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Topic #1968537
Zazny - Eric seen walking upstairs NT 0 Replies #1968537 5:22PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968539
luvthemfish - More Maggie and James 1 Replies #1968539 5:22PM 22/07/2005
James asked Beau to do Veto competition for/with him

Maggie doesn't know who to ask, because she doesn't know who gave kaysar the idea to put her up

Maggie: have you been called in the DR

James: (walking out) not yet, i'm assuming they'll call you first
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SassyPrncess - James to Maggie: You can't trust Rachel. She is in this with Howie. NT #1968555 5:23PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968550
bennyb89 - Maggie is really upset, in bathroom all alone NT 0 Replies #1968550 5:23PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968561
Quench - Eric " brother look at me this is a game 0 Replies #1968561 5:23PM 22/07/2005
you can put me up in the future

If you ask me to be your partner for the POV I will keep it as it is. I swear on my kids"
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Topic #1968564
luvthemfish - Eric swears on his kids names 0 Replies #1968564 5:24PM 22/07/2005
eric: if you ask me to be your partner in power of veto i will give it a hundred percent.........If you want me to get veto and leave it as it is, I will. You have my childrens names on that.

K. I'm just shaken up. That was a hard decision to make, it's not easy to watch two people I like being crushed
E. sometimes you have to separate the emotions out of it and that's what you did. I have no problem with that. If you choose me, I haven't done well in physical, but if you choose me, I will honor that.
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Topic #1968577
Caribou - Eric in HOH. Janelle leaves. 0 Replies #1968577 5:25PM 22/07/2005
Eric and Kaysar talk.

Eric - brother look at me. this is a game! this is a game kaysar remember that. if we didn't have a deal and if in future you put me up, i will get up and i will hug you and say i understand. this is a game. i understand that.

Eric kissing Kay's butt big time, saying he has Eric's kids names on him honouring his deal with Kay.

Kay telling Eric it was rough. Eric says he knows, it's not easy being at the top. Kay says not easy doing that to 2 people he likes. Eric says he knows, Kay used strategy not emotion. Eric promises he will give it everything he has if K picks him for POV and honour his deal with K not to use it.

Eric telling Kaysar he's told this to everyone and they know he will honour his deal with Kaysar. He has his children's names on that. Relax it's a game Eric says. Kay says he's just shaken up and needs time to think on things.

Eric tells him to have a plan B too. eric doesnt' want to know what it is but to have one, think about a plan b.

Kay thanks him. Eric tells him to smile, hugs him, enjoy HOH, and leaves
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Topic #1968586
Zazny - Following James 0 Replies #1968586 5:26PM 22/07/2005
James briefly goes out and talks to the blondes (April, Jan) who are on the patio

James: It's on!? This sucks I wanted to get to sequester house. I don't have a job to go back to!
Jan: [I know it's tough]
A: You're getting paid. Double pay.
J: My last teaching check comes this month

He goes to the bedroom and Jen is there (Ivette and Beau are not seen)
James: You better give me your vote like you said I was
Jen: I'm shocked
James: Are you taking back your vote?

...If I get veto, I'm gonna get HOH. I will put up Howie and Kaysar.

Jen: You can come back to the wrap party and kick all their as.ses
James: I'm not coming back to the wrap party if I go out 9-0!
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Topic #1968592
SassyPrncess - Eric to Maggie: This is where you have to start thinking about you. 0 Replies #1968592 5:27PM 22/07/2005
M: I know I do.

(Note: Is Eric projecting?)
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Topic #1968597
SassyPrncess - Ivette to Eric & Maggie: What the f*ck do we DO? (upset) NT 0 Replies #1968597 5:27PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968598
Caribou - Eric reports to bathroom - Maggie and RAchel and Ivette in there 0 Replies #1968598 5:27PM 22/07/2005
Tells them Kaysar doesn't have a plan B.

Rachel tells them all that James said Kay promised he wouldnt' put up James. Eric says this is where we have to start thinking for themselves, says he's not going to tell anyone what to do. Whatever happens happens. POV is tomorrow.
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Topic #1968608
Caribou - Ivette says she's the backdoor, if someone gets off she goes up. They ask Eric about his deal with Kaysar. Eric confirms he can't use it NT 0 Replies #1968608 5:29PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968617
SassyPrncess - Maggie: Wait! If you compete (in POV) you can't be put up (if "she" uses the POV) NT 0 Replies #1968617 5:30PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968625
Shereebie - Cappy, Maggie, Ivette in bathroom: 0 Replies #1968625 5:30PM 22/07/2005
E: once again, I'm not saying if I was in your position - I win the POV, I'm taking myself off.
M: Well, yeah.
M: It's gonna suck in the DR, they're gonna ask, are you surprised? You're always surprised.

M: There are 11 other people, or whatever...
E: Nine voting.
M: I worry about asking someone to compete with me.
I: If they compete, they can't be put up.

Feed times out. Damn.

Ed.: My first update! Whoo hoo!
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Topic #1968632
luvthemfish - HOH chat between sarah and kaysar 0 Replies #1968632 5:31PM 22/07/2005
Sarah is telling Kaysar that Ivette will try to get the veto to keep Maggie safe. She says James is screwed. She doesn't understand why Kaysar put James up.

K. here's the thing........what's going on right now...no one supports james? everyone turned on him like that?
S. they supported him while he was there........cappy was like Ivette you are gonna win HOH.......very supportive to his face. As soon as James walked away, they were rallying the troops to get maggie off the block.

K. Let me tell you something. When I had nobody, the only people that were there for me were Janelle and Howie. Before I knew which way this was gonna swing I made a promise to them.

S. Howie made a promise to everybody....Rachel and Maggie are best friends. Rachel and Maggie equals eric, equals those four together. Then they've got Ivette and Beau on their side.

K. I told james I wouldn't put him up, I told him that I hope....
S. I don't want him to go he could be an ally
K. I told him I hope he gets off
S. you can't ask Eric to go with you
K. I know, he told me....*****, I know what he's doing...Howie
S. Howie wants james gone, howie wants me gone
K. Howie doesn't want you gone, there's no reason....
S, Why would Beau and Ivette want me gone
K. they knew maggie was going up
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Topic #1968636
Caribou - eric counsels them to keep up the whispering, to lobby for themselves, play the game for ourselves now. Also plotting who to ask to play for POV 0 Replies #1968636 5:31PM 22/07/2005
because whoever plays is safe from nomination if POV is used.

Eric being big man on campus now, espousing how it's a game and everyone has to do what they need to do.
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Topic #1968648
Zazny - Sarah with Kaysar in HOH 0 Replies #1968648 5:32PM 22/07/2005
S: He's *****. Cappy just rallied the troops. He can't get veto, but he can get Ivette to get it. James is screwed unless he wins it for himself
K: He has to win it.
S: Why did you put him up. I thought you thought he was your ally
K: Everyone turned on him like that?
S: Oh no they supported him earlier. Cappy was like I can't believe dadadadadah, and Ivette was like I'm gonna win HOH right in front of me.
K: they're such assholes
S: Right when James walked away they were rallying the troops to get Maggie off the block

K: When I had nobody, they were there for me
S: Janelle and Howie.
K: You gotta understand
S: I respect that. You gotta understand something about Howie. He's made promises [to people]. Rachel and Maggie are best of friends. Rachel, Maggie, Maggie=Eric. Those 4 are together. It's a numbers game right now and we just lost.
K: I told James I might put him up. I told him already.
S: I better go for veto
K: Howie can too (fakes frustration).
S: Howie wants James gone! Howie wants me gone!

K: Team Maggie wanted you out
S: Team Maggie wanted me up or out?
K: They wanted you up with James in case they couldn't get rid of him.

K: I couldn't do anything. I was stuck
S: The second it was over, the troops were rallied.
K: They would have eaten me alive if I made a deal. All I had was who was standing next to me. The people standing next to me wanted him gone or else they'd turn on me. What could I have done.
S: Janelle is a wild card
K: She felt threatened by James
S: So Janelle wants him gone.
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Topic #1968649
Mltv - K jsut told Sarah that janelle felt threatened by james in the first week. NT 1 Replies #1968649 5:33PM 22/07/2005
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amyt92 - S: "So Janelle wants him (James) gone?" K: "Yeah" S: "Then he is gone." NT #1968667 5:34PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968658
luvthemfish - Kaysar tells sarah he made a mistake putting up james NT 0 Replies #1968658 5:33PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968661
Caribou - Maggie upset that she didn't have advance warning but James did. She doesn't want to start campaigning against others 0 Replies #1968661 5:34PM 22/07/2005
or reveal secrets she knows. Maggie doesn't want to play that way.
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Topic #1968672
Caribou - BY Patio: Eric, James, April, Jennifer, Beau, Janelle 0 Replies #1968672 5:35PM 22/07/2005
All discussing this is the game now. The first 2 weeks was unfair because they had it easy. Now they're all sweating and they know how it feels. They are not taking this well, except perhaps Eric...Eric seems fine and calm with this.

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Topic #1968679
Caribou - James - Mike could have gone up against Satan and we still would have voted him out. But Maggie and I, it's difficult NT 0 Replies #1968679 5:36PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968706
Caribou - James - i need a damn job if i go back (nobody catches that) NT 0 Replies #1968706 5:38PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968713
Zazny - Maggie's with Ivette 0 Replies #1968713 5:39PM 22/07/2005
M: I don't understand how I would go up [both based on my personality and strategy]. I was nice to him and I'm nowhere near the strong players.
I: [We told him about Janelle!]
M: But she's not a threat to him. Look at it from his perspective
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Topic #1968754
talee - Crappet really has a presception problem. NT 0 Replies #1968754 5:42PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1968768
Zazny - E: This is a game, guys! 0 Replies #1968768 5:43PM 22/07/2005
I: Yes but I have a right to be angry
James: The evil people are going to win!
I: The evil people always win! It happens in life all the time!

I: [Janelle] is worth *****. She will probably get farther than all of us with good hearts! I know people like her. She gets everything and deserves nothing

E: Does she have the character that you have?
I: My character isn't giving me *****.

...I can kick her in the ass.
James: I'm done playing the waiting game, call me to the diary room.

M: Can we have some alcohol tonight?
E: No alcohol all week, girlfriend.

A: I want to get asked to compete! Why am I so scrawny!
E/J: Because you smoke!
A: That's not why I'm scrawny
J: That's why nobody picks you in comps.
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