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Topic #2000410
SassyPrncess - Maggie to Eric: I can't vote people out of this house because.... 0 Replies #2000410 2:50PM 26/07/2005
they don't have the common sense I have.
Eric: Common sense ain't too common.
M: It's an oxymoron to say that.

E: Is his act (Howie) the oldest act you've ever seen.
M: Yah, but it's ok.

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Topic #2000414
luvthemfish - Eric and Maggie's bedroom convo interrupted 0 Replies #2000414 2:51PM 26/07/2005
Eric: It takes every fiber of my soul not to react when someone in my family is...
Maggie: Heyyyyyyyyyy
Eric: I know
Maggie, in the real world I wouldn't need you to handle my (can't hear)
Eric: I know.........that's what I meant
Ivette comes in after her makeover
Eric: Looks good
Ivette: I love this it's grooming day, you wanna get groomed?
Maggie: don't feel like it right now
I. Okay
Maggie: What?
I. Well I had a lot to groom
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Topic #2000451
dizzy - April: it bothers her that Eric made so many alliances 0 Replies #2000451 3:00PM 26/07/2005
in the house. And it also upset her that she told Eric NOT to go to Michael because she could handle it on her own. She says if Eric would have listened to her, Michael would still be there.
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Topic #2000456
dizzy - Kaysar: Don't say *it's just a game* and not speak to me ever again NT 0 Replies #2000456 3:02PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000478
Anonymous - Call the presses! Kaysar is talking strategy in the HOH!!! 0 Replies #2000478 3:06PM 26/07/2005
He and Rachel, Kaysar is talking about Jennifer coming over to the dark side because she is tired of April. ( Can he talk about someone besides April)?
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Topic #2000489
lacycatherine - Kaysar talking to Rachel in HOH about April and Jen 0 Replies #2000489 3:10PM 26/07/2005
He thinks that April is just about to lose it but that Jen is more stable. Rachel agrees and says that she is a fighter because she fought to be on the show 3 times. Kaysar said that Jen is getting frustrated because she can't get her own partner to listen. He asked her (Jen) who she trusted and she said herself. Rachel said to keep an eye on Ivette. Rachel leaves and Kaysar says he wants to lay down. Rachel goes outside and says how nice it is.
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Topic #2000490
dizzy - Rachel to Kays: if the win the next HoH, put up Iv and Mags and make them think M is going and evict Iv. then they both left the HoH. NT 0 Replies #2000490 3:10PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000495
lacycatherine - Jen is doing Ivette's nails. April walks up and one of them asks what's wrong. 0 Replies #2000495 3:11PM 26/07/2005
A- nothing. I am just bored as hell.
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Topic #2000505
lacycatherine - Beau tells Rachel there are still brownies left. Jen talks about a 0 Replies #2000505 3:14PM 26/07/2005
picture that her mom took of her that was less than flattering when she was younger. She was at church. Her mom took it and put it on the fride. She said Dan loves that pic.
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Topic #2000535
lacycatherine - BB: Kaysar, please go to the Diary Room NT 0 Replies #2000535 3:22PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000542
lacycatherine - Jen - The 1st show I audition was for Blind Date. Then I filled out an 0 Replies #2000542 3:25PM 26/07/2005
application for survivor but I didn't want to get a passport. And obviously I did for this because I have done it 3 times. Then of course there is the one that I met April at. It was really cheesy and didn't make it.
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Topic #2000591
valentine - Somebody is Messing With Kaysar 0 Replies #2000591 3:34PM 26/07/2005
Apparently someone did something to his kosher meat. He just came out of the DR where he discussed it with BB.

Kaysar: They said they are going to review the tapes.

Then we got FISH.

While he was in the DR, James told the group that somebody pooped in Kaysar's toilet and didn't flush it. James said he figured it was a guy, since he didn't think a woman could produce something that big. Sarah agreed--she saw it, too.
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Topic #2000592
lacycatherine - FISH NT 0 Replies #2000592 3:34PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000593
ShannanCGC - k and group talking 0 Replies #2000593 3:34PM 26/07/2005
Ok I don't know quotes...but K was in DR and James, Sarah, Rachel and Beau were talking about his meat being left out, and how I guess K thinks it was on purpose. Sarah and James said they went to bed after him last night and it was in the frig then. When K came out of the DR he said they will let him know who did it and if there will be any action taken, then we got fish.
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Topic #2000664
valentine - For Some Reason, the Camera Dudes 3 Replies #2000664 3:45PM 26/07/2005
are showing panoramic views of the house--4 views with no visible houseguests. Or barely visible, as the case may be.

We can hear Jenn and James talking, but can't see them.

Now FISH on 2 feeds, and we can hear Ivette whining/talking.

We see the DR table and the LR from far overhead.

Ed Note: What the hell?
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valentine - No Change, By the Way in the Camera Views #2000699 3:50PM 26/07/2005
Perhaps the control room is embroiled in the MeatGate scandal.

We can't hear anything except the FISH, either.
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valentine - Yep, Still the Same #2000741 3:56PM 26/07/2005
Jenn and James are still sitting at the DR table. April is walking around in the kitchen.

No dead or dying fish to speak of.
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valentine - Sorry. No Change. Ivette is Guffawing at the Table, Though. NT #2000861 4:10PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000819
ShannanCGC - BB Beau please go to the DR (twice just since K came out..something to do with the meat??) NT 0 Replies #2000819 4:06PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000866
Mareenie - Still far away views and feeds hard to hear 0 Replies #2000866 4:11PM 26/07/2005
Kaysar lying on the table. Jenn giving James a manicure. April watching and Ivette across the table eating. Can't really make out anything being said.

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Topic #2000897
Anonymous - BB; April, Please go to the diary rm, Ap, says"am I like celeb of the house today or what?" NT 1 Replies #2000897 4:19PM 26/07/2005
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Chica417 - Kaysar made the comment, "Well at least you'll get more face time on TV." NT #2001393 5:05PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000912
Anonymous - BB "Stop That" Not sure to who then fish. NT 1 Replies #2000912 4:22PM 26/07/2005
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Anonymous - Ivette said she was looking at some kind or wrap around the camera NT #2000932 4:24PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2000918
Anonymous - Howie asks april if shes wearing panties, she says yes, Howie, what color, April shows him and howie says "oh I love those lace panties" NT 0 Replies #2000918 4:23PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2001118
KatieBuckeye - Briefly....voices off camera (DR?) 1 Replies #2001118 4:43PM 26/07/2005
Male says, "So let me ask you a question. Did you ever feel like you didn't belong here?"

Female (Jaynelle or Jennifer?) aswers, "yeah, from the beginning."

Back to fish
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sniggle - Male voice was Cappy; female voice Maggie NT #2001133 4:44PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2001158
makmadden - We got cams back for about 1 min... James teasing Sarah "this woman does nothing for me"... "who 0 Replies #2001158 4:46PM 26/07/2005
does the dishes? ME! Who cooks dinner? ME!"
Sarah smiling and saying Shut up...
Howie says "who provides the BOOBIES?"...
all 4 cams were of the kitchen - James, Howie, Janelle and Sarah... but not on cam you could hear Eric say
Eric: "let me ask you something? Was there ever a time you felt you didn't belong here"
Maggie (i assume - again you couldn't see them just hear them) "yeah..." Eric: "when?"
Maggie - "as soon as i walked in the door"
.....then FISH
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Topic #2001485
SassyPrncess - Still FISH on all 4 cams NT 0 Replies #2001485 5:15PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2001494
Bilbo - FISH continues: Apparently someone left/put Kaysar's meat out of the refrigerator overnight 0 Replies #2001494 5:17PM 26/07/2005
and he went to the DR to find out what happened. He came back from DR and they said they would look at the tapes to see who did it, etc. Also we heard that someone took a dump in Kaysar's HOH toilet and didn't flush it.

(ed note) I don't think BB is concerned about the non-flushing incident
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Topic #2001545
straightdave - black screen for a few seconds then 2 Replies #2001545 5:22PM 26/07/2005
for a half second
GR on feeds 1,2,4
feed 3 B making bed

1 on WC
2 on DR door
3 on unidentified door, silver fabric attached loose and puffy(? asilver room too?)
4 hamock in BY
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straightdave - Silver fabric door is the inside of the DR, Noticed it on the broadcast just now NT #2001927 6:21PM 26/07/2005
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Sunflake - and not a single HG in sight. NT #2001584 5:27PM 26/07/2005
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