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Topic #2055990
Zazny - R to H and Jan: Do not talk about 'our plan' in front of anybody but us 3 0 Replies #2055990 6:12PM 01/08/2005
Jan: Not even Kaysar
R: Yeah

Rachel leaves

Jan: What plan
H: April and Beau came to him *mumble*mumble* [I think referring to James]
Jan: Kaysar's fine, right?
H: Yeah, she's just paranoid. We love Kaysar. We trust Kaysar, but he said something to Maggie. He always reveals *mumble*...
H: If someone turns their back on you their ass should be beat. Lucky this isn't a kickboxing tournament!
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Topic #2056003
citanul - James and Sarah talking about what activites they want their children to participate in. Sports, singing, etc. NT 0 Replies #2056003 6:15PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2056022
Zazny - James to K: I think it took me 2 weeks to say your name right 0 Replies #2056022 6:19PM 01/08/2005
K is sleeping or trying to. Or trying to ignore him. He is under the hammock that Sarah is on

S: I think I just tried to not say it so I wouldn't say it wrong
J: I practiced like "***** Kaysar!" or "Stupid Kaysar!"

Nothing from Kaysar

J: Kaysar, are you sleeping? We're trying to be funny.

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Topic #2056142
Zazny - James's diabolical plan (with Jan, How) vs. Maggie 0 Replies #2056142 6:39PM 01/08/2005
J: I have a diabolical plan
Jan: Send me home?
Jam: No. Let's wait for Howie. To beat Maggie at her own game. Did you put on makeup to workout?
Jan: No, I'm just hanging out. Well Maggie is working out
Jam: And you don't want to hang with her.

Jam: Next week you get HOH. First key pulled is Maggie. So Maggie knows she's safe and the other 4 know they're not safe. It goes all the way through and Ivette and April are up. Then it gets out that Maggie makes a deal with you so she wouldn't go home.

Jan: Come in! This ***** door.
Jam: Did somebody knock?
Jan: No, it's just Jenny

Jam: So whoever it is, it's better if it's Rachel or Howie or me or Sarah and we can say, we had a deal with Maggie, to not put her up [this satisfies everybody's agreement]. Then she has nobody next week

Jan: Unless she gets HOH, James.

James thinks her entire side turns against her

Jam: Ivette doesn't care if she goes home
How: That's what she says
Jam: We give them hatred to get the veto because Maggie sells them out before. [So they win the veto and we can put Maggie up]
Jan: How do you know I'm going home this week. Kaysar could still be here
Jam: I bet my girlfriend on it. That you're still here.

Jam: Regardless, everybody knows we hate Maggie. If we don't put her up
How: Everybody will be like what's going on
Jam: Exactly. Imagine April, given that time to think.
Jan: Then they all go crazy.

James says he will leak it to Ivette.

Jan: That's evil.

Jam: They don't have what we have. That's trust.
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Topic #2056187
Zazny - James tells the plan to Rachel, too 1 Replies #2056187 6:45PM 01/08/2005
J: This will cause dissension. Hopefully we can say Ivette, Eric did the same thing to me. What makes you think Maggie won't do it to you?

Rachel comes in and James gives her the same strategy

Rachel smiles and says good, good, gets up and exits to finish dinner, I think.

James gives a comedic evil laugh and he leaves too.

J: April I miss your smile. You never smile anymore.
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Caramel - James' strategy #2057680 10:20PM 01/08/2005
What was the strategy he was telling Rachel about?
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Topic #2056213
Zazny - Kay to Jan: You don't know what you want. You might come across the right guy and not even know it 0 Replies #2056213 6:48PM 01/08/2005
According to discussion, this follows Kaysar saying "will you cook for me when we're married after you find out Michael isn't right for you?"
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Topic #2056323
Zazny - Jan and Kaysar talk about relationships 0 Replies #2056323 7:03PM 01/08/2005
J: I think I was in love once
K: You don't know what love is
J: Yes I do! You think it's all about safety and logic!
K: I really don't think you can fall in love with someone in six months
J: That's so long, the relationship will be old by then
K: Oh God! Are you serious?
J: I think you can know if they're right for you by maybe a month.
K: There are plenty of people who may be right for you. I feel as though some people just settle...you may 'click,' but what else? That's when you start to look for special things, that are important to you.
J: What if there's something that annoys you, like the way they walk or something?
K: Um...
J: What about the kind of car they have. If that annoys you can you still stay with them
K: I would never...
J: Just kidding!
K: No, that's an important question
J: ..like the way they eat...or the way they brush their teeth...or take a shower
K: So [how would they react if you told them they were doing something that bothered you]
J: They'd be upset
K: Then it'd be the wrong person

K: You don't want to be with an insecure guy
J: Why?
K: They'd make bad decisions. They'd be dependent on you. Use you as a crutch.
J: That's happened to me! It's like I'm talking to a psychic.
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Topic #2056373
Zazny - James and Sarah worried April overheard his diabolical plan 0 Replies #2056373 7:10PM 01/08/2005
They tell Janelle that they saw April with zuchinis and leaving storage room in her hand when they got through with the plan for next week in gold room.

Jan says that nobody can hear anything, but Sarah says she has overheard something in the storage room while she is in gold room.

James: You'll start to hate her [April] more than you hate Ivette. The more you pay attention to her, the more it starts to get on your nerves. Everybody hates a rat.
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Topic #2056401
carly - James: "He's cool and all but, Marcellas: Dumba$s." NT 0 Replies #2056401 7:14PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2056422
Zazny - James, Janelle, and Sarah: can you win without lying? 0 Replies #2056422 7:17PM 01/08/2005
Jan: My mom said I would be evicted first
Jam: People I knew said I was perfect for it. Hurt my feelings that I was perfect for a game [when the goal is deceiving people]
Jan: You don't have to do that though.
Jam: That's the premise.
Jan: I truly think you can do it [without lying]. Nakomis did it last year.
Jam: She came up with the six-finger plan
Jan: Marcellas never lied.
Jam: As cool as he is: dumbass.
Jan: It was more of an accomplishment than winning $500,000
Sar: Who else are we talking about in that game? People remember him for it.
Jam: Who screwed him over
Jan: Danielle and Jason
Sar: And did either one of them win? No.

They (Jam) talk about how it's an inconvenience to have to come and play this. They both (Jan/Jam) dated their bills and told people to send them on certain dates to keep them paid.

They all complain about how fat they feel.
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Topic #2056510
Zazny - Ivette and April have a little argument over frying zuchini and/or potatoes 0 Replies #2056510 7:33PM 01/08/2005
They are yelling, but have half-smiles on their faces.

April apparently dumped all the veggies in before the oil heated up enough for Ivette's liking.
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Topic #2056574
Zazny - K to Jan: You can call me Kaysarstotle NT 0 Replies #2056574 7:41PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2056590
Zazny - Jan: If I win, I'll take you and Mike to Greece NT 0 Replies #2056590 7:43PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2056613
candyapple - Kaysar just told Janelle that when Maggie asked him who she should put up he told her Janelle and said I hope you don't mind. Janelle replied, "No, 0 Replies #2056613 7:47PM 01/08/2005
I'm quite flattered". [She sounded a little p.o.ed; can't say I blame her]
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Topic #2056662
candyapple - Kayser tells Janelle she's awsome after telling her she has to have a guy shower her with attention; she likes that feeling and when she feels that 0 Replies #2056662 7:51PM 01/08/2005
running out she leaves. Says he wouldn't follow her around and kiss her ass; she says, you would if I wanted you to....they laugh...she says she's kidding she wouldn't do that, she likes him too much.
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Topic #2056725
JAK420 - kayser says to jann that mike is so lucky because he gets to kiss you NT 0 Replies #2056725 7:58PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2056826
candyapple - Jannelle to kaysar: You should have told Maggie to put up Jenny, do you she she would have? Kaysar answers, "no". NT 0 Replies #2056826 8:15PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2056961
tntaangela - James special terms of endearment for Sarah 0 Replies #2056961 8:36PM 01/08/2005
James is in gold room with Janelle and Kaysar, begins to talk about how the partners have varying personalities. Then Sarah walks into the room and he says: Like I got the gluttonous evil beast and the whiney little f***.
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Topic #2057032
callmejenn - Ivette and Beau playing Chess...James looks on.... 0 Replies #2057032 8:47PM 01/08/2005
in the background you can hear Howie singing songs with the words "carpet muncher" as the main lyrics.
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Topic #2057085
tntaangela - Sarah runs out of the bedroom to kitchen 0 Replies #2057085 8:52PM 01/08/2005
because James covered her with the blanket, farted, and wouldn't let her up. A few words were exchanged that were inaudible.

Sarah says: You're not my boyfriend anymore. James makes a remark I couldn't understand, and walks away. Sarah's face drops and she just stands there. Then she goes to follow James, comes running back to the kitchen and to Howie, yells back that Howie wants her.

Howie sweetly focuses attention on her, hugging her while saying his usual 'I want your body' spiel. Then he makes loud, fake kissing noises, while Sarah yells toward the bathroom that she now belongs to Howie.

Aftera few moments of them joking that she is his girlfriend, Sarah asks Howie to twirl her around, which he does. James meanwhile, ignores her, and finally goes upstairs to watch Beau and Sarah play chess.

Sarah puts on her bikini and heads outside to the hot tub with some of the other girls.
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Topic #2057394
ElBarto - H/R/S in Hot Tub... 0 Replies #2057394 9:35PM 01/08/2005
Rac is cuddling with How and he then look down. Sarah realizes what he is doing and starts laughing and snorting. Rac starts to move away from Howie saying "What? No! Howie!"

H: I haven't had any in 31 days and you are going to flare your bikini body next to me?
R: I'm your friend!

Howie goes to get up out of the hot tub and Rac demands "Stay where you are at!"

H: Oh, pet him a couple times. Please?
R: Howie I'm your friend. Don't you know how to control it? I'm your friend.
H: I don't want to control.
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Topic #2057408
ElBarto - Rac to How: Mag has no power anymore. Have you noticed she has started to talk to us more and be nice to us. NT 0 Replies #2057408 9:37PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057457
Anonymous - Howie & Rachel in the hot tub 0 Replies #2057457 9:47PM 01/08/2005
Sara & Rachel grossed out over Howie getting wood again. Sara leaves.
R: How can I take you out on the town if that's gonna happen?
H: Oh, I'll wear pants that'll cover it.
H: Oh, it's going back down, kindof.
R: Stay over there.
R: You dork.
H: Oh, I was so close though.
R: Howie! Come On! I told ya...not until
H: I was at the 5 yard line going in
R: 5 yard line..ahh (eye roll)...only if we win
H: I'm sorry?
R: Only if we win.
H: Really?
R: Uh huh
H: Aaah...what if I take top ten?
R: (laughing) top ten is not gonna be hard in this house
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Topic #2057574
Anonymous - howie rach kay and sara in the hot tub NT 0 Replies #2057574 10:08PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057601
kymomof2terrors - kay telling the trueth that he doesnt live at home but beside mich 0 Replies #2057601 10:11PM 01/08/2005
and he isnt a mommas boy and how mich messed up all the stories
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