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Topic #2097648
amIsane - Jam had 18 balls in his pinya(sp??) and How had 17. He barely lost to James NT 1 Replies #2097648 2:30PM 06/08/2005
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amIsane - The closest to 20 without going over win. NT #2097665 2:31PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097649
amyt92 - Rachel/Howie still rehashing the mistakes they made in the POV comp NT 0 Replies #2097649 2:30PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097651
CruiseCritic - Howie saying "its over, its over" to Rachel in the HoH - she says she 0 Replies #2097651 2:30PM 06/08/2005
knows. Still talking about numbers for the veto and how putting them in would have helped them. Janelle just came in with either icecream or cereal,,,
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Topic #2097660
joannie - Janelle enters the HOH room NT 0 Replies #2097660 2:31PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097661
CruiseCritic - Howie told Janelle she cannot drink anymore especially for competitions NT 0 Replies #2097661 2:31PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097664
Zazny - Howie tells Jan she's not allowed to drink anymore NT 0 Replies #2097664 2:31PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097668
Kaynelle - Janelle says she's sick of Maggie's group coming up to HOH 0 Replies #2097668 2:32PM 06/08/2005
room to hang out.

Ra and How tell her they have to keep them included. We are together now.

Howie: Janie, you aren't drinking anymore!
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Topic #2097674
Sunflake - Janelle is annoyed at the way Ape, Mag, Beau, Jenn & Ivette all went running up to HOH after the comp. 0 Replies #2097674 2:32PM 06/08/2005
Rach and Howie calm her down saying, we have to include them and they're on our side.
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Topic #2097679
CruiseCritic - janelle says sarah doesnt understand why everyone is being so mean to them 0 Replies #2097679 2:32PM 06/08/2005
and now talking how april said if james leaves noone is going to say goodbye to him. rach says that is ridiculous...its a game.
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Topic #2097690
nojobny - Now that the "friendship" has left the HOH, Jan come up to the room 0 Replies #2097690 2:33PM 06/08/2005
Jan: I hate the way they all run up here
Rac: Yeah I know. But look we need to keep them on our side as long as we need them
Jan: Yeah, but I still hate that.
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Topic #2097708
CruiseCritic - Howie says james took five steps backwards when 0 Replies #2097708 2:35PM 06/08/2005
he f'd our team. Saying no matter who comes back he will be gone. they have the numbers to beat him at HoH. Howie says he doesnt care who wins HoH as long as it isnt James. Howie says it would be better if THEY went in next week and got rid of James....in a way its better, in a way its not.
Right now, none of us are on the block says Howie. Janelle says she would have put all of hers in James...if she would have played.
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Topic #2097726
CruiseCritic - Howie says there is nothing we can do, its over. we have to move on. 0 Replies #2097726 2:37PM 06/08/2005
look at the positive, someone wins HoH and he is up again
Rachel just told Janie that next week is her week for HoH
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Topic #2097740
CruiseCritic - Janelle saying if she wins HoH she is going to tell everyone to stay out of her room 0 Replies #2097740 2:38PM 06/08/2005
BC she doesnt want to listen to their stories
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Topic #2097743
Zazny - Jan says if she wins HOH she doesn't want to hear stupid stories and make deals from people like A NT 0 Replies #2097743 2:38PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097749
amyt92 - Janelle: "If I win HOH, I'm not letting any of them (Friendship alliance) up here (HOH room) , I'll tell them to get the F*** out" NT 0 Replies #2097749 2:39PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097765
CruiseCritic - Rachel says she is not talking to him right now - and now Janelle 0 Replies #2097765 2:40PM 06/08/2005
talking about james saying he didnt swear on the bible.
Howie saying not to give him any information, he is not going to change his methods.
rachel says - he knows i dont believe him.
Howie saying he cant celebrate BC sarah is going. saying it would be nice if he just let himself be voted off.
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Topic #2097772
Disneyisme - Howie is so mad at James. He says "F them! Get him the F out of here, they screwed our whole team." 0 Replies #2097772 2:41PM 06/08/2005
Janelle tells Howie not to act mad in front of him because he still thinks that it is the other sides' fault that we listened to them and put him up.
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Topic #2097771
Zazny - R: We're the dumbest players in BB history! NT 0 Replies #2097771 2:41PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097775
amyt92 - Janelle "I wish James would save Sarah from the block instead of himself".... 0 Replies #2097775 2:41PM 06/08/2005
Howie "And Osama is gonna give himself up too"
Rachel:"HAHAHAHAHA, good one Howie"
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Topic #2097783
Disneyisme - Rachel says James wins again and BB loves it. Howie says we can't rid of the guy! 0 Replies #2097783 2:42PM 06/08/2005
Janelle says he can't win the game without someone in here with him. Howie says "if anyone is in here to win actual money, then we need to get rid of him!"
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Topic #2097788
CruiseCritic - Rachel said that BB gave them the chance to get rid of him and they screwed it up 0 Replies #2097788 2:43PM 06/08/2005
Howie says that anyone that trusts him their days are numbered in the game. If anyone is here to win money, it is better to get him out sooner than later.
he is too much of a liability. Howie saying if he would have kept his allegiance to them things would be good.
Howie says he is NOT going to be taken out by one of his own
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Topic #2097802
CruiseCritic - Howie says he is sure that sarah is going home 0 Replies #2097802 2:44PM 06/08/2005
do you think she has a better chance of winning than him. Howie wonders what they are talking about right now. Saying sarah cannot veto like james can. Janelle saying james cannot win it- also saying about taking sarah back. they rachel and howie say No, No. Howie says he likes them both but does not want them in the game with him
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Topic #2097809
Disneyisme - Rachel is telling Howie and Janelle that James asked them to "take care of Sarah" 0 Replies #2097809 2:45PM 06/08/2005
Rachel says we just listened to him..she says "listen, I like Sarah, and I like James too, but he plays dirty." Howie says "I like em both, I just don't want him in the game with me."
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Topic #2097820
Disneyisme - Howie says "if it's 7-1 next week for HOH and we don't get him out, then he deserves to win this thing." NT 1 Replies #2097820 2:46PM 06/08/2005
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Disneyisme - Rachel reminds him that someone else is coming back in. NT #2097824 2:46PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097823
CruiseCritic - Howie saying it will be 7 on 1 for HoH and if they cant beat James 0 Replies #2097823 2:46PM 06/08/2005
then he deserves to win. Counting names on who will be running for HoH - saying now 9 people with the mystery guest coming in next week and it will be 8 on 1.
Rachel asks howie if he wants a beer. he said about 10 of them and then said Janie you cannot drink any more.
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