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Topic #8729807
dustytissue - Adam: Who do you think's going up? Nat says "me", says Sheila told her she promised Ryan wouldn't go up. 0 Replies #8729807 9:55PM 11/04/2008
Nat says she told her to just make sure she doesn't go home. She says she'll make a really good speech.

Random chat now.

Nat says she was hoping Baller would win the POV. If not her, Baller.

Sharon is lying still in bed in HOH with headphones on, looking around, biting her lips. Sheila is still in DR.
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Topic #8729819
dustytissue - Nat: Why don't we have a luxury comp? We only had one this whole season. NT 0 Replies #8729819 9:57PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8729940
dustytissue - Adam and Ryan mention Nat and the BJ again. Nat: Oh please! He wishes. NT 0 Replies #8729940 10:05PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730021
dustytissue - Adam/Ryan talk about how many girls Matt made out with in the house. Nat: See that's why Mattie's not my type of guy. I like guys who are more picky. 0 Replies #8730021 10:10PM 11/04/2008
Adam: He wasn't America's Player, he's was America's Playa.

They're talking about how much money he would've made.

Sheila's out of DR. She's standing there chatting with them for a bit then goes to HOH.

Nat: I just think it's funny. When I see Mattie, he's going to be like "Naaatalie" and I'm going to be like "Kiss my ass".

Ryan asks if she'll blow him off and she says she will. "He's probably mad because I'm the only girl who wouldn't hook up with him. Except kiss him."
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Topic #8730060
dustytissue - Sheila now in HOH with Sharon. Tells her she's still pissed at Nat. She says she'll have a conversation with Adam tonight. 0 Replies #8730060 10:13PM 11/04/2008
Sharon: I don't think he wants to keep her. Sheila says he better not.
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Topic #8730235
Roadkill23 - Sharon says people are not attracted to women who just give it all away NT 0 Replies #8730235 10:24PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730261
Roadkill23 - Sharon and Sheila in HOH watching the LR feed of A/R/N on TV 0 Replies #8730261 10:26PM 11/04/2008
trashing Natalie, Sheila says she is "sooooo done" with Natalie. Understands why Josh, James, and Chelsea hated her
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Topic #8730268
Roadkill23 - Sharon telling Sheila that Natalie's goal is to evict Sheila and Adam NT 0 Replies #8730268 10:26PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730280
dustytissue - Sheila and Sharon in HOH back to talking about Nat. (long) 0 Replies #8730280 10:27PM 11/04/2008
They look at the spy screen. Sheila: Look, she's doing something with her boobs.

Sharon: She's talking about how she can't touch her elbows because of her boobs.

Camera shows spy screen, looks like Nat's squeezing them together.

Sharon says she has cellulite. Sheila says she doesn't talk about people's bodies, that everyone had great bodies here.

Sheila says she's writing a book so that women aren't like that. Points to the screen and says "That life got me nowhere." Says that lifestyle is a very dark place and will end someday. Says some end up doing porn, suicide, overdose, says it's a tragic way to go.

Sharon says Adam made a comment saying Nat's not that cute. Sheila "He did??"

Sharon in the bathroom, Sheila sitting still holding a glass of wine, staring at the spy screen watching Natalie.

Sheila: Have you noticed how when she talks to Julie?

They say it's fake. Sheila says it's a whole different persona from what she uses in this house. Sheila: It's not even her. It's like a robotic person who comes on, then imitates her voice.

Sharon: What irritates me is don't say one thing you want to change is stop smoking weed and then keep doing it. Sharon says she should just change it. (This was a question in the Table Topics game.)

Sheila: Look at this (staring at spy screen) - basically Adam's harassing her, sticking her fingers up her butt.

Sharon says she thinks Nat's had some one-night stands. Sheila laughs.

Sheila: Now I know why Josh, James, and Chelsia were so pissed. It's all starting to come out.

Sharon says it's because Sheila's not a vote anymore.
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Topic #8730298
Roadkill23 - Sheila says she will use her last breath to make sure Natalie leaves on Wednesday 0 Replies #8730298 10:28PM 11/04/2008
Sharon says "I guarantee it, I guarantee she will leave and you will not be evicted next week"
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Topic #8730347
Roadkill23 - Sheila and Sharon have been non-stop bashing Natalie for the past 20 mins NT 0 Replies #8730347 10:31PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730469
Roadkill23 - Sheila just spilt red wine on her bed NT 0 Replies #8730469 10:39PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730515
Roadkill23 - Sheila is now trying to wash out the sheet in the HOH bathtub NT 0 Replies #8730515 10:42PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730522
dustytissue - Adam says to Nat, "Shouldn't you be campaigning to Sheila?" Nat says she trusts them (Ryan/Adam), she's going to let it be. 0 Replies #8730522 10:43PM 11/04/2008
Adam: Sheila's a tie breaker though. He laughs. Nat says she's going to sock him.

Now talking about Amanda. Nat says she liked Amanda at first but didn't after day 5. Ryan gives Amanda a 7.5. He says to Nat "I give you a higher rating than Amanda."

Nat asks Baller what's the matter. He has a little bit of a headache.
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Topic #8730553
Roadkill23 - Ryan up to HOH with Sheila. Sharon joins them NT 0 Replies #8730553 10:46PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730558
dustytissue - Ryan: What were you and Sharon doing? Sheila: Oh, I was just talking and my wine fell over. NT 0 Replies #8730558 10:46PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730568
Roadkill23 - Sheila asking Ryan if Adam is going to vote to evict Natalie. Ryan tells her "no worries" 0 Replies #8730568 10:47PM 11/04/2008
Sheila says he better not mess with me and just do it
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Topic #8730578
Roadkill23 - Natalie and Baller sitting on LR couch. Joking around, no game talk between them NT 0 Replies #8730578 10:49PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730597
Roadkill23 - Sheila goes to storege room, passes by Baller. Baller: Heyyyy Kimberly NT 0 Replies #8730597 10:51PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730618
Roadkill23 - Sheila in LR with A/R/N. Baller: What are you wearing under the robe? 0 Replies #8730618 10:53PM 11/04/2008
Sheila: bra and panties. Baller: Show me. She shows him her bra
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Topic #8730629
Roadkill23 - Baller is flicking his tounge at Natalie, spittle is landing on her and she's getting grossed out NT 0 Replies #8730629 10:54PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8730642
Roadkill23 - Sheila says the HOH sheets have never been changed (adult) 0 Replies #8730642 10:55PM 11/04/2008
Natalie says "that means James' ejaculate and Chelsea's excretions are on there. And Baller's jizz."
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Topic #8730648
Roadkill23 - Ryan tells Baller that he should be a porn-star. 0 Replies #8730648 10:56PM 11/04/2008
Baller: They'd call me the "Brown Bagger"
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Topic #8730674
Roadkill23 - Natalie showing the boys how there are 8 stripes on the LR rug 0 Replies #8730674 10:58PM 11/04/2008
now they are all counting the patterns on the rug
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Topic #8730684
Roadkill23 - Sheila says "they (BB) are so gonna hate me" for spilling wine on the sheet NT 0 Replies #8730684 11:00PM 11/04/2008
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