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Topic #1965378
Anonymous - Now Sarah in HOH with Kay 1 Replies #1965378 11:19AM 22/07/2005
Sarah: I have a feeling that you are putting me up. I want to offer you an outsider's view if you'd like.

...The whole group thing. I didnt want to disinclude you. It started when Ashlea and Jan seperated them from the group then Mike started hanging with Jan and that seperated you guys from the group. I feel like you might think I was disincluding you from the group on behalf of everyone i am sorry.

Kay: I felt like an outsider but i never got any negative vibes from you. Who do you think should i put up?

Sarah: I am friends with a lot of ppl here. Theres definately ppl that i am close with that i think are a threat. I feel like i dont have a stretagy. I m just playing it week by week but i definately know there are ppl here that have a strategy. Like Rachel and Maggie are the two ppl I'd be scared off. Because its always one word answers when you are talking to them and they are really really smart and obviously physically strong. I would be scared to put them up if i were you because what if they get the veto...

(note: Kay's a** is for sitting not for kissing ladies)
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Sharky - I heard "I have a feeling you're NOT putting me up" NT #1965386 11:19AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965426
SassyPrncess - Sarah to Kays: She pretty much played Michael (Janelle). NT 1 Replies #1965426 11:24AM 22/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - S to K: "We" were NOT sending you home next week. NT #1965439 11:24AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965446
Disneyisme - A synopsis of Rachel in HOH with Kaysar 0 Replies #1965446 11:25AM 22/07/2005
Rachel is in HOH with Kaysar telling him “I will be ridiculed for the rest of my life for spelling broccoli wrong.” They start to talk about nominations and she says she won't tell him what to do, but she hopes he won't put her up. She says that the HG’s gossip, but she won’t talk about what is being said because she doesn't like to repeat things that are mostly second hand.

Rachel says she liked Mike and that there a lot of emotional people in the house. She says the house is divided, but she hopes she has been neutral. She says she would understand if he put her up because she put him up. She tells him that people will try to get him to do things their way, and that if anyone tells him he is safe it is BS, “everybody is in this game for themselves.” Rachel tells Kay that everyone in the house wants him to put up Janelle, that they don't like her; he says “I know they all told me that I would be safe for a couple of weeks if I put her up.” Rachel says she likes Janelle, she thinks she was being a b**** because some of the HG's were mean to her. Kaysar refers to everyone downstairs as his adversary. He says he initially trusted her and Maggie, but now he doesn’t trust Maggie for certain reasons. Kaysar says he is very observant and has already made up his mind who is going up and for her not to worry “I am not holding a grudge against you for putting me up.”

He tells her that if they can stay in the game long enough, maybe later the two of them can do some damage. Rachel says she felt so bad seeing Ashlea crying after her nomination. Kaysar says he knows that Janelle went to her (Rachelle) and told her about Ivette and Beau being a pair. Then Kay told Rachel about Jenn and April being partners and Rachel acted as though she was surprised to know they knew each other.

Kaysar says he made that same deal with Eric last week when he had HOH and he regrets it, so he will not make the same deals with everyone.
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Topic #1965504
SassyPrncess - S to K on who he should nominate..... 2 Replies #1965504 11:30AM 22/07/2005
S: "They're" like if he was to put up Janelle like the rest of the house was, and DO what the rest of the house was, wanted to do, he would show that he really does care about everybody, he really does want to be part of the group, and that would definitely earn hime extra weeks in the house. I don't know if that is what you want to do, but that is what they are saying.

Sarah: If you piss off people like Ivette, if you piss off people like Cappy...
K: They'll come after you, I know.
S: You know what I mean?
K: I know exactly what you mean.

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Anonymous - sarah crying #1965589 11:38AM 22/07/2005
this is bs i don't believe the tears
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SassyPrncess - Sarah: There's something going on in this house and I just can't put my finger on it. #1965534 11:33AM 22/07/2005
Kaysar: I know. I just can't put my finger on it either. (LMAO)
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Topic #1965593
gymborebel - Poor Srah is crying...saying there is noone in the house that she can trust and talk to NT 0 Replies #1965593 11:39AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965601
SassyPrncess - Kaysar to Sarah: Is there anyone that I put up that you would get offended or hurt by? 2 Replies #1965601 11:40AM 22/07/2005
Sarah: I love everybody. I know how you feel about Ivette. I think she's a good person and as much as her mouth gets in front of her, she is such a good person.

S: I do not expect to get to the end. I am not the strongest player here. My whole thing...If I am stuck in that sequester house, who would I want to be in there with?

S: Eric? I know he has flared up a coupla times, but he is such a good person. He really is.
K: I really do like everybody and I hope you can see that.

S: There's somethin'....nah....
K: What?
S: It's like, and like I am scared to even say things to people because I don't know who you....like I don't know, I was talking to April and um, um, cuz April reminds me of one of my sisters....so I started to feel really close to her. I was telling her what I am telling you. I know that there are....(feed timed out)
K: And it's bigger than you ever realize. You cann't trust them. They have their own agenda.

S: It's so hard for me, because even though I am not by my family, I have such a strong family (starts to cry) and if I ever need anything I can call them. (crying in earnest now) And now, I don't know who I can trust. I can't talk to anybody. And the second when April said "you can't trust me" it was like one of my sisters telling me don't talk to me, you can't trust me. (Crying)

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SassyPrncess - S to K: I am not stupid, I know there are connections going on. (more inside) #1965636 11:42AM 22/07/2005
S: Maybe Cappy & Maggie know each other. Maybe when they came in the house they were like, "Holy Sh*t, we know each other!"

S: Something was said to me, maybe something happened with some people and didn't happen with me. Maybe this happened with some people and it didn't happen with me (pairings). I know you know what I am talking about. It's just hard not having anyone to trust.

S: I don't trust anyone in this house.
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SassyPrncess - K: You're not imagining things, there is something going on. NT #1965652 11:43AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965674
howies_undies - Finally... Kay busts out the James question. "What about James, do you trust james?" NT 1 Replies #1965674 11:45AM 22/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - S: He was somebody I thought I could trust. Now I am second guessing everybody. NT #1965694 11:46AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965709
GrrlSmurf - Lockdown over.. free to move about the house NT 0 Replies #1965709 11:47AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965740
SassyPrncess - K to S: Who do you get bad vibes from? 0 Replies #1965740 11:51AM 22/07/2005
S: I get bad vibes from Rachel....she just seems super fake.
K: She seems like she clicks more with the guys?
S: Yah! Even with Howie...he says things that aren't funny, but she is laughing (demonstrates).

S: If there was a guy here I liked, or had a crush on, I'd stick up for him, too. (re: Howie & Rachel)
K: I think she is just amused by him, frankly. She comes from a very simple background.
S: She just overacts. And maybe it's just her trying to fit in.
K: She seems to act more natural around James, Eric and Howie. I think she goes with the guys more. I think she is trying to fit in with the girls.

K: If one of these strong players gets off, they are going to be gunning for me.
S: Well, that's why I think Janelle......
K: Is there alot of support for Maggie in the house?
S: No, no. There is more support for Cappy because he went on the line...

K: Do you think he did that to be the hero?
S: Oh yah, but it helped him.

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Topic #1965756
JessicaRabbit - James just told Eric in the WC, "If I go up this week you better do everything to save me". NT 0 Replies #1965756 11:53AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965764
JessicaRabbit - BB just saved Kaysar by calling Sarah to the DR. NT 0 Replies #1965764 11:54AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965822
SassyPrncess - Kaysar plugs up HoH bathroom. (You figure out the rest) NT 0 Replies #1965822 11:58AM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965883
SassyPrncess - Maggie to Kaysar: People have been coming to me and telling me you are thinking of putting me up 1 Replies #1965883 12:05PM 22/07/2005
M:I would hope it would be strategic and not personal.
K: In now way would it be personal. People around here like you very much.
M: Are you thinking about it?
K: I am telling you what I am telling everyone else.
M: Don't tell me what you tell everyone else!

K: I hinted....and I said I wanted to get feedback.
M: That's ok.
K: I was like listen, I don't want to seem like a bad guy, but who do you think?
M: Don't tell me anything you don't want to, that's not the point of me coming up here.
K: I don't understand how people can come up here and tell me, "This is what it's going to be like."
M: I wish you could hear what is being said. It's shitty. It's bad right now.

M: I think what people are doing is either 1) getting scared and trying to make us all turn on each other, which I think is mean.....

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SassyPrncess - Maggie: I don't have any advice for you. NT #1965896 12:07PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1965914
SassyPrncess - M to K: Any way you slice it..... 0 Replies #1965914 12:09PM 22/07/2005
...you are going to be on SOMEONE's bad side.

K: I haven't asked a single person to make a promise at this point.
M: Well, whatever you do, whether I will be here the next week or not, it is not going to change my feelings. (or how she feels about him)

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Topic #1966018
misspixistix - HOH and Jen 0 Replies #1966018 12:24PM 22/07/2005
Jen: how are you feeling. Care about other's opinions?
Kay: I care. I do whatever I feel like doing. They thought I was naive because I was quiet. That's just the way I am. I'm making a decision based on what happened before today. I know people are kissing my ass, but I'm not dumb.
Jen: That would make me mad. If people were kissiny my ass I'd definitely nominate them. No one got to know you well. No one knows where they stand with you. Kaysar thinks for Kaysar. You're not going to change his mind.
Kay: In the end, I know what's best for me. I've been thinking things through and I know exactly what's going on here.
Jen: No one thinks you're stupid.
Kay: You come of as nice and friendly and you are, but you're here to play a game. You're smart. You know how to spell mayonnaise
Jen. I psych myself out. I don't have self-esteem (refers to being scared in food competition)
Kay: You may not trust me but I know you don't trust the others either. It takes a lot of patience to dig throug the mess. You know what's going on. You knew you were going down with the ship and you got out of it.
No hard feelings even though Michael was my friend. But it's probably best he left cause he was too emotional. At the same time, what you did was wrong. YOu knew you were going down with Michael and you jumped ship but I do like you.
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Topic #1966047
misspixistix - HOH and Jen pt. 2 0 Replies #1966047 12:28PM 22/07/2005
Kaysar and Jen still talking about Michael and how emotional he was in the game. Jen thinks he made things worse.

Kay: I'm not asking anything of you. You're a smart player. In the next few weeks, it's up to you how to play the game. If you want me out fine.
Jen: You may not believe me but you and Maggie are the best people in the house.
Kay: I get mixed feelings about you but I'm going to trust my gut. I do think you're playing the game, but at the same time I think there's integrity in you. Remember, I want you to keep in mind who was working against you from the beginning. That's all I'm going to say.
I was a little hurt about Michael but I'm going to let that go. YOu're not going up this week. One day we may have the same interests in mind.
Jen: I think we will

they hug and leave the HOH room
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Topic #1966048
Disneyisme - Maggie and Kaysar in HOH (in a nut shell) 0 Replies #1966048 12:28PM 22/07/2005
Maggie says that some of the HG’s are telling her that she is going on the block. She says to Kay “I would hope it is strategic and not personal.” Kaysar: “no way it is personal, people around here like you very much.” Maggie says: “Are you thinking about it?” Kaysar: “I am telling you what I am telling everyone else, I haven’t made up my mind yet.” Maggie says “Don't tell me anything you don't want to, that's not the point of me coming up here. I wish you could hear what people are saying right now, it’s getting really sh***y in here. “No matter how you slice it you’re going to be on someone’s bad side. Whatever you do, whether I will be here the next week or not, it is not going to change my feelings about you or others that I like or don’t like in this house.” She goes on to tell him that she is analyzing the people that have told her he (Kay) said things about her…she doesn’t always trust knowledge that comes to her from another source. Kay says “by no means have I ever said anything bad about you nor do I feel I ever will, I don't see you as a threat and I respect you. Maggie: “thanks Kase” Kaysar” “don't worry about it; I still have a lot of people to talk to.”
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Topic #1966166
misspixistix - James comes to talk to Kaysar in HOH 0 Replies #1966166 12:38PM 22/07/2005
J: You had me thinking last night. I'm scared to make a commitment, but... (talks about their different views on politics)
Am I going to be a scapegoat because of what you told me about Howie? Do you think we could do this (have and alliance) with us on opposite sides and both targets... do you really think we can do this?
Kay: I don't want you to trust me because I'm in power, in a week I'm out of here. People want me to clip my own wings and put up Janelle, but I can't do that.
J: I think everyone would keep their word and you would be safe [if you nominate Janelle] If I go, Rachel and Howie will walk through this thing. Eric can't compete. He's just a mouth. If we do this, you have to trust me unconditonally and I have to do the same. I you see me talking to Yvette or Beau you have to trust me.
Kay: I do. I'm in a difficult positon.
J: You put up Janelle you're safe for a couple of weeks. When you go up against the jury people will know you're true to your word. The people going home now are the ones no one wants on the jury. If I hear anything, I'd tip you off.
Kay: Damn this is so tough, dude. Listen, I made a promise to speak to those two {janelle and howie) because I had no one else.
J: This game changes every week
Kay: If I drop Janelle, Rachel and Howie are coming after you
J: They will run this show [rachel and howie] If you do this, put up Yvette and Janelle, as much as you and Yvette have not gotten along, she will not come after you. Whoever gets HOH next week will go after Howie.
Kay: How do we get rid of ERic
J: We have to take out Maggie first. People are already getting tired of Eric. If Beau goes then Yvette will know to get rid of Maggie. As weeks go on people see who the strong players are. Yvette would follow me. It's going to take a week to set up.
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Topic #1966218
misspixistix - James and Kaysar 0 Replies #1966218 12:42PM 22/07/2005
James is trying to convice Kayser to dump Janelle. If he does that, K will earn an unparalled respect. James says he has to get downstairs. K trying to figure out if that's the only way to get their support. K says to J you have to watch your ass. James says he has to get out of there and K should pray on it or something. Kay's survival depends on this decision today. Kay shakes with James on being together to the end. Kay says he was going to nominate him and Maggie. James says strong players would push to keep Maggie. Kay says if he does that James gets the veto and takes himself off and he'll put Eric up. This will appease Howie, Janelle and Rachel. James naturally hates this idea.

Kay doesn't want to lose James as an allie. The only way to be safe is to not be on the block, says James. Then leaves the room.

Kay is stressing over what to do.
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Topic #1966273
misspixistix - Beau to Kaysar in HOH room: Nom James and Sarah 0 Replies #1966273 12:47PM 22/07/2005
Beau tells Kay that Nominations are today.

Beau says that based on what they talked about yesterday, if he nominates James and Sara together, they have five votes to go against James. He can use the partnership as a reason.

Kay not sure that they have Eric's support because he's tight with James.
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Topic #1966280
erniebert - beau tells kaysar that if he puts up 0 Replies #1966280 12:48PM 22/07/2005
james and sara, then there's enough votes to evict james. Kay asks if he's sure, and beau says positive. Now they're comtemplating the veto.....

per the sign, nominations are today
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Topic #1966296
misspixistix - Beau and Kaysar pt. 2 0 Replies #1966296 12:49PM 22/07/2005
Beau the only thing we have to worry about is veto if Kay noms James and Sarah.

Kay says he had to think about it but he's glad Beau told him because this changes things. He says he was thinking about this anyway.

Kay says he needs a nap. will ask DR when he has to make decision.
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Topic #1966313
misspixistix - James to Eric if Kaysar doesn't swing were in trouble... 0 Replies #1966313 12:50PM 22/07/2005
because he's Howie and Janelle's little bitch.
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Topic #1966402
JessicaRabbit - James is telling Ivette and Beau that Maggie and Eric are together. 1 Replies #1966402 12:58PM 22/07/2005
He is trying to save his butt.
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JessicaRabbit - April joins the group. NT #1966416 1:00PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1966406
Anonymous - Kayser told James Beau confirmed 5 votes to oust james... 0 Replies #1966406 12:59PM 22/07/2005
and James used his card that he was going to hold close until he can use it. James told Ivette about Maggie and Eric being a pair and that is why kay is thinking about puting James and Maggie up.
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