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Topic #8715143
raindrop110475 - adam did it in 3:20 sheila did it in 15 minutes apparently was guinea face with three things of other houseguests NT 0 Replies #8715143 5:01AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715157
CruiseCritic - Sheila saying she should have separated the pieces like Adam did. Natalie sitting in chair facing the Memory wall 0 Replies #8715157 5:01AM 11/04/2008
staring at the pictures.
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Topic #8715183
CruiseCritic - Sheila mentions last puzzle competition and that hers looked like a Picasso in that comp. 0 Replies #8715183 5:03AM 11/04/2008
Sheila says they all did good and she and Natalie did the worst. Ryan says she came up here all weird, like she won.
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Topic #8715207
CruiseCritic - Sheila asks where Natalie is and Ryan says in the KT. Sheila finds her on the feeds and says 0 Replies #8715207 5:04AM 11/04/2008
she is looking at memory wall, bless her heart. Bless her heart.

Natalie gets up and is on her way upstairs.....
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Topic #8715224
CruiseCritic - Natalie comes up and says she is bored and Sharon says she is going to bed - it is 5AM 0 Replies #8715224 5:05AM 11/04/2008
Ryan said he just came up because he wants to steal her chips. Natalie says she knows she is going up on the block and just doesnt want to go home. Sheila says the guys have your back.
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Topic #8715251
CruiseCritic - Sharon getting ready for bed. Nat upstairs saying MOLEY, MOLEY 0 Replies #8715251 5:07AM 11/04/2008
Moley. Sheila in HOH bathroom brushing her teeth and mentions in two days she will be say it will be one more day - on Saturday.

Natalie and Ryan going downstairs to go to bed and tell her goodnight and they will see her tomorrow.

Adam still in DR. Ryan says he is probably going nuts.

Nat says she is going to go brush her teeth and go to bed
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Topic #8715268
CruiseCritic - Nat says she did so terrible because she focused on the people and not the 0 Replies #8715268 5:09AM 11/04/2008
guineas. She should have known, it was BB. Nat goes derr, derr derr and Sharon says that sounds like Sheila.

Sharon leaves bathroom and Ryan and Nat both brusing their teeth. Sharon says outloud - please call me next to DR- I want to go to bed
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Topic #8715303
CruiseCritic - Sharon in bed reading bible, Nat and Ryan still brushing their teeth. 0 Replies #8715303 5:10AM 11/04/2008
Sheila in HOH room and now back into HOH bathroom putting some items in cabinet.

Ryan says he thought Sharon was going to win because of the guineas and Natalie says mmm, hmmmmmmm. Nat starts talking to Ryan but cannot hear her with the water running.
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Topic #8715345
CruiseCritic - Sheila puts remote on table, locks her HOH door and turns off the lights. Natalie says sorry BB 0 Replies #8715345 5:12AM 11/04/2008
I am going to bed. Ryan scooping handfuls of water in mouth and rinsing out.

nat on her way to bed and Sharon says she is reading because she knows they are going to call her into DR..Nat says they can wait for me til tomorrow, I am going to bed.

Natalie now in boatroom fixing her bed. Adam now in KT at the sink
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Topic #8715359
CruiseCritic - 2 feeds on Sharon reading bible and 2 on Natalie. BB- Natalie please go 0 Replies #8715359 5:14AM 11/04/2008
to the DR. Ryan and Adam in WC and Ryan mentions that he spent around 4 hours on the block and says D U triple N done!!

All 4 feeds go to TRIVIA
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Topic #8715464
CruiseCritic - Nat back in boatroom and Ryan and Adm were both in there - and Adam says 0 Replies #8715464 5:20AM 11/04/2008
SHE (Sharon) is pi$$ed. Adam and Ryan whispering a little in pink BR.

Adam says in the OFFICE they told him he was quick, very fast.

BB telling Adam and Ryan to reattach their microphones

Sharon is in DR.

Adam said he thought it was a one shot deal and if you got one wrong it was over.

Ryan says - if i would have started with gerbils, I mean GPs, it would have been over.

Ryan says Natalie was 13 minutes and she thought she had it

Adam is so happy, pumped up - big smile on his face sitting on side of bed facing Ryan - a little whispering. they are on all 4 feeds

cannot hear a word they are saying/mouthing - whispering
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Topic #8715489
CruiseCritic - Ryan saying how Sheila told him she wouldnt put him up - Ryan says he has to wait til 0 Replies #8715489 5:23AM 11/04/2008
Sunday and he cant wait. Adam smiling BUGE and putting pillow case on a pillow.

Ryan laying on back in his bed and says there will only be 4 people next week, small table. Yup, yup its crazy bro.

Adam says he was nervous as sh!t, wasnt I? Ryan says yes, you were nervous bro. Ryan says if Natalie would have won she would have taken Sharon down and both of us would have been up

BB- Adam please reattach your micrphone. Adam - its on dude
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Topic #8715505
CruiseCritic - Adam says he thought he had it lost because he was the very first one called in the DR 0 Replies #8715505 5:24AM 11/04/2008
and thought he was for sure going home. Said in the beginning he really wanted to go home and Ryan asks when you got paried with Sheila and Adam says right after that.

Ryan says and now final 4. Adam thinks some luxury tomorrow - Ryan says you got some crazy eyes right now. Adam says he is sooo pumped up right now, it is a done deal
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Topic #8715512
CruiseCritic - BB- Ryan - please stop playing with your microphone NT 0 Replies #8715512 5:25AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715533
CruiseCritic - Boys are whispering now and cannot hear them. Both biting fingernails now 0 Replies #8715533 5:26AM 11/04/2008
Ryan just spits a nail out. They are not talking - biting nails.

Ryan says it is all gooood. Adam cant beleive it. Ryan says she really thought she won (Natalie). Adam says that Sharon did good and she thought she had me beat too...Ryan says yeah she did
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Topic #8715539
CruiseCritic - Ryan says he was at 6 minutes and Adam beat him by 2:40 NT 1 Replies #8715539 5:27AM 11/04/2008
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CruiseCritic - gotta run for 2 minutes - brb NT #8715550 5:27AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715578
CruiseCritic - Adam picks up some glasses from the BR and brings them in the KT. Ryan laying on his back NT 0 Replies #8715578 5:29AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715604
CruiseCritic - Adam fills a glass from fridge (water?) and heads back to the BR - Sharon still isnt back 0 Replies #8715604 5:32AM 11/04/2008
from DR. Adam says that his sheets are still out there. Ryan says pillowtop tonight and asks Adam if he is going to bed anytime soon.

Adam says why are you tired, Ryan says yes. Says he is f'n sore. Adam says he will turn off the lights. Adam is fixing his bed and TRIVIA
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Topic #8715624
CruiseCritic - Adam now in SR getting some sheets (BB must have told him some were in there) 0 Replies #8715624 5:33AM 11/04/2008
Ryan all covered up in his pink comforter. Adam going thru sheets in DR and has handfulls of pink and yellow. Looks like they were from the dryer and drops the yellow sheets off on Sharons bed and is now in pink BR putting sheets on his bed
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Topic #8715659
CruiseCritic - Adam putting bottom sheet on his bed. Ryan facing Adam but not talking to him 0 Replies #8715659 5:35AM 11/04/2008
Adam says false testimony. Ryan says what is that. Adam says God will punish.

Ryan big ywan and looks at Adam and says he has the sheet on the wrong end..then they check it and Adam asks if it is alright and then Ryan says look at our room

2 guys in a pink freaken room, Adam says looks like Grandmas house - Grandmas house is a good place to be. they were both laughing. Adam big smile on his face.

Ryan whispering now and cant hear him.
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Topic #8715704
CruiseCritic - Adams bed is now finished and pulls back sheets. Ryan wonders how James would have done 0 Replies #8715704 5:39AM 11/04/2008
and Adam says probably pretty amazing. Ryan says he would not have beaten 3:20.

BB- Ryan please reattach your microphone. Ryan says he is going to stop talking now.

ADam asks if he saw the pink haired GP and Ryan pulls his mic over by his face and said he didnt see the pink hair, but he knew Parkers hair.

Adam says he is done and the lights can go off now. Lights still on as they chat a little more and Adam finishes his glass of water - he goes into red BR turns off the lights and goes into his BR. Adam says it si 5:30 am and he hopes they wake them up for luxury comp and says he is going to toss and turn for about an hour.
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Topic #8715715
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds on Ryan and Adam in their beds, all quiet now. Sharon still not back from DR NT 0 Replies #8715715 5:39AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715738
CruiseCritic - Ryan says it isnt going to take him long to pass out. Adam says he is pumped up and 0 Replies #8715738 5:41AM 11/04/2008
Ryan says I bet you are.

Adam says he has to set something up for sunday and Ryan says he has to figure out his speech to HER (Natalie?)

They say it is going to be GREAT
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Topic #8715751
CruiseCritic - Boys now quiet and Adam moving around under the sheets - hand under the covers 0 Replies #8715751 5:42AM 11/04/2008
now both hands are visible (LOL)
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Topic #8715764
CruiseCritic - Adam just says ohhh thank God, Thank God. Dont have to worry about it now 0 Replies #8715764 5:43AM 11/04/2008
Ryan says yeah i know it would have sucked.
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