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Topic #2097462
CruiseCritic - Sarah saying she doesnt want to go back to atlanta.. 0 Replies #2097462 2:09PM 06/08/2005
James telling her that obviously she will have to do CBS show obviously and now tlaking about her finances, bills etc. He says she should go see her paretns for about a week BC they will help her out. she knows that and says she does not want to be in atlanta without him. he knows, but she has his friends.
She says she will be in chicago with her mom for about a week
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Topic #2097466
CruiseCritic - Sarah and James saying how he ends up having to save himself every single week with veto NT 1 Replies #2097466 2:10PM 06/08/2005
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PinkPanther - Sarah says 4 weeks in a row James has to veto himself to stay in the game NT #2097492 2:14PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097469
amyt92 - Sarah to James "If you get HOH next week, don't put up Howie and Rachel" NT 0 Replies #2097469 2:10PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097476
CruiseCritic - James and Sarah kiss and Sarah asks "should we tell rachel and howie 0 Replies #2097476 2:12PM 06/08/2005
that you are taking yourself off?"

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Topic #2097483
nojobny - Sarah is concerned about being in Atlanta with james. Plus she's worried about her 0 Replies #2097483 2:13PM 06/08/2005

James is telling her to go to visit mom for a week then go to Atlanta.

Sar: I don't want to be there without you.
Jam: You can hang with my friends

Sar: How many times is this now?


Sar: Why do you have to fight to be here every week.
Jam: You would think these idiots would realize I'm a good ally. Im a strong player


Sar: If you get HOH next week, dont' put how & rach up so week can stick to the plan
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Topic #2097485
amIsane - HOH w/Rach/Jan/How 3 Replies #2097485 2:13PM 06/08/2005
Rach "First of all, don't worry about it. I had a feeling he was going to win."
They say Jam says he would save Sar, but they do not believe him. Rach says if Er comes back, that is good because Er will be gunning for Jam. Also if Jam gets HOH and Er is back Jam would not know who to go after, them or Eric.
Rach says it was her fault, because she read the directions, but she split them up(the balls) She says that as soon as she was done she knew she screwed up. That everyone else put theirs in James. (I heard ealier they had a certain number of balls to put in pinyatas, and they were trying to make Jam's piny too heavy)

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amIsane - Magg, Ap and Jenn in HOH now also NT #2097490 2:13PM 06/08/2005
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joannie - Ivette now, too. NT #2097529 2:18PM 06/08/2005
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joannie - Beau too. NT #2097578 2:25PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097500
CruiseCritic - Sarah and James join kitchen group and Ivette asked James what he thought they were 0 Replies #2097500 2:14PM 06/08/2005
going to do (regarding to the veto game) and talk about how he put some in rachels and howies...
Ivette saying that sarah got the veto?
20 won it
Sarah saying if they put 5 and in each of hers and james, it would have been a tie.

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Topic #2097506
CruiseCritic - Sarah says she doesnt want to be excluded all week 0 Replies #2097506 2:15PM 06/08/2005
and James says its been that way for awhile now.
Ivette asks if anyone wants to play chess and
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Topic #2097517
amIsane - More about the veto Game 0 Replies #2097517 2:17PM 06/08/2005
It sounds like one by one, the playing HG's had to go out and read some directions. Sounds like if someone had over 20(not sure 20 balls or pounds. I think balls)they are disqualified. Each HG had a certain amount of balls to distribute between pinyatas. From discussion in HOH, everyone tried to load James Piny up to disqualify him, but Rach is upset she screwed up, by not loading his up with her balls, and she realized that as soon as she finished hers.
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Topic #2097526
nojobny - From the talk in the HOH room. Everyone is thinking about how they screwed up the veto 0 Replies #2097526 2:18PM 06/08/2005
Apparently the way the game was set up, there could have been no winner but they screwed up.

It seems everyone was put into separate parts of the house then sent out side to load up peoples pinatas. If you went over a certain amount, you lose.

Howie went with the right idea to load up Jam/Sar. Everyone else seemed more concerned about trying to win the veto rather than preventing them from winning.
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Topic #2097536
nojobny - Apr: We can sit here and say he won 4 vetos but in actually he only won two. The chess and the TV were given to him. NT 0 Replies #2097536 2:19PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097537
CruiseCritic - Around the Feeds 0 Replies #2097537 2:19PM 06/08/2005
F1 HoH room with Howie, Maggie, Beau, Ivette, April, Jen, Rachel and Jen
F2 same as above with chat that since it looks like james is staying if eric comes back he will try to get him out
F3 empty LR
F4 Far shot of kitchen...looks like sarah and james there

cab hear howie saying no matter what we have to get him out of here
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Topic #2097538
alwayslost - POV Winner is James again! 0 Replies #2097538 2:19PM 06/08/2005
Well he did it again and won the POV. He and Sarah were alone in the gold room and talking about how to use veto now. It sounds now like they have changed their plan and that James will save himself.
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Topic #2097544
amIsane - How,Rach,Ivet,Jenn,Jam, and Sar played for veto NT 0 Replies #2097544 2:20PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097554
joannie - Everyone in the HOH room is talking at once. NT 0 Replies #2097554 2:21PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097557
CruiseCritic - The HoH group just called themselves a team as Ivette said we have to play as a 0 Replies #2097557 2:22PM 06/08/2005
team, and Howie agrees, yes, as a team. Cannot tell if Janie is in there with them or not.
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Topic #2097567
CruiseCritic - Now Ivette saying "you know, if Kaysar comes back, he is screwed 0 Replies #2097567 2:23PM 06/08/2005
and if Michael comes back he is screwed and if Cappy comes back he is DONE"
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Topic #2097598
CruiseCritic - Howie talking about strategy and how they could have gotten James out 0 Replies #2097598 2:26PM 06/08/2005
by putting one in sarahs. they are saying they screwed up.
Talking about whether they need to win HoH next week and their objective is to make sure HE DOESNT WIN IT. Howie says we have to win it.
rachel saying everybody here has to make sure he doesnt win it...
Howie going on that if he would have put two more in his...
April talking about being willing to put herself up.
for someone to look pretty.
Howie saying maybe he will put himself up
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Topic #2097599
Kaynelle - Hoh group is talking about next week's HOH competition 0 Replies #2097599 2:26PM 06/08/2005
Maggie suggests they will sit down together and strategize. Howie says that they will see what the game is and what their strategy is going to be. They don't want James to get it.
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Topic #2097614
CruiseCritic - Howie says everyone should volunteer to be nominated and they 0 Replies #2097614 2:27PM 06/08/2005
are now planning for it to be that way. they will volunteer to be put up when Howie gets ready to announce who he is going to put up.
Howie telling Beau to do it for Cappy
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Topic #2097625
Anonymous - Feed 4 would be great to hear....Janie and Sarah 0 Replies #2097625 2:28PM 06/08/2005
but there isn't any SOUND! UGH!
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Topic #2097631
amyt92 - April on James winning all POVs: "James must be Arnie Shapiro's son" NT 0 Replies #2097631 2:29PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2097634
amIsane - The veto meeting plan 0 Replies #2097634 2:29PM 06/08/2005
How will say(after Jam takes himself off) "ok, I will nominate..he will pause and look around"
Several people will say, "I will go up" and finally the last person to say it, How will say "Ok, you"
This plan is just to F@ck with Sar and Jam. To send the message that Sar is most definately going home.
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Topic #2097636
CruiseCritic - Everyone leaves HoH except Rach, Howie and April 0 Replies #2097636 2:29PM 06/08/2005
Howie talking about being stressed out the past 2 days
Rachel calling herself a big idiot, saying she screwed up the veto
Howie wants him OUT of the game bad
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Topic #2097638
joannie - Rachel and Howie now alone in HOH room NT 0 Replies #2097638 2:29PM 06/08/2005
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