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Topic #2394909
joannie - Ivette is making a boiled egg sandwich. NT 1 Replies #2394909 1:37PM 06/09/2005
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ostra - April never heard of a boiled egg sandwich, she heard about egg sandwich and her mom #2394945 1:41PM 06/09/2005
her mom makes the best egg salad, she always makes it for April when she comes to visit
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Topic #2394917
joannie - April looks in the mirror. "I can't believe I went into the DR looking like this... 0 Replies #2394917 1:38PM 06/09/2005
...for my good-bye message to, you know..."

Ivette: "Don't tell me. BB will get mad at you."
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Topic #2394935
ostra - April was in DR to tape her good bye message, now she's whining how much stuff she has to pack and it's not gonna all fit probably NT 0 Replies #2394935 1:40PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2394936
notchbaby - April is going to exercise, Ivette is making a boiled egg sandwich, I guess April is sad from doing her goodbye message to Howie. 0 Replies #2394936 1:40PM 06/09/2005
Now April says she is going to wash towels because no one else will, Maggie comes up and says, are you talking to me? (funny) She says, no, just talking. April says I'm going to get some hair extensions when I get out, Maggie and Ivette laugh, you're not supposed to say.... Maggie pipes up, I will never feel the same about them.
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Topic #2394944
notchbaby - I can hear Howie outside but no camera is on BY NT 0 Replies #2394944 1:41PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2394987
joannie - Maggie is on the elliptical trainer. April is on the treadmill. 1 Replies #2394987 1:47PM 06/09/2005
Maggie working out really hard. April yammering on about what Howie said about the towels.
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AlNisa - Maggie told April after the towles have been washed, to leave 4 downstairs and take the rest up to the HOH room (ed: Towel Rationing) NT #2395045 1:54PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2394994
notchbaby - April and Maggie in gym 0 Replies #2394994 1:48PM 06/09/2005
April said I told Howie make sure you vote for me, I'm on the block you know. I was just joking you know. Pause then, Howie is being so nice to me. April is on TM Maggie is on that other machine, sorry forgot the name for it. April ask Maggie how long she's been on. Maggie says, Six minutes.
April says you notice how I always act like I don't want to go to the DR when they call. Maggie says, I dont' know. BB says, Ivette go to the DR. April says, hey she was already in there.
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Topic #2395017
Taffy - April and Maggie in Gym room... 1 Replies #2395017 1:51PM 06/09/2005
April complaining about how many dirty towels in the house. says Howie thanked her for washing them , but she doesn't understand why there are so many dirty towels downstairs when there's only two people (H/J) downstairs.
The conversation then changes to about the DR (Ivette has been just called to it). April says she can usually answer like 4 of their questions with one answer. Maggie agrees, then adds, it's all about the editing...April agrees, says she finds herself wondering what's going to make it in the show (not exact words, but that's the gist)...
April: I think that next safe is going to be something like $10,000...missed Maggie's response
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ostra - A to M: do you tape those long good bye messages too? #2395059 1:56PM 06/09/2005
M. No
A: really? just to the point??
M. Yeah
A: Wow...

Ed. Maggie seems not to eager to talk while she's working out and panting heavily
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Topic #2395061
Taffy - April asking Maggie questions about what are they told to do when they're on the block... 0 Replies #2395061 1:56PM 06/09/2005
we get fish for a few seconds... and then Maggie says "you just pack"...more working out in silence
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Topic #2395072
ostra - April can't stop yapping about what they tell you in DR when you're on the block, you have to pack... and we go to FISH NT 0 Replies #2395072 1:57PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395084
bbfaninaz - Howie in Back yard telling Janelle when she got fat( when she was with Michael) NT 0 Replies #2395084 1:59PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395096
Taffy - Howie and janie in BY... 0 Replies #2395096 2:00PM 06/09/2005
Howie is telling Janie she's in better shape now, than before Mike left...
Janie: You are just saying that to get my vote
they both chuckle...then Howie goes back to repeating she's in better shape than when she came in...

I missed what Howie said, Janie answers...No, they're not talking to me...like i f*c*ing care...
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Topic #2395097
bbfaninaz - Janelle in back yard calling the other girls in the house "b****" and she isn't going to talk to them, they are not talking to her NT 0 Replies #2395097 2:00PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395106
bbfaninaz - Howie and Janelle trying to figure out who would get votes against whom NT 0 Replies #2395106 2:01PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395222
Taffy - Howie is giving Janelle a pep talk telling her she's the strongest player in the house... 0 Replies #2395222 2:15PM 06/09/2005
He talks about how james lost a lot of weight and his voice was cracking by the time he left. he reminds her that she has been on the block and still told them b*tches to f*ckin' evict her, she didn't care...who cares what they think about you, you do what you need to do
Jan: yeah, thanks Howie
Howie: believe me we could go back and change many things we did in this game. talks about his HOH.
Howie: the only thing you prolly lack of here is total treachery and deception in this game...
Jan: I didn't have to (laugh) they didn't give me a chance to do it.
Howie is asking Janelle to take Ivette out of the game if she can, so she can see how dumb it was to not listen to him last night...Janie says she definitely does not want April sitting next to her if she makes it to the last two.
Howie: them saying you can't win...not true
Janelle: They say there's no way in hell I can win
Howie: it's a popularity thing, that's how they got the votes
Janie: the only way I can see I can survive is if I create some scandal that would make Ivette vote her off (? Don't know who)
Howie: do it
(ed. note: there's much more to this convo...I got as much as I could get trying to type fast...hope someone else with faster fingers can add to this...it's a good exchange)
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Topic #2395271
bbaddict2005 - April to maggie while working out: "i love you" maggie: i love you too NT 0 Replies #2395271 2:22PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395274
Snarky - April just looked at Maggie and said "I love you." NT 0 Replies #2395274 2:23PM 06/09/2005

Please use the HG real names and refrain from personal commentary.
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Topic #2395303
Taffy - Howie: they're all talkin to me how come they're not talking to you? 0 Replies #2395303 2:26PM 06/09/2005
Jan: cuz they're blaming in it on me Howie (his talk to Ivette I guess) they blame it all on me...everything that happens in this house they blame on me. They talk about other things Jan's been blamed for, something about Kaysar (sorry, missed it)
They reminisce about how awesome it was when Janie said to Jen: "give me the f*ckin' key, b*tch!" Janie says she might do it again, Howie: really?
Jan: Why not
Jan: what if they have some greedy thing that I can get? (inside the last safe I think)
Howie: then f*ckin' let go (they laugh)
Jan: what if there's a choice in the safe that you can bring one person back. It's got to be from sequester...Michael is not on sequester..
Howie: then you bring whoever is going to do well for your game..James, Rayray, whoever you need...
Jan: Thank you Howie
Feed changes to Gym room...April: I love you
Maggie: thank you
They talk about having to go to DR, maggie saying it sucks...then talking about running and other exercising
they both laugh...
April: you wanna wear one of my tank tops today?
Maggie: yeah, maybe, that would be great
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Topic #2395338
notchbaby - Howie and Jan on #2 no sound. NT 0 Replies #2395338 2:31PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395364
notchbaby - Howie in kitchen is filling ice trays and watching Jan shovel in ice cream. NT 2 Replies #2395364 2:34PM 06/09/2005
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Panda4 - Janelle was eating yogurt I believe. NT #2395376 2:36PM 06/09/2005
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In2BB - And she is eating with a spoon not a shovel. NT #2396183 4:46PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395404
notchbaby - Janie in kitchen tossing the ice cream cup now empty and is slamming cabinet doors, I don't know what the hell, I'm starving. 0 Replies #2395404 2:39PM 06/09/2005
Howie says you look as good now as when you were in that bikini photo. You worked out.
Jan says I didn't work out, then she says, lets go in the GR Howie runs to get his water and follows close behind.
Jan in GR they fu--ing woke me up last night. I was fu--ing dreaming. They were like you were napping. We know your grooming habits before you go to bed. (she is totally whining because BB would like her to stay awake part of the day, good thing the F3 are there to watch)
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Topic #2395444
bbaddict2005 - Howie in GR quizzing Janie on possible questions for HOH - NT 0 Replies #2395444 2:49PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395446
bbaddict2005 - April & Maggie stretching in front of pictures, quizzing each other on questions NT 0 Replies #2395446 2:50PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395452
bbaddict2005 - Ivette just got out DR, BB called Maggie in NT 0 Replies #2395452 2:52PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2395461
bbaddict2005 - Maggie looking for sweatshirt so she doesn't go into DR sweaty - asked for Aprils slippers again NT 0 Replies #2395461 2:53PM 06/09/2005
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