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Topic #8820540
saskwatch - They think game is done on 30th.. Ballers birthday. NT 0 Replies #8820540 10:21PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820612
saskwatch - Adam says whatever is meant to be will be. Sheila says it was easy to evict Natalie because she helped her. Sheila said if Nat would have cried 0 Replies #8820612 10:27PM 16/04/2008
hard, she would have really had a hard time doing it. Sharon says Nat got too cocky in response to Sheila's saying that she felt bad because Nat looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She just didn't get why she was being evicted. Baller explaining to Sheila why he was angry last night. Sheila says, Natty will feel like everyone turned on her. Adam says it's screw or get screwed. Sharon says that's what her brother says about this game.. screw or be screwed. More Nat would've talk by Sharon. Sheila says she never would have taken the f2 deal with Natty. Adam upset that Natty was running around telling everyone his plans.. when he didn't even know. Ryan back and says Natty made sure she put the mini in her speech, too. Sheila says the preexisting relationship is her and the slug. Sheila says it's done and everyone in sequester will be extremely happy.. Sharon says everyone in America expected Sheila to put up Adam for the way he treats her. Sharon telling Sheila if she makes it she is going to win.
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Topic #8820647
saskwatch - Sheila explaining to Sharon how a book deal goes... and that you never get your money up front and 50% goes to ghost writer and agent gets 25%... 0 Replies #8820647 10:29PM 16/04/2008
it's not that you write a book and you're a millionaire. Sheila says when all is said and done.. she may get 5%. Sharon gets it. Sheila says you make more money doing a book tour, not in actual book sales.
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Topic #8820672
saskwatch - Guys still practicing golf. Sheila says if Oprah would have her on because her book is going ot be about young would help. 0 Replies #8820672 10:31PM 16/04/2008
Sheila says that when she gets out of here in a week or 2, hopefully she'll get some buzz for her book.
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Topic #8821027
tammy420 - Adam and Ryan playing chess and drinking beer. Sheila and Sharon in kitchen cooking fish NT 0 Replies #8821027 11:01PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821035
realitydoll - All in house Now (I'm paraphrasing to fill in last 20 mins). Boys went in to get another beer, girls quickly followed like puppy dogs. Boys are playin 0 Replies #8821035 11:02PM 16/04/2008
chess. The boys are going to give shelia hard time. Baller keeps telling shelia, the ball is in your court Shelia, just remember that. She doesn't understand, thinks it's b/c she told the boys that last night, they won't tell her, just keep repeating it. Boys complaining about cigs, saying that they (DR) wouldn't even give ED cigs.
Adam asks shel what does she know about scissor (sp?)talking about if ryan/shel are related...mocking shel b/c earlier shelia kept telling them that ryan & her look alike and maybe they are related (most likely so he won't put her up).
Sharon comes in says she wants a drink...
shelia left for a moment, sharon/ryan ran up to hoh real quick sharon saying she wanted a drink and she shares info with him (whispering) about what Adam told her about not wanting blood on his hands w/natalie and that he wanted Sharon to win HoH so she could decide what to do..they quickly run back out b/c Adam is waiting for Ry...
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Topic #8821040
tammy420 - Flames NT 0 Replies #8821040 11:03PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821113
realitydoll - boys whisper a little about the girls being in a relationship...something about sucking pus*y, Ryan says he doesn't know what to believe anymore, that 0 Replies #8821113 11:10PM 16/04/2008
he is safe till f3 and is just going to f around and not care about who goes to sequester (he's acting & thinks he can pick which of the girls, but not if either of them wins POV, Adam will be gone. Ryan said earlier that he was buzzed...they are both acting very happy & goofy AND buzzed.)
I'm paraphrasing to get caught up.
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Topic #8821130
realitydoll - Sharon asks boys if they want burgers, they both say they are all set (ed: Yes, you read right!!) NT 0 Replies #8821130 11:11PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821143
realitydoll - Adam says: At least there is still life outside this house like Jen said right? That's not so bad... NT 0 Replies #8821143 11:13PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821225
realitydoll - Boys still playing Chess, Ryan laughs. Says that Adam is the most anal MOFO about leaving his hand on the peice, Adam says, alright, alright, will do 0 Replies #8821225 11:23PM 16/04/2008
the 3 sec rule. Intense game going on...
Girls just preparing food, I'm only listening from boys feed. Can't listen to their voices sorry!! They are just talking general convo, no game talk.

Looks like Ryan lost, messed the chess game up. Broke two chess peices!!! Adam says this one lost his head. And this one lost his head.
Ry says I don't know, I got a little violent. Damn, that is stipend right there.Lets put them all in order and see which ones are f'd up.
They are looking over the peices. One is missing an ear too.
Adam says cheap arse chinese sh!t. Got his throat slit.
Rye said that aint working dude. They are laughing their heads off too and now askng BB for super glue.
Adam says poor chatty. Too late.
Ry says "how could you guys!!"
Adam says she with Julie crying saying "baller! How could you guys!!
Baller says least you won HoH. Now we gotta look out for my a$$.
Ry says he's gonna win POV.
They go out for a smoke..posting this now..continued
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Topic #8821232
realitydoll - Adam starts to sing something and the DR says Adam! Stop That! Now the boys are sniping some of the girls food b/4 they go out for a smoke NT 0 Replies #8821232 11:24PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821261
realitydoll - They discuss food comp. Ry jokes they at least need the two girls on slop. Sharon says no, her/Ryan will throw it (she has slop pass/ry hoh they can 0 Replies #8821261 11:27PM 16/04/2008
eat). Shelia says she looks out for them. Just general talk..boys go outside, and I'm following them.
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Topic #8821338
ihearthockey - Shar/She eating fish, talking about Nat being too cocky NT 0 Replies #8821338 11:34PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821353
realitydoll - Ryan says he is worried about this pre-existing relationship, worried since he got the ? right, the house will think it's him. Adam says, just stick w 0 Replies #8821353 11:36PM 16/04/2008
with the plan/ shelia is less of a threat. Ry agrees w/him (ed. I think just to sound like he's with him).
They talk about no cigs for a's worth the chance to win 500 g's.
Ryan says ultamately, he screwed up by only bringing in one carton.
Adam agrees.
Feeds switch to Shel/Sharon talking about the boys not wanting the blood on their hands and forcing her to have it on her hands voting out Nat. There is no way she was going to keep nat there...minimize risk, not giving nat the chance to vote her out of the house, make her feel stupid she'd rather Ryan do it...Nat made her feel stupid.
Sharon says she was being a b!tch to you.
Shelia agrees and doesn't understand but didn't want to say anything.
Sharon says she didn't want to call out nat either in the BR b/c it wasn't her battle too.

THIS IS THE SAME OLD CRAP over and Over and over...
Shelia says that who does that, stand up in front of her executioner and say she isn't loyal to her when she needed her vote to stay.
Sharon says she was cocky, and she was damn sure she was going to win this game. She told James that she (nat) was going to win this game..James told her b/f he left (ed: that was james just trying to turn their alliance on her)
Boys are back....they are saying THANK GOD. (about her not winning that POV) with the guineas.
Now they are just sitting around kt, general chat..posting..again.
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Topic #8821360
Ashleee - Sheila say's she likes to eat fish heads...Sharon seems confused NT 0 Replies #8821360 11:36PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821368
realitydoll - Ryan heads up to his HoH with his clothes NT 0 Replies #8821368 11:37PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821400
realitydoll - Adam says to Shelia if she liked her bday? She says yeah, but she is looking forward to celebrating her bday with her son on his bday..she has never 0 Replies #8821400 11:40PM 16/04/2008
missed his bday..she hopes to be in the bb house on his bday..she will be somewhere crying. They discuss all of the people are now gone. Go through their names. Shelia says it's mind blowing. Are you not freaked out? Did you think you'd ever get this far?
Same old, same old. (ed: Imagine F2...Oy Vey)
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Topic #8821474
realitydoll - Shelia says she will freak out if she is related to ryan. Sharon says she knows her whole family so she is sure it's not her (the last couple). Shelia 0 Replies #8821474 11:46PM 16/04/2008
asks when will they know. It wouldn't of been a question, if it weren't true. Will they wait till the end of the show to tell us. She says she thinks that Ryan is related to her. There is a shot Ryan is related to her.
They are discussing if she is related, and maybe her mom knows..her cousin..if I'm related to this kid, I'm going to lose my damn mind. Too weird. I havent' seen my dad in 27 yrs.
One of US is related to someone on that board....Pre-existing..means, the person knows that person. Sharon has to explain it to her again...
Gotta post.....they are just talking about the hoh ? of preexisting last couple, in this house, right now. Am I related to Matty?? Am I related to Alex. OH MY GOD! Flames..
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Topic #8821595
realitydoll - Shel/Sharon/Adam in Kt still trying to figure out the pre-existing relationship. Same options, over& over.Sharon explains again, pre-existing def NT 0 Replies #8821595 11:56PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821606
realitydoll - As they disguss the pre-existing relationship options, ironically, sharon is playing/talking with the Guineas. lol!! NT 0 Replies #8821606 11:57PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8821621
realitydoll - DR: Ryan, please stop singing! (ry is still in HoH, must be listening to his new CD) NT 0 Replies #8821621 11:59PM 16/04/2008
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