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Topic #2165892
CruiseCritic - James said they hope they had a full face shot of Rachel at the moment 0 Replies #2165892 4:26PM 13/08/2005
i guess the fly flew in her mouth? Janelle says it will be on tonight. James said it was one of the scariest things he has ever seen.
rachel was laughing hard. said it happened during ivettes breakdown. stress in box was rough.
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Topic #2165939
CruiseCritic - HoH room with Ivette, April and Beau 0 Replies #2165939 4:31PM 13/08/2005
APril and Beau are laying on the floor covered up and laying on pillows. look like they just showed a shot of Maggie and Jenn asleep in bed. Ivette and april talking away.
A- it was unanimouse that everyone of us wanted kaysar to go.
we like james, we need to keep him as close as possible..make him feel like he is wanted. we cannot trust him. he cannot be in on meetings etc.
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Topic #2165956
CruiseCritic - I- its a bigger risk to leave kaysar here...April says they are so 0 Replies #2165956 4:32PM 13/08/2005
fu*ked without him. feeds froze
Ivette says "you know what i am saying"
Now talking about Howie saying that he didnt have to think any more with kaysar back. they get drunk..the only one that stays together over there is rachel...
feed just went to empty LR couches......
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Topic #2165975
CruiseCritic - Back in GR James saying that he loves the 0 Replies #2165975 4:34PM 13/08/2005
treadmill. and rachel asks him about it. he used it this morning. he says he has to look good if he is going back to civilization.
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Topic #2165999
CruiseCritic - Kaysar twisting/twirling his hair in GR as Howie exits... talking about 0 Replies #2165999 4:37PM 13/08/2005
making the dinner. rachel wants howie to make the fish. she says she would prefer to have salmon. James is now with Ivette telling her things he was privy to in the GR. they are running water at kitchen sink...so cannot hear. Ivette asked james what kind of fish he wanted..he said either one would be fine.
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Topic #2166004
CruiseCritic - James says if he can hear Pearl Jam at the end of the week it would be really, really good NT 0 Replies #2166004 4:37PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166027
CruiseCritic - Feeds are only on Ivette and James in the kitchen right now and James 0 Replies #2166027 4:40PM 13/08/2005
is washing up soem dishes and looks like Ivette is eating a cookie or cracker. James just said "come here" to Ivette. they are whispering. Ivette says you dont want to talk to anybody about anything. she made the point to him. he thanks her. he is getting some coffee. he says it better not be decaf or he will be POd
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Topic #2166034
CruiseCritic - F1/Empty LR couches-F2 empty kit table-F3/4 Ivette at table alone on patio NT 0 Replies #2166034 4:40PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166063
CruiseCritic - James joins Ivette outside and says this has to be quick BC he has to 0 Replies #2166063 4:43PM 13/08/2005
go work out. she aske him if he didnt have the time. like there is anything to do. she is talking to him about getting rid of kaysar instead and how they want him to vote out the other 3 instead of their group. Ivette telling him to not get involved...
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Topic #2166093
strad - ivette is telling james kaysar is the target 0 Replies #2166093 4:45PM 13/08/2005
she is prepping him for a meeting with the friendship tonight. james is reassuring ivette
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Topic #2166095
CruiseCritic - Ivette says her group is afraid..James said that the other group cannot make an offer to him 0 Replies #2166095 4:45PM 13/08/2005
and Ivette says we have an understanding that they go before anyone else. and james is agreeing with her. She said later on tonight ppl may come to him and offer him a promise. IV= i would just rather you really, its funny how ..something about the groups, she tells James he is the wild card
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Topic #2166120
CruiseCritic - Ivette tells james she does not want to give him false hope but he could be 0 Replies #2166120 4:47PM 13/08/2005
saved, forget about the eric situation. James says it is not about him winning the game, it is to make sure that THEY dont.
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Topic #2166121
strad - ivette talking to james 0 Replies #2166121 4:47PM 13/08/2005
my heart and my gut is telling me you are playing differen
i dont want to give you false hope but there are dirtier players
focus on the fact that sarah left
they(sith) are going to corner you
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Topic #2166153
CruiseCritic - Ivette tells james she is always available to talk whenever he wants 0 Replies #2166153 4:49PM 13/08/2005
and she hopes he realizes that the only group that can save him..is her group. she says that group is spiteful. she said they will try to make him into a bad person again. james is going to go work out now and Ivette says she may take a nap outside.
james just said that this means a lot to him (convo with her)
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Topic #2166159
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds on empty rooms........................no talking NT 0 Replies #2166159 4:49PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166198
CruiseCritic - Rachel now in GR and looks like kaysar is bundled up on the floor.. 0 Replies #2166198 4:52PM 13/08/2005
..nope, he is on bench at end of bed and partly on the bed.
sounds like Janelle is in there on the other bed. Rachel says "you can really here people in here that is annoying" "take off those heels on the metal staircase"
Looks like janie is trying to sleep. rachel is restless. Janie jus gets up and leaves the room
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Topic #2166205
CruiseCritic - Kaysar and Rachel in GR talking about sequester and being at a wonderful resort NT 0 Replies #2166205 4:53PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166233
CruiseCritic - The colored pics of evicted HGs are in the GR - just saw a pic of Ashlea on 0 Replies #2166233 4:56PM 13/08/2005
the table under the map on the wall. saw a pic of sarah in there.
janie comes back wishing for her plasma tv.
Rachel says you are so lucky janie (in a howie kind of way) and Janie says I know.
Talking about where they will go for sequester..Janie thinks Mexico. Janie reading bible
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Topic #2166273
CruiseCritic - EMpty LR couches and still empty kitchen table on F1/2 and in the GR 0 Replies #2166273 4:59PM 13/08/2005
with Janie, Rachel and Kaysar. Janie saying that men have one less rib than women and Rachel says "Really?" kaysar said he knew.
a rib was taken from a man to make a women they are saying. janie reading. camera man just took closeup shot of pic of sarah in GR
Janie trying to read...Rachel looking at map on wall.
do you think michael thinks im pretty?- Janie
yes janie- Rach
she is reading from the bible to them now....
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Topic #2166287
moosiecoosie - Jan doing a bible reading in GR NT 0 Replies #2166287 5:01PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166288
CruiseCritic - Rachel intently listening to the story of eating of the apple and how the woman 0 Replies #2166288 5:01PM 13/08/2005
took the apple from the serpent and offered it to her husband...she is reading away...
(not going to try to keep up with her....)
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Topic #2166298
joannie - Janelle is reading aloud from the Bible 0 Replies #2166298 5:01PM 13/08/2005
the book of Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve.

Rachel: "Sure, blame it on the woman."
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Topic #2166302
CruiseCritic - Nothing on feeds except for janie reading from the bible...noone in sight - Rach and Jay in GR with her...(and I gotta run) :( NT 1 Replies #2166302 5:02PM 13/08/2005
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joannie - Kaysar too. NT #2166319 5:04PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166315
joannie - Janelle: "Want to hear one of my favorite stories? I like the story of the birth of Moses." NT 1 Replies #2166315 5:03PM 13/08/2005
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Mirage - Rachel's response at end... boy, they left out a lot of stuff that was in the movie! NT #2166342 5:08PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166344
Skamito - Bible theatre 0 Replies #2166344 5:08PM 13/08/2005
After Janelle reads the story of Moses:

Rachel- Boy it sure does skip a lot of stuff that was in the movie!
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