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Topic #1971274
Shereebie - James tells Sarah that Howie sucks in comps - going over Veto strategy. 0 Replies #1971274 9:12PM 22/07/2005

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Topic #1971277
Shereebie - F1/2: Kay, Sarah, Jan talking in the GR. NT 0 Replies #1971277 9:13PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971292
Shereebie - GR group working over Veto scenarios. K says not to worry - he has a Plan B. 0 Replies #1971292 9:15PM 22/07/2005
K: Plan B is: telling A and Jenn that he knows about them two, and what they did to Michael....and he'll tell them to give him this ONE favor: don't send James home. 'Then we hope for the best.'
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Topic #1971318
RN007 - Kaysar, Sarah, and Janelle 0 Replies #1971318 9:18PM 22/07/2005
J: Who will James pick?
S: Howie
K: What they'll think is that Howie is working with us to trick James.
K: If we don't win POV, I have plan B. I'm gonna pull Jen and April in here and (make a deal with them)
S: James was like I told you we should have told them earlier. I'm so glad I don't have to be quiet about this anymore.
K: But keep acting like you were. Everyone is on edge and it's okay to be nervous cause everyone is nervous.
S: Ivette's gonna compete with Maggie.
K: I know, I know.
S: What about worst case scenario. Should I play neutral.
K: Just be yourself, you're doing perfect. I'm gonna tell you something, all the walls are down, everybody's on the same page, everyone's happy, so we need to trust everyone. Okay, cool?
S: Yeah.
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Topic #1971419
RN007 - Kaysar convincing Beau he's still after James... 0 Replies #1971419 9:28PM 22/07/2005
B: I'm strong with sports. I hope it's something that I can out do him times ten (talking about James and POV).
K: I'm worried as h*ll but as long as we're all on the same page.
B: Just fight your hardest cause we're all behind you. He hasn't done anything out of the ordinary for me.
K: I explained myself at the ceremony. I said he hadn't done anything dirty but ....
(feeds switched but basically K convincing B that he's getting James out)
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Topic #1971452
joannie - Beau reports back to April and Jenn at the BY table. 0 Replies #1971452 9:31PM 22/07/2005
A: "Are you competing tomorrow?"
B: "Of course!"
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Topic #1971468
Shereebie - BB: Eric, please put on your microphone. NT 0 Replies #1971468 9:32PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971474
Shereebie - F1/2: Jan/Jam whispering in GR. F3/4: LR, table NT 0 Replies #1971474 9:33PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971487
Shereebie - Jam: I just caught Iv/Mag trying to talk about me. (whispers) 0 Replies #1971487 9:35PM 22/07/2005
Jam out loud: What are you gonna do with all this stuff?

Talking about Jan's bathing suits. She's moving out of the GR.

James gets in bed, under covers.

F1: Eric, Sarah, and Maggie whispering...

F1 back to GR, James says: I cannot wait to send Eric home. Janelle, you have no idea how I feel. (whispering)
I really believed Mike was a threat. Like, physically. And I did that for the house. And to have Eric, like, work that against me?

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Topic #1971488
joannie - James whispering to Janelle: 0 Replies #1971488 9:36PM 22/07/2005
"I can't WAIT to send Eric home!"
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Topic #1971504
Shereebie - James/Jan whispering in GR. People walking through LR/table area on F3/4. NT 0 Replies #1971504 9:37PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971519
Shereebie - F1/2: James/Jan. F3/4: bathroom, Eric and Maggie whisper. NT 0 Replies #1971519 9:39PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971520
Chunga - Nice closeup of a giant zit on Cappy's back. Thanks BB! NT 0 Replies #1971520 9:39PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971524
joannie - James: "So was Michael really doing those things to the girls that they said he was?" 0 Replies #1971524 9:39PM 22/07/2005
Jan: "No. They set him up. They found out that Jenn was going to go up against Ashlea, so they had to do something."

James: "But he WAS a weird f***er."

*Edited to clarify these are NOT exact quotes!
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Topic #1971538
Shereebie - Eric/Mag: 0 Replies #1971538 9:40PM 22/07/2005
E: If we go down, we're going down together.
M: It's time to play the game.
E: ***** it. He's pissing me off. The ***** that he's saying now.

Eric in bedroom. Janelle moving in. (F3/4)
James in GR reading Bible on F1/2.
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Topic #1971562
Shereebie - Beau announces to the BY that Howie let him touch his winky. 0 Replies #1971562 9:44PM 22/07/2005
B, to H: That was hard?
H: Pfft, no.

A: R, what have we gotten ourselves into?!


H: They are NEVER gonna zoom in on this.

A: If you are NOT gay, what are your friends gonna say?!
H: I don't give a rat's ass what they say!

BB: KAYSAR! Please go to the DR!

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Topic #1971565
Chunga - Around the patio 0 Replies #1971565 9:44PM 22/07/2005
We come out of a break to find Beau, Howie, April, and Rachel around the table. Beau has his hand in Howie's lap for a good 5-10 seconds and seems to be touching his ummmm......stuff. April and Rachel go crazy screaming. Sarah wanders out to see what all the screaming is and sits down leading to this Howieism

"2-4-6 amazing boobies. God I love this house."
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Topic #1971575
Shereebie - F1/2: H holds court on the patio. F3/4: James and Maggie talk in the GR. NT 0 Replies #1971575 9:45PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1971582
Shereebie - James tells Maggie a lot of people underestimated K. 0 Replies #1971582 9:46PM 22/07/2005
J: I did. Look at me.

Then FISH.
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Topic #1971584
jlplsss - The Nominees talking in the GR 0 Replies #1971584 9:46PM 22/07/2005
J and M saying that K is smart and has been underestimated in the house.


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Topic #1971589
Zazny - James to Maggie: A lot of people underestimate Kaysar 0 Replies #1971589 9:47PM 22/07/2005
Referring to their "strategy" in their meetings with K yesterday:

J: Kaysar is very, very smart. And I think he hates it when people think he's stupid.
M: I didn't think he's stupid.
J: I think a lot of people underestimate him. I did!
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Topic #1971593
joannie - Maggie and James in the GR 0 Replies #1971593 9:48PM 22/07/2005
James, looking at the Bible: "It's interesting where all these stories came from."
Mag: "It's interesting that you and I are on the block together."

Mag: "Kaysar hasn't talked to me once about it."
J: "Did you go up there? Kaysar is a very very smart guy."

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Topic #1971605
Shereebie - More of James and Maggie... 0 Replies #1971605 9:50PM 22/07/2005
Wait...there's a knock on the HoH door, to let K know to go to the DR. (He didn't hear BB.)

Maggie: The only problem, is the only sure bet you and I have, to get ourselves off the block...
J: The only way to know you're not going home is to not be on that block.
I'm a little hungry again.
M: But the only way we have to know we're not going home is to take ourselves off the block, is what I'm saying.
It sucks that that's like, the only sure thing in this game, that if you're not on the block, you're not going home.
Sure makes fighting for that Veto very important.
J: You better believe it does.

F3/4: Ivette and Eric
I: you're the closest thing I have to family here.
E: He's gonna know. (Talking about James)
E: He will cut anybody off and he's proven that in the last 24 hours.
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Topic #1971608
joannie - Ivette is crying!!! 0 Replies #1971608 9:50PM 22/07/2005
Cappy is trying to comfort her.
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Topic #1971613
georgiadawn - eric just told yvette that he WILL not vote her off if she goes up NT 0 Replies #1971613 9:51PM 22/07/2005
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