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Topic #2313253
scoobydoo - April comes out complaining about not getting any sleep 0 Replies #2313253 10:56AM 28/08/2005
James: "Well, good morning!"
April: "I'm just in an annoyed mood today. I didn't get to sleep till 5"
Ivette: "I could tell this morning.

Maggie comes out to do laundry
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Topic #2313272
scoobydoo - James & Ivette talking about China, forced abortions, 1-child policy, etc. 0 Replies #2313272 10:59AM 28/08/2005
Ivette doesn't think it's as bad as Cuba.
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Topic #2313275
kaysar_and_janie - april complaining to maggie about evilette. "i can't do anything right," in evilett's eyes, says april. NT 1 Replies #2313275 10:59AM 28/08/2005
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dianasto51 - April called Ivette - evilett??? updaters are supposed to use the right name unless the houseguest called them that! NT #2313335 11:09AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313285
scoobydoo - James talking about his worst professor who was from China 0 Replies #2313285 11:01AM 28/08/2005
He used to argue with him all the time. It was a professor in sociology and he lived in China for 33 years.
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Topic #2313306
scoobydoo - Ivette & James go inside; April goes out to the BY to sit by herself NT 0 Replies #2313306 11:04AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313310
scoobydoo - BB: "Janelle, I said it's time to get up for the day" NT 0 Replies #2313310 11:04AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313313
scoobydoo - April & Maggie in BY 1 Replies #2313313 11:05AM 28/08/2005
April annoyed about how often James is in DR
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valentine - April is Really Mad at James and BB #2314703 1:28PM 28/08/2005
because she isn't getting called into the DR as much as she thinks she should.

April: When he gets the vetos, they call him in there all the time! And they only called me in there one time!!

Maggie says that he is probably going in there to talk to a shrink about his eating disorder. April agrees, and says that must be why he is in there all the time.

I think they are joking, but April's jealousy is serious.

Ed Note: I bet Maggie can't stop thinking about that banner.....
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Topic #2313331
scoobydoo - April: "I've got to vent today. That's for d*mn sure" 0 Replies #2313331 11:08AM 28/08/2005
Maggie: Why don't you go to DR?
April: That would be too obvious.

A: I don't think they will put you up next week (talking about Howie & Janelle).
Maggie doesn't say anything at first.
M: She wants Ivette to go home more than Beau.

talking about who should go home if it's Beau & Ivette. April says Beau is the only one who said he wants to stay. Maggie interjects that Ivette brought Beau.

April: Any of us could win over her (Ivette) at the end.

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Topic #2313340
kaysar_and_janie - april tells maggie janie and howie won't put up maggie if they get hoh. 0 Replies #2313340 11:09AM 28/08/2005
said janie told april janie and howie are out to break up evilette and beau.

maggie and april talking about who they would keep of beau-evilette team. they want beau, but maggie says beau will volunteer to go home, will take evilette off if he wins veto.

april says she doesn't want it to get down to who needs the money more. maggie agrees. april trying to justify why SHE needs the money.

april says james and evilette always talking about how they need money.

maggie: "it's not a charity show... that's why cowboy didn't win the money. everyone knew he needed it more than drew."

april doesn't think it should be who needs it most or who won the most -- again, defining the best winning criteria to meet her circumstances.
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Topic #2313348
scoobydoo - april: "I'm going to get p*ssed if it comes down to who needs the money the most" 0 Replies #2313348 11:10AM 28/08/2005
april complaining about Jen whining about her winning the $3000. Says Jen doesn't know what her lifestyle is. Yes, she & Matt make good money but she has college to pay for, credit card bills, etc.
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Topic #2313355
scoobydoo - Maggie: James has control over Ivette's brain NT 0 Replies #2313355 11:12AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313360
scoobydoo - Maggie: Nobody, not even Beau, wants to argue with Ivette over James' control over her NT 0 Replies #2313360 11:13AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313428
kaysar_and_janie - howie massaging janie....small talk, usual silliness...janie massages howie. 0 Replies #2313428 11:24AM 28/08/2005
"you've got great boobies and hands, too."

janie apologizes a few times for her big boobies to bb.
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Topic #2313490
Zazny - James has April hold his legs during pull ups 0 Replies #2313490 11:34AM 28/08/2005
A: Why do you put yourself through that torture?
J: It's not torture
Maggie yells something
J: Maggie, my pain is your pleasure
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Topic #2313491
billw84 - "Pain is pleasure, James" - Maggie 0 Replies #2313491 11:35AM 28/08/2005
"No, MY pain is YOUR pleasure" -James

after doing pullups
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Topic #2313494
moosiecoosie - Janie massaging Howie NT 0 Replies #2313494 11:35AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313495
fnfish - F1/F2 Janie giving Howie massage in Barracks, Jam/I/B/M/A in kitchen having breakfast NT 0 Replies #2313495 11:35AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313505
fnfish - Janey and Howie are studying for poss HOH questions... 0 Replies #2313505 11:37AM 28/08/2005
Janey says there's 10 beds in here. 5 cots, 5 regular. She looks very tired.
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Topic #2313524
Zazny - Jan: I'm lying down in bed. I'm not sleeping I'm thinking! 0 Replies #2313524 11:39AM 28/08/2005
Howie (kiddie voice): Leave us alone BB, you're mean to us
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Topic #2313530
fnfish - Janie finishes her message of Howie. 0 Replies #2313530 11:41AM 28/08/2005
Janie finishes her message of Howie
J: There, how's that
H: That's perfect, thanks gorgeous
H: thanks Janie, I feel awesome
J: I'm going to lie down in my bed again, i'm not going to sleep (loud, for BB) I'm just going to lie down.
B: Yeah, leave her alone BB, you're mean to her.
Howie starts breathing deep, think he's dozed off again.
Janie is lying down quietly.
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Topic #2313556
Goddess200xxx - the infamous FISH NT 0 Replies #2313556 11:47AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313629
Zazny - HG in living room NT 0 Replies #2313629 12:00PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313639
fnfish - Fish lasted 15 minutes, all HG are now gathered in LR. Possibly they got result of AC? NT 0 Replies #2313639 12:01PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313640
Zazny - A: Guys, I'll be so excited for anyone to get the phone call, just so we know there's life outside these walls NT 0 Replies #2313640 12:01PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2313642
fnfish - April just commented that it will be so exciting for anybody to get a phone call. NT 0 Replies #2313642 12:01PM 28/08/2005
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