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Topic #2162119
valentine - FISH Now, and Possibly a Wake Up Song. NT 0 Replies #2162119 9:42AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162232
valentine - OMG. BB Plays the Theme Song For Them 0 Replies #2162232 10:02AM 13/08/2005
and the girls in the HOH bed rock out. April is head banging and tossing her hair around.

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Topic #2162240
valentine - BB Just Called the HOH Girls Bitches 1 Replies #2162240 10:04AM 13/08/2005
and told them to keep the lights on. They all laugh and say that voice was scary.

Jenn: No, we're the ones that call you guys bitches, not the other way around.

They all with Beau had been there to hear it.
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Thunderclap - "What's rude of you b*itches is to turn the lights off after I said turn them on." NT #2162601 10:58AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162476
Lelie - Beau/Jen talking (F1) 1 Replies #2162476 10:41AM 13/08/2005
Not sure where they are in the house. Jen eating a banana. Beau says he knows the makeup artist for SNL. Giving makeup tips to Jen.
Discussing new Nicole Kidman movie. (Can't decide if it is Interpreter or Bewitched)
Kaysar joins conversation.
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BlueDiva - H/R talking POV strategy in the GR. R says she'll be OK if Howie doesn't #2162502 10:45AM 13/08/2005
get the veto and that H better kick some a** if she leaves. (can't hear good) Sounds like Howie says he will slander Jen and there isn't anything she can do about it. Then Fish. F4 back. Now R and Jan in GR talking about life on the outside.
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Topic #2162487
Lelie - Howie accuses someone of slandering him. FISH NT 2 Replies #2162487 10:42AM 13/08/2005
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mrssand - I believe he was saying one of the girls (I think Jen) was accusing him of slandering her. NT #2162498 10:44AM 13/08/2005
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lurker542 - She said this during the HOH competition... #2162663 11:08AM 13/08/2005
Howie said something referring to her being the BJ queen. She told him that she could sue him for slander.
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Topic #2162512
Lelie - Rach/Jan in GR discussing James/ life after BB/leaving this week 0 Replies #2162512 10:46AM 13/08/2005
Jan: I saw James pacing this morning
Rach: It's ok. I know I have other goals I want to go after when I go home. Spending 4-5 weeks in a house with other people is not going to be, you know, fun. Like I said last night they would have done this no matter not. What are your thoughts?
Jan: (couldn't hear)
Rach: Wouldn't you rather go be with Michael than stuck with them?
Jan: Yeah, kind of. I mean these people are such huge dorks. I don't really like them.
Rach: Well some of them don't like each other
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Topic #2162516
bbpolar - Jam and Iv earlier in gym 0 Replies #2162516 10:46AM 13/08/2005
James on treadmill. Ivette enters. Can't hear some of the convo. James tells Ivette he wants a meeting with "the girls" this morning. James says, "How can they not believe ME over THEM?". Ivette agrees and tell him she will get them together for a meeting.
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Topic #2162518
ferretkiss - 10:30 - 10:45 AM BB time - Saturday 0 Replies #2162518 10:46AM 13/08/2005
Jan is in GR putting on makeup - she has a big collection of makeup lying on the small table - and brushing hair.. Lot of hair to brush, take a while. Actually it might be a comb she is using. She periodically drinks from her cup as she works on these things. Now doing her eyes. In her Ugg boots, "whatever" tshirt, and sport shorts

Cam flips go Jam in the bathroom. Shower is running. He takes off his white socks, and his shorts, drops on the floor. He has red boxers on under. He goes into shower, removes boxers, and tosses them out onto the floor also. Washes armpits. Gets hair wet. Apr enters WC. Jam: can you do me a favor. Apr: what. Jam: can you just hand me a towel. Apr does this and goes back into WC.

Jan enters. Jan: Is someone in there. Jam: Aprils in there. Jan: oh sorry.

James is rinising his hair now. He looks in to the other shower for some reason. He turns off shower. Now washing himself with the water off. April still in WC.......now she exits with mic in hand. Putting on mic now, wahsing hands.

Cam flips to Jan who is ironing her hair. Her face looks really puffy. She flips each piece out at the bottom.

Cam flips to HOH bathroom. Mag and jen are in there.
They talk about rachel.
jen: not to be mean or anything but, she just sits around thinks she is queen of the house.
mag: she is, what she says everyone does.
jan: not me.

they talk about what to wear.
mag: i couldjust kill april right now. she keeps telling us not to say anything bad about other people but now she is. and i really want to tease her.
jen tells maggie not to wear dark colors becasue its really hot out there.
they leave hoh to get the clothes they will wear.
jen feels naked because she has socks on but they are not the kind that go up (?) maggie is going to let her borrow a pair.

back to jan who is still working on her hair, other side now. shower still running, must be james still in there. actyally that "what ever" shirt doesnt look so good, its a real thin material and you can see her white bra rhough it.

maggie now there brushing teeth.

cam flips to GR with how and rach. rach talking about sequester house, going home, james. there is a very loud noise and its hard to hear.

rach: dont worry about me, you know that. im more worried about you.
how: well try to do what we can.
rach: thanks.
they aretalking about the veto today
rach: id love to see you win the veto todya, but if you dont....id love to see you kick someass.
[missing a lot - generally speaking they are talking about james/veto/the other side/and jen.]
how: she was standing in the glass thing that night and i told her...
i could have slandered her every which way and there is not a damn thing she could do about it.
back and rach is fixing her mike.

cam flips to iv and maggie in bathroom.

cam flips to jan/rach in GR.
rach:if she picks james then we know...
rach: ive given it a lot of thought and i know i dont want to be stuck in seqester with those people.
jan: i saw james pacing a lot this morning. he has been on the treadmill too.
rach: what are your thought.
jan: i dont think they would do what they said they would do.
rach: wouldnt you rather go be with michael than be stuck in the sequester house.
jan: yeah. i mean these people are huge dorks. i really dont like them. and they dont like me.
rach: well some of them dont like each other.
(Quiet a little).

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Topic #2162537
valentine - Jenn is Pissed That She is The Only Girl, Including Beau, 0 Replies #2162537 10:50AM 13/08/2005
who hasn't hosted a competition. And yes, those are her exact words, not mine.

Jenn: It's ridiculous! Even Howie got to host the food competition!!

They are all in great moods today--the HOH girls. When April went down to the kitchen she kept squealing "welcome back!" to Kaysar as she hugged him.
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Topic #2162542
Lelie - Jan/Rach/Kay in GR cont 0 Replies #2162542 10:51AM 13/08/2005
Rach: I said "Howie, I think I just put a huge target on my head. They think I dreamed up everything."
Jan: Like What?
Rach: The whole James and Sarah plan. And then the whole "he-said she-said crap.

Kaysar enters room
Jan: Isn't it suspicious?
Kay: What?
Jan: James was pacing this morning.
Kay: He's really hoping no one wins it.
Rach: It's ok. I just feel bad for Howie if I leave.
Camera flips to LR.. hear James and Maggie (I think)
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Topic #2162591
valentine - Catty April 0 Replies #2162591 10:56AM 13/08/2005
says Janelle is going to be portrayed on the show as a Gold Digger. She is telling Jennifer about how she confronted Janelle yesterday about calling Jenn and April bitches. April says Janelle has been expecting to be sent home for a while.

April: I really like her, but every single thing about her is fake. Her personality is fake. And she's not the smartest tool in the shed.

Ed Note: Oh yeah April? Then why do you like her? And its "the sharpest tool", not "the smartest tool". Look who's talking.
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Topic #2162600
Lelie - Jen and April in HOH 0 Replies #2162600 10:57AM 13/08/2005
Jen: I just wanted to be HOH before I left and I had a feeling they were starting to want to put us up. At first they wanted you to go first, but now I think they have a good reason to want me to go.
Apr: (Couldn't understand response)
Jen: I'd like to do some other things too though, like win POV, and host a POV.
Ap: Do you think Kaysar will nominate us?
Jen: Yeah
Ap: You Do?
Jen: He might go after Maggie first, but... FISH
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Topic #2162605
mrssand - Maggie just asked Janelle if she has competed in POV comp. before?!?! NT 1 Replies #2162605 10:58AM 13/08/2005
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mrssand - Jan told her yes, she has competed in 3 already. NT #2162628 11:01AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162627
ferretkiss - apr and jen in hoh bathroom before veto comp 0 Replies #2162627 11:00AM 13/08/2005
apr: i have gas but its like ...getting it to come almost out...

they are talking about jan calling jennifer a bitch [i suppose this was after jan was nominated]
apr: i told her that wasnt very cool to call my partner a bitch. and she said i was expecting one thing and got the other.
jen: she would have done the same thing
jen says she expects to get everything she wants in life.
apr: the thing is how do you think she is going to be portrayed on the show.
jen says she is a gold digger, guys will like her, she is a showdog.
apr says i like janelle but everything about her is fake. matt and his friends are probably watching her, saying she is hot, but matt would never touch her wiht a f*ckin ten foot pole.
apr asks jen if she thinks dan thinks jan is hot.
jen says at first yes, but not now.

apr says she cant wait to see her handler again, she was really friends with her. goes on about how they used to talk about things.....

they are putting on makeup...

jen says last week sar came up to her at this same time and said this isnt a beauty pagent jen.
apr: i didnt know that.
jen: she just wanted to use me for my abilities. [referring to veto comp]

jen: i just wanted to be hoh before i left. i knew people were going to start nominating us soon.
jen says there are other things she would also like to do, but probably will not get a chance - win the power of veto, and host a power of veto ceremony.

apr: do you think kayser will nominate us.
jen: yes.
apr: you do? [apr seems to think he would not, but jen thinks yes]
jen: after maggie first, but yes.

cam flips to empty dining table.

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Topic #2162636
valentine - James Holds Court 0 Replies #2162636 11:02AM 13/08/2005
in the GR with Kaysar and Rachel. He describes for Kaysar last week's veto competition, and how everybody missed a golden opportunity to get rid of him.

James: The only one who used the right strategy was Ivette, who put one piece of candy in Sarah's box, and the rest in mine.

Kaysar listens, sitting in the chair.

James: That's why they say Arnold is my father.

Rachel: It was worse than broccoli, Kaysar.
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Topic #2162643
ferretkiss - james has been in GR with kay/jan/rach.... talking a little... jam thinks he will be a spectator today. NT 0 Replies #2162643 11:03AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162669
ferretkiss - how: oh boy janie, sexy little blonde bimbo. jan: hey, do not say that word. kay smiling. NT 0 Replies #2162669 11:09AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162679
valentine - Janelle Gets Snappy With Howie 0 Replies #2162679 11:11AM 13/08/2005
after he says "oh my little Janie, my little blonde bimbo".

Janelle: Don't ever say that word Howie!

He apoligized to her. She later told him he is being a "fuc*ing as*hole".

He tells her to focus on the competition. She is focusing on her hair right now, though.
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Topic #2162715
Sunflake - April and Jenn whisper about POV 0 Replies #2162715 11:15AM 13/08/2005
April says they if they can't talk they have to use telepathy.
Jenn says "if it's a game like last week to go for Janelle, no,...Rachel."
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Topic #2162724
Sunflake - F1 & F2 are FURN, F3 & F4 are James and Ivette playing chess. Pretty quiet. NT 0 Replies #2162724 11:18AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162733
seezall - James and Ivette playing chess as James eats...nothing exciting here NT 0 Replies #2162733 11:19AM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2162759
valentine - April Makes an Appearance in the Gold Room 0 Replies #2162759 11:24AM 13/08/2005
She knocked first and Janelle told her to come in.

April: I just want to make sure that we're all on the same fuc*ing page here. It doesn't matter who wins this thing, someone just has to win it.

Janelle: Oh, yeah.

April: I just didn't want ya'll to thing that Jenn and I were up to something.

Janelle thanks her.
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Topic #2162764
Sunflake - Ape comes into the Gold Room 0 Replies #2162764 11:25AM 13/08/2005
Wants to make sure that they're all on the same page, that it doesn't matter who farkin' gets it, cus they're all on the same page.
Kaysar says they just discussed that.
April repeats herself (big surprise).
April thinks it will be physical.
Howie whispers something I can't make out.
April says it's all 6 together.
Rachel thanks her.
April wishes them luck and says, it's great to have a friendly competiton, no stress.
April leaves.
Rachel calls her a biatch. (heh)
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Topic #2162774
valentine - After April Leaves the Room, 0 Replies #2162774 11:26AM 13/08/2005
Rachel mutters "bitch" quietly, so everyone in the room can hear, but not outside.

BB tells Janelle to put on her microphone.

Howie: It's those big boobies again!

And they are friends again after the earlier "bimbo" spat and launch into their Oh Boy routine.

Janelle: Oh Boy Howie! You big piece of beefcake!!
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Topic #2162807
valentine - A Few Minutes Ago, Beau Held Up a Gray Top 0 Replies #2162807 11:29AM 13/08/2005
and showed it to April.

April: Oh my God! That is so cute!! Who's top is that?

Beau: It's Maggie's.

April: Maggie! You have some really cute clothes!!

The tone is kind of sarcastic on both their parts.

Today, Maggie is sporting a godawful yellow and green printed camisole with some sort of bow or other ornament just below her breasts. It's really bad.
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