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Zazny - I: If he wins veto and takes himself off the block... E: I will NOT vote you out! He will not take himself off the block! 0 Replies #1971628 9:52PM 22/07/2005
I says that E is the closest thing to family she has in the house

Eric is sure that Kaysar will chose him to play in Veto because E will keep the noms the way they are.

E: I will not say James is a bad guy. He's not. He's doing what he has to to stay in the game.
I: He's desperate
E: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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joannie - Eric: "He will NOT be able to take himself off 0 Replies #1971633 9:52PM 22/07/2005
because he won't have the chance!"
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jlplsss - E tells I he wants them in the final three. 0 Replies #1971655 9:55PM 22/07/2005
Ivette needs laxatives. (Her words, not mine).

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Zazny - From the Too Much Information Department 0 Replies #1971657 9:55PM 22/07/2005
Ivette says she was thinking of taking laxatives

E: No, don't take your laxatives. When's the last time you went!?
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joannie - Ivette is pissed that "she" gets to sleep in James' old bed instead of a cot. 1 Replies #1971714 10:01PM 22/07/2005
I: "She's slept in a comfortable bed for a week and a half!"
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Caribou - So, while Janelle was in shower, they moved her stuff from james' bed to a cot. Beau then moved into James old bed. When janelle #1972384 11:40PM 22/07/2005
came out of shower she went to the bed and Beau was there. She asked him what he was doing there. He said he needed a good nights' sleep for the comp tomorrow and giggled.
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Rdhedtxn - James just told Howie and Rachel that he is not really a teacher NT 0 Replies #1971722 10:02PM 22/07/2005
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joannie - James, Sarah, Howie, Rachel outside. 0 Replies #1971729 10:03PM 22/07/2005
Howie: "How long did it take you to peg all the couples?"
James: "A week and a half."
Howie: "Me too!"
James: "And I'm not 27. I'm 29. And I'm not a teacher."
They are all acting giddy!
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joannie - James' original partner on the show 'chickened out' 2 Replies #1971765 10:09PM 22/07/2005
Sarah really WAS a last minute replacement.

James looks directly at the camera: "Dude, if you're watching...F*** YOU!"
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Tambo - Clarification: This was a lie James told Kaysar. James confessed to this lie a little while ago (to Kaysar) NT #1972253 11:17PM 22/07/2005
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Anonymous - Actually THIS was the truth...Sarah was not his original partner...he DID chicken out....So they got Sarah instead. #1973322 9:12AM 23/07/2005
James mixed some truth with some lies and said that he did not know Sarah.
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joannie - Lights are out in the big bedroom 0 Replies #1971799 10:15PM 22/07/2005
They are still trying to figure out who is sleeping where.

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joannie - Kay outside talking to Howie: "After Mike left, I vowed to make everyone pay." 0 Replies #1971832 10:19PM 22/07/2005
They are patting themselves on the backs!

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joannie - Howie: "So tomorrow, I'm playing for James...." 0 Replies #1971874 10:22PM 22/07/2005
K: "And Beau thinks he's playing for James. And Janelle's playing for me, and Eric thinks HE is!"

They can't wait to see their faces tomorrow! It's gonna be an ambush!

Howie: "It's like a tornado, huricane hit this place! I'm surprised there's still water left in the pool!"
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starrynite - Howie can't stop laughing at the irony. Kaysar feels good about Howie & James hugging. He is a good guy! NT 0 Replies #1971888 10:24PM 22/07/2005
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Disneyisme - This Recap for today is for those who have been away all day :) 0 Replies #1972003 10:41PM 22/07/2005
Now we’re rockin! There are NO MORE SECRETS!

MORNING 6:30 a.m.

First up this morning is Rachel. Most everyone else was up by 7:30 and told they were on inside lockdown. They are getting ready for the food competition. At 8:00 BB announced “Good morning HG’s you have one hour until the food competition.” Everyone is milling around waiting for the competition to start. April is really snippy this morning. James says "Grandma's grumpy" and she really got mad. In the meantime, Kaysar is in the DR.

Eric and Ivette sneak off to the SR. Ivette telling Eric that Kay said he will be watching people this week to decide who to nominate. Eric points out to her that nominations are today. Ivette says she thinks Kay will put her and James up, she says that Kay is f’ing around “why else would he tell James he wasn't going to put him up?” Eric: “because Kaysar is an idealist.”

Food Competition – WILL SPELL FOR FOOD!

HG’s are outside seated in chairs that are in two rows. There is a big wheel off to the side and Kaysar is at a big brown desk with a microphone on it.

Rules: The wheel is made up of pies that have P B & J on them. Each HG will uncover a food on a silver platter, and will be asked to spell that food in 60 seconds. If they answer correctly, they get to take a slice of the PB & J off the wheel to reveal food. If they don't think they can spell it correctly they can take a pass, but only one pass is aloud in the entire game. At the end, they will pick someone to spin the wheel. If it lands on FOOD, they will be eating like champions, if there should still be any PB & J’s on there, and it lands on one, guess what ALL the HG’s will be eating for the week?

Ivette is up first with the word avocado, she spelled it right. Next was Janelle and she spelled spaghetti wrong. James got the word h-a-m correct! Rachel got Broccoli, when she spelled it she forgot an ‘o’ but the ding for a correct answer went off, BB caught it and it appears she had to put the piece back on the wheel. Jennifer uncovers what looks like a blob of mayonnaise; she spells and gets it right. April is next with pepperoni (she says that is her dog’s name) and she spells it right. Beau got the word asparagus correct. Eric got marshmallow correct, then Maggie spelled papaya right. Howie was up next and spelled rhubarb wrong. Sarah passed on the word jalapeno, and then she was given cauliflower, only to spell it wrong. So they have 7 correct and 4 wrong.

The group decides that Kaysar should spin the wheel at the end…he does…it’s spinning…and he gets……PB & J, for the whole house for the whole week!!

Eric always the diplomat says “we win as a team, we lose as a team.” Then Howie chimes in “Scott Peterson is eating better than we are!” Most HG’s are very upset, Howie is trying to keep it light. Howie: “girls I will make it up to all of you sexually, if you want!”

Lockdown is over – Kitchen is fully stocked with PB & J and bread.

Rachel and Kaysar in HOH

Rachel is in HOH with Kaysar telling him “I will be ridiculed for the rest of my life for spelling broccoli wrong.” They start to talk about nominations and she says she won't tell him what to do, but she hopes he won't put her up. She says that the HG’s gossip, but she won’t talk about what is being said because she doesn't like to repeat things that are mostly second hand.

Rachel says she liked Mike and that there a lot of emotional people in the house. She says the house is divided, but she hopes she has been neutral. She says she would understand if he put her up because she put him up. She tells him that people will try to get him to do things their way, and that if anyone tells him he is safe it is BS, “everybody is in this game for themselves.” Rachel tells Kay that everyone in the house wants him to put up Janelle, that they don’t like her; he says “I know they all told me that I would be safe for a couple of weeks if I put her up.” Rachelle says she likes Janelle, she thinks she was being a b**** because some of the HG's were mean to her. Kaysar refers to everyone downstairs as his adversary. He says he initially trusted her and Maggie, but now he doesn’t trust Maggie for certain reasons. Kaysar says he is very observant and has already made up his mind who is going up and for her not to worry “I am not holding a grudge against you for putting me up.”

He tells her that if they can stay in the game long enough, maybe later the two of them can do some damage. Rachel says she felt so bad seeing Ashlea crying after her nomination. Kaysar says he knows that Janelle went to her (Rachelle) and told about Ivette and Beau being a pair. Then Kay told Rachel about Jenn and April and Rachel acted as though she was surprised to know they knew each other.

Kaysar says he made that same deal with Eric last week when he had HOH and he regrets it, so he will not make the same deals with everyone this week.

Sarah and Kaysar in HOH

Now Sarah is in the HOH with Kay. She says she is there to offer her opinions if he wants to hear them. Sarah explains to him that she was sorry he felt like an outsider, but that she didn’t like Mike and he hung around Mike. He said “I felt like an outsider but I never got any negative vibes from you, who do you think I should put up?” Sarah: “I am friends with a lot of people here. I feel like I don’t have a strategy. I m just playing it week by week, but I definitely know there are people here that have a strategy. Rachel and Maggie are the two people I'd be scared of, because its always one word answers when you are talking to them and they are really smart and obviously physically strong, but then what if one of them gets the veto.” She goes on hinting that Janelle should be put up, that she played games with Mike and now she is playing games with Howie. She says “WE aren’t sending you home next week, ‘we’ want Janelle to go next.” Kaysar cautions her that people could be saying things to stir it up, and they may not all be true.

Sarah is crying now, saying she doesn’t have anyone in the house she can trust. “I can't talk to anybody, and the when April said ‘you can't trust me’ it was like one of my sisters telling me don't talk to me, you can't trust me (she is crying). She says she is not stupid, that she knows there are connections in the house. Sarah says “Maybe Eric & Maggie know each other, maybe when they came in the house they were like, "Holy S***! We know each other!" She is indicating to Kaysar that she is on to some of the pairs in the house she says “I know you know what I am talking about”, but that she has no one, no one to trust. She says she is ‘drownding’ and grabbing onto air right now.

Kaysar asks her “what about James, do you trust him?” Sarah: “He was somebody I thought I could trust; now I am second guessing everybody.” She says she doesn’t get a good vibe from Rachel or Howie. She said sometimes Howie is funny, but when he isn’t Rachel still laughs at him. She thinks that Rachel is in more with the guys than the girls. Kaysar asked “is there a lot of support for Maggie in the house?” Sarah: “No, no, there is more support for Eric because he put himself on the line…” Kay: “Do you think he did that to be the hero?” Sarah: “Oh yah, but it helped him.”

BB: “Sarah please go to the DR.”

Maggie and Kaysar in HOH – AFTERNOON 12:00 p.m.

Maggie says that some of the HG’s are telling her that she is going on the block. She says to Kay “I would hope it is strategic and not personal.” Kaysar: “no way it is personal, people around here like you very much.” Maggie says: “Are you thinking about it?” Kaysar: “I am telling you what I am telling everyone else, I haven’t made up my mind yet.” Maggie says “Don't tell me anything you don't want to, that's not the point of me coming up here. I wish you could hear what people are saying right now, it’s getting really sh***y in here, no matter how you slice it you’re going to be on someone’s bad side. Whatever you do, whether I will be here the next week or not, it is not going to change my feelings about you or others that I like or don’t like in this house.” She goes on to tell him that she is analyzing the people that have told her he (Kay) said things about her…she doesn’t always trust knowledge that comes to her from another source. Kay says “by no means have I ever said anything bad about you nor do I feel I ever will, I don't see you as a threat and I respect you. Maggie: “thanks Kase” Kaysar” “don't worry about it; I still have a lot of people to talk to.”

Jennifer and Kaysar in HOH

After some small talk, Jenn asks Kay: “how are you feeling about all of this? Are you sure; are you unsure, do you even care about everybody else's opinion?” Kaysar: “I care but I don’t listen to people when they tell me who to hang out with, I do what I want to do. They thought I was naive because I was quiet, that's just the way I am. I'm making a decision based on what happened before today. I know people are kissing my a**, but I'm not dumb.” Jenn says “I'm sorry, if people are going to kiss my a** now that I have HOH, I would definitely nominate them.”

Kaysar says: “In the end, I know what's best for me. I've been thinking things through and I know exactly what's going on here.” Jen: “No one thinks you're stupid.” Kaysar: “You come of as nice and friendly, but you're here to play a game. You're smart; you know how to spell mayonnaise.” Jen: “I was scared at first, I psych myself out, and I don't have self-esteem.”

Kay: “You may not trust me, but I know you don't trust the others either. It takes a lot of patience to dig through the mess. You know what's going on, you knew you were going down with the ship and you got out of it. No hard feelings even though Michael was my friend. At the same time, what you did was wrong. You knew you were going down with Michael and you jumped ship. But I do like you. You're a smart player, in the next few weeks, it's up to you how to play the game, i you want me out, that’s fine.” Jen: “You may not believe me but you and Maggie are the best people in the house.” Kaysar: “I get mixed feelings about you but I'm going to trust my gut. I do think you're playing the game, but at the same time I think there's integrity in you. Remember, I want you to keep in mind who was working against you from the beginning. I was a little hurt about Michael but I'm going to let that go. You're not going up this week.”

James and Kaysar in HOH

Kaysar: “I don't want you to trust me because I'm in power, in a week I'm out of here. People want me to clip my own wings and put up Janelle, but I can't do that.” James: “I think everyone would keep their word and you would be safe [if you nominate Janelle], if I go, Rachel and Howie will walk through this thing. Eric can't compete, he's just a mouth.” Kay: “I'm in a difficult position.” James: “You put up Janelle you're safe for a couple of weeks.” Kaysar: “Damn this is so tough, dude. Listen, I made a promise to stick with Janelle and Howie because I had no one else.” James: “The game changes every week...” Kaysar: “If I drop Janelle, Rachel and Howie are coming after you.” James: “Whoever gets HOH next week will go after Howie. In order to get Eric we need to go after Maggie first. People are already getting tired of Eric. If Beau goes and Ivette is by herself she's going to realize that she's vulnerable and side with me, it will take a week or so to set up.” James says that once Ivette realizes that Maggie and Eric are a pair she will lose her mind.

Kaysar: says “so you're basically telling me the only way I can get along is to bump off Janelle.” James: “if you do that, you will earn yourself unparallel respect. I've got to get out of here; don’t take offense if I don't talk to you for a while. Do you need to pray on it? Your survival and your safety depends on your decision tonight.” Kay says he was going to nominate him and Maggie, James says that the strong players would push to keep Maggie. Kaysar says “then you win veto, take yourself off and I will put up Eric. That will appease Howie, Janelle and Rachel.” James, naturally, hates the idea. Kay tells James he does not want to lose him as an ally. James says “the only way to be safe is to not be on the block.”

Beau and Kaysar in HOH

Kaysar says to Beau “it doesn't seem like I have to decide today.” Beau: “no, it says on the sign Nominations Today.” Then Beau says “I think that if you decide to put up James & Sarah, since they are partners, you already have 5 votes to go against James and you can use their partnership as a reason.” They talk a short while longer and Kay expresses how badly he could use a nap.

AFTERNOON 1:00 p.m.

James is talking to Beau and Ivette saying “there's been talk about putting Maggie and I up, because Kaysar figured out what I already knew, that Maggie and Eric are together.” Ivette doesn't believe it; she thinks that BB just put a bunch of people in the house that have things in common. She also thinks Mike stirred up a bunch of s***. April comes out now and gets into the conversation. She says she hasn't made any alliances and James said “that is a crock of s***” April says she will swear on the bible. Ivette wants to know why Kaysar doesn't just put up Janelle and sell her down the river. James said “Kaysar has a deal with her and Howie.”

Ivette and James later were whispering. James said "Tell me, can you vote for me over Maggie?" Ivette: "Yes." James: "What about Beau?" Ivette says "I'll talk to him."

Now we are back to Kaysar and Sarah in the HOH. Sarah again saying she doesn’t have anyone in the house she can trust. Sarah is saying that Eric is going to win this whole thing because people are scared of him. She says everyone says “I made a promise to him…” Kaysar says how he watches people go follow Eric around, mimicking others, he says “Oh, Eric, okay whatever you want to do…” Kay says “he knows that time will come to an end eventually. I really don’t want people to be bullied into making decisions.” Sarah says he (Eric) plays the moral role, talking about his kids and his wife and his love of the firehouse, everything….She continues talking about all the speeches that Eric gives. Kay says Eric is just causing problems for himself.

Kaysar says “if this gets out, I will be upset, but someone has told me that you are not safe.” Sarah says that Ivette told her “if you are hearing rumors that you are not safe, don’t listen to them.” Kaysar says to Sarah, "there’s something weird going on, there is some sort of connection between you and James that I cannot figure out. If you guys don't know each other, then why would you be here?" Sarah whispers: "they asked me for a list of people, but none of those people are here." Sarah asks Kay "how long before we came here did you find out you were coming?" Kay says "I can't talk about that." Sarah: "where is James from, Miami? I've been to Miami once." Kay says "are you guys related?" they laughed. Sarah is swearing to Kay that she doesn’t know anyone in there. Kay says "I believe you." Sarah claiming she doesn't understand why there are teams in the house. Sarah and Kay hugged, told each other how much they trusted one another and she left.

Now Howie and Jan are in HOH with Kay...Kay says what he understands so far is that everyone is crapping their pants. Howie says everyone is scared to death. Howie says "well and they are probably promising you deals and protection..." Kaysar: "No, no one has, no deals have been offered." Howie seems shocked by this. Kaysar says they (the HG's) know that he doesn't do as he is told, he does his own thing. He says people are trying to kiss his a** and it is fine, but he made his decision far before today. He says things are happening just as he planned. He says people are coming to me and talking crap about each other and turning on one another. Howie says "Awesome! I told you." Kaysar: "this is only the beginning, it's been less than 24 hours and all hell is gonna break out soon."

In the meantime, Jenn is lying down with James in the bedroom, with her head in the crook of his arm. They are kind of holding hands and it looks very intimate. (No sign of Sarah).

James is outside with April and Beau. Beau says "who knows he could send me home, he could tell me one thing….” James tells them he is sure he is going up, April tells him not to think so negative. He says "well I am probably going up; it may not be to get to me, but to get to someone else..." April says "huh?? Get to somebody else?? Like a pawn?" James says "no, not a pawn, but for other reasons. I can't say much, I've already said too much today." Just then Sarah arrived outside looking upset. April asked her what was wrong…feeds switched!

Feeds are back to April, Sarah and Beau talking outside, James had been called to the DR. Okay mostly its April talking, Sarah & Beau listening. April says she's not making any deals and she has not made an alliance, “because you just don't know what's going to happen.” April goes on saying “James needs to chill, he doesn't know what's going to happen and he's so stressed.” April says if she goes up, she'll be pissed because she knows he put her up because of Michael. She says she'll tell him that she doesn't like that he put her up because of someone else and not for his own reasons. (On this end, this girl is clueless as to what is going on.)

Just after 3:00 p.m. the HOH pow-wow broke up. LOL, Howie goes to the kitchen and says "everyone sit down, I will cook dinner. We have our choice of jelly, peanut butter, or jelly on bread." April says her heart flutters at times, and when it stops she is really tired. Howie says how often does that happen? Like 3 times a month? April says "yes, sometimes, or I could go 5 months without it happening." Howie says "it's like me with J'ing off, it's random." Howie goes off to the bathroom and says “If anyone is looking for me, I am going to use the main bathroom for anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour.”

Kaysar was in the main bedroom and Ivette is being very friendly with him and she says “not only did you earn that meat (he received meat that is kosher for his HOH) but you've been watching everyone else eat meat for the last 3 weeks when you didn’t have the (kosher) meat.” Eric is telling Kaysar to eat and enjoy his food. Kaysar says "I will but, I have no rice or anything, it's been taken away, so I have to eat like a drumstick by itself with water.” Eric says if you really won't enjoy it; ask them if you can freeze it."

Outside Ivette apologizes to Beau for bringing him in. Beau says “it's fine, it's a game. It's crazy that you don’t know who to trust though.” Ivette says Kay knows they are a big group and he's trying to break it up, do some damage.

James was telling Ivette that everyone in the house told Kay to put him (James) up. Ivette says she swears that she told Kaysar to put up her with Janelle. James says he needs reassurance that they won’t vote him out). Ivette says “absolutely.” Beau says “it’s a game and it sucks.” Eric says “I never told him to put you up.” Eric stresses to James that Kaysar hasn’t asked Eric for his opinion. HG’s are now on lockdown, and Kaysar is inside doing the nomination preparation.

5:00 – The Nominations are in!

James and Maggie have been put up for nomination! James spills to Eric, all of Kaysars plan. James said Kaysar wants to get Eric out with these nominations. James says if he gets the veto Kay will put up Ivette or Eric, James said “he hates you guys.” James was kind walking around and he says, “Well I would have put me up too, it’s a game.” (Yea right, he is so dang mad).

Eric and Maggie were talking the bathroom and now Maggie is alone in there, she is quite shocked and upset.

Kay and Janelle are in HOH. Janelle says: “James took it really bad, Eric too, he stood up and he started pacing. Kaysar says he thought Maggie took it really bad. He says “she thought she was safe, it’s tough, they're both good people.” Kay says he just put up two of the people he likes most. Janelle says she likes them too. Kaysar: “I told myself if I get HOH I'm gonna have to deliver a strong hit, I have to get ruthless, its' the only way I can survive.” Kaysar says he is ok with Maggie going, if she goes, but letting James go really hurts. Janelle asks if he regrets his decision. Kay says no because it's based on logic and now he's allowing his emotions to vent. He tried to maintain his composure but he was cracking. Janelle thought he was fine. Janelle and Kaysar agree that was the saddest nomination so far.

Eric goes into HOH with Kaysar. He says, "brother look at me, this is a game, you can put me up in the future. If you ask me to be your partner for the POV I will keep it as it is. I swear on my kids." Kaysar says: “I'm just shaken up, that was a hard decision to make, and it’s not easy to watch two people I like being crushed.” Eric: “sometimes you have to separate the emotions out of it and that's what you did, I have no problem with that.”

James briefly goes out and talks to April & Jan, who are on the patio. James: “It's on!? This sucks, I wanted to get to sequester house. I don't have a job to go back to!” April: “You're getting paid, double pay.” James: “My last teaching check comes this month.”

Maggie, Ivette and Eric were talking. Ivette says she's the backdoor, if someone gets off, she goes up. They ask Eric about his deal with Kaysar, Eric confirms he can't use it the POV.

Sarah and Kaysar are in HOH. Sarah is telling Kaysar that Ivette will try to get the veto to keep Maggie safe, so James is screwed. She says she doesn't understand why Kaysar put James up. She says “as soon as James walked away, they were rallying the troops to get Maggie off the block.” Kaysar: “Let me tell you something, when I had nobody, the only people that were there for me were Janelle and Howie. Before I knew which way this was gonna swing I made a promise to them.” Sarah: “Howie made a promise to everybody. Rachel and Maggie are best friends, Rachel and Maggie equals Eric equals those four together and then they've got Ivette and Beau on their side.” Kaysar says “I told James that I hope he gets off. Howie can go for veto” Sarah says that Howie wants James gone and “he wants me gone too.” Kaysar: “he doesn't want you gone and the reason Beau and Ivette wanted you out was because they new Maggie was going up.”

Maggie is with Ivette and Maggie says: “I don't understand how I would go up. I was nice to him and I'm nowhere near the strong players.” Ivette says “We told him about Janelle.” Maggie: “But she's not a threat to him, look at it from his perspective.”

Eric is talking to his crew, and he announces “this is a game guys!” Ivette: “Yes, but I have a right to be angry.” James: “The evil people are going to win!” Ivette: “The evil people always win, it happens in life all the time! Janelle is worth nothing and she will probably get farther than all of us with good hearts! I know people like her. She gets everything and deserves nothing.”

James has asked Beau to play for POV, Beau has not given him an answer. Eric is expecting that Kaysar will ask him to play. James said he thinks Maggie is going to ask Ivette to play for her. This is to protect Ivette because if she wins POV, she can't be put up. Beau is concerned about putting a target on himself. James really wants to get Eric out now.

6:00 p.m.

Sarah and James are in the bedroom. James is telling her “baby, I can’t have you be sad and crying. I need you to get into anyone one of those people’s minds and find out what Eric is saying about me.” Sarah: “He's talking s***.” James: “What's he saying?” Sarah repeated Eric “Dude, WTF is James talking about, me and Maggie. Just because we're both paramedics, doesn't mean we are pair. He wants Ivette to get the veto to take Maggie off and to keep Ivette safe.

Later Eric is telling Beau “we have the numbers to get James out.”

James is chatting with Janelle in the gold room. James says he heard Maggie/Eric in a talk about her car, and that's how he knows they know each other.
Howie and Kaysar are in HOH. Kaysar: “Is there anyway we can use James for a couple weeks?” Howie: “So you believe we play for the veto and save him?” Kaysar: “It's a thought, it will drive Eric crazy if Maggie goes, worst comes to worst, it stays the way it is and James goes home. If not, I saved his ass and he owes me.” Howie: “Or does he go back to Eric?” Kaysar: “We broke them up, he’s pissed at Eric and Beau told me everyone is against James now.” Howie (getting it): “They turned on him, we save him, he comes to our side.” Kaysar: “He HAS to come to us, he can't go to them, and they want to vote him out. We keep him for a couple weeks, destroy Eric...”

Now Janelle is in HOH with Howie and Kay. They say Eric is doing exactly as they thought he would. Janelle says “this couldn’t go any better.” Kaysar says “How did we go from crappiest position to…..” Howie: “I'm just riding your tails!” Janelle: “We need to make an arrangement with James, we put up Eric, and James stays with us to final 6. He’s gonna want Sarah in there too.” Kaysar: “I have this gut feeling something really weird is going on. I'm telling you, they don't know each other - trust me.” Janelle: “Do you think she knows anyone else?” Kay says “no”. April comes into HOH and hugs Kaysar, she says she knows how hard this must be. Kaysar says “I think me winning HOH was a chance for the house to reevaluate our relationships and get to know each other again.” (lol, to say the least!)

Oh boy…in the gym Eric is there with Ivette and Sarah, who are both crying, literally Sarah is bawling. He says “we had this great game plan, and it went to s***.” Ivette says “if I was up and had to wait 4 days, I'd probably leave.” Eric says that Kaysar knew to play him. Eric says “I stick to my deals if I make them, and he knew that. He knew that by putting up James and Maggie that I couldn't get involved. He'll probably end up picking me for POV, and I swore on my children's lives that I would fight for it. And that's exactly what I'll do.”

Eric said that someone should suggest to Kaysat that Maggie and James get the gold room, which is what he thought they decided would be done anyway. Maggie says she doesn't want to push it, so Eric went up to HOH room to talk to Kaysar about it. Eric tells Kaysar, Howie, Janelle and April that he thinks the nominees should get the gold room. Kaysar says, "We were just talking about it...." Eric cuts him off and says “the rest of the house thinks the nominees should get it since that’s what we did last week.” April says it was supposed to go to the people who stayed up late, but yes, the nominees did end up with it last week. She says she thinks that Maggie and James and whoever is doing veto with them should sleep in that room and get a good night's rest. Kaysar says “that's fine.”

7:00 p.m.

HG’s were on lockdown for just about 5 minutes. When they went back inside, they find large black chess piece by the stairs where the bubblegum machine ‘used’ to be.

James and Janelle are in the gold room. James is telling Jan that if no one wins veto, he will be with their group completely until Eric is out of the house. James: "If it takes 9 weeks, I am with you for 9 weeks. You have me until Eric is gone, that's all I want now." Janelle: “If you give us your word that after Eric is gone that we go after the others, like Jenny and April.” James: “Oh, you got it.” Janelle: “And Ivette and Beau.” James: “They have to be last.” Jan: “Why do they have to be last? Did you make a deal with them?” James: “No, but I like them and Ivette swore to me today on her mother that she'd vote for me.”

Eric and April are talking about Sarah and how she always wanders up to you when people are talking and just sits there. She never says anything. Eric says “she thinks that James is on her side, you know what I mean? James would cut her throat. April, I swear, all I know is I have a trump card to use but I can't use it till...” April: “I know, okay, I know.”

Sarah and Janelle are now in the GR, and Janelle point blank asks Sarah “Do you know James?” Sarah: “What do you mean?” Janelle: “Like from before, before coming in here?” Sarah: “No, I don't know James, did he say I did?” Janelle says “no” and laughs. Sarah says “I know that rumor is going around. What I don't understand is that everyone is paired up but me and James. I don't want people to know that I know about the alliances.” Sarah said she didn’t get called to do the show until the Wednesday before they went in…then whispered they are not supposed to talk about it.

James walks in to the GR and finds Sarah/Jan lying on the bed chatting. James: says "Every man's wet dream." Janelle: "Ok, Howie." James realizes that they are talking and leaves them alone. Sarah said to Jan: “I just realized that April said that she went to school late and that they were sorority sisters together....” Janelle says “so they ARE sorority sisters.”

8:00 p.m.

Kaysar tells James that he knows he is partnered with Sarah and James admits that he is. They are now planning to get Eric out. James said “so Rachael will vote for me….” Kaysar: “Rachel's clean, Howie's clean, and me and Janelle...” James: “Eric hasn't kept his word about anything. We are still one vote short.” Kay says that Eric is scared. He thinks Eric saw them talking so he tells James they will talk later.

Now Sarah is telling Janelle and Kay how much James means to her. Sarah is crying (again): “Please save James because even if I don't last till the end, I don't want to be here if he's not here. I'm not here for the money, I'm here because someone asked me to be here and I could never say no to that person.” Kaysar: “I had to do this to get to the truth.” Sarah says “I told James before this that we should tell you, because I thought you trusted me and I was so pissed he didn't tell you.” For POV, Kaysar just said he may pick Howie or Rachel, and Janelle said she would play for James. Sarah says “what a stupid twist, it's falling apart in week 3!”

Rachel and Kay are now in HOH and Kay is telling her all of the pairs. Rachel says “are you sure James and Sarah aren’t brother and sister?” Kaysar tells her no, they are boyfriend, girlfriend. He says he wants to oust the dirty players - Eric & Maggie, Ivette & Beau, Jenn & April. He tells her he has known since day one what has been going on in the house and he has known for a long time what he was going to try and do about it. Kaysar chose Rachel to play for POV, Kay tells her “we fight like hell tomorrow so we can save James and put up Eric, then vote him out.” Rachel says “I bet they are going crazy on the outside.” On the way out of HOH, Kaysar was laughing saying that she and Howie did a phenomenal job of hiding that they are a pair.

Jenn is now in HOH with Kay, and she is confirming with him that they are voting James out….he is not letting on to her that he really wants to keep James, so he tells her yes, James is the target. She is telling him she is glad that he broke this whole thing wide open.

Howie, Janelle and Kaysar are in HOH, and Jan asks Howie how he knows Rachel. Howie says “we are friends.” Howie was all excited that the BY crowd was freaking out. He says “they all think me and Janelle put you (Kaysar) up to this, which is great, that's what we wanted. You busted the game wide open and got me going game.” LOL Howie says to Kaysar: “What are you gonna do next? After you win this one? Survivor?” James comes in now and some conversation ensues, then James said to Kaysar “I said today I thought I was one of the smartest guys in this game but you're running circles around me.” Kaysar: “It's gonna be us as final 6. So you (James) are protecting Sarah as much as anyone of us. Each person in here is hand picked.” James: “Who is this guy?” (Laughter) Kaysar tells him to continue to be mad “You came in here to cut a deal and I didn't go for it.” Janelle says, “slam the door when you go out.”

9:00 p.m.

Kaysar, Sarah, and Janelle were talking about the POV comp. Janelle asks “Who will James pick?” Sarah: “Howie.” Kaysar: “What they'll think is that Howie is working with us to trick James. If we don't win POV, I have plan B. I'm gonna pull Jen and April in here and make a deal with them.” Sarah: “I'm so glad I don't have to be quiet about this anymore.” Kaysar: “But keep acting like you were, everyone is on edge and its okay to be nervous because everyone is nervous.”

James and Jan in GR and James asks "So was Michael really doing those things to the girls that they said he was?” Janelle: "No, they set him up. They found out that Jenn was going to go up against Ashlea, so they had to do something." James: “But he was a weird f*r."

Shortly after, Janelle moves her things and herself into the bedroom. Eric is in there whispering to Maggie: “If we go down, we're going down together.” Maggie: “It's time to play the game.” Eric: “He's pissing me off. The s*** that he's saying now.”

Maggie is now in the GR with James. James is reading the Bible. James, looking at the Bible says "It's interesting where all these stories came from." Maggie responds "It's interesting that you and I are on the block together, Kaysar hasn't talked to me once about it." James: "Did you go up there? Kaysar is a very smart guy. He was under-estimated by everyone.”

James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel are outside. Howie says to James: "How long did it take you to peg all the couples?" James: "A week and a half." Howie: "Me too!" James: "And I'm not 27, I'm 29, and I'm not a teacher." They are all laughing. James says his original partner to be on the show 'chickened out' so Sarah really WAS a last minute replacement. James looks directly at the camera: "Dude, if you're watching...F U!"

Howie says to Kay: "So tomorrow, I'm playing for James...." Kaysar: "And Beau thinks he's playing for James, Janelle's playing for me and Eric thinks HE is!" They can't wait to see their faces tomorrow; it's going to be an ambush! Howie says: "It's like a tornado or a hurricane hit this place! I'm surprised there's still water left in the pool!"
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Topic #1972009
joannie - Kay to Howie: "So are you really bi?" 0 Replies #1972009 10:43PM 22/07/2005
Howie, smiling: "I'll let the viewers figure that out!"
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Topic #1972052
joannie - Janelle comes outside to vent to H and K 0 Replies #1972052 10:50PM 22/07/2005
'They' kicked her out of her bed and are making her sleep on a cot.
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Topic #1972089
joannie - Now April comes outside to smoke. Game talk is over. 1 Replies #1972089 10:56PM 22/07/2005
Howie immediately starts talking about boobies and panties.
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joannie - Jenn is outside too. NT #1972108 10:59PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1972195
Caribou - James so happy he got out of bed to come tell Kaysar his real age and occupation. Kaysar dragged him into the bathroom so nobody sees them talking 0 Replies #1972195 11:08PM 22/07/2005
James just wanted to tell Kaysar that he's really 29 and used to be a corporate investigator. Kaysar laughed and shook his hand. They start talking the plan again until Kay stops it finally.

Cam switches to Maggie in bed in GR where April has joined her for a whisperfest.
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Topic #1972211
luvthemfish - James to April(who is talking to Maggie) 0 Replies #1972211 11:10PM 22/07/2005
James: april......my little smokey
April: Don't start calling me that, I swear....
James: what are you gonna do vote me off?
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Topic #1972220
Caribou - James returns to bed in GR and Maggie/April keep whispering. He asks if they want him to leave and they say no. 0 Replies #1972220 11:12PM 22/07/2005
April, Maggie are clueless that they can no longer trust James (it seems). Maggie says all she can do is get veto and take herself off because she doesn't know if Ivette will save her.

James joked with April and called her Smokie. April didn't like that and told him never to call her that. James said "what are you gonna do, vote me off?" and laughed. She really didn't like that and he said he was kidding.

Earlier, Kay and Howie were talking about Maggie being pure white in the face all day. James confirmed this when he got out of bed to talk to Kaysar. He told Kaysar that Maggie is so upset and he told her "well you're a nurse, take care of yourself".
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Topic #1972228
Caribou - Maggie in bed in GR with cold compress on her forehead NT 0 Replies #1972228 11:13PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1972237
Caribou - F2: Janelle, Howie, Kaysar in kitchen but no audio on feeds :( NT 0 Replies #1972237 11:14PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1972269
Caribou - F3: April and Jennifer in bed in barracks, whispering 0 Replies #1972269 11:18PM 22/07/2005
April tells Jennifer not to repeat this ever but when she went up to HOH to advise Kaysar not to take it hard (he was upset over noms) that janelle and howie were in there. In front of all of them Janelle said she really liked Mike and that he was going to pick her up when she gets out of there.

Jennifer and April laugh about this. April tells Jennifer never to repeat it.
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Topic #1972279
ISmileICrazy - April and Ivette whispering in the dark.. 0 Replies #1972279 11:20PM 22/07/2005
April is reporting to Ivette (mockingly I think) about Janelle

"She is so sure about him, she thinks he will meet her outside the house when she leaves" (referring to Michael)

I can't make out much more
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Topic #1972306
Caribou - F3/F4: Kaysar and Janelle on patio 0 Replies #1972306 11:25PM 22/07/2005
Howie went to shower, take his meds, and go to bed.

Kaysar tells Janelle how excited everyone is. Howie, Janelle and James can't stop smiling. James and Sarah care about each other so much they are so happy. Kaysar likes it seeing everyone being themselves but he told James to calm his ass down. Kaysar doesnt' want to tip the others off.

Kay and janelle just rehashing the same plot and how they want the decent game players to be left.
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Topic #1972322
Caribou - F3/F4 switched to GR where lights are on and Beau and April are jumping on James and maggie in their respective beds. NT 0 Replies #1972322 11:27PM 22/07/2005
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