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Topic #8658732
echo - adam and ryan agree theres a rainbow in the sky, (ADULT)to bless their party 0 Replies #8658732 12:44PM 08/04/2008
nat tells adam she had a nightmare about his penis
it was long and looked like a catapillar, ryan asks if it was like a turtle head, nat says it was like a tremor like in th tremor movies
adam says thats hot
adam goes inside to get lays hes putting them around the by
james has eyes closed in br sharon still reading
nat says we need enough to wear baller
adam says take them off the trees, its a luau dude we r all set up

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Topic #8658774
echo - ryan scraped bbq, adam says jimmys gonna be miserable 0 Replies #8658774 12:48PM 08/04/2008
ryan says hes gonna think its a party cause james is leaving finally
adam thinks the party will cause them to avoid campaigning
adam req into his mic at 3:30 for 30 min of music they promise not to talk game
sharons in wc now
nat says sheila and sharon are scheming right now
adam freaks he over filled hot tub
shiela layin in spa alone
ryan says sheilas inside campaigning (ED paranoid much)
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Topic #8658815
echo - sharon joins sheila in spa, the boys come in 2 secs later and see them 0 Replies #8658815 12:51PM 08/04/2008
ryan accuses sheila of campaigning all this time
sheila says they were talkin feminine products
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Topic #8658903
echo - james up wandering into kitchen and sr, sheila and sharon outside now 0 Replies #8658903 12:55PM 08/04/2008
adams excited for the party
ryan says feminine products is code for game
sheilas playin with the putter
ryan says those who dont menstruate have to go then sheila says well that means you and adam too
ryan says if you menstruate then ur in an alliance
adam says 2 hrs till party
james laying back down in bed
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Topic #8659046
echo - in by all but james as he still lays in bed 0 Replies #8659046 1:07PM 08/04/2008
they are giving shout outs, todays ryan and jens 10 month anniversary
they talk about sheilas dog, ryan dreamed of kitty but she looked diff
sharon puttin and adam hlepin her guide the balls
james in br staring in space
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Topic #8659142
echo - ryan and sheila discuss dogs as adam and sharon golf, nats quiet 0 Replies #8659142 1:14PM 08/04/2008
james up in kitchen put flour in a baggie, spills some and is cleaning it up camera man zooms in on flour baggie (ed lmao) james says to us (viewers)i dont know about you guys but i ***** hate these people (ed lmfao)
james heads to wc leaving baggie on table, grabs towel
hes now just standing there and says do i go out now or wait, ill wait till they have their pool party
takes baggie puts in pockets rings dr bell
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Topic #8659177
Pearlee - James went into the DR and now flames NT 0 Replies #8659177 1:16PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659226
echo - feeds back all 4 in by nat and sheila talkin about animals 0 Replies #8659226 1:20PM 08/04/2008
ryan asks if they've seen the show dog pound
planes flyin overhead
dogtown is what he said not dog pound

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Topic #8659272
echo - sheila got her dog kitty from the pound and it took about 5 months for 0 Replies #8659272 1:24PM 08/04/2008
kitty to fall in love with her and her son
sheila says she needs training
nats dog sleeps with her, sheilas sleeps with her son
noone else talkin

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Topic #8659307
weebles - james walks outside in a towel and hoodie....undresses, and lays next to nat, fully nude NT 1 Replies #8659307 1:27PM 08/04/2008
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soxer72 - BB asked him to put on his mike... NT #8659338 1:28PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659352
echo - VERY ADULT)james now has towel wrapped around waist, camera follows him to kitchen 0 Replies #8659352 1:29PM 08/04/2008
he opens sliding door, he comes outside
(ed he looks suspicious)
he heads over to nats lounger
hes naked lays next to her
she freaks get the pillow
shes still laying there and says god help me (ed lmfao)
nat says the dream was about james, god was preparing her to see it
james tells ryan he used his clippers to clean up
bb james plz put on mic....(ed no mention of clothes)
james says its tiny now ill make him grow, nat says draw a faace on it , he movees closer to her
adam says pet in natty we get FLAMES

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Topic #8659364
BigBrotherLuvR - James scoots over closer to Nat, she squeals. FLAMES. NT 0 Replies #8659364 1:29PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659368
SouthernBelladonna - James is now laying out naked in the BY. 0 Replies #8659368 1:29PM 08/04/2008
He casually walked over, and stripped then laid down next to Nat.

Sheila is laughing and looking. She says it's like a train wreck...

She tells him he needs a little trim. He says he does...then jokes that he used Ryan's clippers last time.

BB: James please put on your mic.

Everyone laughs that he can be naked, but he has to have his mic on.

Nat saying god was preparing her with her dream last night (about being frightened by a penis), it wasn't Adam's, but James'.

Jokes around...James moving closer to Nat and she laughs and yells "get it away...I'm too close to penis!" FLAMES
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Topic #8659398
SouthernBelladonna - Shar is laughing and saying it's crazy. (that James is nude in the BY) NT 0 Replies #8659398 1:31PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659413
SouthernBelladonna - James says (adult) 0 Replies #8659413 1:31PM 08/04/2008
that he's going to try to get a boner...he definitely going to jerk one off.

Adam tells Sheila to start talking dirty.
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Topic #8659425
SouthernBelladonna - James: It will grow in time...I got a whole afternoon of nude time with you guys. NT 0 Replies #8659425 1:32PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659447
echo - (ADULT) feeds back ryan says james is rockin out with his cock out 0 Replies #8659447 1:33PM 08/04/2008
sheila says good times good times
everyone seems to be enjoying it and laughing
james is gonna try and get a boner adam says sure ryan says why not
sheila says no no buenooooooo (ED lmao)
adam says grillin and chillin
ryan said to sheila i looked at it
james says can i play with you
sheila says dont play with ur monkey infront of me
sheila says shes loving it
adam wants his camera
quick flames
nat and james talkin about sunscreen
(ed camera man wont show his privates now)

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Topic #8659498
echo - ADULT nat says when james gets his penis hard we can stack the lays on it 0 Replies #8659498 1:36PM 08/04/2008
james says nat u can suck on it
feeds change to s/s inside gettin more lays
sheilas goin outside to out a lay on james private part says she l;loves this
she drops it over james and says put it thru thw hole james
ryan says sharon jhas her glasses on so she can stare sheila says im staring too
james says soemthing about jacking off and we get flames again
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Topic #8659532
echo - feeds back, james asks sheila if nats pranked her yet 0 Replies #8659532 1:38PM 08/04/2008
james says hes protecting sheila cause shes voting for him tomorrow
adams off to check with dr on req for booze for party
james wants to get naked drunk

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Topic #8659540
BigBrotherLuvR - Sheila whispering with Ryan on the boat lounger. Says Sharon will not put you or I up if she wins HOH. You know that right? NT 0 Replies #8659540 1:39PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659624
echo - ADULT- sharon comes out and says nope not yet, adam tells his mic they gotta 0 Replies #8659624 1:43PM 08/04/2008
alot of big people comin to the party adam asks all to agree to no game talk for 30 min so they can have music later
adam tells sharon to tickle james, play it with pretend its the gps (ED lmao
adam says do the windmill jimmy swing it around
flames for a sec
nat says to james you wonder why epople dont like you your a dick hole
james says ur still gaining weight
nat says ur still an ass
nat moves onto another lounger
nat says again the dying dog barks the loudest
james says blow me nat
nat says after chels stanky was there no ty
james goes on to say she stinks
james tells adam shes the only negative one here
adam says you crashed the party jimmy
sharons giggling away
james says nats a cling on hooker from vegas
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Topic #8659672
echo - ADULT - sharon smiles at james , james sighs loudly 0 Replies #8659672 1:46PM 08/04/2008
sharon says nats gonna freak the ***** out
planes overhead hard to hear
sharon layin next to naked james laughin away
james says preach it sister
sheila says well now everyone has seen my photos
she talks about eric seeing them and his reaction to her in the nurses suit

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Topic #8659709
BigBrotherLuvR - Sheila is talking quite a bit about her 80's bush. (ed Disturbing!) NT 0 Replies #8659709 1:47PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659789
BB9Blinded - Sheila telling Ryan about her experience with "fame" 0 Replies #8659789 1:52PM 08/04/2008
She looked so much younger than her age, she kept some nice fan letters - Ryan What size were your boobs?
Sheila: 34B, like Jen's
Ryan: she's a C
Sheila: I got my boob job when I was 35 after I had my kid, I am a 36C
Ryan: Jen is a 34C and yours look bigger
Sheila and Nat agree she is beautiful and has a great body
Sheila thought Jen was 19 when she walked in the house and got nervous she would look like the "Mom"
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Topic #8659881
BB9Blinded - Sharon and Ryan talking about 1st impressions 0 Replies #8659881 1:56PM 08/04/2008
Nat and Sheila never "saw" Ryan and Jen together. Sheila thought Parker and Jen were really together. Sheila couldn't believe Ryan and Jen were really together. Allison never told Sheila that Ryan and Jen were together. Ryan tells Nat/Sheila that Allison was going to tell the house and Parker beat her to it. Nat tells Sheila the story of how the story of Ryan/Jen came out - Sheila understands why Parker flipped out - Ryan says he hated Parker and Sheila says America wanted him back and Ryan says yeah, second place Alex probably dominated the votes and Parker was next - Ryan doesn't think Allison did well with votes - Ryan says if she came back he wouldn't partner with her because she started too much crap - Sheila and Ryan hungry - Sheila goes inside to get food.
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