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Topic #2057607
kymomof2terrors - kay howie and sara talking about how its not that much money NT 0 Replies #2057607 10:12PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057634
Disneyisme - Kaysar says that he isn't worried about not winning the money. Sarah says 0 Replies #2057634 10:15PM 01/08/2005
that's because you already have it." Kay says "no, I don't. I just graduated college and I live in an apartment, I don't own a house yet. I just know that I am smart enough to make the money." Sarah says "well, some of us here aren't smart."
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Topic #2057645
kymomof2terrors - howie sara kay in hot tub 0 Replies #2057645 10:17PM 01/08/2005
sara saying she won veto fair and square
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Topic #2057688
kymomof2terrors - howie rach kay sara in hot tub just goofing off not talking about anything special 3 Replies #2057688 10:21PM 01/08/2005
now talking about who worked out or not worked out talking about howie has ruined kay rach tells kay come make out with me and prove your not gay
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Gorf - Rachel left awhile ago. Its Jennifer there now with them. NT #2057702 10:22PM 01/08/2005
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kymomof2terrors - soory cant see them well sounds like rach NT #2057719 10:24PM 01/08/2005
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PSister - Jenn came out there wearing Eric's LVFD sweatshirt. NT #2059303 6:55AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2057703
kymomof2terrors - rach showing what howie did to her where he kicked her in living room NT 0 Replies #2057703 10:22PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057707
Disneyisme - Sarah is being openly flirtatious with both Howie and Kaysar. She tells Howie 0 Replies #2057707 10:22PM 01/08/2005
he is her TV boyfriend. Earlier she told him how all of us girls 'out here' were jealous wishing he would flirt with us like he does them. She was saying how much she loves Kaysar, when he said he has not had a girlfriend.
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Topic #2057742
kymomof2terrors - james told ive that she is always safe with him but not beu NT 0 Replies #2057742 10:28PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057749
Disneyisme - Feeds switched to James and Ivette whispering, playing coasters and James says "why would she put up Janelle? 0 Replies #2057749 10:29PM 01/08/2005
and not Rachel? Rachel is a bad a**, thats who we thought it would be. She did it to get Kaysar out."

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Topic #2057752
ElBarto - James & Iv playing costers... 0 Replies #2057752 10:29PM 01/08/2005
J: We didn't think Jan would go up. We thought it would be Rac.
I: Really
J: If they want to get rid of Kay, why put up someone they don't like like Janelle to go against Kay. We thought it would be Rac. Someone people like to they wouldn't vote for her.
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Topic #2057769
kymomof2terrors - ive says she would give anything to hold her gf for 2 sec 0 Replies #2057769 10:30PM 01/08/2005
to have that security ive talking about how drained she is she is saying becarefull what u wish for cuss she gave up so many great things she gave up to be there james askes her u can go back to that cant u
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Topic #2057775
kymomof2terrors - iv talking about all the stuff she is going to miss and she dont know what they are all doing out there NT 0 Replies #2057775 10:31PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057782
ElBarto - James whispering to Iv 0 Replies #2057782 10:32PM 01/08/2005
J: You are save with me forever. But Beau, he f***en hates me. He is obvious about it. So I know he doesn't like me but I know he is your partner.

Jennifer interrupts
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Topic #2057783
Disneyisme - Ivette is missing home right now and her g/f... 0 Replies #2057783 10:32PM 01/08/2005
Ivette is telling James and Sarah “can I tell you how sick of this I am already?” James says “it’s a form of torture; I don’t think anyone knew what they were in for coming in.” Ivette says she would give anything to have 2 seconds to hug her girlfriend. She says she is drained…she is very solemn right now. Ivette says “there are so many great things I gave up to come here.” James is having to explain that she will go back to those things and to consider this is an experience, it will be over soon.
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Topic #2057816
Disneyisme - Ivette says she is so competitive at home. She says she just isn't holding her own in the game. 0 Replies #2057816 10:37PM 01/08/2005
James says the only thing that matters is HOH....Ivette says "I keep wondering what's wrong with me..maybe I am not meant for this." James tells her to relax.
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Topic #2057839
ElBarto - James hit Sarah in the eye with a coster. NT 0 Replies #2057839 10:40PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2057897
Disneyisme - James left the LR for just a sec and Ivette started to whisper to Sarah about the speech Sarah gave. 0 Replies #2057897 10:47PM 01/08/2005
Sarah said "I was talking about Kaysar, I do think he is nice." Ivette says "no, it sounded like you knew who was going up and that's who you were talking about.." James comes in and interjects, "she's confused, she f'd up, she didn't know what she was asying...." He looks at Sarah and whispers "we know you were talking about Kaysar, but you were supposed to be talking about the person that goes next.." Sarah says "I could talk about whatever I want to talk about." James says "I know, the way you said it didn't make any sense." They both look and are confused and can't get this story straight.
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Topic #2057930
Disneyisme - Ivette looking for help to get TP out of the SR...Of course James is there! They go in and immediately, James asks 0 Replies #2057930 10:50PM 01/08/2005
Ivette "Hey, why doesn't Beau like me?" Ivette says "well I don't think he doesn't like you, I told him to talk to you before he assumes anything..." James "because you know, I've been protecting you forever and your partner wants me out of here."
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Topic #2057954
Awesome_Possum - James & Ivette in Storage Room: BFF 0 Replies #2057954 10:53PM 01/08/2005
James pledges his undying support to Invette when they are in the storage room getting toilet paper for the house. James asks Invette to work things out with Beau, who is upset with James because James threw something at Beau's picture earlier. James says he trew things at everyone's picture, so Beau shouldn't be insulted.

Since he, James, has pledged undying support to Ivette, he can't understand why Ivette's partner, Beau, could be opposed to him. Ivette says she will straighten it out with Beau.
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Topic #2057964
ElBarto - Iv and James in storage room... 0 Replies #2057964 10:54PM 01/08/2005
(I went back and listened to that convo)

J: Why doesn't Beau like me?
I: I don't think he doesn't like you. I think he wants to approach you and ask you stuff. Like I said to him, "before you assume that James was throwing a ball at your picture, why don't you ask him?
J: I threw balls at everyone's pictures.
I: I know, that is what I said. Before you assume why don't you find out?
J: Like I said, I'll be protecting you forever. It sucks that your partner wants me out of here.
I: I'll go talk to him.
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Topic #2057971
Disneyisme - James and Ivette came out of SR then went back in to filter out the rotted 0 Replies #2057971 10:55PM 01/08/2005
veggies and other stuff. They have a good amount of frozen fresh tuna and halibut...Rachel is in there now..they are going through all the food items left in the fridge.
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Topic #2058003
ElBarto - James tells Jan/Kay/How that Ivette is about to crack NT 1 Replies #2058003 10:59PM 01/08/2005
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ElBarto - She wants a kiss from gf, Aug 1st is an aniv, if I go to the sequestor house then I'm gone for even more time... NT #2058027 11:02PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058021
BB6Fan06 - James: Maybe Nicoderm will make you(April) a Spokesperson NT 0 Replies #2058021 11:01PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2058035
Awesome_Possum - Janelle doing a Nike shoe product placement 0 Replies #2058035 11:04PM 01/08/2005
Janelle is describing the fine features of her custom made Nike shoes. She says that she can specify the color of each of the components and Nike will assemble them to order. James questions the cost effectiveness of this. Unfortunately, this fine product placement segment is interrupted by Fish.
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Topic #2058046
Caribou - Kaysar and Janelle on loungers in BY poolside, chatting about James. Howie in the pool chatting too 0 Replies #2058046 11:05PM 01/08/2005
Janelle was talking about James saying to them that we're better, we have trust, we have trust. How can he say that when he f'd us over? Janelle got a bit loud while saying this so Howie, from the pool, whispered to them to tone it down and then not to talk about it all. Sounded like he was saying sometimes you can hear bits from the kitchen. Also told them he can see Ivette and James are IN the kitchen from where he is in the pool.

Right then, James comes outside and asked if he could join them. They said yes and he did. Almost right off the bat james starts tellign them that Ivette is freakin out. Janelle wants to know why and about what? James says she just going nuts from stress and misses her g/f etc.

Then they started to talk about Janelle's Nike running shoes. She ordered them online, personalized type shoe. Kaysar wonders how Nike can do that cost-effectively. James starts to explain and we get FISH for a bit.
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Topic #2058052
Caribou - Maggie, Beau, April, Ivette in HOH room discussing James 0 Replies #2058052 11:07PM 01/08/2005
Ivette telling them things James has said - he's afraid of Kaysar and wants him out, he's afraid of Beau because he knows Beau doesn't like him. Feeds switch again to pool area
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