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Topic #2315617
billw84 - "It's funny how James runs up after everything.... AC, HOH, etc" - Janelle to Beau NT 0 Replies #2315617 2:05PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315618
valentine - Maggie: That Was A Wasted Phone Call! 0 Replies #2315618 2:05PM 28/08/2005
It was wasted!! She asked about Britney Spears!!

(I hope that part isn't true.)

Oh, I just heard Janelle told Howie that she did indeed ask about Britney Spears.

Janelle: He said he was really proud of me. And that he felt bad when he saw Kaysar was kicked out when he was sitting with Julie, too.

Howie asked if Michael asked about Janelle's boobs, but she told him to shut up.
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Topic #2315658
Billy - Janelle & Howie trying to work Beau making sure that James is still the target. Beau shoots and asks Janelle, well why didn't you try to backdoor 0 Replies #2315658 2:07PM 28/08/2005
James during your HOH, and Howie quickly responds it was emotional.
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Topic #2315671
Zazny - A: Michael is a piece of *****. And he's a piece of ***** just like Janelle is NT 0 Replies #2315671 2:08PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315672
Iris - April: Michael is a piece of sh*t, just like Janelle is. NT 0 Replies #2315672 2:08PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315690
Iris - April: My family is looking at Jan thinking "she is a piece of work." NT 0 Replies #2315690 2:09PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315696
kaysar_and_janie - april: "america can't like her." NT 0 Replies #2315696 2:09PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315697
Crissy126 - Its sad April don't have the balls to say all this to Fricken chickenGrrr.April says BB did this so they would think America likes Jannie NT 0 Replies #2315697 2:09PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315724
Iris - Beau walks into HoH and says: That lucky b*tch. NT 0 Replies #2315724 2:10PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315731
kaysar_and_janie - april: "we all deserved it more than her." NT 0 Replies #2315731 2:10PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315746
Quench - April ranting 0 Replies #2315746 2:11PM 28/08/2005
We don't give a s**t if we win the money
She is the most materialistic person in the world

they BB did it on purpose. America did not vote for that

We all deserve it more than she did.
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Topic #2315767
Iris - James: I want to go out there and rip her (Janelle). NT 1 Replies #2315767 2:12PM 28/08/2005
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Joolz - He said he wanted to rip her a new a-hole. Beau: Well go ahead and do it. NT #2315808 2:14PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315793
Goddess200xxx - Mag/Ape alone and Mag said "dont you dare let this make you change your mind" NT 0 Replies #2315793 2:14PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315798
Zazny - April and Maggie in workout room -- say BB may be doing this to keep James; M: Don't you DARE change your mind! 1 Replies #2315798 2:14PM 28/08/2005
A: I won't.
M: They did it to me when I was HOH
A: I will tell them they are pieces of ***** when I go in there. I want to check to see if they called our families..
M: They better not have gotten their hopes up.
A: They did it to piss people off.
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Zazny - M: Keeping James gives B/I one more person. If Janelle goes it's 5 vs us #2315857 2:17PM 28/08/2005
A: I don't mean to be rude to Janelle, but they did it to piss people off
M: Don't you dare change your mind
A: I'm not
M: If we get rid of Janelle, we give away the game to them. Either way I know I'm going to be gone. I don't want James at the end.

A: She'd be a good person to go to the end with. I'm not saying...worst case scenario. If you could go to the end with either James or Janelle....
M: Yeah
A: Neither, but...

A: Every time James is on the block, BB throws a curveball to make us change our decision and we have every ***** week. She's freakin out now

M: James is so happy because he thinks this changes our decision
A: Do you want me to bargain with Janelle? To insure our safety?
M kinda ignores this
A: I rather let things happen as they should.
A: I know Ivette feels horrible she hasn't won anything yet
M: She has to win HOH. She has to
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Topic #2315811
kaysar_and_janie - beau asks to be alone with ivette. james leaves hoh. NT 0 Replies #2315811 2:14PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315824
Iris - James asks Beau if Beau would mind if he went downstairs and said something to Janie 0 Replies #2315824 2:15PM 28/08/2005
Beau told him to go ahead and that Howie was down there too. James didn't move a muscle. Starts talking about how when James won POV last week Janie begged him not to use it because she knew they were after her. He apologizes again to Ivette.

April and Maggie left the HoH to exercise. Beau is stroking Iv's hair. They are incredulous that Janie asked Michael if Britney Spears had her baby yet.

Ivette tells James she will see him downstairs and as he leaves he says, "Bye beautiful." Ivette says, "Thanks James."

Ivette: I hate them both. (Michael and Janelle). She is crying into her pillow talking to Beau who continues to stroke her hair and listen.
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Topic #2315858
Iris - Beau talking about empty people in the house. He says "James is an empty person when it comes down to it." NT 0 Replies #2315858 2:17PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315868
Goddess200xxx - April told Mag that she is going to veto Janelle NT 0 Replies #2315868 2:18PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315873
Quench - Ivette and Beau now alone in the HOH room 0 Replies #2315873 2:18PM 28/08/2005
Ivette said it would okay if the Friendship got the call but not Janelle

Beau saying that Janelle is going to go next week. You could win the HOH next week.

Beau stroking her hair saying that Janelle, James and Howie are empty people.

Ivette is devasted that she didn't get the call. Janelle has all the luck.
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Topic #2315880
Iris - Beau really is being a comforting friend to Ivette. Telling Iv maybe this is what will inspire Iv to get HoH and get Jan out next week. NT 0 Replies #2315880 2:18PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315891
Iris - Ivette telling Beau she wishes Jan would leave. That James would help her, Beau and Maggie. (Did I hear that right?!?) NT 0 Replies #2315891 2:20PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315908
Iris - Beau conceding to Iv that America may or may not have made the choice, but America does like the drama. NT 0 Replies #2315908 2:21PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315909
Quench - Howie saying to James and Janelle that BB has rigged the call to stir up the house NT 0 Replies #2315909 2:21PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2315940
Iris - Beau still gently stroking Ivette's hair and talking to her, making her laugh a little when he said, "My new excuse, I'm no longer HoH." 0 Replies #2315940 2:23PM 28/08/2005
He said Jan has won enough and it's just guaranteeing that she will be out of here soon.

Ivette is upset that Jan keeps getting stuff and getting stuff. Iv wondering if all the choices they have made up to the point have been smart ones. They've come this far, and are still in game... but...

Iv: I hate Big Brother.
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Topic #2315955
kaysar_and_janie - beau: kaysar came back to stir things up; should've been loving guy eric, which would have been better for america. 0 Replies #2315955 2:24PM 28/08/2005
beau: "kaysar came back to stir up the house even more. they didn't want the loving guy [eric] to come back to benefit his family, to benefit his kids, to benefit, you know, america, the firefighters and everything. that's what we would think america wants, but america also wants good drama on tv. this should make it even more of a fight to get hoh...now it's like revenge."
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