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Topic #2001829
Panda4 - We still have many FISH. NT 0 Replies #2001829 5:57PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2001895
Zazny - Feeds back, Eric seen in BY NT 1 Replies #2001895 6:13PM 26/07/2005
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Zazny - Maggie, Beau, and Ivette also in BY NT #2001908 6:14PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2001915
Zazny - Maggie jokes that America's Choice should be 'Who Needs a Makeover?' 0 Replies #2001915 6:17PM 26/07/2005
[ed: I don't think they have been teased with AC yet, but it was just wishful thinking and wishing as part of their conv.]

E: I wouldn't be surprised if I get a free wardrobe [after Beau and Ivette have made fun of me so much]
M: I should get one too
E: Or a spending spree

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Topic #2001918
Panda4 - fish again on all 4 feeds. NT 0 Replies #2001918 6:18PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2001924
pharm4 - A minute of feeds then FISH....and repeat...Geez NT 0 Replies #2001924 6:19PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002124
Zazny - I: They sequestered [Amy in BB3] to return; E: They don't have time to do that this year. There's too many people NT 0 Replies #2002124 6:53PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002270
bruhe - feed 1: no signal. NT 0 Replies #2002270 7:05PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002271
ktan - And now we have F1/F2/F3 with "No signal" while F4 has a frozen image of the fishtank. NT 0 Replies #2002271 7:05PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002288
Anonymous - feeds 1, 2 &3 black screen. feed 4 frozen fish NT 0 Replies #2002288 7:06PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002345
straightdave - Fish are back but camera angle changed slightly can no longer see into LR in upper right corner of tank view NT 0 Replies #2002345 7:09PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002415
joannie - Feeds back. Crappy's crew in BY, Crappy telling stories about his wife. NT 0 Replies #2002415 7:14PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002427
ankt - Live Feeds are back 0 Replies #2002427 7:15PM 26/07/2005
all cameras backyard but all hgs are not present
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Topic #2002466
luvthemfish - Ivette: My ex girlfriend was barbaric when it came to sex 0 Replies #2002466 7:19PM 26/07/2005
she'd say 'let's f***' and i'd be like....you think I want to have sex with you now?
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Topic #2002496
SassyPrncess - Eric admits he walks around house naked around his kids NT 0 Replies #2002496 7:21PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002500
joannie - Eric likes walking around naked in front of his kids(!) NT 0 Replies #2002500 7:21PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002523
Zazny - Quick check around the feeds 0 Replies #2002523 7:23PM 26/07/2005
Howie and ?? were playing coasters -- now watching the fish
Cappy's Crew and Jen are talking in the BY -- Jen left and is at the fish now
Rachel and April fed the fish and April is excited watching them eat aggressively

Howie has announced he has a woody
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Topic #2002526
joannie - April feeding the fish. She has to call outside to Jen when 0 Replies #2002526 7:23PM 26/07/2005
...the eel comes out of the rocks to feed. April: "She's evil!"
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Topic #2002544
SassyPrncess - Ivette doesn't feel Jenny's "stories" are genuine NT 0 Replies #2002544 7:25PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002559
joannie - Now that Jen has gone inside, the outside crew whispers about her. NT 0 Replies #2002559 7:26PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002575
luvthemfish - Maggie says....we can't judge people, cuz they have to meet their maker NT 0 Replies #2002575 7:27PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002595
joannie - Maggie: "Sometimes I say 'god dammit' but it's never, like, the 'god' version of it... 0 Replies #2002595 7:28PM 26/07/2005
Does that make sense?"
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Topic #2002608
SassyPrncess - Eric/Mags/Beau/Ivette on Jennifer........ 0 Replies #2002608 7:30PM 26/07/2005
(Note: Jen went inside to watch fish eat and it took less than 1 min for them to start bashing her)

Eric: She gets herself into situations then tries to back out when it;s too late.

Ivette: I don't think her stories are genuine. It's like she makes them up on the spot.
Maggie: I dont get that vibe. Doesn't mean it isn't true though.

Iv: She told me she was in a 6 yr relationship, and told Beau she had a crush on Michael.

Iv: She's sweet, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I am like, "Are you REAL?"

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Topic #2002614
Augustkm - Oh geez! Now Maggie is talking about how it's not for her to say, they have to 'meet their maker'. Can we spell 'sanctimonious'? NT 0 Replies #2002614 7:30PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002651
SassyPrncess - Maggie on Kaysar: So, do you think that whole religious thing... 0 Replies #2002651 7:33PM 26/07/2005
was just a ploy?
Beau: I do
Ivette: I am starting to think so.
M: I am flabbergasted.
Iv: I am starting to think so.
Beau: I haven't seen him pray
M: I haven't seen him either.
B: I've seen him once
Iv: He probably does it upstairs in his bedroom
B: Oh. Yah.
M: I don't know
Iv: To be honest, I dont know WHAT to think about all of them
M: Eric and I were talking and we can't judge people on that basis because they have to meet their maker.
Beau: Uh huh!
M: Like right now, I am...I make mistakes, God knows I make mistakes, but none if it is to hurt....I dont know....
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Topic #2002665
joannie - Rachel and April are making beds. NT 0 Replies #2002665 7:35PM 26/07/2005
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