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Topic #2017578
ihateeric - Howie: "Kaysar, youre a sexy bitch" NT 0 Replies #2017578 4:32PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017602
CruiseCritic - Jan in GR now and just said GO AWAY...not sure who she said it to and 0 Replies #2017602 4:34PM 28/07/2005
now talking about her aim for the HoH game tonight. sarah tellign her to find her spot, take breaths and remember your speed and go for it. (sounds like sarah really wants Jan to win)
Jowie checking himself out in BR, rachele doing her lips in BR rachele just hugged howie and now he wants to see panties..imagine that
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Topic #2017619
CruiseCritic - Maggie, Rachele, Ivette in kitchen on F1 0 Replies #2017619 4:36PM 28/07/2005
long shot of kitchen on F2
and GR on 3 and 4 with sarah showing how to shoot and follow thru for the HoH game..still talking with Janelle on the game. Sarah said Rachele can rock too.
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Topic #2017633
CruiseCritic - Janelle just said "am i the only one gaining weight?" NT 0 Replies #2017633 4:37PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017642
CruiseCritic - Most everyone in kitchen now... 0 Replies #2017642 4:39PM 28/07/2005
Jen, Ivette, rachele, Eric, Maggie, Beau, Kay, Howie...james walking thru with his arms folded...pacing.
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Topic #2017644
valentine - All the HG Start to Gather 0 Replies #2017644 4:39PM 28/07/2005
around the kitchen counter. Ivette is watching the clock for them and calling out the time.

Either Sarah or Janelle just tinkled with the microphone on.

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Topic #2017661
Zazny - Ivette loves Mariah Carey; Tushy Maggie (the g/f not the hg) loves Gwen Stefani NT 0 Replies #2017661 4:40PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017670
CruiseCritic - Sarah and James looking at fish as we hear Janelle ask Howie if he likes the shirt she has on. 0 Replies #2017670 4:41PM 28/07/2005
of course he does and they share I love you's
jan has to use the bathroom but howie is in there...maggie doing hair again and Jan fixing her boots saying
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Topic #2017705
CruiseCritic - HGs getting into their spots in LR 0 Replies #2017705 4:43PM 28/07/2005
Kay on couch closest to the nominees ...looks like Maggie is next to him and on opposite couch so far is Ivette,Beau and Rachele. sarah has joined Kay and Mag at opposite end of couch. Howie next to rachele and now jen on that couch also
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Topic #2017714
CruiseCritic - Eric and Maggie in chairs now, Eric closest to Kaysar 0 Replies #2017714 4:44PM 28/07/2005
Jan in BR brushing her teeth..
Everyone seems in good spirits.
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Topic #2017720
CruiseCritic - Just said they dont know the order yet for seating NT 0 Replies #2017720 4:45PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017727
CruiseCritic - Jan just joined the rest of the HGS in the LR NT 0 Replies #2017727 4:46PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017732
CruiseCritic - Chit chat about painting,,,earth tones...all around the room NT 0 Replies #2017732 4:47PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017749
CruiseCritic - Janelle just left and went back in GR and doing some more makeup.. 0 Replies #2017749 4:48PM 28/07/2005
she is the only one not in the LR with the rest of the,... she is on her way out and going back and sitting next to rachele on couch
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Topic #2017763
CruiseCritic - Eric just asked aApril if she ever wore braces because her teeth are perfect NT 0 Replies #2017763 4:49PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017766
CruiseCritic - FISH NT 0 Replies #2017766 4:49PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2017795
Tweeds - Afternoon Recap 07/28 0 Replies #2017795 4:53PM 28/07/2005
Eric is making comments about leaving a dump in the HOH bathroom, apparently he considers this a lovely parting gift. They all seem ready for the HOH competition. Sarah, James, Rachel and Howie are sitting around the table discussing remaining quiet today till the competition, to conserve their energy. James wants to stir things up. Ivette came in and was rattling on

about something... then leaves. Rachel talks to them about how they thought she was sleeping last night and she heard them discussing the whole idea of keeping an eye on the S6, also they were bashing everyone in the S6. [S6=Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, Sarah and James]

James and Janelle talking in the GR. Apparently a post has been added to the HOH game. James tells Janelle he cannot play like this, that he cannot be nice. They have apparently been given the order for play in the HOH game and Sarah is tenth. With Sarah going last and having added pressure on her, James is worried if they end up losing HOH this week and he is put up, Sarah will blame herself.

They have held the morning HOH practice and Cappy and the herd seem pretty confident with their performance this morning. Eric and Maggie taking shots at Janelle yet again. Ivette makes a comment about the S6 holding meetings, they never did that. [exsqueeze me? Is she in the same house we are all watching?] Ivette is making a batch of her famous bread pudding. Ivette tells Eric she doesn't want to be the negative one in the house. [Earth to Ivette... to late honey]

Howie lets James and Sarah know how important it is to him to win HOH, he would rather win HOH then bang Janelle. Earlier Eric gave Rachel a message to pass onto the S6, he wanted them to know he wasn't planning to say good bye to them, only those in his group. They laugh and don't seem to concern about not getting a farewell hug from Cappy. James seems determined to make every effort to drive April right off the edge, not that she hasn't taken up permanent residence there already. James feels certain that Rachel is playing both sides, but Kaysar tries to assure him she isn't and also trying to convince James to play nice. James is trying to convince Kaysar that he is going to become a republican soon.

The S6 crew are playing coasters in the living room, killing time until the live show and HOH competition. Eric is thanking God for having Maggie in the house with him. Howie suggests April might try a new career in coasters since she seems to be happy playing that. James still ranting a bit about Eric. Kaysar mentions that millions of people are watching them, James wonders if people really do watch them. [Yes James, we are watching you. We know what you did this summer.]


The April Smoke Watch reports that April is down to her last two packs. This has become a matter of concern since April is so near the edge anyway, hopefully Big Brother might throw her a few mercy smokes. They are all primping for the show, Ivette is wearing a short skirt which Beau apparently loves. They get a few more minutes of practice time for the HOH competition. They are all running around the house getting ready, chit chat. Eric is shaving his head for his big exit. Ivette inspects his dome and finds a tiny spot he missed. Ivette then flicks her skirt up giving Eric a shot of her butt. Eric refers to this as the "coochie cutter". Maggie comes in as Eric shaves the spot he missed and asks about his addressing James at some point tonight on the live show.

Eric claims he is 5'7" on a good day. Apparently he hasn't had a good day since he arrived at the Big Brother house. Howie points out how this is not reality, since in reality people blow a load everyday and he hasn't blown a load in a month. Apparently they have specific shirts to wear for the HOH competition. James is talking about having lost all respect for Kaysar the night of the "incident" because he was face to face with Ivette and looked like he might hit her. James assumes its a cultural thing.

Ivette is happy to be out of the closet. Howie is being his normal crude, rude and socially unacceptable self, this time with Jennifer. James comments that he thought there would be camera men running around all over. James and Howie teasing about if James should keep Sarah, Howie says if he doesn't she will end up being his girlfriend. As Kaysar is primping, Maggie steps right in front of him at the mirror. There is talk about what happens after someone leaves the show, April mentions they could ask Michael or Ashlea, but oops, they are not there.

Howie informs Kaysar he is a "sexy bitch". A little bit of game talk happening, the HOH game that is, Sarah giving Janelle a pep talk, I think she is hoping someone early on wins it so it doesn't all come down to her. The HG's are moving into their places for the live show. Kaysar is sitting nearest to Eric. And the feeds cut to fish at 4:49pm, most likely till after the show.

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Topic #2018501
Chunga - Maggie wins HoH 0 Replies #2018501 5:53PM 28/07/2005
She was the only one to put a ball in the circles. Most everyone else was too strong.
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Topic #2018608
JHo - LIVE SHOW UPDATE (SPOILER) 2 Replies #2018608 5:57PM 28/07/2005
Eric was evicted
Janelle was leading HoH competition, until maggie got closer to the hole. and Maggie won HoH.
Julie Chen Revealed the secret partners, "It's Official" and the new prize money.
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WoRdUp - dont forget... #2018670 6:00PM 28/07/2005
Julie said dont expect that to be all.

which means more twists are yet to come
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Anonymous - Julie said that she will reveal another twist next week also NT #2018703 6:01PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2018865
drummer_inblack - feeds are back now NT 0 Replies #2018865 6:06PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2018927
Shereebie - Feeds are back - Sarah and James were talking in GR, Sarah upset at Maggie winning HoH... 0 Replies #2018927 6:09PM 28/07/2005
James convinces her to join the rest of the group.

All feeds on HGs eating in kitchen. General chit chat.
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Topic #2018951
luvthemfish - Everyone is eating now.... 0 Replies #2018951 6:10PM 28/07/2005
Sarah and James were in the gold room, sarah had been crying, and telling James she was sorry (about the HOH comp)
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Topic #2018998
luvthemfish - Kitchen Conversation........maggie and Ivette 0 Replies #2018998 6:12PM 28/07/2005
Maggie: Now we can have another week of fun.....
Omg a million dollars, for you guys
Ivette: I don't care about that
Ivette: Pepperoni(aprils dog) is a drama queen, he's a little beau
Maggie is whiping at her eyes a little
Ivette is stroking Maggie's hair
Ivette: he's going back on that plane to vegas, he'll be gambling tonight
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Topic #2019025
luvthemfish - April, Beau, Maggie, Ivette, April and Jenn are sitting in front of fish tank eating NT 0 Replies #2019025 6:14PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019031
PPan - Ivette, Beau, Maggie, April sitting in front of fish tank, eating and 0 Replies #2019031 6:14PM 28/07/2005
discussing the fish. They are all in a row and watching the fish tank like it was a television. All of the fish have names.
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