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Topic #2014900
KinkyLilBlackDress - Kaysar shares his concerns about James to Rachel 0 Replies #2014900 10:40AM 28/07/2005
Kaysar tells Rachel that James got into another fight with April last night, and Kaysar is afraid that James will take it too far. They both comment about how abrasive James has been, and how he needs to be controlled.
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Topic #2014949
Panda4 - Fish on all 4 feeds. NT 0 Replies #2014949 10:47AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2014958
Panda4 - We are back. Howie and Janelle cleaning GR and James is niw in with them. NT 0 Replies #2014958 10:48AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2014968
Panda4 - Howie, Rachel & Sarah are trying to get kinks out of the LR carpet. Moving 0 Replies #2014968 10:49AM 28/07/2005
all couches and table to correct the problem.
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Topic #2014999
Panda4 - Ivette tells Sarah & Howie that tape is on carpet for proper placement of couches. NT 0 Replies #2014999 10:55AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015021
Panda4 - Feeds are 4 different views of kitchen area. Beau, April,Jenn,Maggie,Sarah,Rachel,Ivette,Beau & Howie 0 Replies #2015021 11:01AM 28/07/2005
are all chit chatting. Ivette F*()(* something about shopping. (her mouth upsets me)
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Topic #2015162
knifey_spooney - Eric/Ivette/Beau/Howie talking about smoking pot 0 Replies #2015162 11:21AM 28/07/2005
They seem to have done it before. Ivette smokes occasionally because her girlfriend "really likes the stuff" Eric says back in the day, he has "Fractured some laws" They laugh. Someone is saying "puff puff pass"

Eric was also talking about St. Catherines street in Montreal, how anything goes in that city, the hookers aren't nasty, they are good looking etc.

(ed. note: its true, I used to live there)

Ivette says when she gets home she isn't going to just jump into bed with her g/f, there is too much she wants to do, to take Maggie everywhere, and she wants to see her mom.

Ivette talking about tofu (?) How she is cuban, she eats steak, white rice and black beans, Maggie tried to introduce her to tofu, but there is no way she will eat that, she's cuban, she eats steak. She says there is no decaf coffee in cuban restraunts. They serve Sanka (sp) Howie says ugh, i know what Sanka is. Ivette says Maggie (her g/f) gained pounds when she met her.

Lots of good natured banter in the kitchen, no trash talking from this group, lots of laughter. Mainly Ivette talking.
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Topic #2015168
knifey_spooney - Camera pans to James and Sarah looking totally bored and not talking NT 0 Replies #2015168 11:21AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015175
knifey_spooney - IVette talking a mile a minute, no one else can be heard lol NT 0 Replies #2015175 11:24AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015210
SassyPrncess - FISH NT 0 Replies #2015210 11:30AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015263
Diana - Eric talking about letting something fester 0 Replies #2015263 11:44AM 28/07/2005
before placing it in the HOH bathroom later <gag>

now Ivette screaming 'Sarah you stupid whore'
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Topic #2015266
SouthernBelladonna - Just before FISH......... 0 Replies #2015266 11:44AM 28/07/2005
Maggie asked Eric if he was ready to "go" yet. He said he was letting it build up. (he's planning on leaving a poo in the HOH bathroom) Ivette expresses concern that one of them will have to go in there. He tells them not to.
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Topic #2015276
CougarSpy - Howie, “A powerful antidote is winning.” NT 0 Replies #2015276 11:45AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015337
CougarSpy - Howie, Rachel, Sarah and James sit around large table. Sarah, Rachel and Howie think they should just remain quiet all day and reserve their energy. 1 Replies #2015337 11:52AM 28/07/2005
James wants to stir up stuff. They ask if he reserves that until the HOH competition.

Ivette comes in looking for Sarah, but Sarah is hiding under the table. Ivette finds her and is going on about something. Sarah says “no business like show business” or “no eviction like eviction…” Ivette says they are spoiling her fun. [It appears Ivette has made up a song.] Ivette leaves.

Howie comments, “A powerful antidote is winning.” He also mentions silence would hurt them more. They would get overconfident and think we are scared. Everyone seems to be in agreement but James. Sarah asks if for this one day he can behave.

[There was more to the conversation, but this was the gist of it.]
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CougarSpy - At the start of this conversation they were talking about Eric’s group taking turns watching them outside. Rachel says they thought she was sleeping. #2015626 12:35PM 28/07/2005
She heard their plans that are exactly what they were doing.

James – What is it?
Rachel - They were all whispering...they were like… about you guys going outside …then they were all running back outside to watch you …and then…they were all in it. ..all of them.
R - They were making fun of me and cutting me down, they were cutting him down, you down…everybody…
J – They hate me
R – They don’t like any of us. Trust me, I hear it. I’m laying RIGHT there.
R – So…don’t think they might be for a second…because I don’t...

J –Go on, let them do this, let them have their fun today. When we win HOH they are going to cry…
S – We just have too make sure of that…
J – They are going to break down mentally…and hopefully emotionally, which I’m going to assist with that…<laughs>

J – I’m going to tell April straight up, I’m not, if I get, I’m not nominating you this week, because I’m not getting you out of here until you are stuck at sequester. So your husbands out there f#ck’n all these women and your dogs are starving to death. You’re sitting in here suffering.
H – What is she going to do?
R or S – Stop it.
J – She will have a heart attack
H – What’s she going to do?

J – She was in here trying to rile me up this morning; you know…
R – They were talking this morning about how you guys…

[My real player reloaded accidentally, grrr...so the rest is from memory…]

James talks about the
James mentions again that when April and Beau came out, they had an argument. He said “You guys taking shift!” April shouted back, “A$$hole…” [Exact wording is in overnight Updates.] Sarah says that prior to this Eric was just sitting outside with his arms folded like this [normal hands on opposite elbows]

[This was said before they were interrupted by Ivette. Yet, James wants to harass them all day, while the rest want to kill them with silence and kindness.]

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Topic #2015361
CougarSpy - FISH for a few moments now. NT 0 Replies #2015361 11:57AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015363
Tweeds - Morning Update for Thusday 07/28 0 Replies #2015363 11:57AM 28/07/2005
Eviction Day! After being up late practicing for the HOH today under the watchful eye of Cappy... everyone finally got to sleep around 4:00am

Jennifer is the first one up. Eric gets up shortly after but uses the WC and heads back to bed. Almost an hour later, Eric and Ivette are whispering in the bathroom. Rachel is up and exercising. Cappy and the herd seem to feel very certain that no one on the other team has a life outside of the house, Kaysar still lives with his parents. Ivette talks about Janelle being a slob. Maggie, Eric and Ivette are showing solidarity this morning by all wearing fire department shirts.

Eric suggests the vacuum the GR now, while people are sleeping. Maggie lays down on the counter, aka the sacrificial altar. As on most live show days, they are trying to get the house cleaned up a bit, make it look presentable for company. After all, they are having millions over this evening. Rachel tells Howie "I'm in a good spot", I assume she means as far as not being hated by the herd.

Rachel and Howie discuss the possibility that James is not really working with them and did not vote for Eric to leave. Janelle and Howie talk about how they are going to kick ass today, they hug but then the excitable Ivette drowns out the conversation with her vacuuming. Howie gives Janelle a backrub while Maggie packs her bag for the impending eviction show tonight.

Rachel voices her concerns to Kaysar that James has just been playing them and that they are going to be blindsided on the live show tonight. Kaysar shares his concerns with Rachel, that James keeps going off on April. Howie, Rachel and Sarah are trying to get the kinks out the LR carpet, Howie and Janelle were cleaning the GR earlier.

Apparently there are tape markers on the carpet for where the furniture is to be placed. [aka idiot-proof decorating]. Eric, Ivette, Beau and Howie are talking about smoking pot, Eric admits to having fractured some laws and Ivette admits to smoking occasionally .[It’s not her fault, of course, it's because her gf likes the stuff].

Ivette tells about Maggie trying to get her to try tofu, she has no interest, she is cuban, she wants steak. Ivette says there is no decaf coffee in cuban restaurants, they serve sanka. [Last time I checked, Sanka was in fact, decaf coffee]. It seems to be a good natured conversation, no trash talking, which is a relief to our dedicated updaters.

At 11:30am we have fish.

Eric is making comments about leaving a dump in the HOH bathroom, apparently he considers this a lovely parting gift. They all seem ready for the HOH competition. Sarah, James, Rachel and Howie are sitting around the table discussing remaining quiet today till the competition, to conserve their energy. James wants to stir things up. Ivette came in and was rattling on about something... then leaves.

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Topic #2015426
Panda4 - We still have FISH and bubbles on all 4 feeds. NT 0 Replies #2015426 12:08PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015597
erniebert - Bright yellow fish are chasing big silver fish around the tank. NT 0 Replies #2015597 12:30PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015643
joannie - Feeds are back. Janelle and James are in the GR 0 Replies #2015643 12:37PM 28/07/2005
looks like the sheep are in the BY
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Topic #2015647
nascargirl - i think they said sarah goes 10th NT 0 Replies #2015647 12:39PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015651
joannie - James: "We lose this game and the numbers will go the other direction." NT 0 Replies #2015651 12:39PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015655
nascargirl - sounds like there is going to be a pole in the course NT 0 Replies #2015655 12:40PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015663
CougarSpy - James, "I can't play like this, I can't be nice." to Janelle in Gold Room. NT 0 Replies #2015663 12:41PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015664
joannie - James: "I can't play like this. I can't play like this. 0 Replies #2015664 12:41PM 28/07/2005
I really CAN'T be f'in nice."
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Topic #2015675
joannie - James: "Sarah's gonna have all the pressure on her being number ten. 0 Replies #2015675 12:43PM 28/07/2005
James: "If I go up she will think it's all her fault."
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