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Topic #2013402
Caribou - In the BY, Howie et all still practicing ball game. NT 0 Replies #2013402 2:57AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013403
Caribou - April tells Kaysar she doesn't want to be sequestered she doesn't think. Especially NOT with James there. Says those people in there will kill him. NT 0 Replies #2013403 2:57AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013408
BHnoah - April telling Kaysar-- Let us when HOH so we can put James up 0 Replies #2013408 2:58AM 28/07/2005
Man oh man-- I actually began to fall for her sh-t on oh my I can't handle this house
But then she went on and on how james is a lying backstabber, How he and eric talked so much sh-t about kaysar-- then she goes and throws in let us win trying to get kaysar to join sides with her

asked kaysar what he thought of Maggie

said if you guys put up Ivette and Maggie that be like them putting up to Michael to Kaysar saying that they have done nothing wrong

then saying how people came down on him for religion she hate that (HELLO she talked sh-t about him for his religion)

people still up practicing for HOH comp.

okay-- 5am my time-- gotta go to bed
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Topic #2013411
Caribou - April recounts a convo with James. He supposedly told April she signed up for the wrong thing so she better walk her ass out the door. Kaysar seems 0 Replies #2013411 2:59AM 28/07/2005
surprised at this. Kaysar says James is very abrasive.
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Topic #2013414
Caribou - Kaysar says it's a front with James. He has a heart but tries to be a hardass. NT 0 Replies #2013414 3:00AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013418
Caribou - Kaysar - i see the faults. i'm just trying to get through day by day NT 0 Replies #2013418 3:01AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013433
Caribou - kaysar tells April he can't be a babysitter. Then he tells April that Mike said all the same things she is saying. april now agrees Mike had a great 0 Replies #2013433 3:05AM 28/07/2005
life outside and good money and he went at the right time.

The BY gang goes into bed.

April tells Kaysar she is dealing with james, trying to be the adult and try to hold her composure with him but he thinks he's god almighty. Kaysar agrees James is cocky and needs his ego fed a lot. April laughing at Sarah being so in love with James, says she is James puppet. Kaysar says it's not his place to interfere. April could care less what happens to that relationship, she liked Sarah so much more before she knew they were b/f g/f.

Kaysar glad they had this convo. April says dont' second guess me.
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Topic #2013437
knifey_spooney - April: Kaysar, I am not stressed.. 0 Replies #2013437 3:06AM 28/07/2005
She says that she is not stressed at all, when she cries, its not because she is sad, its because she is not herself, she is such a happy person outside of the house.

April says that whatever you tell them (the casting people?) that you hate is what they put up in the house. April proceeds to list every possible flaw someone may have, and says thats what she hates.. she hates dirty people, she hates racist people, she hates backsxtabbers etc

She says she is thinking ahead, and she does not want to be in the sequester house. "If that mofo is in the sequester, I am not going"

She talks about trying to talk to James, she said she told him she didn't want to talk but James kept talking. She said that James got all in her face and told her "Theres three doors, walk your ass out of the door..." She says she got chest to chest with him and said (in a snarly voice) "I'm not giving up that f*cking easy motherf*cker!" (ed. note: I recapped this, and she did not, she looked thrown for a loop and said, "i'm not giving up that easy")

April says that James told her not to put him up because she hates him, put him up because its strategy and she's scared of him. She says that everything she talked about with James, no matter what she said, she was wrong.

April says that when Maggie, Ivette leave, she just does not want to stay in the house. She then mentions Beau and Jennifer as an after-thought.

April says once they are gone, she has bigger and better things outside the house, and she doesn't want to stay (when they are gone) She worries a bit about editing on the outside. She says that she knows that no one calls her a whore in the DR or anything.

April says that Sarah is so in love with James (imitates Sarah in a whiny voice: "he's my superhero") She says she liked Sarah so much more before they knew Sarah and James were together.

April tells Kaysar never to second guess her, that she would never lie to her.

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Topic #2013438
Anonymous - April: If it were for a million dollars trust me i would stick with it (HAHA) NT 0 Replies #2013438 3:07AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013451
Caribou - April tells Kaysar - don't repeat this, but while you're close with James, your ass is right there on the line. Kay says he knows and he could go 0 Replies #2013451 3:11AM 28/07/2005
tomorrow he doesn't care. April says she feels the same.
Kaysar now talking up April and Jennifer. April talking up Beau. Kaysar thinks Beau is just afraid to stand up to Eric. April thinks if Eric leaves that Beau will be better. April expects Beau to be her best friend at the end of this thing. Kaysar likes Beau.

Kaysar confides that he would like him, April, Jenn and beau at the end together.

Kaysar tells April if she needs a hug or if someone badmouths her to come to him. Now April tells about friends and what makes a friend, respect at the core, give and take.

James brings out the worst in April and she can't stand that. She can't stand that he lied too coming into this game. She says James is insecure.

April says her husband jokes with people all the time the same way James does but brushes over that quickly (lol).

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Topic #2013454
starrynite - April & Kaysar hug. 1 Replies #2013454 3:12AM 28/07/2005
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Caribou - he went to her. she was crying NT #2013461 3:15AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013460
Caribou - April's goal was to have honest, respectable people in this game. Kaysar says this is just a game to him and laughs. Now April says Howie talks trash 0 Replies #2013460 3:15AM 28/07/2005
about Kaysar. Kaysar says Howie is just a big kid.

April asks why is Kaysar afraid to get rid of james? Because he needs a certain number of people? Kaysar says he has a plan. April says if Kaysar gets HOH she'll be begging.

April tells Kaysar not to bring James to the end because he'll be a hard guy to beat. April wants to give Kaysar credit for more than what she does. April says let James dig his own hole. April says if she needs to talk she'll come to Kaysar. April says James doesn't need to be coached. April doesn't want Kaysar helping James.

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Topic #2013463
knifey_spooney - April: Its not about the money, $500K is nothing... 0 Replies #2013463 3:16AM 28/07/2005
if it was a million dollars, you bet I would be sticking around for a bit longer.

April saying how wonderful Beau is, she says that Beau will probably be her best friend when she leaves.

April says that she will be so much better once James is gone, she says he brings out the worst in her.

She apparently signed a waiver before she came into the house, with her work, saying if she did anyting questionable, said anything unethical outside the house, she would not have her job when she comes home, and James brings out all those things in her.

She says that James lied about more things coming into this house than anyone else.. she said he told them he was 27 instead of 29 because he didn't want to get voted out. She says it says alot about a person. She said that she has so much hate in her heart (for James). She tells him again not to worry about anything with her.

Kaysar said he likes her and Jennifer.

April says her goal is to have really good, honest people with her at the end. Not people like James. She says that Howie even talks trash.

This whole time Kaysar has been gently reminded her that he has made his commitment to the alliance, he has to go with it. He says he knew he was taking a risk when he got into it.

April is saying that he should know that he could never win against James in the finals. She says to let James dig his own hole, not to coach him. She says Kaysar will help him, and the next week he (kay) will be gone and James will be safe.

April was doing fine until that motherf*cker opened his mouth again. She says she is 30, she doesn't need that sh*t etc etc etc.
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Topic #2013471
Caribou - April and Kaysar hug. April says "do you really think we were taking shifts? cappy was doing his own thing" NT 0 Replies #2013471 3:18AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013481
Caribou - April recounts to Kaysar that James was hammering Beau with questions about who was good on their team at the ball game etc. April doesn't think 0 Replies #2013481 3:22AM 28/07/2005
it's right for James to be asking questions. Now April tells Kaysar that Jennifer had an anxiety attack. Kaysar says she doesnt' talk she doesn't get out much. April swears kaysar to secrecy. Kaysar tells April to tell Jennifer to come talk to him if she's upset, about anything, not even the game just anything.

Janelle still playing ball game in the background. She never went to bed.
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Topic #2013494
Caribou - April having one more smoke. She only has two packs left. What made her cry tonight was Janelle telling April she wouldn't vote her out. Kaysar walks 0 Replies #2013494 3:27AM 28/07/2005
by Howie in the kitchen and says "stop talking trash". Howie is eating PBJ at breakfast bar.

April now out with Kaysar again asking what he thinks about the game, if it will be that big or if banking required. Kaysar says maybe but it doesn't make sense that 10 people would be on one course. Kaysar thinks they put this out there to let them all get a feel for the ball.

Janelle practicing in background.

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Topic #2013504
Caribou - Kaysar tells April he put a lot of stuff on hold. He's got a great life waiting for him and ready to leave anytime NT 0 Replies #2013504 3:29AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013508
Caribou - April tells Kaysar that he is not on her radar, nor is Howie, Rachel or Janelle. It's about strategy. She wouldn't put up Ivette or Beau because that 0 Replies #2013508 3:30AM 28/07/2005
wouldnt' be strategy. If Kaysar had to put her up for strategy, she wouldn't take it personal. Kaysar reminds her "i told you 3 weeks from now, game on"
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Topic #2013512
Caribou - April telling Kaysar not to plan who goes which week because you can't do that. Kaysar replies "i shoot for the stars and if i land somewhere in the 0 Replies #2013512 3:32AM 28/07/2005
middle that's fine"

April says worry about himself, not these other people. NOw April says James is smart and he would probably take her to the end because he thinks she's weak.

Kaysar says don't listen to morals just don't show all your cards. April says if she wins HOH they'll have a talk and she'll have to see what's in her heart at that time.
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Topic #2013526
Caribou - Kaysar tells April to go to bed, she's a mess. April calls out "night Nellie" Janelle asks what was she saying 0 Replies #2013526 3:35AM 28/07/2005
Kaysar - she hates james.

Kaysar recounts Aprils' hate for James to Janelle.
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Topic #2013530
Caribou - Kaysar wants to talk to james because he can't be a babysitter. janelle says let him pick on her, keeps the focus off us. 0 Replies #2013530 3:37AM 28/07/2005
Janelle is tired. She lost her mark. Kaysar tells her she did good today.
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Topic #2013535
Caribou - Janelle tells Kaysar let them go after James. Kay seems to agree. Howie arrives in BY NT 0 Replies #2013535 3:38AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013542
Caribou - Howie wants to wipe smile off April's face, she's smiling too much that bitch. Kaysar says trash talk has to stop. He tells them only person April 0 Replies #2013542 3:40AM 28/07/2005
mentioned is James. Howie says she better not say he's trash talking, he hasn't trash talked her. Janelle says April is over sensitive. They all agree to keep it cool until Eric leaves because things will be better. They laugh about how Howie can tone it down and not offend anyone. Apparently Howie farted 10 mins. before live show and everyone grossed out and cracked up. They think Julie Chen heard it.
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Topic #2013545
Caribou - Howie really feels they have a great shot at winning HOH today. This is actually a mental game, not physical. NT 0 Replies #2013545 3:41AM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2013559
Caribou - Howie very animated and awake. Kay, Howie and Jan talking about the ball game. Howie pissed April has a big smile on her face. He doesn't like that. 0 Replies #2013559 3:44AM 28/07/2005
Now Jan and Howie are going to practice some more ball. Howie wondering if he should wear his sandals in the comp?

Howie - she's just way too happy, i'm not happy, that f'n c***
f'n girl smokes 10 packs a day and she beats me at coasters? i don't like that

They all realize it's 3:45 a.m. and head off to bed.
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