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Topic #2020762
ibackdapack823 - Jen to Maggie(while looking at photo): you look skinny in this picture.....then silence LOL 0 Replies #2020762 8:16PM 28/07/2005
April: She's not saying that your fat now
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Topic #2020769
Awesome_Possum - Howie & Kaysar complaining the HOH competition was just luck 0 Replies #2020769 8:17PM 28/07/2005
Like flipping a coin. BB is just using luck to break up alliances.
But, during the practice sessions last night, Maggie was consistently doing very well. Despite what Howie says, it was not a lucky toss.
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Topic #2020771
Anonymous - Ugh, April 0 Replies #2020771 8:17PM 28/07/2005
April is standing in the HOH room with her hand down her pants in her crotch "damn, my panties are too tight"
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Topic #2020921
hoarsewhisperer - Maggie alone with her "treasures"in the HOH ..no pals around NT 0 Replies #2020921 8:29PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2020948
hoarsewhisperer - James: "if we were gone, this show would be so f'in boring" to super 6 outside NT 1 Replies #2020948 8:32PM 28/07/2005
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Anonymous - ^Yep. Shades of BB2 and their delusions of grandeur ... Sarah says, "let's not talk about it." (smart girl) NT #2020971 8:34PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021241
luvthemfish - James has gone to sit with Beau and Ivette on the round lounger NT 0 Replies #2021241 9:02PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021317
Awesome_Possum - James and Ivetter in a heart-to-heart. They agree that sincerity 1 Replies #2021317 9:09PM 28/07/2005
is the most important thing. Sincerity and friendship is all that matters. James is making his pitch. That he was cast out by the Good People. Ivette griping that the Good People were the buts of jokes for a week, told that they were losers and to just smile and take it.

James: for a week, evertime I and April walked into a room you (the Good People) would just stand up and leave. Maggie objects to including April in that.
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Anonymous - Correction: #2021864 10:15PM 28/07/2005
James said "I and Sarah", not April
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Topic #2021409
Awesome_Possum - James and Ivette are debating. Resolved: Janelle is a total B*tch. 0 Replies #2021409 9:20PM 28/07/2005
Ivette is incredulous that James joined up with the self-centered b*tch, who never washed a single dish, ... .

After a lot of this, back and forth, Maggie makes a simple, quiet comment to James, to the extent you (James) are going to have to go home and face your people. I (Maggie) have my impression of you (James). There are some people that are in my grey area, people who I might change my mind about after I see the DVDs, but you (James) are not one of those people.

Maggie: Don't you (James) realize that you were leaving behind a group of people that would have fought for you to the end. (She is saying that James betrayed his friends.)

Ivette: You forgot the trust you had for three weeks.

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Topic #2021482
luvthemfish - Ivette is telling James that her group isn't secretive and doesn't always strategize 0 Replies #2021482 9:25PM 28/07/2005
Jennifer: yeah, are we in the HOH room right now?
(at this moment , they're outside)
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Topic #2021500
luvthemfish - James: I was being backstabbed by Eric (Maggie sighs and walks away) NT 0 Replies #2021500 9:26PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021501
Anonymous - Ivette: "We are okay to go home and to not play this devilish game.... 0 Replies #2021501 9:26PM 28/07/2005
If we get it great, if we don't fine. IT'S OKAY"
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Topic #2021533
ibackdapack823 - James asks Ivette not to attack Kaysar's religion....lots of hypocrite comments going on right now NT 0 Replies #2021533 9:30PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021534
Anonymous - James: "When I go home this week, I'll look at the tapes... 0 Replies #2021534 9:30PM 28/07/2005
and see how bad I got played. Maybe I'll owe you guys a thousand apologies at the wrap party, if not, I'll pray for you guys"
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Topic #2021626
luvthemfish - Rachel going to HOH with Maggie 0 Replies #2021626 9:39PM 28/07/2005
Maggie offered to leth er bring Howie too, Rachel said she'd go alone
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Topic #2021647
caguy75 - Maggie in HOH she called HG's to come up to talk either alone or with their partner NT 0 Replies #2021647 9:40PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021652
Disneyisme - I am just in - Ivette, Jenn, Beau, April and James are on the hammock. 0 Replies #2021652 9:40PM 28/07/2005
Ivette is telling James that the bond that they had could have beat 'them'. James says "Eric didn't want to beat them, because he didn't want Mag to go home." Ivette says there were alot of ways we could have beat them. She says "the same way you got easily bribed, we could have done the same thing right back."

James says "they played us perfectly." James says "you call me irrational, but I had to what it took to keep me from leaving Sarah. Whether it was the right thing or not, I don't know."
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Topic #2021661
caguy75 - Maggie went PEE!!! BB forgot to MUTE LOL NT 0 Replies #2021661 9:41PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021683
drummer_inblack - Maggie: "As much as I want to seek revenge, i'm not going to. Eric and I decided not to." NT 0 Replies #2021683 9:43PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021685
Disneyisme - Rachel is in HOH with Maggie. Maggie is trying to use the spy camera, she asks Rachel 0 Replies #2021685 9:44PM 28/07/2005
"does this thing really go out after 1/2 hour?" Rachel says she doesn't know.

Maggie says "I just want to tell you that Eric really cared about you." Rachel says "I really liked Eric, I hope they played my tape for him." Rachel says how awful the week was and that some people got joy out of it.
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Topic #2021689
caguy75 - Maggie and Rachel in HOH 0 Replies #2021689 9:44PM 28/07/2005
Maggie "I am not here for revenge"...
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Topic #2021703
Disneyisme - Maggie says that outside the game Rahcel would be a good friend, but she says 0 Replies #2021703 9:46PM 28/07/2005
"inside the game you are gray, I can't see where you stand. You kept to yourself so much last week." Rachel: "I felt alone even before last week..." Maggie: "Why? You had me, we were friends." Rachel: "Oh I know we're friends, but my partner was going in a different direction and I was torn."
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Topic #2021722
Disneyisme - Maggie tells Rachel "I see you don't like the negativity." 0 Replies #2021722 9:49PM 28/07/2005
Rachel says how she used to talk to Eric in the mornings and that she really liked talking to him.

Maggie asked Rachel "why did you see Eric as a stronger player than me?" Rachel says "Eric had a strong commanding presence in the house, he got people to follow him and he was good at competitions. I admired him for that." Maggie is satisfied with her answer.
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Topic #2021737
Disneyisme - Maggie asks Rachel what she would like to see happen... 0 Replies #2021737 9:51PM 28/07/2005
Rachel kind of skirts the issue and says "what I would really like is to see people get along. It s**ks that there is division in the house."

Maggie asks "what happens if you and Howie are put up together?" Rachel: "I want to leave, it was Howie that wanted to play this game. I am was glad to play with him."
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Topic #2021744
drummer_inblack - Maggie: "I didn't bank for one minute being HOH." NT 0 Replies #2021744 9:52PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2021747
Disneyisme - Maggie: "who do you think I should put up?" Rachel: "I can't tell you that." NT 0 Replies #2021747 9:53PM 28/07/2005
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