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Topic #2319590
scoobydoo - Ivette is going to stop commenting about anyone anymore NT 0 Replies #2319590 7:42PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319607
scoobydoo - Maggie, Beau, April & Ivette trying to figure out America's Choice 0 Replies #2319607 7:43PM 28/08/2005
They're wondering how they're being portrayed and how Janelle is being portrayed.
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Topic #2319658
boo2 - J: I am Janie from the block, used to have a little now I have a lot (refering to her prizes) then fish NT 0 Replies #2319658 7:48PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319671
scoobydoo - Howie talking about his roommate now NT 0 Replies #2319671 7:49PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319705
just1fan - NH hot tub discussion about Janelle winning America's Choice and more (long) 0 Replies #2319705 7:52PM 28/08/2005

April, Maggie, Ivette, Bo in hot tub talk....

NH agrees that America can't really like Janelle. America just wanted to piss off the good people. There is no way America could like her. They're all wondering how she's being portrayed...

Talked about her choosing her mom and michael for the phone call but editing out her mom (when they saw the tape this morning) so it looked like she only chose Michael. They talked about how bb could make it look like any of them say whatever bb wants.

Ivette: I have nothing to say about this game again. Unless I get HOH, I will have nothing to say. I am absolutely done with the comments, with getting worked up. James was a liason for me. I have no comments about anybody anymore. Want me to keep calling Janelle lady luck? She's won this she's won that...

Maggie: I'll through a few mother f-ers in there. I'll say mother f-ers evetta.

IV: I'm not going to be phased by anything. The peanut butter thing didn't phase me. Nothing phases me.

Mag: I think you're coming to the same place April and I have been for a long time. We don't let things bother us.

Iv: James wants me to give him a vote

Apr: You can do that... the worst thing that can happen is that it's a tie.

Apr: They're all dishonest. They're saying so many different stories today.

Mag: What about Howie walkin' out of the f-ing room today? (talking about the work-out room with James earlier today)

(got fish for a few sec)

Ap: I can't trust James, I can't trust Janelle. I can't trust Howie. I've caught all of them in lies. April goes on to make it seem like her long talk with Jan and How earlier was not friendly (which it was - she made a deal with Howie/Jan during that talk).

April is re-hashing stuff she has said over and over..

Bo announces that how/jan are doing dishes and james just got out of shower. Bo tells group that how/jan are having their own stupid conversation.
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Topic #2319779
scoobydoo - Janelle comes out to the Hot Tub and conversation shuts down 0 Replies #2319779 7:59PM 28/08/2005
April talking about how tired she is and how everyone was about to leave or something like that
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Topic #2319864
puck71 - Howie makes appearance at hot tub 2 Replies #2319864 8:07PM 28/08/2005
Howie walks out to the hot tub in just his "famous" underwear. Apparently he just took a piss and there was a wet spot on the front of them. Beau, Maggie, and April all yelled at him to go put on his speedo, then (after Howie went back inside) Beau commented on how Howie was a "lost cause" (presumably fashion-wise)
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buffalogirl - corrections: in his underwearS NT #2319881 8:08PM 28/08/2005
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puck71 - Howie just came back out, in his speedo, sat in hot tub NT #2319876 8:08PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319964
puck71 - All HG's except Iv and Jam in hot tub 0 Replies #2319964 8:20PM 28/08/2005
They're talking about figuring out the secret pairs, and which ones they figured out first. They talk around in circles a lot, but they all agree they figured out April & Jennifer and Michael and Kaysar the easiest. Excerpt:

Mag: First night figured out Sara and James and Michael and Kaysar
Howie: 1.5 weeks into game, I knew all the partners
Maggie: I was wrong about one of them. I couldn't figure out Jenn and April or Ivette and Beau. Eric figured out Ivette and Beau.
Maggie: A lot of people told me, they thought I was with Kaysar.
Howie: People thought Sara was with me. When I suspected Sara and James, I thought they were brother and sister.
Janelle: I thought you (Howie) and Rachel were brother and sister.

Janelle: It's weird how all of our partners are gone.
Maggie: Well...except for Beau.
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Topic #2319965
fnfish - Hot Tub: April, Beau, Maggie, Janelle & Howie 0 Replies #2319965 8:20PM 28/08/2005
Howie was just talking about the fact that he has certain friends that he doesn't like to see very often because they are so negative - they'll complain & complain about everything and try to bring every one else down. "I love ya but, I'll see ya next week" - meaning he still cares for these friends but doesn't like to be around negativity.

(ed. note: I'm sure this went over A/B/Ms ears and they will not clue into what it is about THEM America is not loving right now)
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Topic #2319973
shesblazzzing - M/B/A/Jan/H in HT discussing partners. Cam 3&4 are down for me. Ivette is presumably with James. NT 0 Replies #2319973 8:21PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319992
boo2 - jamie in her red and white bathing suit, looking awesome and shmozing with beau about nothing NT 0 Replies #2319992 8:25PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319991
puck71 - More talk in hot tub, this time about shaving and waxing 0 Replies #2319991 8:25PM 28/08/2005
Beau: Did you shave your legs today?
Howie: No, I shave my legs every six months.
Beau: Really?
Howie: Yeah, I shave my upper body too.
Janelle: Ashlea always got her legs waxed.
Beau: Can you imagine getting your nuts waxed?
Janelle: Getting your butthole waxed is the worst.
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Topic #2320015
Seny - They are talking about health insurance....boring...yawn NT 0 Replies #2320015 8:29PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320068
shesblazzzing - Ivette (i think) joins HT group NT 0 Replies #2320068 8:35PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320078
Seny - Maggie just said America loves you april. After what april said earlier?? LMAO...Click 0 Replies #2320078 8:36PM 28/08/2005
April called america a piece of sh** earlier i dont think america likes her. for the exact quote click here

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Topic #2320100
shesblazzzing - Ivette ranting about Rachel accusing her of stealing a sweater? NT 1 Replies #2320100 8:39PM 28/08/2005
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puck71 - Details of sweater incident #2320118 8:42PM 28/08/2005
Apparently a few weeks ago Rachel was going around the house asking people if they'd seen her turquoise sweater, and Ivette is saying now how annoying it was and how she felt Rachel was stirring things up. As if someone would steal anything in this house when everything's on camera (Ivette said this). Howie said he told Rachel that too, that it probably just got lost in a pile of towels or something. It didn't sound like Rachel specifically accused anyone of stealing it, but went around asking everyone and kind of implied someone took it.
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Topic #2320107
ferretkiss - iv has come out to the HT, talking about someone accusing her of taking her turquoise.. 2 Replies #2320107 8:40PM 28/08/2005
sweater. (Didnt catch who but for sure it is a female who has already left the house.) She goes on a while about this, and sounds so loud and bitter that both maggie and april are looking very uncomfortable.

now april talking about a sh*t stain.
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JAK420 - shes talkin about rachel NT #2320126 8:42PM 28/08/2005
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Seny - It was Rachael that took it. and ivette isnt talking shes nagging in an annoying voice :) NT #2320119 8:42PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320122
fnfish - Ivette was going on about Rachel "spazzing" when she lost her sweater several weeks ago.... 0 Replies #2320122 8:42PM 28/08/2005
She also regularly makes fun of both Howie and Janelle both in front of their faces and behind their backs.
In spite of this, Howie and Janelle show composure by not letting it affect them - they do NOT start ranting about Ivette the minute she leaves the room. And Ivette wonders why America loves Janelle and not her.
(Gee, I wonder too. NOT)
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Topic #2320129
Seny - Beau just made a comment that someone sharted (shi* and farted at the same time) NT 0 Replies #2320129 8:42PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320137
puck71 - All HG's are in hot tub area except James and Janelle 2 Replies #2320137 8:44PM 28/08/2005
James is apparently sleeping already...not sure where Janelle went. Maybe to take a shower? They were talking earlier about taking turns taking showers.
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puck71 - Janelle made an appearance #2320155 8:46PM 28/08/2005
Janelle just came out to tell them she was "done" (with the hot tub I guess) ... then went off camera again (feed 2). Now Ivette is walking back toward the house too. They're all reaaaaally bored and either sitting or wandering around.
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ferretkiss - janelle back in red stretch pants and a turquoise sweater [ed: LOL] NT #2320151 8:45PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320143
Seny - The houseguests are now all talking about how many times they have farted in the house,,,, 0 Replies #2320143 8:44PM 28/08/2005
April : in the bathroom you tear that ***** up maggie
Maggie: i fart all the time. the bathroom doesent count
April: you fart alot in the HOH room i remember the hoh room ones
Jen never farts
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Topic #2320190
puck71 - Feeds seem to be skipping around... 1 Replies #2320190 8:52PM 28/08/2005
Quad cam showed James and Ivette in GR for a second, then the supposed quad cam switched back to show the hot tub crowd (one picture, not quad)
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puck71 - still funky #2320202 8:55PM 28/08/2005
Quad cam going back and forth between one picture and four...but now it's always hot tub scenes, whether on one or four cameras, no sign of GR (ed: wonder why??)
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Topic #2320226
Seny - hg's are talking about the BB comercials on tv NT 0 Replies #2320226 8:59PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320260
ferretkiss - HT Talk.... Beau: I already took a sh*t. They are talking about foods and what it does to you. 0 Replies #2320260 9:05PM 28/08/2005
asparagus makes your pee stink.

Howie talking about his speedo.
Jan back again with towel and bottle of water. Beau on yellow chaise, saying Howie is farting.

Mag is out of HT now, wrapped in towel and sitting on the concrete.

Mag: i feel every moment of it. (Mag being a little bitchy out there.)
Jan is now sitting on her towel checking her feet.

FISH for a moment, they were saying "I thought it was a real house" (dont know what it was about but that seemed to have brought the fish)

How: you should have given your movie pass away, you could have watched the competition and saw the lightbulbs.

Apr: they probably wont let that xx p[en until there is like 4 people.
How: ashlea never saw the weight room.
mag: yeah she did.

talking about winning things.
mag saying she hasnt won anything.
how: would you have rather won something the second week or be here now.
mag: but it doesnt matter if you win something it doesnt mean you wont be here now.

they mention winning 3000 dollars a few times.

they mention the comp where you can put people on pbj, say they havent done that yet.

how: you walk out in the backyard and julie chens like you lose and you eat pb and j for a week that scared the piss out of me.

beau: talking about the surfboard comp, beay says kayser couldnt get any coconuts in so beau tried and he could get them in.

beau: its funny because michael was shooting at one point, then he jumped off the f*cking surfboard. i slipped off and took a few people off the surfboard.

mag saying she did not have her partner on the surfboard.
(more talk about the surfboard comp that i will not type)

jan is quiet. jan drinks water from her bottle.

(maggie looking like she is very uptight, doesnt like people, has that maggie look.)

apr: if i wasnt married,didnt have a career, didnt have a dog, didnt have a boyfriend, i was like mid-20s, id do this again, but i dont know.

howie audibly yawns.

mag talks about people have something to go home to.
howie says in gilligans island, the people are all millionaires, then says mostly.

how says who is the guy winking in the clip they saw. they tell him its a computer eye. jan says its from season 1.

apr: i looked like a bitch in that clip i saw. jan says she looked like she was reading the bible. jan says i was reading a clue.

talking about the credits of the show when it shows who is coming on.

(if ivette is there she is completely quiet)

they talk about who has had body parts popping out, howies pee pee and janelles boobies. they talk about people falling off the hammock, and when the hammock collapsed on beau, saying there should be a BB6 bloopers reel.

april gets up and puts on her new robe. says she is going to go talk to james. sayssoemthing about respect. maggie makes a face.

jan: thats his tactic, interrogating you.
mag: see what happens.

cam on howie looking down, then on maggie looking dejected, howie asks janie if she will have some ice cream. she says she has already had some.
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Topic #2320305
puck71 - April comes inside to talk to James in GR about her decision (kinda long - missed a few pieces too) 0 Replies #2320305 9:15PM 28/08/2005
Apr: I want you to know that I like you.

(James smirks & scoffs)

Apr: Seriously. I'm just doing this (coming in to talk to you) because I'd want the same thing done to me. I just want you to know this isn't personal at all. I really do like you. You are so freaking strong. I'm not saying you're the only strong one in this house by any f*cking means, but it's going to come down to competitions, and you're the champion of champions.

James: I haven't won HOH

April: Yeah, but it all comes down to vetoes. You could keep taking yourself off. It's all strategy. I don't want you thinking anything other than that. I have to do what I feel like is best for the four (Friendship) ... I just don't want you to take it personally.

James: I don't take anything in this game that's done strategically personally.

(Maggie is outside the door, asks if she can go up to HOH room, April says yes)

James: Thank you.

April: I feel horrible.

James: Don't feel horrible.

April: It's like you said, people have tried to get you out 5 times now, not because they hate you, not at all.

(Camera shows Beau listening at the door)

April: It sucks, it really does. I do care about people's feelings. And I know you stress out, and I want you know that I do care about you, and there's nothing personal at all in this. It's just strategy, for the four. You know. It's a crapshoot every week. Whatever happens tomorrow, we'll see.

James: There's only one thing in this game I've taken personal.

April: There have been a few things I've taken personally. Maggie doesn't have a partner and I have to look out for her. It's not just my and Maggie's decision. Ivette will go around and do whatever, but she knows you're a strong player.

(April hugs James)

James: I didn't come here to make friends. I came out here with a friend, but didn't come to make friends.

April: I'd like to think that I'm one of those friends. I'll be blamed for this because I'm HOH. I can't go personal at this time - I have to go strategic.

James: From the moment they got nominated, I knew I was being backdoored.

April: It wasn't for sure though. It was for two different scenarios, depending on what happened (ed: at the POV presumably) and I got peoples' feedback on those. And we'll see what happens, you know, who knows?

(Yelling in background - not sure what's going on)

April: Cool beans?

James: Yeah.

(April leaves GR)
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