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Topic #2098293
CruiseCritic - APril said she put "M & A" forever on the arm of hers (pinata)? but BB did a good job of hiding it NT 0 Replies #2098293 3:42PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2098306
CruiseCritic - Maggie, Ivette and Jen laying in front of fishtank....Maggie working out and the 0 Replies #2098306 3:44PM 06/08/2005
girls talking about the veto comp. Maggie thought they would see it...they are now talking about the count of the balls and how veto would have changed. maggie and jen on back doing crunches...Ivette laying on belly talking to them
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Topic #2098310
Disneyisme - Mag, Jen and Ivette are inside doing crunches and talking about coulda wouldas in the veto comp. 0 Replies #2098310 3:45PM 06/08/2005
Ivette says "if a pinata ended up with more than 21 balls in it then that person is out, so why didn't everyone put their balls in James?" Maggie says not to worry about it now, it's over.
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Topic #2098317
CruiseCritic - Ivette leaves the two of them working out and goes to kitchen, someone says 0 Replies #2098317 3:46PM 06/08/2005
they smell good. Howie outside at table with chess club and eating a bowl of something
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Topic #2098324
Disneyisme - All feeds are out back now. Sarah is in Jeans rolled up with her feet in the water. 0 Replies #2098324 3:47PM 06/08/2005
James is lying next to her. Rachel at the table is asking what Ivette is doing in the kitchen. April says "wait until you see what she is making in there for the PB&J people."
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Topic #2098328
CruiseCritic - April talking about something Ivette has cooked (or is cooking) for the PB&J people 0 Replies #2098328 3:48PM 06/08/2005
Ivette now sitting on stool watching Maggie and Jenn working out.
Jenn talking about laxatives.
Maggie has never taken a laxative
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Topic #2098342
CruiseCritic - Maggie and Jen still having a good workout in front of the fish tank... 0 Replies #2098342 3:50PM 06/08/2005
Ivette still watching them. someone else in kitchen. someone just said "c'mon kaysar, come do situps with us" they laugh..saying they could be on 80 situps and he would be on 9
they would be stretching at the end and he would still be going.
Kaysar would ask them to wait for him
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Topic #2098348
Disneyisme - Maggie says how funny it was when Kaysar would do sit ups with them in the house. She says 0 Replies #2098348 3:50PM 06/08/2005
they would be counting like their 100th sit up and Kaysar will still be on his 10th....he would never catch up so they would just leave him on the floor by himself. lol
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Topic #2098372
Disneyisme - Sarah is asking James if she should call Comcast to set up the cable when she gets home. James 0 Replies #2098372 3:54PM 06/08/2005
says "unfortunately I can't give you the password to my computer because I will be giving it to the entire country." He says to call Dustin someone, he knows the password.
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Topic #2098388
CruiseCritic - Ivette just brought Beau a piece of whatever it was she made to eat for the PB&Jers 0 Replies #2098388 3:56PM 06/08/2005
she is going to give everyone a bite to see what they think. Howie next to Janelle as she plays chess with Beau.
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Topic #2098390
Disneyisme - Me feeds cut out..Sarah says "well they wanted me out so that's what will happen." James says "So what, 0 Replies #2098390 3:56PM 06/08/2005
they should have gone after a tough player, they should have gone after Maggie." Sarah "Oh well, that's not what they wanted to do. I tried to play this game really good, this sucks."
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Topic #2098397
Disneyisme - Sarah asks James "can we take a vacation when you get out of here?" James: "okay." NT 0 Replies #2098397 3:57PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2098412
CruiseCritic - Beau leaning back chair waiting for Janelle to make her move 0 Replies #2098412 3:59PM 06/08/2005
Howie is getting up from table saying "Sarahs boobies look bigger" He is in the kitchen now and Janie and Beau alone at table playing chess
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Topic #2098415
Disneyisme - Sarah wonders who they will put up. James says "it doesn't matter." 0 Replies #2098415 4:00PM 06/08/2005
James asks when the clothes will be done so he can put them in the dryer and go inside. Sarah says about 20 minutes. Sarah says she can come back out later and put them in the dryer.
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Topic #2098425
Disneyisme - James asks who is at the table...Sarah says Beau and Janelle. 0 Replies #2098425 4:01PM 06/08/2005
James and Sarah pick up and head towards the house. James gets a water and heads inside.
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Topic #2098427
CruiseCritic - Kitchen chat with Ivette, Maggie, Howie and it looks like 0 Replies #2098427 4:02PM 06/08/2005
APril Jen and Rachel are there also. Talking more about the game and how they could have done better. Jenn talking about the pinatas being up high for her.
Sarah just came in kitchen with james...they walked thru together and really didnt say much...
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Topic #2098435
CruiseCritic - Rachel telling group in kitchen how sick Janelle was this morning after drinking her 5 margartas NT 0 Replies #2098435 4:03PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2098436
Disneyisme - James and Sarah are in th GR now. James said he didn't sleep at all last night. 0 Replies #2098436 4:04PM 06/08/2005
James says to Sarah 'you got me into this whole mess'..laughing. James and Sarah are lying down now and James says "I wish Kaysar was here to talk to, then I would know for sure..."
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Topic #2098447
Disneyisme - James says "the thing about this game is no one sticks by you. Alliances change week to week. I really thought 0 Replies #2098447 4:05PM 06/08/2005
friends in here would be my friends when I leave." Sarah said she put all of her coconuts in Howies to get him out and she says that Rachel put hers in James to get him out.
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Topic #2098462
Disneyisme - James said he so ready to shut himself down emotionally. Sarah says "don't stop loving me." 0 Replies #2098462 4:08PM 06/08/2005
James says "hell no, that's why I hope to get HOH, so I get pictures of you."
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Topic #2098514
ejj1955 - April and Ivette trashing Janelle and Rachel. NT 0 Replies #2098514 4:14PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2098526
ejj1955 - April says Rachel said something about dating or marrying Howie after BB. NT 1 Replies #2098526 4:16PM 06/08/2005
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Panda4 - I believe Rachel said Howie may want to marry her when they get out if the BB house. It was #2098593 4:25PM 06/08/2005
because of something she made for him to eat I think. Anyone else catch any of this?
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Topic #2098541
ejj1955 - April and Ivette rehashing veto comp; Iv: "I f*cked it up." NT 0 Replies #2098541 4:17PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2098555
ejj1955 - April speculates about if Eric comes back, James wins HOH next week. 0 Replies #2098555 4:19PM 06/08/2005
April says, if James wins HOH, Eric and Maggie will be on the block, and Cappy will be kicked out again. April again volunteering to go on the block. April: "This game made me a mean person for a little while."
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Topic #2098568
ejj1955 - April and Ivette lying down; Ivette's eyes wide open. NT 0 Replies #2098568 4:22PM 06/08/2005
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