Replies #8656662 10:01AM 08/04/2008
nat now brushing teeth
adam no where on feeds
sharon left wc to get ryans meds for him
sheila out of shower
ryans whistling
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Topic #8656681
echo - sheila using qtips as she sits on the floor, ryan in shower now 0 Replies #8656681 10:05AM 08/04/2008
gp on f3
adam up nat says goooooood morningggg ballerrrrr pats his head in kitchen
nat back to wc
sharon cuttin treats for gps, adam watches her
nat washing face
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Topic #8656721
echo - nat putting on makeup, sharon feeding gps , adam still sitting in kitchen 0 Replies #8656721 10:09AM 08/04/2008
gps eating strawberries on f3
adam now in wc
sharon cleans up her strawberry mess then goes to her room
adam now on wc couch
sheila finds her brush she had been looking for it
sheila dreamed about he sis and she woke up cryin
ryan finishing shower says sheila you cry in your dreams too sheila lol you cry when your not awake funny
she says no i woke up and cried, sheila says she has a stye in her eye (ed ouch)
sharon gathering clothes
sheila tellin how her stye is contagious

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Topic #8656740
echo - ryan blowing nose, in towel, sharon getting ready to shower, james 0 Replies #8656740 10:11AM 08/04/2008
still sleeping
ryan using qtips
nat puttin in earings
bb ryan plz out on mic
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Topic #8656777
echo - ryan tells adam what the doc said, sheila in sr gettin coffee mate 0 Replies #8656777 10:14AM 08/04/2008
ryan needs to stretch the muscle before he works out
ryan using deoderant
nat and sheila in kitchen talkin about ryans injury
sheila tryin to make sure its caffinated coffee
sharon in shower
sheila says the coffee is wonderful ryan its better than alex's

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Topic #8656830
echo - nat gettin coffee now sheila in wc then nat joins them, 0 Replies #8656830 10:18AM 08/04/2008
ryan gettin dressed in blue br intentionally making sure his undies were showing
nat playing with adams hair
nat putting on makeup
ryan didnt like his first pair of shorts so he changes them
sheila talks about her crying alot, never cried so much in her life blames slop for 3 weeks (ed shes been cryin and no slop for 2 weeks now lol)
ryan puts hat on backwards
adam says sheilas mean on slop
she says no im delusional and i hear voices on slop
ryan using lint brush on t shirt

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Topic #8656883
echo - nats says shes breaking a record if she doesnt go on slop this season 0 Replies #8656883 10:23AM 08/04/2008
ryan peeks on gps
ryan now in kitchen gettin poptarts to eat
sheila outting on makeup
sheila says at least i can laugh at myself nat says she can too
ryan getttin coffee , adam and ryan agree not to get all joe'd up again
adam gettin joe now too
ryan says the nic patch is helping him
adam off to sr
sheila and nat talk about makeup
ryan loudly slurps coffee in kitchen
ryan asks nat if she made a cup of joe yet she says yes i have coffee

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Topic #8656947
echo - sheila likes oil of oil aye cream , helps with circles and lines 1 Replies #8656947 10:28AM 08/04/2008
adam back in kitchen with ryan
adam eating bagel ryan eating pop tart
nat heating eye lash curler with blow dryer

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Lynzrocket - Oil of Olay. NT #8656995 10:32AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8657021
echo - sharon out of shower in shorts bra and hair in towel 0 Replies #8657021 10:34AM 08/04/2008
flames for 1/2 sec
adam heads to hoh to shower
sheila says she used to wear silver eye shadow
she wears less makeup now that shes older
ryan outside coffee in hand (ed looks sunny and warm out there)
nat putting on alot of mascara
ryan back inside puts coffee cup on counter off to blue br

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Topic #8657061
echo - dr leak with ryan dr guys asks how he feels about sharon and james 0 Replies #8657061 10:37AM 08/04/2008
ryan talks sbout his bling in his ear
the dr says baller style
ryan takes if off
dr guy says lets start witrh sharon
first talk about why you want to keep sharon this week
number one rule use sharons name alot this week
dr telling him how to say it
ryan talks about sharon being a strong player theyhave secret alliance
thinks they will go f2
dr can you do me a fav are you still on mic battery
dr guy so um...flames
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Topic #8657122
echo - all four feeds now on sheila and nat gettin ready in wc, sheila blowdrying 0 Replies #8657122 10:42AM 08/04/2008
nat using straightener
sharon still has towel on head
sheila says ho man
sheila says looks like a day to lay out again nat agrees
nat tells sheila shes done with straightener
nat sprayin hairspray on hair
sharon using small mirror to put on makeup
nat says shes wearing the same thing as yesterday cause she never went into dr yesterday at all
sheila straightening hair now
nat puttin on lip gloss
sharon puttin cream on legs camera man zooms in (ed lol)
nat says i hope my hair looks good on tv

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Topic #8657131
towie - ladies in bathroom 0 Replies #8657131 10:43AM 08/04/2008
Shelia says good morning to Sharon...then tells her she soooo quiet.

they are talking about going outside to "lay out" again. They both are talking about the lack of clothes and Shelia wonders what to wear today, Nat tells her i wore this yesterday but they didnt call me to DR sooo its like i didnt wear it.

Nat hopes her hair looks good on tv, Sharon and Shelia says that her hair looks like its been done by a hairdresser.
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Topic #8657167
echo - sheila tells nat she always looks like shes got her hair done at a salon 0 Replies #8657167 10:46AM 08/04/2008
nat says her roots are comin in bad
nats gonna ask dr if she can color it, its been over 80 days
nat now on couch in wc drinkin coffee yawning away
sheila offers to make a bagel and share it with sharon
sharon brushing hair
nat says the weeks are flying by
sheila says noone uses occupied sign
nat says it will be weird to go back home
sampsonnnnnn says nat, sharon turns on blowdryer
nat says shes spacing out

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Topic #8657191
towie - All feeds on Sharon blowdrying hair NT 0 Replies #8657191 10:49AM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8657207
echo - dr asks nat and james to change batteries, nat says sorry boss i forgot 0 Replies #8657207 10:51AM 08/04/2008
nat off to sr
sharon alone in wc finishes blowdryin hair
sharon outs cream on neck
bb voice says thank you, then james plz change ur batteries
sharon now using straightener
all 4 feeds on her feeds change to
james now in sr in tighty whities goes back to bed
nat heard in background making gps noises

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Topic #8657225
echo - nat talking to gps, sheila mkaing bagel, adam joins nat lookin at gps 0 Replies #8657225 10:55AM 08/04/2008
they talk about gps gettin bigger
nat comments on adam being clean shavin
nat loves the gps she says
adam srinkin coffee in kitchen
nat says day 62 in the bb house
sheila says it feels like 90
sheila says sat is her bday
adam says maybe they will give u presents
sheila wants a letter from her son for her bday it would be worth a million dollars best bday present EVER , adma goes outside
nat said best part of hoh was her letter
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Topic #8657256
echo - sheila says u have to live in la if you want to work in show business 0 Replies #8657256 10:58AM 08/04/2008
talks about sag membership costs 3000.00
sheila called to dr
sheila says you have to work to be a member, ryan says sheila good luck in dr loudly
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Topic #8657278
echo - nat says lets scare sheila all day long ryan agrees, ryan outside now 0 Replies #8657278 11:01AM 08/04/2008
with adam
nat now called to dr
bb tells ryan to knock it off
adam and ryan back inside
sahron and sheila in kitchen
sheila said she req later dr so she could get dressed, wears robe so shes not showing any of her goods in the am
adam has remote car driving it outside
sheila says sharon looks good today
sheila says wow its already 11 crazy
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