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Topic #2099998
Anonymous - James S and Jannelle in kitchen 0 Replies #2099998 7:06PM 06/08/2005
talking about making nachos.
S in brown sleeveless t shirt and jeans.

S looks at the baking potatos in the oven.

Jan now mixing something in a bowl and goes to the fridge.

No talking
S now sitting at the kitchen island
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Topic #2100016
callmejenn - James and Sarah are in the SR.. 0 Replies #2100016 7:08PM 06/08/2005
J: You know what I need? Double eviction.
S: Something tells me we're a lost cause.
J: Nobody cares about anybody here except their partner.
S: (Thinks the BB Gods are out to get them too it seems)
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Topic #2100027
Anonymous - On way to storage James says... 0 Replies #2100027 7:09PM 06/08/2005
I need a double eviction
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Topic #2100038
callmejenn - James and Sarah back in the kitchen... 0 Replies #2100038 7:10PM 06/08/2005
J: Oh babe, what can I say?

No answer from Sarah.

James is putting his tacos together now.
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Topic #2100046
Anonymous - Jam, S and Jan in kitchen 0 Replies #2100046 7:11PM 06/08/2005
James and s walk away to the storage room. J says he needs double eviction.
S: we are a lost cause.
J: no one cares about any body here.

Back to kitchen. Jannele back

S: cucumber i cut up yesterday was bad.

James to s: oh baby what can i say? (he's cooking looks like tacos)

(they are not happy but seems resigned)

Jannele back.

F3 on table and F4 on couches (no one at either)
F1/F2 in kitchen
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Topic #2100059
Anonymous - Fish on all four feeds! NT 0 Replies #2100059 7:12PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100069
Anonymous - back from fish 0 Replies #2100069 7:14PM 06/08/2005
Rachel comes to kitchen. no talking mumbling something about howie and his sperm count.
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Topic #2100084
Anonymous - Rachel now out back with ap Mag and B 1 Replies #2100084 7:15PM 06/08/2005
they saw a woodpecker, (ed and howie isn;t there)
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SueBee - Jenn not Rachel NT #2100098 7:17PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100092
ktan - F4 shows a tree and a few birds perched on the branches. NT 0 Replies #2100092 7:16PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100095
Anonymous - f4 now on the woodpecker 0 Replies #2100095 7:17PM 06/08/2005
on a tree somewhere not in the BY
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Topic #2100117
Jillio71 - So now Ivette and James will play chess. Aww.. NT 0 Replies #2100117 7:20PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100128
Anonymous - Ivette & Howie sitting together outside NT 1 Replies #2100128 7:22PM 06/08/2005
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Jillio71 - James is with them too. He was there before Howie. NT #2100138 7:23PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100139
Anonymous - Mag, B and Ap in hammock talking and Jenn is there 0 Replies #2100139 7:23PM 06/08/2005
talking about people parachuting and jet packing to the BY

Mag, I'll i've had today is sugar.
B: want to go to the hot tub
M: No
All talking about playing chess
M I'm going to make a fu@&ing sandwich. Should be beat up on jennfor not being on our team
(talking about how long they can be on PB&J)
Ap: we need to be on the same team 'cause we'll be hungry
M: I'm going to go eat beacuse otherwise i'll be sick
B stays in hammock and others leave to eat.

feeds goes to howie James and Iveete about who is coming back
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Topic #2100143
Anonymous - discussion around who is coming back in Cappy or Mike NT 0 Replies #2100143 7:23PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100151
Jillio71 - James: If vetos were gold medals I would be rich! LOL NT 0 Replies #2100151 7:24PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100152
ejj1955 - James and Ivette talking about playing chess; he says he'll play after eating. 0 Replies #2100152 7:24PM 06/08/2005
He's had tacos but wants something else.
Janelle at table eating. Sarah eating at counter.
Not much talking going on. Rachel working on dinner.
James goes out; Jennifer in kitchen, then Maggie comes in.
Janelle is going to eat with them even though she's just had tacos or nachos?
Looks like James and Sarah ate first and won't eat with the rest of the house.

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Topic #2100160
Anonymous - Sarah- Can we keep the boobie comments to a minimum? (to Howie) NT 0 Replies #2100160 7:25PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100161
Anonymous - H: I was on vacaation for the first 10 days but now its getting stresssfull 0 Replies #2100161 7:25PM 06/08/2005
James and Ivette playing chess. H looks on.
S joins and asks to keep booobie comments to a minimum

H whispers but her butt looks good
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Topic #2100166
Jillio71 - Sarah told Howie to please keep the boobie comments to a minimum... 0 Replies #2100166 7:25PM 06/08/2005
She gave him the glare of death!
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Topic #2100173
callmejenn - Maggie discovers mold on the bread... 0 Replies #2100173 7:26PM 06/08/2005
"Why can't they just hire a runner to go to the grocery store"
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Topic #2100188
Anonymous - Howie sitting with Ivette & James...making bird sounds NT 1 Replies #2100188 7:28PM 06/08/2005
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ktan - The sound of the crows can be heard in the background as well. NT #2100234 7:33PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100195
Anonymous - Jannie joining Howie Iv & James NT 0 Replies #2100195 7:29PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100200
ejj1955 - April brings out bread; it's moldy. Kitchen group agrees that BB needs to be told to give them fresh bread. 0 Replies #2100200 7:30PM 06/08/2005
Janelle washes up her nachos plate.
Maggie asks if everyone is going to eat; Jennifer says, "yes . . . well, not James and Sarah."
Mag: Why not?
Jenn: I don't know, I guess they don't like us anymore.
Maggie asks the BY if anyone else wants PB and bread.
Comes back to get some for Beau (one white, one wheat).

(this is boring; posting)
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Topic #2100201
Anonymous - Sarah left and rejoined James w/ How, Iv & Jannie NT 0 Replies #2100201 7:30PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2100217
Jillio71 - Howie to James: James put on your golden veto! LOL NT 0 Replies #2100217 7:31PM 06/08/2005
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