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Topic #2058060
Awesome_Possum - Ivette ratting out James in HOH. Or not. 0 Replies #2058060 11:08PM 01/08/2005
Ivette telling the gang in the HOH (Maggie and April) that James told her that Kayar must go. The gang concludes that James is afraid of Kaysar. (I haven't been watching closely enough to know if she is ratting out James or is playing the HOH gang, or what.)
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Topic #2058086
Caribou - HOH group - Ivette worrying about the deal and trusting them. Beau speaks on behalf of Kaysar. Ivette thinks she's the #1 target. None of HOH gang 0 Replies #2058086 11:13PM 01/08/2005
trusts kaysar et al. Worrying about next week and if the deal will be kept. Nothing new being said.
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Topic #2058097
Awesome_Possum - Maggie lays down the law 0 Replies #2058097 11:17PM 01/08/2005
"I don't want anyone on this team supporting anyone who is against us." (Not perfect quote.) She is not buying Ivette's line on James. April and Maggie tell Ivette that James is using her.

Ivette says that as soon as Kaysar leaves, Howie and Rachael will "totally believe in James." As much as James would like to put Howie and Rachael out, he is tied to them.

Maggie: James is delighted that Kaysar is leaving. (Maggie has Jen on her lap and is stroking her hair.)

Beau thinks he will vote to keep Janelle, but April thinks Howie will vote to keep Kaysar because he votes with the house.
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Topic #2058105
ElBarto - Mag stroking Jen's hair and Jen is stroking Mag's leg NT 0 Replies #2058105 11:19PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058130
Awesome_Possum - What the hey? 0 Replies #2058130 11:22PM 01/08/2005
Maggie has Jen in her lap and is stroking her hair. Jen is stroking Maggie's leg very affectionately and for a long, sustained time.
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Topic #2058140
ElBarto - There was a close up on Jen stroking Mag's leg NT 0 Replies #2058140 11:23PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058187
ElBarto - Mag to Jen... 0 Replies #2058187 11:31PM 01/08/2005
He's (James) has gotten to her (Iv). This while Jen is using Mag's pelvis as a pillow.

Howie and Sarah walk into HOH. Howie in his ugly speedos.
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Topic #2058194
Caribou - Everyone left HOH except Mag and Jen 0 Replies #2058194 11:32PM 01/08/2005
Mag asks Jen what she thinks? Jennifer doesn't like that Ivette keeps trying to speak well of James to them. Maggie says James has definitely gotten to Ivette. Jennifer doesn't like James at all. Both of them seem concerned about Ivette now.

Howie makes an appearance, in his swim underwear, and see Jen with her head/face basically in Maggie's crotch, while Mag strokes Jen's hair and Jen strokes Mag's leg...Howie freaks LOL But then they just joke around with Howie about his underwear. Ivette returned too.
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Topic #2058205
Caribou - Sarah in HOH now too and on the bed. Kaysar is in the doorway. All making fun of Howie in his underwear NT 0 Replies #2058205 11:33PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058209
Caribou - Lots of screaming in HOH because they begged Howie to drop his drawers and he did. It's very little apparently, due to pool. NT 1 Replies #2058209 11:34PM 01/08/2005
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Caribou - Now Ivette going on about how ugly men's private parts are - in detail, to all girls in HOH NT #2058215 11:35PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058214
Awesome_Possum - Oh my gosh. 0 Replies #2058214 11:35PM 01/08/2005
A knock on the HOH door - it's their good friend James. He draws April away with news about the clothes in the dryer. Ivette goes too. That leaves Maggie and Jen alone. Maggie continues with the hair stroking. Jen rolls over and hugs Maggie's leg while they continue talk. At some point during this Maggie speculates that there are 32 ounces in a gallon. On reflection, she says this is something that she should know.

This intimate moment is interrupted by Howie and Sarah bursting into the HOH. Howie is wearing a string bikini and the conversation gets gross.

Howie does something that causes the girls to start screaming out of control. (I will leave it to others to provide the details.)
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Topic #2058256
ElBarto - Iv talking graphically about sex with guys and girls NT 0 Replies #2058256 11:39PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058287
ElBarto - Sarah in HOH asking "Is this what you guys do every night?" 0 Replies #2058287 11:45PM 01/08/2005
She seemed jealous that she has been missing out.
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Topic #2058343
ElBarto - In HOH... 0 Replies #2058343 11:56PM 01/08/2005
Ap/Mag/Iv talking about how poorly James treats Sarah. Also wondering how a boyfriend would encourage his g/f to work in a place that Janelle works at. (from earlier convo where James wants Jan to get Sarah a job with her in Florida) Then FISH interrupts feed.
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