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Topic #2320319
Seny - Howie pinned janie down , helled her hands back and bit her boobs NT 0 Replies #2320319 9:16PM 28/08/2005
She was screaming very loudly but the admins wont let me put what it look like. She is now laying down saying if he ever does it again she will punch him in the face
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Topic #2320353
ferretkiss - goofing around in the BR - howie/jan/beau. lots of laughing. 0 Replies #2320353 9:19PM 28/08/2005
jan and how are laying on the bed, they get beau to jump on them and say do me, do me, do me. he jumps on them and they all scream!!

beau giving howie tittie twisters and it really hurts and howie yelling and all 3 laughing.

now howie chasing janelle around, and they get in another bed and more screaming, yelling bastard, i hate you, lots of loud laughing.

janelle chasing howie around, running around the room and jumping over beds, talking about twisting your boobie (jan to howie).

now how says his nipples are bleeding. jan:let me see it, oh my god i hurt you.

a little more yelling and laughing.

BB: howie, janelle, please check yourmicrophone.

janelle comes back for some more play fighting and laughing.

jan: imi sorry howie i know you are bleeding.
how: no im not
jan: yes you are your arm

they play complain and play fight about grabbing boobies, titty twister, calling each other names, i hate you, etc.

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Topic #2320370
puck71 - Beau and April in HOH BR talking about April's talk with James 1 Replies #2320370 9:22PM 28/08/2005
Beau: What was his reaction?

April: Very, very nice. I'm like FYI, tomorrow. I was like, I don't want you. You know, I don't want to catch you off guard. Out of respect, I wish someone would do this for me, I just wanted you to know it's not personal. I don't want you to think this a decision that just I made on my own, and I didn't listen to other people's feedback. Personally, for instance Ivette, would want someone else to go. And if it was personal I would want someone else to go. And of course Jennifer left me her thoughts before she left. And of course it will come down to POVs to win this game, and you are the POV champion. And he's like I haven't won HOH, but I said it comes down to the POV because I could put you up every week and you'd veto yourself. I just said the same thing over and over like I always do. I just talk in circles (ed: you think?). If it was personal I'd get out Janelle or Howie.

Beau: It probably looks better for you, because of (something about Howie...not sure what point he tried to make)

Then they both go back to the HOH bed and April basically tells the exact same thing to Ivette who's lying on the bed.
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puck71 - April talks to Maggie about her talk with James #2320401 9:27PM 28/08/2005
Maggie comes into the HOH bedroom and April repeats the James story AGAIN. She is basically telling the conversation exactly as it happened.
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Topic #2320375
Seny - Janie accidently cut howie and is now bleeding "i have your skin under my nails" 0 Replies #2320375 9:22PM 28/08/2005
Howie is fine tho
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Topic #2320391
Seny - beau and howie playing coasters 0 Replies #2320391 9:25PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320420
Seny - April has a facemask on and looks like a friggin clown lmao (seny going to bed now) NT 0 Replies #2320420 9:29PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320455
puck71 - April and Maggie talk about the votes again 0 Replies #2320455 9:34PM 28/08/2005
April and Maggie go over again how the voting will go. Maggie will for sure vote to evict James, and so will Janelle (April said she will have to verify this again). April thinks Beau will vote to evict James too, but even if he doesn't and it's 2-2 (worst-case scenario) April will break the tie and evict James. Then we get about a minute of fish and come back to them talking. April says how Beau, Maggie, or Ivette NEEDS to win HOH this week. Then they go into talking about the competition and what they think it will be. They think it might be some kind of skill competition since they've only done one of them so far (the rolling balls)
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Topic #2320470
puck71 - April talks to Maggie about Janelle in HOH room 0 Replies #2320470 9:37PM 28/08/2005
April: Janelle told me specifically that the reason she got Jennifer out was personal. I knew it! (In a somewhat demeaning tone) They (Howie & Janelle) think that the minute Jennifer took her finger off that button she was conspiring to get rid of Kaysar.

They continue talking about Janelle and her chances of winning veto, etc. The camera pans to Ivette for a few seconds who has headphones on but appears to be listening to every word they're saying on the other side of the HOH room.
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Topic #2320509
puck71 - Ap, Iv, Mag talk about comps, etc, then April goes to shower 0 Replies #2320509 9:47PM 28/08/2005
The Friendship minus Beau talk about the competitions and what's coming up. Then they break up and April goes to take a shower, Ivette gets in one of the sleeping bags on the floor, and Maggie gets ready for bed (she had just showered a bit ago).

(Ed: I'm out of gas, I gotta take off for the night...)
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Topic #2320541
symmadownow - Howie 2 BoBo~H called Janie the "C" word for scratching him.. NT 0 Replies #2320541 9:52PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320561
drummer_inblack - How & Beau outside eating ice cream, discussing the hurricane season this year. (Little do they know what's happening now...) NT 0 Replies #2320561 9:56PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320565
symmadownow - Howie and BoBo talking about hurricanes! ironic. 0 Replies #2320565 9:56PM 28/08/2005
Talking about whether or not they would be told of one..
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Topic #2320591
drummer_inblack - LOL Beau calls storm clouds "Inebrious clouds"... did he mean cumulonimbus clouds? NT 0 Replies #2320591 9:59PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320644
diamond - season was here 0 Replies #2320644 10:04PM 28/08/2005
they have been talking about ivette working at a cafe on miami beach alot of them got hit by hurricane
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Topic #2320682
drummer_inblack - James/How/Beau/Ape discuss James/Sarah's wedding... 0 Replies #2320682 10:09PM 28/08/2005
Howie asks James who he'd invite from the BB6 cast. James says that he'd invite everyone that didn't try to evict him, so Howie says he'd have to start going to the BB5 cast for people.

Howie then said if he was invited, he'd stand up when the priest asks if anyone objects to it. He says that all he'd want is 5 minutes of "boobie grabbing time", then he'd be happy.

So James says for the seating arrangements, he'd put Howie in the middle of Matt and Sarah's father. (LOL)
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Topic #2320722
Skamito - Janelle and April in kitchen... hoping they still have their jobs when they come out. NT 0 Replies #2320722 10:14PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320821
SassyPrncess - Iv is insinuating H/R threw Pinata POV for James. (20+ candy = no POV) NT 0 Replies #2320821 10:28PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320908
SassyPrncess - Iv: She (Jan) is being portrayed some way we are not, guys. NT 0 Replies #2320908 10:46PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320922
SassyPrncess - M: He (Howie) has never been a target. He was able to abuse you mentally & emotionally & he's never been a target. NT 0 Replies #2320922 10:49PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2320950
SassyPrncess - M says the only way 2 F's can make it to the end is if they win HoH next week. NT 0 Replies #2320950 10:52PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2321000
drummer_inblack - ROFL @ BB: "Ivette, please keep cigarettes off the grass." NT 0 Replies #2321000 10:59PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2321061
drummer_inblack - Beau/How playing coasters; Ap/Iv are upstairs by the balcony, and everyone's shouting and discussing sex and the like. *Adult* 0 Replies #2321061 11:15PM 28/08/2005
April tells Janelle that she's swallowed before, and then Janelle finally admits that she's sucked a dick.

Beau: "Oooooh, how was it? how was it?"
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Topic #2321066
BBLive - Ivette and Jannie ***ADULT*** 0 Replies #2321066 11:16PM 28/08/2005
Ivette yells / talking about sucking d-ick (from balcony)
Jannie yells from Living room you slut
Ivette yells / reponds I'm not pretending not to be one

Just prior Ivette bashing Jannie for her sex talk with Howie but Ivette now dishing sex talk
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Topic #2321086
just1fan - *Adult* Janelle Admits... 2 Replies #2321086 11:20PM 28/08/2005
That she masterbates all the time in the house. "That's why I'm so calm all the time. ROFL
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drummer_inblack - *Adult* Janelle actually says... #2321096 11:22PM 28/08/2005
She actually says that she climaxes on her own, without touching herself. She says it's because of her keegle (sp?) exercises and her strong muscles down there.
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Vidiette - they are Kegel exercises NT #2321224 11:43PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2321113
just1fan - Last night was the last time I had an orgasm - Janelle... ADULT 1 Replies #2321113 11:25PM 28/08/2005
Janelle said she does kegles (sp) and can make herself have an orgasm without touching herself using her muscles.

April, Iv are yelling at her asking questions. Howie wanted to know if you "put your thumb down there" and Iv informs him that women don't use their thumbs for that.

April announces that the house is full of some horny mo-fos.

Janelle suggests they all hold hands and do keegles together. Funny stuff tonight. omigawd. Even Maggie smiled.
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KooKooForKaysar - She also said she's going to do it when she's talking with Julie on the live show LOL NT #2321156 11:35PM 28/08/2005
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