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Topic #2169899
BlueDiva - Jam in HOH giving same crap about why he gave up HOH Comp. 1 Replies #2169899 10:58PM 13/08/2005
Jan rings doorbell and enters the HOH room breaking up the convo. Now every one is asking how much Jan's had to drink. James looks frustrated.
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BlueDiva - Since the F5 and James can't have "the meeting", they are all giving #2169954 11:02PM 13/08/2005
reasons why they gave up in the HOH comp. Now blaming BB for their failure - all but Jen of course. Great move Janelle:)
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Topic #2169930
ejj1955 - Janelle and Kaysar visit the HOH room. This is just weird. Talking about booze so far. NT 0 Replies #2169930 11:00PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2169960
ferretkiss - jan asks kay to tell her about april................. and later they go to hoh. 0 Replies #2169960 11:02PM 13/08/2005
jan: what about april
kay:aprilis much like jenny. has a personality where they want the easy way out of it. somehow win the lottery or open a box and win a prize and they want it so much it kills them, kills them with jealousy.
if one of them gets ahead the other one will be jealous.
when it comes down to it they will selleach other out.

jan: how come its so easy to get april to like you then.
jay: she needs the acceptance, she is insecure. but april is a lot less cynical than jenny.

rach has come out and asked where is james.
kay saying that he is trying to save his ass.
rach worried about this.
kay saing the problem is that they are women they fall for that emotional bullsh*t, you talk to them long enough and they will break.
jan asks him if he is going to talk to jenny.
jan says thats what she wants.
kay: i really dont like her. i am talking to the people around her, things with maggie are good, things with april are ok but i cant stand the way that she thinks she is in charge. you are doing a good job with her.
kay: god they are so scared ofme. the fact that maggie would come out, they are so afraid.
jan: you think.
kay: yeah. the fact that i came back is devastating for them. people saw that i didnt do anything wrong. it came down to me and eric. 5 million people said so.
jan: wonder how much of a blindside it was.
kay: i think it was pretty even.

jan: why dont we go to hoh now and talk with them now.
kay you want to
jan: yeah, lets go up and scare james.
they walk upstairs.
jan opens door, says: the buxom blonde is here. i want to see whats in your basket. i havent seen your basket.
camera stays on empty hall along time, finally switches into hoh.

iv: guess what he has, he has bombay sapphire still.
female: beauuuuuu
beau: im sorry.
jen (Screeching practically): and you always say how giving you are. (and also talks about cellulite at the same time - not sure what that was).
they are all talking, jan/jen/beau

jen talking about whose dolls have gone up in sales and whose have gone down in sales.
jan seems really drunk.
jan: hold on, im the big buxom blonde bombshell babe from big brother. she is holding up her fingers - maybe counting the 'b's.

everyone talking at once - about alcohol, tempting beau in the pressure cooker - beau being drunk last night -

jan getting up and demonstrating a dance that beay did when drunk last night. beau says no he was doing it like this.. and shows it a different way. lot of talk aobut last night and beaus behavior.

now talking about jans tv. james there, everyone talking. [how and rach not there, i think everyone else is.]

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Topic #2170101
strad - howie and rachel in the bathroom 0 Replies #2170101 11:20PM 13/08/2005
they keep running over the possibility that howie may be put up
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Topic #2170142
TheBigSista - rachel said she is worried that bb showed the evil look she gave to james 0 Replies #2170142 11:25PM 13/08/2005
on the bb show tonight!
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Topic #2170153
404 - R and H talking about Denver's QB Jake Plummer's marriage and house NT 0 Replies #2170153 11:26PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2170219
Chelebele - All HG's in the HOH... everyone BS'ing, very strange scene... NT 0 Replies #2170219 11:33PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2170298
ejj1955 - Ivette complaining loudly about the food they get . . . 0 Replies #2170298 11:42PM 13/08/2005
Says she saw people last year spelling out lobster, spelling out filet mignon. What is this sh*t they get? F*king family value macaroni and cheese, they don't even get Kraft.
Then she says she wants croissants (pronounces it wrong, someone corrects her).
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