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Topic #8712419
JLPrinzess - Sheila still in HOH. Rest of HG's talking about Mike O. Nat is repeating things that people are saying NT 0 Replies #8712419 12:01AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8712594
JLPrinzess - HG's chatting about movies and days there calculating hours and minutes in house. They are 0 Replies #8712594 12:15AM 11/04/2008
giving BB until 12:30 then they are shutting the lights off and going to bed.

Sharon and Adam now in other bedroom talking about getting Nat out, Sharon says once Nat is done shes done.
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Topic #8712608
JLPrinzess - FLAMES, possible POV comp. NT 0 Replies #8712608 12:16AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8712673
JLPrinzess - Trivia NT 0 Replies #8712673 12:20AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8713144
jadesweet217 - been 1hr 40 mins now . NT 0 Replies #8713144 1:48AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8714388
mcoop - 4hrs and still trivia. NT 0 Replies #8714388 4:06AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8714700
WVpdles - Adam won! NT 0 Replies #8714700 4:34AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8714707
mcoop - Feeds Back! Adam won PoV! NT 0 Replies #8714707 4:34AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8714723
CruiseCritic - Sharon biting inside of her mouth - talk of Evel DIcks body - must have been morph with past HGs?? NT 0 Replies #8714723 4:35AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8714743
CruiseCritic - Sounds like it was three parts of someones body they had to put together. Sharon said she was 0 Replies #8714743 4:36AM 11/04/2008
reading and then shivering. Ryan sitting in chair at table and so is Sheila. Natalie talking about being so focused and said she picked the wrong dam puzzle.
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Topic #8714776
CruiseCritic - Sharon said there had to be 9 pieces of the puzzle and Sheila tells Adam he did so 0 Replies #8714776 4:37AM 11/04/2008
good. Adam seems soooo happy - big smile on his face. He cant stop grinning. Talk about a GP puzzle and Sharon says she said OHHHH my fur ennndddds.

Sheila saying it was all of us as GPs
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Topic #8714807
CruiseCritic - Adam says he cannot believe it is 4:30 in the morning. Sharon talking about seeing Jacobs 0 Replies #8714807 4:39AM 11/04/2008
goofy necklace. Sheila wants to know where the photos are from. Sharon says they are these and that Allisons hair was flowing when it was on the guinea.

Ryan said he knew it was going to be tough. Talk that when they hit the 30 minute mark they would be out.

Adam is eating something. Adam asks Sheila if she took the second clue and wants to know what it was and Sheila says something about furry animals
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Topic #8714826
CruiseCritic - Adam tells Sharon he was stressed and she says I told you Baller, you need to start listening to me 0 Replies #8714826 4:41AM 11/04/2008
Ryan says he is sore. Natalie not saying too much right now - she just went in the fridge and says she is hungry.

talk of Ben Gay. Natalie is going to have a hotdog and said she should have known it was about the guineas and Sheila says the GPS are getting alot of airtime.
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Topic #8714843
CruiseCritic - Ryan gives Natalie a hug and they are whispering a little...Sheila is going to bed and Adam goes 0 Replies #8714843 4:42AM 11/04/2008
over to give her a hug and Ryan and Natalie say goodnight to her. Sheila says you never know what could happen tomorrow, something else could happen and TRIVIA
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Topic #8714956
CruiseCritic - Feeds back and Sheila on her way upstairs - Ryan says gnight Sheil - are you sure you dont 0 Replies #8714956 4:49AM 11/04/2008
want to have a nuked dog with us? She says it sounds yummy, but she will pass. She wonders if they will let her sleep in tomorrow.

Sharon talking about crappy songs and wondering about the strawberry song (Ryan was just singing a little of Strawberry Fields - Beatles) before she said this.

Natalie says she thought she had it. Ryan says he put cotton balls in his ears..... says his neck is feeling better. Trivia on two feeds. Ryan said he thought he had a slim chance but if anyone guessed guineas he was out.

Adam has POV around his neck and mentions that he is safe. Natalie standing in front of Adam. Ryan tells Natalie he loves her and Nat says she promised to Adam that she wouldnt vote him out. Natalie says they have to keep their family together.

Adam says he is going to bury HOH next week
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Topic #8714988
CruiseCritic - Adam stick POV necklace under his tshirt. Adam talks about a split vote and let Sheila break it and Nat 0 Replies #8714988 4:51AM 11/04/2008
says NO WAY, she will send me packing. Adam says he is just kidding, Ryan says we are just messing with you Nattie.

Adam says she is putting you up for sure. Nat says of course, she promised Ryan she wouldnt put him up and she is not going to go to Sheila to tell her to put up Ryan.
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Topic #8715012
CruiseCritic - Adam asks - Sharon thought she had me beat didnt she? Ryan says I think so and tells Nat he 0 Replies #8715012 4:52AM 11/04/2008
thought she had it. Nat said she had the GP done and had a piece missing.

Adam yells - do you want me in the diary or what? I am getting tired.

Sharon is up in HOH with Sheila and hands Sheila the remote.

Adam talks about slim pickins (term Sheila used at nomination ceremony)
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Topic #8715046
raindrop110475 - Ryan sayign sharons campaigning is annoying Nat is saying sharon will bury he r but nat trusts deal and ryan and adam NT 0 Replies #8715046 4:55AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715053
CruiseCritic - Adam - on and off the block the same day. Ryan says that is the way to do it - now you can sleep. 0 Replies #8715053 4:55AM 11/04/2008
Up in HOH room, Sharon says now she can sleep tonight. Natalie talking to the guys about going up. Ryan playing with a car and BB calls Adam into DR.

Natalie tells Ryan that if it is a tie Sheila will vote HER out - says she said it three times today.

Sheila talking about all that she has done during this game.

Natalie talking how Sharon is telling Sheila that if its a tie to vote Nat out.

Sharon says that Natalie is going to ream her a new a$$ because she talked her down from glass houses HOH comp
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Topic #8715063
raindrop110475 - ryan tells her not to stress she will eb alright and Nat sayds she wiilll let sharon be weasely and ryan says like she always is NT 0 Replies #8715063 4:55AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715065
CruiseCritic - Sharon in HOH and says everything is going to be fine, everything works out for a reason NT 0 Replies #8715065 4:56AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715073
raindrop110475 - apparently sharon made some lame excuse to go to HOH as soon as veto done now ryan says hes gonna go break it up NT 0 Replies #8715073 4:56AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715107
raindrop110475 - upstairs sheila is saying nat has belittle her made her feel stupid or been mean to her and telling ryan that she was gonna get rid of ryan or adam 0 Replies #8715107 4:59AM 11/04/2008
and ryan telling sheila nat said she was coming after her nextweek and sheila says she wont have time. Sharon is laughing in joy that they are screwing nat. Sheila calls nat (the girl who gave you HOH) a female James
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Topic #8715118
CruiseCritic - Ryan comes up to HOH room and Sheila asks if she is gloating and Ryan says she knows 0 Replies #8715118 5:00AM 11/04/2008
she is going up. Sheila tells Ryan she has to go and Ryan says he knows and Sheila tells him that she was going to put you both up (Adam/Ryan). Ryan asks if he is for sure not going up and Sheila says she has not lied to him and wont put him up.

Sharon mentions that Nat said she wanted to go home if she ever lost to Sheila. Ryan talks about Natalie talking about what will happen next week.

Ryan says it wont even be a split decision next week and Says that natalie told him she isnt going to campaign because she knows she has the boys votes.

Sheila mentions that Natalie is a female James, they need to get her out. Talk about Natalie gloating. Shiela talking how Natalie said she wanted to BD one of the boys.

Ryan says DONT WORRY - if you want her gone, you put her up and she is going home.

Sheila says that Natalie told her that she owes her one and that she would be the only one to protect her next week.
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Topic #8715136
CruiseCritic - Sheila says this is the best case scenario NT 0 Replies #8715136 5:00AM 11/04/2008
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