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Topic #2168795
SaddleCreek - M, A, J, B, I all still in hot tub / general chit chat 0 Replies #2168795 9:24PM 13/08/2005
Game talk about Kayser & James has stopped for now.
Crew talking about speedos and bathing suits and pagents.
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Topic #2168824
Kaynelle - Janie taking a break from chess for a moment. 0 Replies #2168824 9:26PM 13/08/2005
Jan: I'm so glad you are back in the house. It's such a relief

Kay: Is it, or are you just saying that because you are drunk? (laughing)

Janie goes downstairs to get cookies and ice cream and her and Kay banter back and forth...

Janie: You're so cute Kayser!

Kay: No, I'm not Janie!
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Topic #2168845
SaddleCreek - Feeds 1 & 2 is the hot tubbers / 3 & 4 is Jan & Kay playing chess 0 Replies #2168845 9:27PM 13/08/2005
Jan got up from the chess game to take a break. Camera follows her to kitchen.

No sign of James, Rachael or Howie.
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Topic #2168949
Kaynelle - Janelle whispers to Kayser that Jen is mad at her 1 Replies #2168949 9:33PM 13/08/2005
Kay says that Jen is HOH and she isn't getting any attention.

Janie says that Jen asked her if she thought Dan would think Janelle is hot.

Kayser's expression looks like he's thinking, "Dang Jen is creepy!"
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PinkPanther - Kaysar says Jen is flat out insecure NT #2169031 9:39PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2168958
SaddleCreek - Chess continues 0 Replies #2168958 9:34PM 13/08/2005
Jan telling Kay "stone that F'er I hate him"
Kay replies "I know you do"

Jan is talking about Jen being soooo jealous of her.
Kay agrees.
Jan saying Jen is insecure. Said Jen asked her if Dan would think she's hot.
Kay says "what a stupid question to ask. Like how would you know?"

Jan joking calls Kay a "son of a B."

Now talk about her body language and back to how insecure Jen is.

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Topic #2168980
SaddleCreek - Finally there's Howie briefly NT 0 Replies #2168980 9:35PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2168990
bbaddict2005 - A bit earlier, Maggie was saying what a slap in the face it was for america to vote Kaysar back in after all her hard work as HOH. Then, wouldn't it 0 Replies #2168990 9:36PM 13/08/2005
be a great f u america if we turned right around and got him out of here? Ivette: Why do you think America would vote for Kaysar and not my Cappy?
Maggie: You never know how America/CBS portrays someone
Ivette & Jen: I'll be America thought he was just a great father and great man and how much he missed his family and they knew how hard this game was for him to be away. Maybe they just wanted him to be able to go home to his family. They brought Kaysar back because they knew he'd cause more drama..
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Topic #2169038
Kaynelle - Kay and Janie are joking and laughing and suddenly she asks 0 Replies #2169038 9:40PM 13/08/2005
"Are we going to be in trouble?"

Kay asks why, and they start whispering. I hear Janie say "What if they put up you or Howie instead of James?"

Kay: I don't think they would do that.
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Topic #2169042
mw1125 - Beau: "the casting department told me I was a Marcellas times 10" NT 0 Replies #2169042 9:40PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169080
SaddleCreek - Ivette taking up for James again 0 Replies #2169080 9:43PM 13/08/2005
to everyone in the hot tub. Ivette is trying to blame everything on Kayser. They saw James on his way outside but he didn't come out. They are waiting to speak with him tonight to clarify things and possibly make deals.
James is now outside telling them about his nap and who came in the room.
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Topic #2169151
fitty_little_me - Kaysar and Janelle still playing chess and flirting 0 Replies #2169151 9:48PM 13/08/2005
They playfully have a staring contest with each other and giggle a little. Jen comes up to the loft on her way to HOH. Small chit chat. Then she leaves. Kaysar and Janelle sing Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted Snake" until BB makes them shut up. They continue with their game.
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Topic #2169281
SleeplessOnLI - F2: Beau runs a bath in the HoH bathroom. I can hear Jenn off camera. NT 1 Replies #2169281 9:58PM 13/08/2005
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bama_chevygal - Jen is in the HOH shower while Beau is in the HOH bathtub NT #2169348 10:04PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169352
virdee - jan i beat kay in chess NT 2 Replies #2169352 10:05PM 13/08/2005
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avichaiyl - She was very excited about this, and sat on Kay's lap and gave him a hug #2169389 10:08PM 13/08/2005
Then April came around and she hugged her as well, with her pony tail flaping in A's face.

Kay gives Janie another hug and whispers "your drunk"

Janie denys this, but says "What's the point of living if it's not fun"

Janie: "I'm the Buxom blonde"
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fitty_little_me - They hug in celebration. NT #2169369 10:06PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169365
virdee - checkmate NT 0 Replies #2169365 10:06PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169398
ferretkiss - jen/beau - and - apr/jam. 0 Replies #2169398 10:09PM 13/08/2005
in hoh bathroom, jen and beau.
bb: jennifer, please move your microphone higher.
jen: what,on my nose.
they talk about taking a bubble bath so nobody can hear.
jen: im going to take a shower anyway, so eat a dick.
jen had disrobed to her bikini.
beau: what are we taking a shower together.
beau: ok while you are taking a pee ill take a shower real quick, ill rinse off. (je goes into shower and starts it up.)
jen walking around in bikink drinking watter from bottle, takes clipout of hair.
beau is now in the bathtub, has swimsuit on. starting up the tub.
jen is now in the shower
jen: have you ever had sex in the shower.
beau: one of my best friends has like a rainhead shower, its like 10 times bigger than that thing, that nozzle.
beau standing in tub drinking out of a can.
jen: if someone like, you know how donald trump patened youre fired. he didnt patent it on the show until it was almost over. what if i patented it first?
beau: i dont think you could.
jen: you can patent anything in creation.
beau: thats true.
jen: yeah thats true.
beau: true.

beau: did someone take a bubblebath.
jen: what the bubblebaths gone. janie was taking a whole bunch.
beau: that bitch, skank.
jen: we could request some more.

beau has not sat down in the tub yet. (been a while)
beau: why is this not like.... (doesnt finish, trying to figure outsomething about how the tub works.)

beau: so when you get back, is dan going to be in texas or california. he lives in california now?
jen: ill see him in the wrap party so that will be in california. if he cant come to the wrap party my second choice will be my brother. and if he cant come it would be my sister in law. i see her a lot more than my brother she is more like a sister to me now.

beau has sat down in the tub. it doesnt have a lot of water in there yet (been a while).

cam flips to james and april.

apr: it doesnt matter if i thought you were safe with me or not, we couldnt make it obvious. ******n rachel is staring at me.
jam: shes been following me all day.
apr: they follow us too, they send janelle up.
jam: yeah.

apr whispers: did janelle ever ask you to be her partner, when they sent sarah home.
apr: yeah she keeps coming up to me and is like james is *****(ing lying his eyes off.
jam: i have nothing more to say to them, i realy dont. i potentially have 5 more days here, ill be cordial.
apr: oh sure.

they are in the bathroom., ivette is in the shower.

apr: you mix two cereals.
jam: i always do.
iv starts saying something.
jam tells her: talking to april.

april has left to go get something, and she is coming back to talk to james some more. james says im going to go wash my bowl.

there is some news from the kayser/jan chess game. i think jan beat kayser. james chats about it a bit.

april has a box of something. apr: when did this get opened. did she eat some of this this morning.
(its a tpe of rereay - TOAST CRUNCH. it appears to have a piece of yellow tape across the top word.
they talk about the milk, vitamin d, need a big spoon, james says he is going to talk to ivette a few minutes. apr says im going too (not sure if she is wanted.)

iv is out of the shower and has a towel around her. james sitting there eating something out of a cup - i think the same cereal.


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Topic #2169432
electric - BB: Kaysar, do not lean on the balcony handrail. Janelle: OOOHH KAYSAR! YOU BADASS! NT 0 Replies #2169432 10:12PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169446
Kaynelle - more flirting 0 Replies #2169446 10:12PM 13/08/2005
Kaysar: I'm going to find a good nice girl like you one day Janie! One that reads... the whole package!

BB: Kaysar do not lean on the balcony handrail.

Janie: Do you like Buxom blondes?

Kay: I love them, they are my favorite

Janie: How much do you love Bux/Blondes.

Kay: I'd give them a 9.5

Janie: You really mean me though-- not just any Bux/blonde

kaY: That's true. The highest I've given anyone is 8.

Janie: Oh, Kaysar! I'm your first 9!

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Topic #2169488
Kaynelle - Maggie and Kayser in the gym talking about AC 1 Replies #2169488 10:16PM 13/08/2005
Maggie: So, did you get all of the Muslim vote????? (teasing)

Kay: They all gathered their money together to buy one computer!

Maggie: They probably got the Amish to vote for you too!

Kay: And you could probably add the mormons in there also!

(lots of kidding around.)
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makmadden - M - yah lets get all the crazies together... #2169540 10:22PM 13/08/2005
Kaysar laughs.....yeah yeah yeah
M - all the psychiatric patients too...
K - laughing
M- I'm just teasing
K - oh i know
M - of course you know... you added the mormons...
K- what religion are you
M- i'm not telling....

maggie says she's irish/german... kaysar guesses....you were born catholic and then you summised you didn't believe in organized religion but you have a GOD and that's all that matters
M - hmmmmmmm interesting....
k- am i right?
k - seriously i'm wrong? am i way off?

Janelle enters gym... "are you ready to work out with the big buxom blonde bombshell?"
M - yayyyyyy i've never done that before.
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Topic #2169567
makmadden - jan and maggie alone in gym for 30 secs... rach and howie walk by... 0 Replies #2169567 10:24PM 13/08/2005
M - jan? why is rachel so sad?
J - oh she's just sad noone talks to her
M- hmmmm... i never would have thought that.

kaysar enters... then nothing more said
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Topic #2169602
SleeplessOnLI - April asked James if he’ll talk to his brother soon. 0 Replies #2169602 10:27PM 13/08/2005
They are in the bathroom, sitting in the chairs. James is flossing and April is eating (cereal?). James said, while growing up he was never allowed to eat his father’s “Cracklin’ Oat Bran” high-fiber cereal because it was expensive.

April asks about his brother. James mentions he has been thinking of him a lot lately. He was even thinking of asking BB to fly his brother (William) out to meet him upon eviction. April asked, “But if you had one person to meet you …” James said he would prefer to see Sarah.

James continues discussing his brother, William. He has his own business -- fabricating race cars. (Thought I heard NASCAR.) He and his newlywed wife live in a suburb of Charlotte, NC. William does a lot of bartering in business and someone negotiated a trip to Hawaii in return for custom work. James’ brother eloped during this trip.

April asks if this is why he and his brother do not talk. James claims it is a personal family oriented situation and would rather not discuss it on “TV”.

He is very close with his sister, Desiree. James hopes to drive up and visit his brother after this experience.
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Topic #2169627
virdee - howie and some 1 else is sleeping NT 0 Replies #2169627 10:29PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169630
SleeplessOnLI - F2: Ivette & James playing chess upstairs at the bistro table. (Chess talk so far.) NT 0 Replies #2169630 10:29PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169724
virdee - BB beu please turn on u mic NT 0 Replies #2169724 10:39PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169812
BlueDiva - K/Jan in backyard talking about Jan's safety. 1 Replies #2169812 10:50PM 13/08/2005
K tells Jan that he knows she is safe. F5 and James in HOH. Now K is saying how Jenn is trying to prove her love for Dan. ??? (not sure how this got started.) K - Jenn is trying to figure herself out. She trying to figure out where her life is going. She's trying to prove herself.
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BlueDiva - R joins K/Jan in the BY. H is still sleeping. NT #2169828 10:52PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169831
SaddleCreek - Kay & Jan walking in backyard 0 Replies #2169831 10:52PM 13/08/2005
talking about Jen and her insecurity. Kay trying to analize Jen. He thinks Jen made Mike out to be bad guy to take the attention off of her poor choice of actions. Jen wants to be loved and in charge. She wants to be discovered. She carries pics of Dan around with her. Kay thinks she will do certain things to prove herself. In the end nobody cared. She is not embraced like she thought she would be. Jan said Jen hangs around Howie cause she wants attention. Kay and Jan both say it's sad. Rachael now in back yard. What up Kayser?
Howie is still sleeping.
Now Jan asks Kay what he thinks of April. Kay says April is much like Jenny. They don't want to work hard they want the easy way out. Win lottery, be rich, be given things. If one gets ahead the other will be jealous. In the end they will sell each other out. April is insecure
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