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Topic #2164622
valentine - Howie Wants Michael To Come Back 0 Replies #2164622 2:41PM 13/08/2005
because he's the only guy with bigger boobies than him.

Rachel chuckles: Nice.
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Topic #2164698
ferretkiss - iv goes to GR to get jam to go outside.......... apr/mag on hammock 0 Replies #2164698 2:48PM 13/08/2005
howie goes out too, to table.
jan sitting there at table drinking water from a bottle talking to someone.

april/mag/iv are at hammock doing serious strategizing.
[i have real audio up to max and main audio up to max, still hard to hear. also plane flying over.]

april doing most of the talking.
apr: supposedly james is in there telling kayser that kayser belived us saying all these things about james and stuff.
mag: ok why did my name come up.
iv leaves.
apr: number one,
mag: everyting makes sense.
apr: she cameover to make sure she is safe. she said april, everything is still the same right.
apr: i said yeah.
apr: she said im safe right
apr: i said you are absolutely safe.
apr: we know janelle is a liar, right.
apr: she said you know you cant trust james, james is a liar. she had mentioned your name.
mag:say what she said about me.
apr: she said i cant believe you would believe maggie about all the things that were said. (She goes on a convoluted thing about james and information.) does that make sense.
mag: yeah. this is why i need to hear what she said.
apr: i cant say what she said exactly. supposedly james said to kayser, i cant belive you would believe all the things maggie said about me.

apr: so janelle got her f*cking story f*cking mixed up. you see where i am coming from.
mag: why is it getting so f*cked up.

[sorry this is really difficult to understand, and harder to type. basically april is stirring up sh*t with maggie about both james and janelle. maggie is disturbed that jan mentioned her name. april taking advantage of that in order to get maggie unhappy with janelle. but it mostly seems to be directed against james. also seems she is trying to get herself out of trouble for what she was plotting against iv last week.]

apr: and it was all about her, she never asked me about me or about kayser.


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Topic #2164758
ferretkiss - now april talking to mag about better to put kayser up than jam. says jam thinks he ... 0 Replies #2164758 2:53PM 13/08/2005
is a leader but he is not a f*cking leader.

maggie wondering out loud why they now want kayser out this week when it was james last week.

now apr and maggie go to hoh to talk more. it goes on more up in hoh, april talking and talking many many words, trying to convince maggie that kayser needs to go. [this could go on long time as many of aprils sessions have. and sorry i cannot bear to listen to april any more, especially if she is trying to change the plan. she really affects me physically.]

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Topic #2164975
amIsane - Magg and Apr trying to convince Jenn to put Kay up instead of James NT 0 Replies #2164975 3:08PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2164996
Orion - HOH - A, Jen, Maggot, B... April telling group (Again) why she would 0 Replies #2164996 3:10PM 13/08/2005
put Kaysar up instead of James... She said if that happens she wants James to know it was the group that made that decision and Ivette had nothing to do with it so Ivette can't claim to be the hero to James.
Maggot is stating her 5-3-1 scenario... if they get Kaysar out then they have 5 people and the other group has 3 and James is alone. April says well it could be 6 - 3 if they absorb James into their group. Maggot said "We don't want him" so she is not considering letting him into the group.
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Topic #2165044
Kayfan - Jen just pretty much admitted that she is putting up Kaysar... 0 Replies #2165044 3:15PM 13/08/2005
... because it's unanimous amongst their group. If it wasn't what everyone in the group wanted she said she would be doubtful and keep it to herself. Telling people not to tell Kaysar.
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Topic #2165059
sowhat - Maggie very wisely pushing for 0 Replies #2165059 3:17PM 13/08/2005
James not to be allowed into their group if they vote Kaysar off and not James.
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Topic #2165060
Orion - Jen confronting Maggot & April about constantly repeating themselves over and over 0 Replies #2165060 3:17PM 13/08/2005
about what they want and that she is going to make up her own mind. Jen will listen to them but still make up her own mind. Jen told the group that each of them came to her individually and said they wanted Kaysar out instead of James. Jen said she wouldn't have told them if even one person had stated something different but since all said the same she decided to tell them.

Now debating whether or not to tell Kaysar ahead of time if she decides to put up Kaysar instead of James. Jen said she won't do it. He'd just be pissed. Nothing would be gained by telling him.

Jen said her winning HOH was a combo of her winning, Kaysar giving it to her and BB giving it to her because she had said she would win it.

(Ed note: Man is Jen getting full of her self...)
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Topic #2165067
Kayfan - F5 trying to justify their breaking their word by saying Jen would have won HOH anyway. NT 0 Replies #2165067 3:18PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2165078
Kayfan - Mag saying if other team was in power they wouldn't take James out. More BS excuses. NT 0 Replies #2165078 3:19PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2165084
amIsane - Jenn tells B, Ap and Magg her terms 0 Replies #2165084 3:20PM 13/08/2005
She says she doesn't care if Iv is there, but she does not want to talk in circles, repeating the same thing over and over.
Ap "Why did you look at me when you said that?"
Jenn says she will listen, but if she puts her 2 cents in, they will just state their case again.
Ap asks if 3 people want Kay gone and 2 Jam will she decide that way. Jenn says when she asked each of them who they wanted , it was all for Kay to leave.
Ap wants to know if she will tell Kay if she decides it is him. Jenn says no.
Jenn says right now, she has not made her mind up and she won't until last minute.

They continue to try and convince Jenn to put up Kaysar.
Ap keeps saying Kaysar has a bad temper
They keep telling her that Kay and gang would not try to get James off.
(ed. April never shut up!!!)
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Topic #2165182
Orion - Jen says the reason America voted for Kaysar to return was 0 Replies #2165182 3:27PM 13/08/2005
that when he was HOH he could have taken the easy road but he through the house into turmoil and caused havoc. That is why he was voted back in. (Ed. Note: Clueless)

To this Beau adds "Exactly"...
(showing the most game yet since they walked into the house... LOL)
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Topic #2165469
valentine - Well, Someone Has to Post the Nasty Stuff 0 Replies #2165469 3:48PM 13/08/2005
April, Maggie and Jenn are lounging on the HOH bed while Beau lays on his down comforter on the floor.

They are eating some sort of very spicy crunchy fries from Jenn's HOH basket. They had to persuade Beau to eat them.

Jenn: It kind of hurts but it's really good. Just like sex.

April: Sex doesn't hurt.

Jenn: It will when we get out of here. I'll have to say, be gentle, be gentle.

Maggie: Yeah, the whole sex book is going to have to be rewritten.

April: I'll be like: Pound me. Pound me.

Jenn: I like pounding too, but not when it hurts.

Now the talk turns to blow jobs, and whether they like to do it. Well, Beau jumps right up from the floor and onto the bed and starts explaining the process.

Beau: April, do you deep throat?

April: I gag.

Beau laughs and starts explaining how to breath (out of your nose, exhaling on the way down)

April: I hate doing it.

Maggie: I guess I don't know the proper etiquette for it.

Ed Note: I bet the camera crew would work for free this weekend.
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Topic #2165637
DebbieInc - OMG Rach, Howie, Janelle, and Kaysar saying that it's for sure that 0 Replies #2165637 4:02PM 13/08/2005
Jenn is putting up James . Rachel chimes in saying they don't think far enough ahead. Totally underestimnating them.
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Topic #2165652
DebbieInc - Kaysar saying it's gonna get crazy (he's clueless to the BD Kaysar plan they have) NT 0 Replies #2165652 4:03PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2165672
CruiseCritic - Howie in BR with Jan, Kay and Rachel and took off each sandal and smelled them NT 0 Replies #2165672 4:06PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2165711
CruiseCritic - F1 Wmpty LR/F2 empty kit table and F3/4 on the group in the bathroom 0 Replies #2165711 4:09PM 13/08/2005
talking about winnng a car and prizes. Jan wondering if james is "up there" pleading his case. Jan says he is the strongest, Kay says he is not the strongest, THEY think he is the strongest. Rachel saying she is genuinly sorry she didnt win anything (not sure who she is talking about)
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Topic #2165765
CruiseCritic - Ivette walked into BR and the group in there kind of silenced up 0 Replies #2165765 4:13PM 13/08/2005
and Rachel said they all just ended up sitting in there. she said it is soothing.
Janie just asked Kay to play chess..they are leaving
Howie says he wants to bang Janie
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Topic #2165775
CruiseCritic - janie told Howie he is a big beefcake and he says he wants to bang her NT 0 Replies #2165775 4:15PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2165793
CruiseCritic - Howie and Janelle are in the storage room...Janie complains there are no 0 Replies #2165793 4:17PM 13/08/2005
M&Ms and no food she likes.
oh howie you are so big and strong
janie, guys just want to plant you
Howie says every guy in america wants to bang a Janie doll
really howie?
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Topic #2165807
Zara - Howie and Janie at it 0 Replies #2165807 4:18PM 13/08/2005
Janie: Oh Howie
Howie: Every guy in America wants to bang a Janie doll
Janie: Really Howie?
Howie: Oh god what a great ass

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Topic #2165814
Zara - Kaysar says the tuna smells like ass... 0 Replies #2165814 4:19PM 13/08/2005
and asks Janie to smell it
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Topic #2165824
CruiseCritic - Janelle says there is no cheese and she is going to go ballistic 0 Replies #2165824 4:19PM 13/08/2005
Kaysar just offered her something from fridge to smell and she said she is not smelling it. he says he smells like a disaster.
feeds switch to GR James, Rach on one bed and Howie in there also. Rachel wants to play coasters..she is bored. there is nothing to do. James tells her she should try sleeping pass 7:30 every morning. she likes her routine she says
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Topic #2165851
CruiseCritic - Howie laying on bed eating an apple in GR Rachel now sitting with Howie 0 Replies #2165851 4:22PM 13/08/2005
and james asked if there was something wrong with his bed. she said she wanted that pillow. this bed is cleaner. Rach asks james who he would put up if he got HoH.
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Topic #2165867
CruiseCritic - James promised everyone they would be safe...rachel is laughing 0 Replies #2165867 4:24PM 13/08/2005
and now Janelle walked into the room. Rach says to janelle it was really funny about James...talking about being in the box. and the flies.
sleep depravation..
Rachel says "i had it in me janie..i did"
Janie now asked james who he would put up. no direct answer...kay is in the room now
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