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Topic #2100218
Anonymous - Rachael now joining crew outside NT 0 Replies #2100218 7:31PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100235
Anonymous - April thinks next week food comp will have teams NT 0 Replies #2100235 7:33PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100243
PandeMOANium - April - "I start my period this week" just for your information... lol NT 0 Replies #2100243 7:34PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100285
Anonymous - Jannie & Howie sitting on hammock talking 0 Replies #2100285 7:38PM 06/08/2005
about James and him being a loose cannon
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Topic #2100298
Anonymous - H- (James) stay on the block and prove you trust us and we will not vote 0 Replies #2100298 7:39PM 06/08/2005
you off.

Jannie- I don't trust the other side at all. There ideas.
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Topic #2100312
Anonymous - Jannie questioning why tht other side came to them about James 0 Replies #2100312 7:41PM 06/08/2005
after he took himself off the block. Wondering why after that they started being nice to the three of them (Jan, Rach & How)
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Topic #2100321
Jillio71 - Janelle and Howie in hammock.. 0 Replies #2100321 7:42PM 06/08/2005
Howie: Ivette wants to tell James that if he stays on the block that will show you trust us to not vote you off. But we really vote him off.

Janelle: That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of.

Howie explains it again.

Janelle: What did Rachel say?

Howie: You can talk to her about it.

Janelle: I do not trust that whole side at all!

Janelle: And you know they didn't say anything about James swearing to get you out until they knew Kaysar was leaving.

Howie: good point

Howie: But they did put him up next week and Maggie turns his TV off.

Maggie and Rachel heard James and Sarah in the shower last night saying "yeah we lied and got caught" and they were drunk and saying "yeah they caught us so what"...
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Topic #2100325
Anonymous - Jannie- 'Those people are weird' NT 0 Replies #2100325 7:42PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100341
Anonymous - Howie- "There is hatred in this house. There really is..." NT 0 Replies #2100341 7:44PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100346
Anonymous - Howie- "James crippled us" Now we are only 3 NT 0 Replies #2100346 7:44PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100347
Jillio71 - Howie: You never know when the guy (James) will turn on us. NT 0 Replies #2100347 7:45PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100358
Anonymous - Howie- saying people are probably paranoid with us talking like this.. 0 Replies #2100358 7:46PM 06/08/2005
Beau comes over just after this...PML.

Howie to Beau- Do you think the house is still going to try to get James out.
Beau- Yes
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Topic #2100386
Anonymous - H and Jann go to hammock to discuss strategy 0 Replies #2100386 7:48PM 06/08/2005
talking about trying to get jam not to use veto.
J says thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard. (great insight)
H still trying to sell the plan to her
J says that if they turn him they will keep him on their side
H but they can;t they aren;t stupid you cant trust him we are powerful targets James is a loose cannon
Jann: i don;t trust him

BB mag go to DR

J: james wouldnt go back to them would he?
H he is pretty goood at schemes

Howie still trying to sell plan

Jann i dont trust the other side at all. they told us they didnt trust him only when he was off the block. only ehn they know K was going to go
H: good point.
now they are discussing whether Jam is still on their side. saying they are all great actors if true and he deserves to go home if true.

Jann: still saying that they waiting until K was gone.
H: its normal to be paranoid around here (ed understatement)

Jeennny comes and says dinner ready and leaves again

Jennel and H still talking something about R hearing something earlier from S
Jan: these people are wierd
H: you've got to think outside the box. i dont think they could of planned it
H now making fun of R losing the veto saying it didnt matter who won it just so long James didn't
Jan is pissed that he is off the block wishes M was back
H: I want J out of the way, we are down to 3 people. i would rather go out losing. Dont know when he would tuen on us lots of doubts on both sides about him everyone is paranoid everyone saying what are they planning

B joins them., H calls him Bo BO
H asks him if house still trying to get Jam out.
B says Yes
H you arent tuening on me. bo bo. I would bang you just to get to Jannelle
J: of howie
B dinner is ready
H thanks you've got a booger on your chest.
B no I don;t wait yess (everyone screams)
now they leave to go eat

noone left in BY

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Topic #2100393
Anonymous - Poor Beau had a boogie on him and after that 0 Replies #2100393 7:49PM 06/08/2005
everyone went inside the house. Beau saying he was going to put on his bathing suit. How & Jan saying they were going to work out. Howie- "I'm training for the next veto comp." LOL
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Topic #2100447
Anonymous - James, Iv & Sarah outside NT 0 Replies #2100447 7:55PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100456
Jillio71 - Ivette is laying it on thick to James and Sarah.. 0 Replies #2100456 7:55PM 06/08/2005
Sarah: I think I was starting to be naive - it is not easy to trust people.

Ivette: When you talk to people you know.

James: Outside the game?

Ivette: Yes

James: I have great friends at home.

Sarah: He has a great support system.

James: I am very fortunate - I have four best friends.

James just telling friends name etc.

Ivette: The game teaches me more every day.

James: It is a game and everyone that says they didn't come for money they are liars.

Ivette: Absolutely.

Sarah: you will have to spend all your money on therapy (if you win the money)

James: From day 1 I played strategy-wise and only would protect you (to Sarah)

Ivette: it is all a bunch of he said she said - do you understand what I am saying (ugh!)

Just pouring it on...
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Topic #2100457
ccquilter - Sarah, James and Ivette in backyard 0 Replies #2100457 7:55PM 06/08/2005
S - He has gotten me through alot for me to do this small thing for him I would do it 1200 times over - I was being naive thinking it was easy to trust people

I - When you talk to people - you can count friends on one hand

J - starts to talk, but S pipes up saying he has so many friends that were going to take me in

I - talks about J's closest friends which number in the small numbers

J - the game teaches you the game

They start talking about whether they're there for the money - they start talking about what they thought before it started and now what it is.

Now they talk about the new villain
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Topic #2100473
Jillio71 - James about Howie and Rachel... 0 Replies #2100473 7:57PM 06/08/2005
James: they are my biggest threats in this game

Ivette: I thought Maggie was

James: Because she controls all of you

Ivette: no one controls me

Sarah starts laughing

Sarah: not laughing at you just don't like Maggie right now

Ivette: No one controls me

James: right

Ivette: eventually everyone is going to have to get nasty

James: my time is right around the corner as soon as she (Sarah) walks out the door.
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Topic #2100483
Anonymous - Sara saying she is glad she is going out this week 0 Replies #2100483 7:59PM 06/08/2005
so she does not have to go to sequester house with people who don't like her
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Topic #2100592
Jillio71 - April and Maggie in hammock... 0 Replies #2100592 8:15PM 06/08/2005
Discussing how Ivette is always with James.

Maggie: our group cannot break up April

April: she (Ivette) bugs the sh** out of me - she is always right and everyone else is wrong (sarcastic tone)

planes can't hear.
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Topic #2100607
Jillio71 - April... 0 Replies #2100607 8:16PM 06/08/2005
Kaysar hated all of you and I helped with that. I made him like you all. It was because of me!! (OMG)
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Topic #2100649
ejj1955 - April and Maggie whispering in hammock: 0 Replies #2100649 8:22PM 06/08/2005
(this starts in the middle, I missed some)

April says Janelle is obsessed with Mike and his coming back; she doesn't believe he cares for her at all.
They agree their group can't split up.
April takes credit for helping Kaysar open up to her group and for Kaysar coming to like them. (??)
It makes April mad that if Eric comes back Ivette will try to take all of his time. She's not even his partner. It's pathetic.
Maggie says they'll have to take their time when someone comes back, not make any promises for 24 hours or so.
Maggie (I think) mentions that Beau has the same concerns about Ivette (if Eric comes back).

Jenn joins them on the hammock.
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Topic #2100735
ejj1955 - Hammock creaks, interspersed with "doyouknowwhatImean?" NT 0 Replies #2100735 8:37PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100813
Fable - April, Jen, Maggie in hammock comment on Beau: 0 Replies #2100813 8:49PM 06/08/2005
They were laughing say they couldn't see Beau when he was sitting on the brown furniture....Maggie or Jen says, "Open your eyes Beau or smile, we can't see you" .. All 3 laugh. (They did not say this directly to him, just to themselves)
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Topic #2100887
Anonymous - Howie Janell and Rachael in HOH..talking about the "Friendship" 0 Replies #2100887 9:01PM 06/08/2005
team and when they told Kaysar about James sellling them out.....They still don't believe James..
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