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Topic #8810223
scandalous - Sheila's talking to someone in the WC as she gets gussied up for tonight, but there's no sound NT 1 Replies #8810223 3:52PM 16/04/2008
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scandalous - It's Sharon NT #8810227 3:52PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810255
scandalous - Sharon's rummaging through one of her bags, changes out of slippers into heels, still no sound NT 0 Replies #8810255 3:54PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810281
scandalous - Sheila: ohh, I"m so tired, I wish I could nap. I'd feel so much better if I could nap... 0 Replies #8810281 3:56PM 16/04/2008
Sheila discovers James' old sheets in a corner of the room & says there's white stuff all over them...ewwww. "Any chance that's baby powder?"

Sharon: Sure, think what you want

Sheil: I won't be touching those without plastic gloves & a face mask

Sheil discovers a pair of James' shoes also, Shar says Josh left them for James but they didn't fit him. (ed. ya think?!)
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Topic #8810309
scandalous - Sheila tells Shar that she looks very nice; Sheil complains (again) that there's nothing to do & she's tired. Shar's going to get her picture drawn.. 0 Replies #8810309 3:58PM 16/04/2008
(presumably by Nat) & says she'll be back.

Sheila says ok, I'm just gonna lie on your bed then, and lies down on Joshie's old side of the bed.
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Topic #8810353
scandalous - Sheil straightens the cursed bed some more, Ry walks by and tells her she has that cute (?) look, and Sheil says yeah, every Wednesday. NT 0 Replies #8810353 4:02PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810356
PunkyPower - Adam reading bible, scratches side and plays with self a bit. Ryan getting ready for live show in same room NT 0 Replies #8810356 4:02PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810393
scandalous - Sheila has a der-du-der moment: that if the vote is split & Sharon wins HOH then Shar's going after whomever voted against her. She's saying this .. 0 Replies #8810393 4:05PM 16/04/2008
to Ry who says "that's common knowledge."

Sheila says she wants her bed back & they say hopefully one of the boys are up in HOH, enless Shar is, which would be bad.
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Topic #8810408
scandalous - Sheila jokes that maybe she'll win POV, says ya never know & she & Ry laugh. Adam walks by & says off to work we go... NT 0 Replies #8810408 4:06PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810453
scandalous - Sheil/Ry talking about James, how they got a tongue lashing from him b/c of not voting for him & how they didn't need James to get Nat out & that was. 0 Replies #8810453 4:08PM 16/04/2008
James' last ditch effort to try and stay. Sheil admits she bought into it (keeping James to get rid of Nat ) for a minute, but decided not to go with it.
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Topic #8810487
scandalous - Ry/Sheil talking about Chelsia, saying how poorly she left & she'll have to deal with how she acted later, outside of the house. Then talked how Ry.. 0 Replies #8810487 4:11PM 16/04/2008
was the only Chels never went off on. He says she did after the veto meeting when he put up James. Chels said she never would have used the veto had she known & Ry says he didn't even have to give Chels the veto; that he won that comp.
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Topic #8810511
scandalous - Sheil maintains that she doesn't know what she ever did to Chels & eventually decided to just tell her the truth that she wasn't going 2 vote 4 her NT 0 Replies #8810511 4:12PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810527
scandalous - More game talk w/ Ry & Sheil, about telling the truth & then others don't believe you anyway, the game doesn't make you a good person NT 0 Replies #8810527 4:13PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810553
scandalous - She/Ry say the game is brutal, S: I had no idea what she was walking into; Ry says Alli claimed that also..doing Alli impression (ed. funny) NT 0 Replies #8810553 4:14PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810572
scandalous - Ry/Sheil talking about past season & knowing it would be somewhat bad after seeing ED NT 0 Replies #8810572 4:15PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810579
scandalous - Ry joins Adam in the WC, Adam shaving, Ry messing w/ his hair (ed. I'm out to catch some Red Sox/Yanks) NT 0 Replies #8810579 4:16PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810626
CruiseCritic - Water running in WC and Ryan and Adam both working on their hair on all 4 feeds. Adam has towel around his waist NT 0 Replies #8810626 4:19PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810666
CruiseCritic - Ryan finishes his hair and checks himself out in the mirror, Adam says ready to rock, ready to rock 0 Replies #8810666 4:21PM 16/04/2008
and leaves the WC. Ryan rinsing his hands (on all 4 feeds) and leaves the WC. Then he joins Sharon and Nat at the KT counter where Nat is doing Sharons picture and Ryan talks about how he didnt think he would make the first 15 or 20 (days in the BB house)

All 4 feeds switch to Adam in pink BR getting dressed
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Topic #8810732
CruiseCritic - Adam puts on a pair of jeans and pulls out a pair of socks from the drawer, he smells them 0 Replies #8810732 4:24PM 16/04/2008
- they were black socks. Now putting on a pair of white socks and over by his bed and putting something on his feet. Looks like he grabbed a button down shirt and says fry that ham in the frying spammmm.

he leaves the pink BR and now in SR - he is on two feeds and two feeds on LR area and the doors to DR and SR.

Adam putson his shirt - button down - looks like a grey shirt. Grabs something off the shelf and puts it up to his mouth and now putting something in trash - looks like he has an orange.
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Topic #8810782
PunkyPower - Sheila telling the boys not to make it a tie. NT 0 Replies #8810782 4:27PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810811
honey55 - trivia... and guys getting ready to play chess....trivia NT 0 Replies #8810811 4:29PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810814
PunkyPower - Boys sitting at chess board...Adam creates a new persona for self...El Boto NT 0 Replies #8810814 4:29PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8810829
CruiseCritic - Ryan walks byt the SR/DR doors and feeds keep showing Adam in the SR as he is 0 Replies #8810829 4:30PM 16/04/2008
fixing his shirt and checking himself out in the mirror. Ryan is throwing a ball around in the hallway (saw it land behind the couch).

Adam now buttoning up and adjusting his mic. Checks himself out in the mirror again...talks about getting his crops something? and leaves the SR. Says he is ready to rock and roll.

Sheila laying on Josh's side of the bed and Adam said he was taking care of business in the SR and he comes over and messes with Sheila and she tells him to stop that.

Both boys in there now and talk about the plan and then Adam says what is the talk about kiwis - Adam says he is washing his hands of all wrong-doing and Ryan says he doesnt know what he is doing, Adam says he doesnt either and

Sheila says whatever. Sheila says she doesnt believe either one of them.

Adam says we are in love. Sheila says you have to really mean it - and then they both say - we love ya.

Sheila wants to know why they are messing with her and they leave the BR saying boom, DUN

Natalie says BOOM DUN too from the KT. Boys at chess table and feeds go to TRIVIA

Feeds come back anbd boys are setting up the board. Ryan says "A-BOTO" and Adam repeats hit and now Ryan asks if it has ever been used before and Adam says no - just on BB.

Adam starts using his robot voice and Sheila comes out and says do we have to be robotic. Ryan tells Sheila she looks sweet.
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Topic #8810836
saskwatch - Boys telling Sheila "we love you". She says there's more to love than this. Adam says he washes his hands of this. Boys go to chess game. Adam 0 Replies #8810836 4:30PM 16/04/2008
does robotic..."Sheila's gonna freak". Sheila compliments Nats picture of Sharon. Sheila does a Jim Carrey imitation of "I like it, I like it a lot" Flames x2 during.
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Topic #8810855
CruiseCritic - Sheila tells Sharon that the picture looks like her and tells Natalie she did a good job. Nat thanks her 0 Replies #8810855 4:31PM 16/04/2008
and all 4 feeds go to the guys playing chess. Adam yells - time check and Sharon yells back 4:30

Adam checks out his hair and asks if it is his move. Ryan says it is. Adam patting his hair a little more
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Topic #8810872
CruiseCritic - Adam says - yeah guys I can hear you in there (talking to the walls)? 0 Replies #8810872 4:33PM 16/04/2008
Ryan says if he has some joe he will start sweating in front of Julie more than normal.
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