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Topic #2397614
carrie1969 - Janelle just double dippied!! YUCK NT 0 Replies #2397614 7:18PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397618
Yaya007 - Ivette looks deep in thought as she sits on the side of the hot tub. Covers herself with towel and lays back. NT 0 Replies #2397618 7:19PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397680
memyselfandi - Janelle is standing in kitchen dipping crackers into a butter/dip tub and... 0 Replies #2397680 7:23PM 06/09/2005
She is waiting for a sandwich (possibly a hamburger) to be heated up

Howie in backyard talking about girls against guys plan actually working out for girls with M/I/A. April can't believe four girls will be left.

They are discussing how Ivette hung out with guys more at first, because she couldn't deal with the catty sh!t.

Howie is now just sort of talking to himself about how he wishes there was a quarterback challenge competition and is making throwing quarterback motions and noises.

Ivette/Maggie/April back to HOH quizzing on things around the house.

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Topic #2397758
Taffy - Friendship girls still practicing at hut tub... 0 Replies #2397758 7:28PM 06/09/2005
Janelle finishing a cheeseburger she said it was too hot. Howie talking to her about the game. More Jedi pep talk.
Janey says Something about Ivette being stupid cuz she talks in circles, that she should blame April and Jenny instead of Kaysar (missed for what)
Howie: Exactly
Janei: I f*ckin* hate that b*tch!
More Howie telling Janelle that they all know the information , so it's down to who can think of it faster, that she does
Janie: Do I?
Howie: yes you do...more Jedi talk
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Topic #2397793
memyselfandi - Howie comes back in kitchen giving Janie big big Star Wars pep talk J: "I'm the last of the Sovereign six" 0 Replies #2397793 7:30PM 06/09/2005
Howie is saying there were two dark side traitors in Sarah and James, but she's the only Jedi left. She has to win it for Howie, Kaysar, Michael... all of them.

Howie is saying Maggie is done, April has cooled off and Ivette's not competing.

And Janelle's stomach growls from the cheeseburger she just ate.

Howie telling her to look at memory wall, it's her force.

She won the PBandJ pass for a reason, won the Bahamian trip for a reason, struck down Jennifer in the yard for a reason "now fulfill that destiny"

Howie says he's going to spend next two days on Jedi training for her.
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Topic #2397861
notchbaby - Janie and Howie in kitchen 0 Replies #2397861 7:35PM 06/09/2005
Janie do you think I could get any of them to turn on each other?
Howie: If you get rid of maggie (whispered)cause then you can get Ivette and April to turn on each other, and take April to the end.
Janie: yeah, but even if I win HOH ....
Now they are quizzing each other again.
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Topic #2397874
Taffy - Jan: do you think there's anyway that I can get them to turn on each other? 1 Replies #2397874 7:36PM 06/09/2005
Howie says something about going for Maggie...they talk about how to get her to turn against april...they finally seem to agree that be best way is for Janey to just rely on herself...
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notchbaby - Howie did not say to make a deal with Maggie, he said get rid of her and she can then turn April and Ive against each other NT #2398351 8:18PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397880
memyselfandi - Howie says get rid of Maggie then she can turn April and Ivette against each other 0 Replies #2397880 7:37PM 06/09/2005
Janelle says but as HOH I won't have the votes. Howie says well maybe you can win the veto... and then stops himself to tell her don't worry about it because she just needs to get rid of all of them. Howie seems to think Janelle's best shot at winning is against April.

Then they go into lightning HOH quizzing.
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Topic #2397922
nickinoodles - Nerd Herd practicing the tie breaker question... 0 Replies #2397922 7:40PM 06/09/2005
and who should pick what number as if the tie breaker is about the quarters. (ed. scraping the bottom of the barrel now)

now practicing the morphed faces...
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Topic #2397964
BenSparks - Cameramen reminding Janey "It's time to get in shape"... that english muffin never had a chance NT 0 Replies #2397964 7:44PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2397966
nickinoodles - Nerd Herd discovers that James is the only guy to win the veto NT 0 Replies #2397966 7:44PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398008
nickinoodles - Mag and April go in to make dinner; Ivette stays outside where Janie and Howie are hanging out NT 0 Replies #2398008 7:47PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398022
memyselfandi - F1/F2- Ivette resting head on towel as she leans on hottub ledge//f3-f4 janelle putting on running shoes NT 0 Replies #2398022 7:49PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398054
helena - Howie and Janie at the Memory Wall 0 Replies #2398054 7:51PM 06/09/2005
Howie asks if she thinks Jenny is cute. Janie replys. "No is a a fing skank. I gate her." Howie asks if she thinks Jen has sucked a lot of peepees and Janelle responds with a yes..."She admitted to being the blow job queen in college. She is the biggest whore in this house." Howie laughs. Jane says. "I fing hate these people Howie."
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Topic #2398089
nickinoodles - Howie telling Ivette what a pain it is to pack and that BB told him to bring all this stuff.... 0 Replies #2398089 7:54PM 06/09/2005
q-tips, shampoo.....and when he got to the house, BB supplied all the same stuff.

Howie talks about how he shaves his feet and toes...

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Topic #2398123
memyselfandi - Ivette/Howie having BY private chitchat now - then Beau eviction week rehashing 0 Replies #2398123 7:57PM 06/09/2005
Talking about how hard it is to pack, generic shampoos that BB offers even if you ran out of what you packed, Howie's hairy toes.

Then rehashing of Beau's week. Howie is saying he thought Beau was a greater physical competitor so that's why he put him up, but that the herd had the votes to decide. Howie says that Janelle thought Ivette was the stronger competitor, stronger than April and Maggie. Ivette says why? Howie says because Ivette's smart, she knows the game, she was at end of lots of HOH's but just got flustered the same way Howie would because he was so excited wanting to get HOH.
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Topic #2398148
nickinoodles - Howie wanted Beau... 0 Replies #2398148 7:59PM 06/09/2005
in the end...Janie wants Ivette. Howie says he knows they have the votes....

Howie says that they all choke when under the pressure of the comps. He knows the answers, but he's not the quickest. They all should know the game by now...

Some games are luck...he got killed in the casino game. Many scenarios in this game...skills, luck, someone else fu*ks up.....Howie got lucky in the bowling game because the others fu*ked up.

Howie doesn't think about the money....he's gonna miss the comps and events. He feels cheated because he's going to miss some future events.

BB chimes in about not talking about DR. (Singled out Mag and Ape)

Ivette feels challenged by the game...but wonders if it would've been better to leave earlier. Worries about what her family thinks of her...
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Topic #2398179
memyselfandi - Howie says he never thought about the 500,000 but will miss competing in the events 0 Replies #2398179 8:02PM 06/09/2005
Ivette is saying she wants to get something big to help out her family. Howie is saying he didn't play for sequester, it's just more a pride thing that he wanted to stay after taking time out of his life and got off work.

Then Ivette says after Howie leaves the only original BB picks left will be Janelle and Ivette. ANd April and Maggie just fell into it, this chance for the big money. She seems to be jealous/bitter that those two are left and are the partners, not the original person.
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Topic #2398205
nickinoodles - Ivette's worried about going up against someone with a partner on the jury... 0 Replies #2398205 8:04PM 06/09/2005
Ivette's talking about how she fell into BB...she didn't look for it (ed. she might be lying b/c she gave away something about her looking for it earlier)

Howie says he came for the money....but he'd be honored to win even without the money. "It's like an extra special semester of school."

Howie's gonna go to Arizona to see his dad and play baseball when BB ends...
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Topic #2398229
scoobydoo - April complaining about Ivette again to Maggie in kitchen 0 Replies #2398229 8:06PM 06/09/2005
saying it's contradictory because she says she applied for BB but then also said that she was approached at her restaurant
why does she need to support her family? Her mom is an adult and doesn't work.
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Topic #2398267
nickinoodles - Howie talking about giving to charity if he won.... 0 Replies #2398267 8:10PM 06/09/2005
He'd invest the winnings and then donate to charity on a regular basis. Howie's gonna miss the house....great house, great fish tank, great rooms...comparing it to the Brady Bunch. Ivette says she'll miss Howie.

Howie never thought he'd make it to the final 5...

Ivette says if Janelle wins the next HOH, she knows she's going (Howie agreed). They talk about how it's personal, not strategic.

Rehashing the pressure cooker...

Ivette thinks she'll lose to April and Maggie...Howie's trying to find the best scenario....being totally honest with her. Howie says Ive would have Beau and James' votes. Ivette isn't so excited about her prospect. Somehow, it seems like Howie's trying to get Ivette to reconsider keeping him by weighing her options (without overtly mentioning it again)
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Topic #2398270
memyselfandi - April freaking out because Ivette said she thinks she won't win over April or Maggie in F2 0 Replies #2398270 8:10PM 06/09/2005
April and Maggie are doing a lot of whispering in kitchen about Ivette's talking about how she needs the money to help out her family. They're making dinner and have been chatting for a while, a while ago BB interrupted to tell the two of them not to discuss DR sessions.

It's brought up that ivette later said well I want to win the money the right way and not go against anyone.

Now Maggie and April have agreed that everyone who lives in this house deserves the money.

April is talking about how Ivette will say she should win because she is the one who applied for it (which she just told Howie in BY). Then April is saying she's not one to judge, but judges it as a surprising that Ivette's first thing to do when she leaves is shopping when she talks so much about her family. April is saying that both of her parents are working and trying to make a living (implying Ivette's are deadbeats). Maggie: So are mine.
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Topic #2398274
scoobydoo - ┼pril/Maggie in Kitchen 0 Replies #2398274 8:10PM 06/09/2005
April: She (Ivette) says she came here to help her family but then she said the first thing she's going to do when she leaves the house is go shopping. I'm not trying to judge but ...

later, April says: Not to be rude but both of my parents are working.

Maggie: So are mine.

<Whatever they were cooking in the oven just burned>
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Topic #2398292
scoobydoo - Maggie: the diary room makes you think you're not going to win NT 0 Replies #2398292 8:12PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398317
scoobydoo - Maggie saying Eric came on really strong and she had to take a backseat NT 0 Replies #2398317 8:14PM 06/09/2005
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