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Topic #2317440
Toronto - Maggie: If Janelle wins HoH, she's going to take me out before she takes you out. You provided her safety this week and that's how she plays. 0 Replies #2317440 4:30PM 28/08/2005
April: Please. She's one selfish bitch.

Then they say that they believe they can outplay Janelle in a veto comp.
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Topic #2317447
Sunflake - April saying she will make Janelle sweat, but she's not going to break her promise to Janelle. She will take her off the block. NT 0 Replies #2317447 4:31PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317457
ashkonsmom - APR to Beau do you still believe we should get JAMES ..... 0 Replies #2317457 4:31PM 28/08/2005
And Beau says or JAN

APR we have all beat her, and cant beat JAMES we gotta get James out

Maggie: we have all beat her except IV cuz IV keeps pysching herself out

AP lets make JAN sweat a bit make her think James is safe.
AP If I did not take her off I would be verbally abused by Howie again I gotta stick to what I say and I dont want that.

Mag I agreee to you sticking to your word but not cuz you think he is gonna attack you verbally
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Topic #2317461
bakerladee - April asks Bo if he still wants to go with the plan and get James out 0 Replies #2317461 4:32PM 28/08/2005
and Bo says it doesn't really matter who goes. Janelle or James. It is up to you April. She says I need to stick to my word because I don't want to be verbally attacked again this week. I will take her off and put James up.
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Topic #2317501
Seny - April is picking her nose for the 5 millionth time. this time its bleeding :D NT 1 Replies #2317501 4:35PM 28/08/2005
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kaysar_and_janie - april: "it's not bleeding, but it's bleeding whenever i pick it." [omg] NT #2317549 4:39PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317505
bakerladee - April is picking her nose again. (God, go in the bathroom) NT 0 Replies #2317505 4:35PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317507
ferretkiss - apr: she is one selfish b*tch, (repeats). apr/mag/beau talking about keeping to the plan to BD james 0 Replies #2317507 4:35PM 28/08/2005
all three of them repeat over and over, many times; we can beat her.
apr: the only person who can not beat her is ivette, because she is psychologically psyching herselfout.
apr: dont get me wrong, im gonna make janelle sweat. i have to take james off though. i have to stickto my promise.
mag: she will never forgive you.

apr: if i dont take her off, and i left howie up there, im going to be verbally abused again. i have to stick to my word, im going to be personall attacked again.

mag: i agree with you sticking to your word. but i dont think being personally attacked should matter.

beau saying he would leave janelle on the block with james.
apr: i have to stick to my decision.

apr: if someone told me for sure that they would take me off, and then they changed their mind, i would be pissed. so i have to do what i promised.

apr says james came up to her, and told her that she (apr) had made a deal to go to the F3 with janelle and howie. apr says she would not do that and she does not want to go to the F3 with them.
mag: i think he thinks he has a chance to not be backdoored.

mag: this sounds so good right now. i came upstairs because you wanted me too.
apr: my nose is bleeding.
mag:stick a kleenex up it.
apr: its not bleeding,but its bleeding whenever i pick it.

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Topic #2317510
Toronto - Maggie: He wants to persuade Janelle and Howie to go after me because if he can't win, he wants I and B to win. NT 0 Replies #2317510 4:36PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317520
amIsane - April digging for gold in her nose 0 Replies #2317520 4:37PM 28/08/2005
Magg saying Jam wants Iv and Beau to win if he cant win and he is prob talking crap about Magg right now.
Ape going down to see if he is with Jan and How

Magg is laying on the HOH bed with a very angry face...quiet
Now eyes closed...maybe falling asleep

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Topic #2317537
ferretkiss - BB: april please put on my microphone. APRIL: its already on you bastard NT 0 Replies #2317537 4:38PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317543
Jabbasan - April bleeding ... 0 Replies #2317543 4:39PM 28/08/2005

April grabbed a Kleenex and Maggot is laying in the bed watching her and says something about sticking a kleenex up it.

April then says .. well it's bleeding .. but not bleeding. When I PICK IT .. it bleeds.

Maggot says .. Ok.

(( gross .. quit picking your nose!!! ))
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Topic #2317545
bakerladee - WOW, Howie just said to April that she could join him and Janelle. NT 0 Replies #2317545 4:39PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317561
amIsane - Ape outside w/Jan and How 2 Replies #2317561 4:40PM 28/08/2005
Saying Jam already suspects he is being backdoored
How tells Ape she does not have to worry abt next week, she is safe
Ape says she does not want to make a deal, but please have her back.

Ape saying Jam will come to How and Jan talking ***** about Magg and Ape
That Jam wants Ivette to win and that IV and Jam have been protecting each other
April is talking so fast it is hard to keep up(motor mouth)

There is alot of hating James talk, his lies, what he said about who etc...
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bakerladee - April is jsut rambling on and on but bottem line is she is sticking to her word. NT #2317587 4:42PM 28/08/2005
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amIsane - April is still yapping a mile a minute. Repeating herself endlessly... NT #2317670 4:48PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317818
Sunflake - James and Ivette are talking in the barracks, rehashing the day, mostly James stuff, not AC stuff. April is 1 Replies #2317818 5:01PM 28/08/2005
still out in the backyard talking with Howie and Janelle.
Nothing exciting to report.
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Sunflake - and last I saw, Maggie was napping in HOH and Beau was in the HOH shower. NT #2317824 5:02PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2317857
Sunflake - Quiet in the barracks, Ivette reading bible. Out of the silence James says, "It's still going on, April's out there with them, why can't they let it 0 Replies #2317857 5:05PM 28/08/2005
Ivette quotes bible scripture.
James thinks he pissed someone off during casting and the whole experience is to torture him.
Ivette quotes the bible some more.
Feed switches to April in HOH with Beau and Maggie.
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Topic #2317865
amIsane - Jam was in HOH with Magg first and then went to Ivette..convo's inside 0 Replies #2317865 5:05PM 28/08/2005
I did not get all of the convo...but when I came in on it

Jam was telling Magg that he thought it was pathetic that it took this many weeks for the entire house to get him out.
He says he wants them(friendship) to know that he was not with Jan/How and he did not use Ivette.
Magg looks at him and says that is between you and Ivette. What you have with Ivette does not concern her.
James leaves and goes to find Ivette
He finds her lying in the Big bedrm and he tells her that he did not use her and he does not and has not had an alliance with them since they put Sarah and him up. He hates them and it is personal. He says they are liars.
He tells IV that it is pathetic that the house has been after him all this time and he has survived.
He is really working IVettes vote and comes out and asks her to vote for him to say and she does not answer.
James is very mad at Beau, talking alot of trash about the S4 .
James says he will go to sequester with Rach and Jenn and bug the ***** out of them
He says the people in the house are pathetic and he never has seen people on a level as low as the people in this house. Talking of Janelle
James says he is not giving up. He says everyone(a bit ago..the arguement) tried to come to him with their stories and he proved them all wrong.

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Topic #2317906
Sunflake - April arrives in HOH with Beau and Maggie. They're talking about Ivette and James. 0 Replies #2317906 5:09PM 28/08/2005
and if Ivette was out of the DR yet. They joke about the Sovereign six now becoming the Sovereign two.
Maggie reports that James came up and was surprised and that he wanted them to know that he wouldn't use Sarah to stay in the game any longer, that it was personal, not strategic about Sarah. He cares about Ivette on a personal level and that "they" are horrible people. He says Maggie you have to consider the source.
Maggie says she said, "I do".
April tells of her chat with April and Howie, how the Friendship don't believe anything anyone else says.
Beau, as long as we know our plan, James, then Janelle, then Howie.

More rehashing.
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Topic #2317907
Kaynelle - Janelle tells Howie in BY that maybe she will take Michael to the Bahamas w/her instead of her mom. NT 0 Replies #2317907 5:09PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2318053
drummer_inblack - Ape/Beau/Mag in HOH room... 1 Replies #2318053 5:24PM 28/08/2005
Beau mentions that him and Howie have never talked game, they've only talked about sex and the like.

They talk about how they had no idea the Sovereign Six existed since week 3, until today, when it was revealed to them.
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drummer_inblack - And the conversation continues... #2318174 5:34PM 28/08/2005
Beau leaves to go clean the BBQ grill.

April says to Mag that the moment she nom's James, he'll start talking trash about the two of them right after.

They continue to talk about James/Eric, stuff they've repeated so many times already.
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Topic #2318212
drummer_inblack - April, regarding the AC results: "We don't have to believe them, but we have to shut our mouths." 0 Replies #2318212 5:38PM 28/08/2005
She also says "I'm sure Michael voted like 120 times."
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Topic #2318227
ferretkiss - APR: why the hell, why do you think america voted for her to get it? 0 Replies #2318227 5:39PM 28/08/2005
mag: im sure they did, wouldnt that be fraud if people voted and they didnt (use the correct results).
apr: we dont hvae to believe anything, we just have to shut our mouths. for all we know, michael could have voted 200 times.

apr talking about her armpit and her deodorant.

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Topic #2318272
BB6Addict - April: How the hell... why do you think America voted for her to get it? ... 0 Replies #2318272 5:42PM 28/08/2005
Maggie: I don't know. I don't know, but they were right. It can't be BB. They can't be partial. They can't. Because wouldn't that be fraud if they had people voting and then didn't go the way they wanted it to?

April: How would anyone know?

Maggie: I'm sure they have regulations on that. We have to believe them. We don't have a choice. It's very hard, but we have to believe them.

April: We don't have to believe anything. But we have to shut our mouths. Know what I'm saying? For all we know, Michael could have voted 220 times, you know?

Maggie: Right.
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Topic #2318402
kaysar_and_janie - howie walking around wearing the veto. james apparently seriously tells him he shouldn't wear it, he should put it back... 0 Replies #2318402 5:54PM 28/08/2005
...bc he's never earned it.

james tells ivette about that and says, "it's your choice," -- ie, it's their choice to keep howie over james.

ivette says: you know, it's not my decision. i'm just one person.

james says he hopes ivette gets hoh this week.

james starting to go off again how they're f'ing idiots for keeping janie and howie over him.
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Topic #2318412
Iris - James saying he can't argue with the F'Ship anymore because they've witnessed everything but they can't see it... 0 Replies #2318412 5:55PM 28/08/2005
He calls them f*ing idiots and says he told them they were in the gym.

James said he told them he respects Iv and Maggie most in the game. "It's crazy." He said.

James saying it's been 7 evictions and they haven't been able to get him yet until this week. Ashlea, Michael, Eric, Kaysar, Sarah, Kaysar, Jennifer and then him. Says it's been 2 months and he can't put up with this anymore.

James: I'm breaking down, I'm broken down.
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Topic #2318434
just1fan - Ivette/James in convo about James leaving 0 Replies #2318434 5:56PM 28/08/2005
James: The only people I respect in this game is you and maggie. In 7 evictions, they haven't been able to get me. Eric Kaysar, Sarah, Kasay, Jenn, Rachel and now me. It's almost 2 months. I can't take anymore. I'm broken down.

After realizing that Bo doesn't like me, that really pisses me off...

Ev: it's not that bo doesn't like you

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