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Topic #8725710
BBjunkie247 - Feeds still down:( NT 0 Replies #8725710 5:37PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8725711
WieKacie - Feeds out. 0 Replies #8725711 5:37PM 11/04/2008

no freaken bueno. :-(
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Topic #8725789
cindydidit - Feed out 0 Replies #8725789 5:43PM 11/04/2008
Feed out, however I did notice the error message has the BB8 logo. How crazy is that.
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Topic #8726042
scandalous - Feeds back..annnnd we have flames (ed. oy ve!) NT 0 Replies #8726042 6:00PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8726060
Laura - Feed Back on for a short time 0 Replies #8726060 6:01PM 11/04/2008
adam and sharon were talking
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Topic #8726080
Laura - Flames On All Feeds NT 0 Replies #8726080 6:02PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8726154
Laura - Feed Back on NT 0 Replies #8726154 6:07PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8726185
Laura - adam and sharon taking in BR...nat and shelia in hoh,,,,,nat listening to music NT 0 Replies #8726185 6:09PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8726269
Laura - ryan taking a shower 1 Replies #8726269 6:14PM 11/04/2008
shelia cleaning up...saying she is always cleaning up...she tries to use the same towel more then once...shelia telling ryan nat is upstairs and they are going to talk later
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WVpdles - Sheila told Ryan that Nat told her she doesn't think she has Ryan's vote so wants him to go up instead of her(nat). And Nat said if this costs her the #8726283 6:15PM 11/04/2008
game she's going to be highly pissed off.
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Topic #8726336
Laura - nat and shelia talking about what time to eat 0 Replies #8726336 6:19PM 11/04/2008
shelia in kitchen

ryan in shower

adam and sharon in br..last thing i heard they say was things in the house randomly happens

nat in hoh listing to music watch hoh private screen of hg's
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Topic #8726474
Laura - shelia in kitchen cooking... ryan walking through with a towel on 0 Replies #8726474 6:27PM 11/04/2008
sharon reading bible....ryan walks through br adam asked for a red blank ryan said for a price and threw it a adam.....adam say you need to talk to sharon later.....adam said to ryan let me know if you up for chess....nat in hoh
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Topic #8726570
Laura - shelia and rynn talking about james 0 Replies #8726570 6:33PM 11/04/2008
shelia said james wanted to stay in the house to go after nat....shelia and ryan saying we need to get her out referring to nat.....shelia trust sharon more then nat...sharon knows all the deals that nat tried to make...ryan saying natlie screwed him over 4 times already...shelia said we will find out it adam is with natlie
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Topic #8726586
bbshannon - Ryan and Sheila talking about Nat in the kitchen..very animated 0 Replies #8726586 6:33PM 11/04/2008
Adam in the next room in bed, don't know if he can hear them or not.

Ryan says he has helped that girl so many times and she's screwed him over 3 times now.

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Topic #8726618
Divinemissm30 - Sheila and Ryan in Kitchen....talking game..... 0 Replies #8726618 6:35PM 11/04/2008
Adam in red room on couch staring at ceiling...seems to be in deep thought...Sharon on her bed reading Bible....Nat still in HoH listening to music
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Topic #8726625
bbshannon - More Ryan and Sheila 0 Replies #8726625 6:35PM 11/04/2008
She campaigned against me all week and voted me out.
Voted me and Allison out.
I've helped her out! Why do you think she's worried? I don't owe her anything. I owe her an eviction vote...they laugh.
Ryan says Sheila is the only one that follows through with helping him.
What screwed him was helping out Matty.

Natalie comes out of her HOH room.
They change the subject to James coming out of the mystery box.

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Topic #8726635
Divinemissm30 - Nat has joined Ry & Sheila in KT and they switched topics quickly NT 0 Replies #8726635 6:36PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8726710
bbshannon - Natalie wondering why they didn't have a James eviction party 0 Replies #8726710 6:40PM 11/04/2008
Sheila says it was like evicting her son, they dress the same, etc.
Natalie can't beleive it.
Sheila says her son is more mature but she did cry.
Nat cried tears of joy.

They say that Sheila's bday party will be a slash James party.

Talk turns to meat...dinner..I dunno.

Ryan: Oh we know how you like your meat Sheila! Rare and uncut!!
Sheila: noo..that's Baller's babies.
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Topic #8726734
Laura - ryan said we know how we like shelias meat 0 Replies #8726734 6:41PM 11/04/2008
ryan then said rare and uncut...
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Topic #8726797
bbshannon - Sheila taking out the trash, Sharon still reading in bed, Adam snoozing 0 Replies #8726797 6:43PM 11/04/2008
Sheila comes into the room, tells Sharon she looks good "Did you shower?"

Sharon says "thanks" more than once. Sighing..."nothing to do" Laughing about Baller being asleep.

Ryan humming, walking around house. Comes into room "Whaddup Baller"
Adam says he can hear Ryan sneaking around.

No more "Joe" for them tonight..Ryan says we're eating a lot of meat tonight.
Sheila: ya back here scheming guys??!!
Adam: about how I wanna get you in your birthday suit.
He's under a red blanket..hand on his crotch.
Adam: wanna see me jerk my fat c*ck? (to Sheila) She walks away and says no I don't.
Wanna see a jerk show babe? (to Sharon)

Ryan wants a new mic clip..he'd appreciate that.
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Topic #8726908
bbshannon - Ryan wants to have a grill party tonight. Sheila: Sure babe, sounds good 0 Replies #8726908 6:48PM 11/04/2008
She's gonna get risky...She's gonna have glass of wine.
Ryan tells her to do it.

Nat wants to die her hair brown, wonders if they'll let her do it.
Ryan hasn't had a beer in days..maybe even a week. He's cracking open the top.."mmm"

Adam: where's my beer at?
They're all screaming across the house...
Baller doesn't care.
Sheila called to the DR.
Natalie: BALLERRR!!!!!
Sheila doesn't want anyone to touch her wine.
Natalie: I like yelling across the house!!!

Adam walks out holding himself. They call him gross. He's pointing it at her, telling her it's for him. Nat is freaking out. She's traumatized.
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Topic #8726935
bbshannon - Sharon: You're ridiculous Adam. Adam claims he's just bored. 0 Replies #8726935 6:49PM 11/04/2008
Adam: that wasn't even hard..its like half wood.
Nat: you could hang stuff off of it. (um ew)

Adam asks Ryan in the backyard if the DR gave him clearance (Im guessing to drink)
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Topic #8727005
bbshannon - Natalie comes outside to bash Sheila/Sharon to Ryan and Adam 0 Replies #8727005 6:52PM 11/04/2008
Adam calls her a slick one, that big Sheila.
Natalie: that's what I mean.

Ryan: Sharon's a slick one too.
They agree.
"Moley mole"

Natalie: Thinks she'll be asked when Sharon is evicted, how does it feel to stay against the blonde? The ultimate pawn.
Ryan: this season the pawns always stay, not like other seasons.

Ryan doesn't think that Sharon is even that mentally strong.
They think she threw that HOH(with the numbers). She didn't want to make any decisions.

Laughing about Sharon saying that all she had to do was win POV, cuz she knew she'd be nominated this week.

Nat goes inside to make a salad
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Topic #8727024
cjo - Ryan & Baller alone outside playing pool NT 0 Replies #8727024 6:53PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727034
cjo - Ryan says "no one wants to go to the end with you baller" NT 0 Replies #8727034 6:54PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727043
cjo - Baller says "even Sheila?" NT 0 Replies #8727043 6:55PM 11/04/2008
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