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Topic #2398957
deebopalula - maggie thinks bo-bo and howie will "do it" in sequester! LOL 0 Replies #2398957 9:29PM 06/09/2005
Ivette said bo-bo wouldn't "poke" Howie.
Maggie said Howie would have a better shot with beau than jenny
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Topic #2398980
memyselfandi - A/I/M encouraging Howie to do it with beau in sequester 0 Replies #2398980 9:31PM 06/09/2005
Howie is first going to bring back James' shorts and throw them in his face because the magic veto shorts didn't work. He's also bringing back Beau's martini bar.

Then lots of adult talk. Maggie says Howie will get drunk with Beau and they'll do it. Then April tells him Rachel will be horny in sequester but Maggie says that with Rachel and Jennifer there Howie's best shot is with Beau.
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Topic #2399022
deebopalula - Maggie said again 0 Replies #2399022 9:35PM 06/09/2005
"If you go Howie"....then I couldnt hear, but april said "when you go"
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Topic #2399081
Taffy - Janelle comes into the barracks... 0 Replies #2399081 9:43PM 06/09/2005
April and Maggie leave immediately...
Jan: what are they doing over here?
Howie: tells her they found Beau's whatever it was
Jan: does anyone wants vanilla ice cream?
didn't hear the answer.
M/A now in HOH room, talking about Howie getting yelled at by BB when they were in the barracks (we got fish when that happened), Ivette taking a shower in HOH room.
Maggie: can you believe she came up with that idea?
April: I never think of those things, is she going to do it?
Maggie: I don't know
April: it's awesome
Maggie: did Janelle asked what we were doing there?, I thought I heard her ask...
April: to howie...she doesn't talk to me either...she's weird, she's so weird
Maggie: (about Ivette) she's been in there (shower) for like an hour
April: yes, she takes long showers
Now the talk is about How much packing April should do since she's not really leaving tomorrow...
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Topic #2399097
memyselfandi - April and Maggie up in HOH bedroom/Ivette presumably in hiding spot 2 Replies #2399097 9:44PM 06/09/2005
They say it's awesome that Ivette is doing the spying. Then snickering about Janelle coming into their conversation in the barracks and asking what Howie was doing as he talked with April/Maggie/ivette. April complaining that Janelle doesn't talk to her about anything anymore.

"She's weird. She's so weird"

Maggie: She's been in the shower for like an hour.

April: She showers so long.

Then April complaining that Ivette is helping Howie pack but not her. Maggie says she will help Ivette talk.

Now discussion of packaging and suitcases and stores where you can purchase them.

Maggie and April are laying in the middle of Ivette's HOH bed close together facing each other talking and sharing a blanket.

Maggie is wondering what is different about her house when she gets back. April says she is fortunate to have a brand new house, they don't have time to redecorate, they just do stuff to the yard. Maggie says she had to choose between a small new house and a huge fixer-upper house and that's what they got.

Now home equity loan discussion. Maggie has one.
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TX_Redhead - Actually she' in the shower, then off to hide under the bed NT #2399143 9:50PM 06/09/2005
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memyselfandi - correction: Ivette was in shower, not in hiding spot NT #2399138 9:50PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399103
memyselfandi - April/Maggie discussing how they were picked for the show, how long the casting process was and we get FISH NT 0 Replies #2399103 9:45PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399104
Taffy - Maggie and April talking about how they came to the game, of course we get fish right away... NT 0 Replies #2399104 9:46PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399117
ferretkiss - maggie says: when we went to the first fight club it was just to help out with the project, then we get fish NT 0 Replies #2399117 9:47PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399194
memyselfandi - Maggie wishes for April to get evicted, when she wishes on an eyelash 0 Replies #2399194 9:58PM 06/09/2005
She and April are being silly and play fighting in HOH bed.
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Topic #2399199
Taffy - Janelle and Howie sharing a black head picking moment in bathroom... 0 Replies #2399199 9:58PM 06/09/2005
Howie and Jan whispering then Jan says: I can't deal with her, seriously, she gets on my nerves Howie (?)
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Topic #2399214
Yaya007 - Ivette left bloody tissue in toilet and Maggie rushed her out before she could finish taking care of it, and Maggie says something and Ivette defends 0 Replies #2399214 10:01PM 06/09/2005
herself and say that M/A always rush her out before she is done with her 'process'.
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Topic #2399231
Yaya007 - The three HoHer's talking about what to call hispanic's? THen they talk about wearing bra's to bed and Maggie says she loves wife beaters but didn't 0 Replies #2399231 10:02PM 06/09/2005
bring any.
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Topic #2399232
memyselfandi - Ivette freaking out because Maggie rushed her out of the bathroom/April calls Ivette Mexican 0 Replies #2399232 10:02PM 06/09/2005
Apparently she didn't flush and Maggie gave her crap (ed: I apologize for the awful pun) about it. She's just kind of yelling and snapping. And April called Ivette Mexican, and when corrected, just asked if there is something different between Mexicans and Cubans. Ivette is explaining how they both speak Spanish, no one speaks "Mexican," but different Spanish speaking countries vary in the words they use for some things.
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Topic #2399243
Yaya007 - April ask Ivette if she even folds her dirty clothes? Ivette says no. They talk about a piece of clothing Ivettes mother bought her. NT 0 Replies #2399243 10:03PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399245
Yaya007 - Ivette wears tank tops with out bras, and April wants to know if you can see her nipples thru it? NT 0 Replies #2399245 10:03PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399252
sowhat - Ivette trying to educate April on Mexican/Latina culture. NT 0 Replies #2399252 10:04PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399262
Yaya007 - Maggie in hoody and April laying next to her in HOH bed, with her lips all pursed. They say one of Ivettes top is see thru, it is like wearing 0 Replies #2399262 10:05PM 06/09/2005
nothing! April wants to know if everyone wears that and if it is the norm?
Ivette says she don't like her 'tits' so she is over it.
Now they are talking about a cute top she found.
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Topic #2399267
Yaya007 - Aprils wishes she would have brought more cute '*****' to wear. NT 0 Replies #2399267 10:06PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399269
TX_Redhead - Janelle just gave Maggie a 4 in looks cause she is busted in the face LOL NT 0 Replies #2399269 10:06PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399271
Yaya007 - Maggie and April don't want Ivette to go down stairs, but she wants too! NT 0 Replies #2399271 10:07PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399296
Yaya007 - Maggie wants to know if Ivette has ever worn her hair curly for one of the shows. Ivette says no. NT 0 Replies #2399296 10:09PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399309
Yaya007 - Ivette's stuffed bunny can tell things to April, she says. Maggie says it has the cutest face in the world. It's tail is pink. They love it. NT 0 Replies #2399309 10:09PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399371
memyselfandi - Howie and Janelle rate the houseguests in the bathroom. (Kaysar is one-tenth of a point below Mike in Jan's ratings) 0 Replies #2399371 10:15PM 06/09/2005
April when she quits smoking she's a 7, according to Howie. Janelle gives her a 7 and they both give Ivette a 7. Janelle is saying they're both generous.

Janelle says Maggie is a four. Howie has her at mid-six. J: "She's so busted in the face."

Howie says we're like 7th graders rating everybody.

Howie gives Rachel an 8. Janie gives her 8.5.
Howie gives Ashlea 8.75 because she's so young and fresh.
Howie gives Sarah an 8.1/8.2 because she's taller and not his type.

Howie gives Jennifer a high 8. Janelle says Jennifer is a 5.5 or 6 because she's short and looks like a clown. Howie likes short girls so he rates her high.

Janelle says Maggie's body is OK but once you get past the waist she looks like a 200 pound woman. Her legs are like tree trunks. She's pretty stocky.

Janelle won't rate Beau because he's gay.
She rates James a 7.
Cappy is a 2, not even. Janelle gives Howie a 9.2 and Howie thanks her a lot with Oh janie stuff and hugs.
Michael is a 9.5.
Kaysar is a 9.4. H: Whoa, better than me too?

Maggie's Dave is a 4. April's Matt is a 7, Jan says he's better than Dave.
Jennifer's Dan? Janelle: "I don't even think that's her boyfriend but I'd say a five."

Ivette's Tush is a 2, according to Janelle. Howie: Really, that high?

Howie says he can't rate Tush or Ivette well because they're carpetmunchers. Howie is just saying numbers to describe Tush. He finally settles on below four.

Now HOwie says how can he be rating people as he picks his nosehairs.
Howie moves on to dogs since they've rated everyone else.

Janelle says Bear is a 10. Pepperoni a 2.
H: "What about pepperoni the fish?"
J: "I'm not going to rate fish!"
H: "All right, no fishies."

Janelle gives Julie a 9.3, so does Howie. Howie: "She's a P.O.A."
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Topic #2399391
memyselfandi - Howie asks Janelle if she'll stay in Cali for a little bit to hang with Michael 0 Replies #2399391 10:17PM 06/09/2005
She says she will but she has to get home to her dogs. They want their momma.

She can't wait to get home to see Gucci Bear. That's his full name, well actually it's Gucci Bear Roberts

Howie: Where'd you get the Roberts from?

Cupcake Louanne is the other dog's name.

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Topic #2399451
Yaya007 - April ask Maggie what she thinks Eric would think of Ivette if he was still in the house... 0 Replies #2399451 10:25PM 06/09/2005
Maggie says they would butt head and fight and offend each other every day. She said they would also get along great when they weren't fighting.
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