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Topic #1962511
BHnoah - Kaysar to Howie -- "I'm not gonna put you or Jannie up" 0 Replies #1962511 12:08AM 22/07/2005
Howie suggests putting up James and Maggie
I'll vote James out, Janelle will, Eric will cause he's with Maggie
Sarah will keep James, Beau

Kaysar said he's trying to figure out what's up
Howie says Eric and James are locked at the hip

They are talking about how they would be voted off so quick if Kaysar hadn't gotten HOH.
Kaysar said I could tell you are getting more aggressive

They (the sheep) are feeling the pressure.

Kaysar saying "I did the first step, now you and Jannie gotta take the next" hoping that they can the next two weeks get HOH

Howie:Don't put up a couple
If you don't think you can get the votes, don't put them up

Kaysar: What if I went to James and said to keep you, Jannie and Howie

Howie: Gotta split these people up-- they think they own this house, but right now they are nervous

Howie throws out Ivette -- but thinks she could get people to do her dirty work for her he asks K if he talked to Janelle yet (kaysar says alittle but not too much)

they notice yelling/clapping-- April seems to be okay
they yell down to say they are happy she is okay

Janelle walks upstairs while they are out talking to April
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Topic #1962527
mommy2kaitlyn - April is back and fine. Something about ventricular tachycardia. NT 1 Replies #1962527 12:10AM 22/07/2005
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Caribou - She said she gets this all the time too and she knew it wasn't serious NT #1962536 12:11AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1962543
RN007 - Kaysar and Howie 0 Replies #1962543 12:12AM 22/07/2005
K: Did you want to talk to me about something.
H: Whatever you want to do.
K: You can come up after everyone's gone to sleep if you want to.
H: Are you going to put me up.
K: No of course not.
H: So everybody came up here and told you they had been a jerk to all week cause they knew you were gonna be HOH this week Ha Ha...
K: They want me to put up Janelle.
H: Really, why would you do that, she's a vote for you.
K: I know I don't want to put her up.
H: I think you should put up James and Maggie.
K: Yeah but James is popular he won't go.
H: I'll vote for him, Janelle will vote for him,
K: Who else?
H: Eric.
K: Okay but that's not enough. So that's 3.
H: What about Beau.
K: I don't think Beau likes Maggie.
H: Well if we don't think we got the votes then let's not waste it.
K: Well Maggie's a strong player.
H: If Maggie goes then Eric and James will be locked at the head.
K: Do you think James will come after us though.
H: What you did today, you flipped the house today cause they are all worried about going. Yesterday, they were all thinking we'll get rid of these guys (talking about himself and K) and then play the game.
K: I feel you, join the club man cause I've been feeling that way since day 1.
H: I know I just began feeling the pressure.
K: That's good cause you're getting aggressive now.
H: Yeah, they were all looking at me like they are gonna get the last cancer out of the house so they could enjoy themselves. See you got it this week then I get it next week then Janelle.
K: That's what I'm talking about, you and Janelle have to win it.
H: We can get one or two to jump our way.
K: if we get Maggie out of the way, cause I'm sure Eric is with her then we'll get rid of the groups.
K: So who do I put up against Maggie? See I've had that weird relationship with James, so what if I say hey listen how about me you Howie and Janelle. What other choice do I have now.
H: Break up the da*n click. Shake 'em up. The house is already all shook up and you haven't even done anything yet. I don't think Ivette is strong player but she's a leader and people listen to her.
K: You think so.
H: I don't know I'm just thinking. Danielle from season three, remember her.
K: Yeah.
H: She was smart she had people doing her dirty work.
K: So you think Maggie and Ivette. What do you think Janelle would say.
H: I think Maggie and James.
K: You asked me yesterday I say yes, you ask me today I don't think we have the votes.
(K checks the tscreen and sees April is out of the DR)
A: I'm okay,
H: What happened to you
A: They say SVT's
Cappy: Supraventricular Tachycardia
K: Thanks showoff.
A: Anyway I could feel and I thought hey I'll smoke a cigarrette
K: You smoked a cigarette?
A: yeah HA HA anyway it has stopped
H: April you want me to give you some action maybe you need some foreplay
A: Shut up
A: I'm used to this happening that's why I didn't freak out. They ask me what I'd been eating and I said sh*t. Kaysar you bdidn't cause it.
K: I know I was worried. I didn't think it was me but I was in shock.
A: I knew I was going to be fine, I knew it.
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Topic #1962595
TheAntiHamster - Beau asks Ivette in WC how'd she feel if Kay put up James, *FISH* NT 0 Replies #1962595 12:17AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1962605
Chunga - Kay/Jan 0 Replies #1962605 12:19AM 22/07/2005
K: "Most people are a lot dumber than I thought. They really don't know what's going on."
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Topic #1962617
Atreyu35 - "When I was a kid, I used to beat my meat on the toilet seat." - HOWIE NT 0 Replies #1962617 12:20AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1962642
Atreyu35 - Jennifer opened up Howie's condom, thus wasting it... 0 Replies #1962642 12:23AM 22/07/2005
Howie says he needs to ask for a new one because Jennie wasted it.

Not exactly verbatim:

Howie to Beau - "Will you put it on me in the shower if I get a hard on?"
Beau - "Of course. I put them on all the time."
Howie - "It smells pretty good."
Beau - "I use the magnum ones. You going to jerk off?"
Howie - "No I wanted to get some sex."
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Topic #1962666
Visaman - April wants to smoke. Beau tried to stop her. NT 0 Replies #1962666 12:26AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1962699
KWren11 - Howie enters the HOH room with Kaysar and Janelle NT 0 Replies #1962699 12:29AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1962702
Caribou - April and Beau on patio spilling each of their convos with Kaysar. This despite Kaysar asking them not to. NT 0 Replies #1962702 12:29AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1962751
RN007 - Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie 0 Replies #1962751 12:38AM 22/07/2005
J: So what did James say, that he didn't trust me?
K: Yeah, but I told him that I did trust you and there was no way he could convince me otherwise. I'm still trying to figure out how I can use James. Do you think that is possible?
J: I think if he wins HOH he's coming after us.
K: What if I convince him not to.
J: Convince not to come after all 3 of us?
K: Yeah.
J: I think you should put up Maggie and James, even though I like Maggie.
K: Don't you think Maggie would go?
J: No cause Eric will try to save Maggie.
K: I know we don't have enough votes to get out James.
J: Yes we do.
K: Howie seems to be convinced that we will get HOH next week.
J: Yeah but if you go after James then Eric can go for it next week.
K: Racheal is tougher than Maggie.
K: Who is up there, we've got Rachael, Maggie and James and Rachael's not up there so we have James and Maggie.
J: But whether Maggie goes or not they'll come after us cause of Eric.
K: What if I convince James to go with us.
J: He's made deals with everyone, you can't trust him.
K: So you think I should put up Maggie and James.
K: What if I put up Ivette and Maggie.
J: Then Ivette will go. They expect you to put up Ivette. I don't see her winning any competitions.
J: I know April and Jenny will vote to keep Maggie in and James will go.
K: (bell ringing) Howie's at door. He brought snacks.
J: What up Howie.
H: They finally strike back.
K: I was just trying to decide how to do this.
H: People keep coming up to me and saying "K in bad position" and I'm like bad position? He's HOH.
J: They'll say anything to save their a**
H: All these people are your friend now, where were they a week ago?
K: obviously I'm not buying it but this is one HOH and I'm trying to set up the next HOH.
H: If I can win next week and Janelle the next we can set this house up.
(talking about POV)
J: If Eric wins POV he will use it on Maggie.
H: He won't use it he told me he wouldn't use. Oh I see to protect Maggie.
J: We'd have to guarantee that Maggie won't go.
K: I talked to people and I said if you would put up someone and they said Maggie. They say she is shady.
H: Okay J now you hate Eric.
J: I don't hate Eric
H: I'm saying get rid of his right hand man, Maggie
J: I would put him up but I would want James to go, and Maggie is not shady.
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Topic #1962758
Chunga - Howie on April 0 Replies #1962758 12:38AM 22/07/2005
"She's not a threat to us. The only threat is that she'll smoke all of Janie's cigarettes."
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Topic #1962774
BHnoah - Howie to Janelle and Kaysar: April doesn't scare me, the only reason she scares me is that 0 Replies #1962774 12:39AM 22/07/2005
she's gonna finish Jannies cigarettes
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Topic #1963028
SassyPrncess - Janelle: You have to kill them before they kill you. (To Kays/Howie) NT 0 Replies #1963028 1:33AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1963041
SassyPrncess - H to Kays: You have a better chance of sleeping with any of the girls in the house, cuz you're HoH NT 0 Replies #1963041 1:38AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1963055
SassyPrncess - Howie: Today it was majority rules, tonight it's MINORITY rules! NT 0 Replies #1963055 1:41AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1963065
SassyPrncess - Janelle on the HoH competition questions- LOL 0 Replies #1963065 1:44AM 22/07/2005
J: the easiest one was the "Who would you rather get stuck in an elevator with? April or Ivette?" Who the f*ck would get THAT ONE wrong?

K: No one got that one wrong.
K: Oh wait! SARAH did!
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Topic #1963078
CruiseCritic - Howie, Jan and HH Kaysar 0 Replies #1963078 1:52AM 22/07/2005
Howie talking about putting Maggie and James up that way James Eric wold play the veto and one of HIS would have to go. They think Maggie is a big threat. Now talking about Sarah how she isnt a threat. Janelle says Sarah sucks. Howie saying what if this week there is NO VETO? Then Howie said that would be great. Kaysar asks if anyone has talked to Rachele. Talking about if Rach is friends with Maggie they are not sure. Janelle says everyone likes Rachel.
I gotta go to work now....
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Topic #1963081
SassyPrncess - Howie: So what's Plan A? (Plan B also included) 0 Replies #1963081 1:53AM 22/07/2005
Kaysar: Maggie and James.

Howie: What's Plan B?
Kaysar: Maggie and Ivette
Janelle: What about the Veto?

Howie discusses Eric winning the veto.

H: If Eric wins the veto and plays with James...what if he takes off Maggie?

(Earlier Kaysar told Eric if he didn't play for the Veto, he'd be safe fr sure.)

Howie: So let him play. Let him play. Cuz he's either going to have to go against James who went and fought for him last week and won it. Or he's going to have to go against his right-hand man, Maggie.
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Topic #1963091
SassyPrncess - H to K: You're not saying who goes, the HOUSE does. 0 Replies #1963091 1:57AM 22/07/2005
You just nominate.
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Topic #1963097
SassyPrncess - Janelle: Is Ivette that dumb....... 0 Replies #1963097 1:59AM 22/07/2005
...that she doesn't realize those 2 know each other? (Eric & Maggie)
Kaysar: Yes.
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Topic #1963101
TheAntiHamster - Kay, imitating Janie blowing her nose: "I think I'm allergic to bull****!" NT 0 Replies #1963101 2:01AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1963114
SassyPrncess - Kaysar on Eric, Beau, Ivette, April meeting with him 1 Replies #1963114 2:07AM 22/07/2005
(To Howie & Janelle)

K: Did they really think I believed them? (said sarcastically)

Kaysar goes on about how Eric was like "I got ya man" and then Beau was like "put up Janelle and Maggie" and I feel ya dude. He continues that Ivette offered to put herself up because she is so confident that the house will vote out Janelle. Ivette told him to trust her. (Kaysar laughs)

He talks about how they all thought they were swaying them to "their side" and that if he put up Janelle, the house would reward him.
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SassyPrncess - Later (Kaysar) We can't trust any of them. NT #1963120 2:09AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1963125
SassyPrncess - Janelle: I can't stand next to her. (Ivette) 0 Replies #1963125 2:11AM 22/07/2005
H: Even if she smells you stand next to her.
J: She does smell, she's Latin.
H: How many cultures are you going to bash on national tv? Koreans, Latins, Mexican-Americans.....
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Topic #1963135
SassyPrncess - Kaysar on how to handle Eric 0 Replies #1963135 2:13AM 22/07/2005
K: What if I tell him not to play (POV) and he does. What if he loses anyway. I can put him up with James.

(Eric told Kaysar that he won't play for the veto)

H: Now I understand. You're ok because he broke his word. (laughs hysterically)
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