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Topic #2022544
Disneyisme - BB: HG's the pool needs cleaning, please put the pool sweep in the pool." NT 1 Replies #2022544 11:07PM 28/07/2005
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Anonymous - Janelle says, "Damn. where's Eric?" (when ya need him) NT #2022562 11:09PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2022570
Disneyisme - It's difficult to follow the GR conversation, FISH come on every few seconds. Howie and James 0 Replies #2022570 11:10PM 28/07/2005
are both saying how much she wanted their input on strategic moves. James says no matter what you do don't lie to her, he starts to say he thinks she is a lawyer, or law enforcement. He says something about trying cases, but we are still getting FISH every few seconds....about 10 times now.
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Topic #2022617
Disneyisme - Sarah is saying that one of them will go....James says that Maggie 1 Replies #2022617 11:14PM 28/07/2005
was trying to get him to say that Howie and Rachel are the strong couple. Kaysar says that when Eric left, she didn't cry, there was something about the way she handled herself, he says "I think you are right, she may be law enforcement..." FISH

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Panda4 - I did not hear James admit that he told Maggie that Janelle & Kaysar are the strong players. NT #2022836 11:34PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2022642
Disneyisme - Howie is pointing all the reasons that Janelle, Kay and James are strong players. 0 Replies #2022642 11:16PM 28/07/2005
Howie says he doesn't think he scares her..FISH
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Topic #2022673
Disneyisme - Beau, April, Ivette and Mag are in HOH..GR feeds keep going to FISH. 0 Replies #2022673 11:19PM 28/07/2005
Maggie talks about Howie and how she told him he was in a gray area for a while, then all the sudden he was on one side and he took her off the chess board...the old Howie wouldn't have done that.
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Topic #2022685
Curlingbaby - Maggie is not telling the truth about the Howie/Rachel conversation to her "tribe" NT 1 Replies #2022685 11:20PM 28/07/2005
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Curlingbaby - Now she is lying about Kaser. He almost gave her his word but he stopped himself. She is not sharing the whole picture with her team. NT #2022707 11:21PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2022692
ferretkiss - maggie and her group in HOH... april REALLY TRASHING KAYSER 0 Replies #2022692 11:20PM 28/07/2005
maggie telling her group what everyone said to her in hoh:

rachel talked from start to finish about relationships. maggie told her honestly you are in a gray area because i really would have protected you. so whether or not, not for nothing, we are going to get down to the point where we had to play as pairs, and cappy and i dont like doing that, it was mostly like i really liked you, i wish your partner was not on that team.

then howie came up and was like [BB: houseguests the pool needs cleaning] hoh people say let them do it. rachel is going to do it, they say thank you people.

so i had a really good conv with rachel, whether or not that will come back to bite me, i dont know.

howie came up, we talked, i said howie this is serious or its not a discussion at all. then howie said boobies and the meeting was adjourned. i got an understanding of how howie is going to play the game, and he never said i would have protected you, he never said i liked you.

(maggie says i should wait for ivette, she will pissed. so she asks about what james said to them. beau tells that they told him he betrayed our trust, maggie says i dont think he gets that, he thinks that when it was me against him he was going to go, but i never asked who was going to go. april says james went immediately after kayser, and gave up his alliance with sarah. april says you know how i have been upset the last few days, and i approached kayser, it was the night of the power of veto, we already knew everybody had us figured out. so jennifer and i went into the GR, and it was everybody on the other team, so kayser was like sit down, sit down, do not let this get out. we really like yall, we really do, and since you decided to come out and tell us, that makes you safe. you would not belive how stupid this guy thinks we are. (ivette enters). april continues, so now im talking and all those guys are his followers, we really like you and want you to go with the plan, but dont be obvious. all he could say is he could promise yall three weeks. what he was trying to say is if jennifer or i won hoh over the next three weeks we would have to save all of them. he really thought we would do that. ivette: so did you take the deal? april: no. so this is the good part, he told me since i dont want you to burn bridges on the other side, you can vote to evict maggie. go ahead and vote as you wish. maggie: so why did you wait to tell us this? april: because ive been getting information.

april: i told kayser that there is no way i can vote to backstab people i love. i wanted hoh today because he told me last night, i told him flatout to his fuc*ing face, ..... he was trying to contol us, he thinks we are weak players. ive been emotional, i dont even know him. i calle dhim out at the table, and said you know what really bothers me, you think we are cappys followers, but you are doing the same thing. and he said, no i dont tell people how to vote. he is so, honestly you do what you want to do, but he (kayser) is the bigger threat. james was in tears. iv: i have seen so many people in this house crying.

april: starts talking bad about kayser again. honestly, if he gets it next week, you two guys are in trouble. james wants to go with the majority. (saying to put up kayser.)


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Topic #2022716
Disneyisme - April wants to know what Kaysar said. Maggie says I told him "don't you dare bring up your religion 0 Replies #2022716 11:22PM 28/07/2005
even once in this room, because I can see that doesn't play in any part of this game for you." Ivette and Beau "wow, you really said that?" Maggie goes on to say how Kaysar started to say "I give you my word..." she told him to "stop"..my word left with Eric.
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Topic #2022848
Panda4 - Feeds 3&4 are GR and fish/bubbles every few seconds so very hard to get the S6 conversation. NT 0 Replies #2022848 11:35PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2022873
Panda4 - Rachel just told the S6 in GR that they should go to sleep early not stay awake until 0 Replies #2022873 11:38PM 28/07/2005
2a.m. because BB is waking them at 9a.m.
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Topic #2022924
PinkPanther - Mag lied and said James told her she should put up Kaysar and Howie...Not true 0 Replies #2022924 11:41PM 28/07/2005
He told her Kaysar and Janelle
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Topic #2023007
TheAntiHamster - Maggie sees James as bigger threat than Kaysar 0 Replies #2023007 11:49PM 28/07/2005
Maggie feels James is a bigger threat because he can relate to them personally. Form bonds. Whereas, Kaysar, while strategic also (like James), he can't form personal relationships with any of the Magettes, so they're safer from his influence.

April fighting to save Kaysar. Ivette fighting to save James.
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