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Topic #1999820
SassyPrncess - FISH NT 0 Replies #1999820 1:15PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999823
joannie - James: "As soon as Eric is out the door, I want to turn to them all and say... 0 Replies #1999823 1:15PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999836
SassyPrncess - Kaysar on HoH camera: I am not going to take a single picture of that group NT 0 Replies #1999836 1:17PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999846
joannie - Kaysar says when he gets the HOH camera, he's not going to take any pictures of 'them' 0 Replies #1999846 1:18PM 26/07/2005
Howie: "Not even big boobied Jenny?"
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Topic #1999902
SassyPrncess - James to S6 in GR: They chose to follow the Titanic. (more) 0 Replies #1999902 1:25PM 26/07/2005
Kaysar: We're battle tested!
James: We can work under pressure, but can they?
Howie: Just remember, any given Sunday. In a way, they got nothin to lose.
Because if we win, they are basically gone.
James: But it's the same thing here.
H: Yah, kinda
James: But why should everyone on their team be going around, "F*ck everybody, I hate everybody" and we're sittin here...
Howie: Cuz we're playing a strategical (lol) game. They're playing a game of who's popular and who's friends or not.
James: But their strategy is OUT. April & Jenny are on that side. If one of them is HoH, we're gone, ok? If one of us is HoH, they're gone. There's no more trying to get Jenny to be our friend. Or Ivette to like me.
Kaysar: There's no strategy.
James: The house is more divided than ever before now. Because they chose their sides. They chose to follow the f*cking Titanic.
(Sarah, Howie, Kaysar nod yes)
James: And we decided to wait for the next ship.
Howie: Yah, it was a set up.
Kaysar: Yah, by the Democrats! You know you say any given Sunday, but HoH is on a Thursday so...
Howie: I like that! I like that!
James: You also have to think...if you send out the All-Madden team against the Cleveland Browns, (laughs) I like my odds.

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Topic #1999929
joannie - FISH NT 0 Replies #1999929 1:28PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999944
SassyPrncess - James to S6: This is not working. 0 Replies #1999944 1:31PM 26/07/2005
James: This is not working, because Eric is being the ultra Alpha-male, we look like pussies (for trying to be nice to them)..he's the one doing the talking and they are rallying behind it.

James: Remember when he wanted everyone to sit on the couch, for Mike. Oh! Wait! You guys weren't a part of this were you?
Howie: Yah, no one to walk to the door.
James: He wanted to shake his hand. And everyone to sit on the couch for Mike.
Kaysar: They wanted to sing a song about him leaving.
James: I didn't hear that!
Howie: He (Eric) didn't want anyone walking to the door. I was like, I am walking to the door, I don't care. I'm his friend.
James: (on Eric) "I made my amends with him, that is why I walked away."

(Janelle returns)

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Topic #1999970
SassyPrncess - Beau tweezes Ivette's eyebrows in WC NT 1 Replies #1999970 1:35PM 26/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Howie in bathroom stall, comes out and jokes with B/Iv NT #1999982 1:37PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999992
SassyPrncess - Ivette to Howie: You just want a hole, Howie. NT 0 Replies #1999992 1:38PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000015
joannie - Kaysar: "I'm going to give Jenn one chance to rat April out." NT 0 Replies #2000015 1:39PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000033
joannie - Kaysar having meeting with Jen in HOH room. NT 1 Replies #2000033 1:42PM 26/07/2005
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joannie - Jen is already crying! NT #2000041 1:42PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000037
thatgirI - K to Jenn: I dont trust her (April), Jenn replied with she doesn't either NT 0 Replies #2000037 1:42PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000049
SassyPrncess - April tells Rachel why she is upset with Kaysar & joining their group 0 Replies #2000049 1:43PM 26/07/2005
Ap: He sat there and said I would be safe for 3 weeks, then said I was the weakest. How rude is that? That's so rude. He wants me to go join..you know what I am sayin?

(During this rant, Rachel just makes facial expressions and grunts in quasi-agreement)

April: Then he thinks I was dumb enough..he's like all I can say is that you're safe for 3 weeks. (whispers) I haven't told any of them this. I'm not. He's like all I can say is that you're safe for 3 weeks. And I was like what after that 3 weeks? I was like, "Be honest. Would you put me and Jennifer up next?" And he goes, Yah. I was like, "why?" and he said, "Because you're weak." How sh*tty is that?

Note: silence from Rachel.
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Topic #2000062
luvthemfish - Kaysar and Jennifer discuss April 0 Replies #2000062 1:44PM 26/07/2005
Kaysar talks to Jenny about April.............

Jennifer is crying, something about April.
Jenn: I hear them talking about me,and she won't tell me because she knows I don't have her back anymore. they think i'm asleep but I hear them.
K. you need to cut your losses. She's an emotional mess. I knew by having this conversation
Jenn: I defend both sides.......she doesn't tell them everything. That's why at first I thought 'ok she's cool.' Last night, I lost her, and I couldn't sleep. I told Eric that this morning, I don't know if that was stupid. He said you need to get her back. You can't be alone in this game.
Kaysar: YOu know how much he's bullshitting people in this game?
Jenn: He's right, you can't lose your partner
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Topic #2000072
RealitySwan - After everyone left Sarah and James alone in the gold room, James told Sarah, "I am SO confident with this group (S6)." NT 0 Replies #2000072 1:46PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000116
joannie - Kaysar: "Here's the deal Jen." 0 Replies #2000116 1:51PM 26/07/2005
"I want you to play the rest of this game solo. I want you to vote out Eric. If you don't, then you're going up."
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Topic #2000179
SassyPrncess - Kaysar & Jenn in HoH room- proposes deal with Jen (transcript) 3 Replies #2000179 2:04PM 26/07/2005
Jenn: I don't know why, but I lost her. I told Eric that this morning and he was freaking....you can't lost your partner!

J: You can't be alone in this game.
K: She did it to herself.
J: But she's not alone! But she has Ivette and if she has Ivette, she has Beau cuz Beau is Ivette's partner.
K: If I put Ivette and April on the block you think that (feeds went out)

J: It really hurts me, I don't even know the girl at all and I supported her. (rant about April "standing up for herself with James") Why should I give her my support when I don't have hers? Her demeanor since that night...she's a totally different person. I am not even doing this, no matter if people looking at us right now, like on the tapes later or you or whoever think this might be my strategy, I'm sorry. I've given up. So it's like I am so honest. I don't have her.
K: You're being honest with me? Because if you are not I am going to make sure, I am not going to play nice anymore. Because I sincerely put myself out there.
J: To tell you this, I am not the type of person who has lost all hope on somebody walks away....I could've totally ignored her from here on out, but I'm not going to do that.
K: I don't expect you to ignore her. I want to now if I can trust you.
J: Yah, you can trust me, I am just saying like...I'm the type of person where if I think someone doesn't like me, I try my hardest to ge them to like me. (snickers, she is very nervous)

J: Apparently she (Rachel) doesn't like me because I came up here to use the bathroom...
K: Who do you think fueled that sh*t? Eric!
J: And the only reason is that I didn't want to bother her, she was outside anyway. I'll just take her key and go to the bathroom, so I didn;t want go in front of everyone.
K: People around here fueled that.
J: Yah, because you are looking for a common enemy so nobody looks at you.
K: Exactly. I told Janelle that.
J: They are dying to get rid of me

J: I am really uncomfortable around her (April)

K: I thought if I was honest with you guys, I could earn your trust, but apparently, that is not the case with April. Which really aggrevates me.

K: Here's the deal, Jen. I suggest that you play the rest of this game solo.
J: well, I have no choice.
K: You'll get further. I want you to vote against Eric. I am not even going to extend myself to your partner. She's done. It's fair game. Here's the thing. If you don't do this, because you're the stronger of the two, you're going up. I don't know if it is next week, or coming up, but I'm just telling you to watch your back. Because you guys are partner's and you have to be accountable for her. She's a loose cannon.
Jen: Right.
K: Anyone could go up now, it's fair game. I would've honored that promise to you guys (safe for 3 weeks) I really would have. But she's being foolish. I am very disappointed.
J: I don't even know why she even agreed that night.
K: I told her, if you aren't comfortable with this, just tell me.

J: I thought we were totally cool with it. I had to try to convince her. She could tell I was on a different page then she was.
K: She came up here and she was a mess.

K: what has been going on on the other side.
J: it's been trash talk
K: I want to know what April came up with.
J: Whenever they would ask her questions, she would still lie.
K: Where did she turn, though.
J: Are you asking what side she is on?
K: I know what side she is on.

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SassyPrncess - They discuss Huka, Jen has tried it in Dallas. NT #2000202 2:06PM 26/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Kays: These are the type of people who would try and ruin my life outside of the game. NT #2000213 2:07PM 26/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Jen: Everything you think of them, they think of you (your group) NT #2000224 2:09PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000235
SassyPrncess - K: Who are you voting for tomorrow? Jen: Eric (to evict) NT 0 Replies #2000235 2:12PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000237
joannie - Kaysar and Jen big hug. Meeting is over. NT 1 Replies #2000237 2:12PM 26/07/2005
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RealitySwan - Kaysar to Jen - "Get out there Sparky... and stop picking zits off of Howie... It freaks me out." They both laugh. NT #2000291 2:20PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000269
joannie - Jen leaves the HOH room and Kaysar immediately 0 Replies #2000269 2:16PM 26/07/2005
turns on spy-cam.
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Topic #2000305
SassyPrncess - Kaysar absent mindedly rubs Jani's back in LR while he talks. NT 0 Replies #2000305 2:23PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000318
SassyPrncess - Eric & Maggie in gym (re: votes) 0 Replies #2000318 2:26PM 26/07/2005
M: Tomorrow, when they vote, don't ask them.
E: Oh! I won't! Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

(Note: I give this 5 mins as Crappy Kids will run up to him "I didn't vote you off!)
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Topic #2000325
SassyPrncess - Kaysar: What language is "cooter"? Howie: It's Ivette's. NT 1 Replies #2000325 2:28PM 26/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Kaysar rubs Rache's back, massage NT #2000332 2:30PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000328
SassyPrncess - Note: Still on indoor lockdown NT 0 Replies #2000328 2:29PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000351
SassyPrncess - Jenn helps Beau do Ivette's make up and grooming in WC NT 1 Replies #2000351 2:34PM 26/07/2005
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visconti - Jen trimming Iv's sideburns. NT #2000357 2:35PM 26/07/2005
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