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Topic #2396965
bbaddict2005 - Ivette: James is more human than janelle NT 0 Replies #2396965 6:18PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2396964
scoobydoo - Maggie, Ivette & April complaining about "Whatup Kaysar" chant NT 0 Replies #2396964 6:18PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2396980
scoobydoo - Maggie says she didn't really have a problem with Rachel 0 Replies #2396980 6:20PM 06/09/2005
but after the first couple of weeks, never really talked to her. Found it offensive that Rachel was hanging around trying to talk with people though. Maggie says she doesn't plop herself down in the Gold Room.
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Topic #2396992
bbaddict2005 - Now making fun of "what up kaysar? " 0 Replies #2396992 6:20PM 06/09/2005
Maggie: that sooo bothered me
Making fun of Rachel
Maggie said she didn't talk to Rachel after second week because she voted against Eric and she asked her to vote to keep him here. Personality wise, when she started to lose herself and become more like Janelle, that bothered me. I actually didn't have a problem with Rachel, but those little things bothered me
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Topic #2397000
bbaddict2005 - Maggie: I didn't like that she always came around while we were trying to talk. I found that offensive NT 0 Replies #2397000 6:21PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397015
scoobydoo - April laughing saying Janelle needs to shave her crotch NT 0 Replies #2397015 6:21PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397021
bbaddict2005 - Complaining because Janelle asked April to move off her towel while laying out NT 0 Replies #2397021 6:22PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397033
bbaddict2005 - April: Did you see how much she (Janelle) needs to shave her f'ing crotch NT 0 Replies #2397033 6:22PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397046
bbaddict2005 - For some reason, nothing else to discuss except Janie's shaving habits - more bashing NT 0 Replies #2397046 6:23PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397062
bbaddict2005 - Howie's outside now - trash talking has stopped NT 0 Replies #2397062 6:25PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397065
bbaddict2005 - Janie lying down in the GR NT 0 Replies #2397065 6:25PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397076
bbaddict2005 - Ivette going in to BR, April going to feed fish, Maggie going to watch her, Howie working out NT 0 Replies #2397076 6:26PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397088
bbaddict2005 - Ivette playing with Howie's light saber. Howie telling her the force is with her NT 0 Replies #2397088 6:26PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397224
Taffy - April and Maggie were telling Ivette earlier about when they were laying in the sun and Janelle ... 0 Replies #2397224 6:40PM 06/09/2005
had left her towel there. when she came back, April offered her to move her towel to her side and Jan said "no, I'd prefer to lay right here" and she laid right between Maggie and April...A/M thought she had some bal!s to do that (ed.note: LOL!)
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Topic #2397282
bbfaninaz - Howie in Back Yard with Ivette, saying Beau Beau, good news and bad news, she won hoh but almost blew up BY NT 0 Replies #2397282 6:46PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397339
Taffy - Howie in gym room exercising, then in BY playing with his Lifesaber... 1 Replies #2397339 6:52PM 06/09/2005
A/M sitting infront of fish tank whispering.I think they are practicing for comp...Maggie is asking April questions, she's getting them all right.
Janelle comes in so they stop and walk away to LR..whispering...April says they should sit closer...then they go to barracks...April to Maggie: yes, I'm picking my nose (missed the reason)...little bit more whispering, now Maggie is picking up something, and they go back to LR, sitting side by side in nomination chairs...whispering
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Gorf - *Lightsaber NT #2397351 6:53PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397369
heyace37 - Howie says America hates him for sending Bo Bo home NT 0 Replies #2397369 6:57PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397488
memyselfandi - M-I-A in hot tub analyzing S2's not strategizing/following --- chitchat 0 Replies #2397488 7:08PM 06/09/2005
Maggie hates that Janelle follows around her and April. They say it will be worse when it's just Janelle. How Janelle talks to none of them and at least Howie will talk somewhat.

April: They must have like no f'in footage. (Talk about how dorky they are.)

Ivette says this experience has her questioning her busy city life and upbringing. Maggie/April talking about how when you're raised in the country what you look like doesn't matter, people aren't trying to one-up each other.

Then into HOH practicing led by Maggie.
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Topic #2397500
Sluggo - The three NHs take a break from bashing in the backyard to practice questions NT 0 Replies #2397500 7:09PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397511
Taffy - A/M/I in hot tub saying that Janelle and Howie do not have a lot of fun footage like they do. That they (J/H)prolly just make fun of them (friendship) 0 Replies #2397511 7:10PM 06/09/2005
in DR sessions and that's what they air on the show, Maggie says that's funny, that they probably make fun of them and the fish...then Maggie asking questions for comp to A/I again
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Topic #2397516
memyselfandi - Jan and Howie by gumball machine also doing HOH quiz NT 0 Replies #2397516 7:10PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397520
Sluggo - Howie and Janie are doing the same, quizzing each other, inside by the fish tank NT 0 Replies #2397520 7:11PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397539
Sluggo - Throughout all this, April's hands rarely leave her face; she's always picking at something. NT 0 Replies #2397539 7:12PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397560
Taffy - Howie and Janelle doing the same thing as she does crunches... 0 Replies #2397560 7:13PM 06/09/2005
he tells her M/A/I are training hard and she has to do the same
Janie: you think so
Howie: yeah, they're scared of you...i can see the look in their eyes...they're scared
Janie: You think so
Howie: Jedi talk for "yeah" (I guess)
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Topic #2397583
memyselfandi - And Janelle rewards her crunches with a snack from the kitchen NT 0 Replies #2397583 7:16PM 06/09/2005
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