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Topic #2398319
nickinoodles - Howie talking about picking a winner who earned it... 0 Replies #2398319 8:14PM 06/09/2005
and that maybe that'll affect the votes.

Ivette says Janelle and I were made to hate each other....most targeted...yet they're still there. Two girls most targeted at the end (hope Howie jumps on that!)

Howie talking about performing and winning vetoes to take yourself off...talking about Janie, Kaysar, and Rachel being up and not going home. James won and took himself off...good competitors work well under pressure.

Talking about possibilities of no veto winners during some comps...pinata, casino...it's a crap shoot.
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Topic #2398322
memyselfandi - Ivette says she and Janelle were made to hate each other 0 Replies #2398322 8:14PM 06/09/2005
Howie says "Because of James?"

Ivette says no, that's just the way we are, and we're the most hated/biggest targets.

Howie is saying he respects players more by when the pressure was on they made the plays, when James' @ss was on the line, when Janelle's @ss was on the line they made plays.

Then they're discussing events where there could have been no veto. If everyone in the pinata game had put their candy with half in James' and half in Sarah's then no one would have won the veto.
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Topic #2398343
nickinoodles - Howie wished he won a veto.... 0 Replies #2398343 8:17PM 06/09/2005
No Janie or James....he could've won.

He's not a good gambler...not good at chess...can't dance....smaller pee pee than Beau....

Jedi Howie's moved on...
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Topic #2398405
notchbaby - All of the girl scouts are scouring away at the kitchen, Janie is walking in By NT 0 Replies #2398405 8:24PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398407
nickinoodles - Ivette won't recycle.... 0 Replies #2398407 8:24PM 06/09/2005
and April said James won't be happy about that.

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Topic #2398423
notchbaby - Howie goes in BY and says to Janie they are mad at me, I can tell 0 Replies #2398423 8:27PM 06/09/2005
because normally they cook for me. Janie: Fu-- them. Howie: did they talk to you when you went inside? Janie: April said Hi.
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Topic #2398454
nickinoodles - After asking if milk is still good a week after it's date, Maggie begins testing everyone again... 0 Replies #2398454 8:30PM 06/09/2005
and realizes that she didn't know the answer to her question and would've gotten it wrong.

(i can't believe i'm giving a play by play on such boring people)

April actually thanks Janelle for coming up with some nacho dish...

Only April, Maggie, and Ivette are sitting at the table...Howie and Janie are elsewhere.

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Topic #2398475
nickinoodles - April still unsure as to who's going on Thursday.... 0 Replies #2398475 8:32PM 06/09/2005
talking about who was voted out after he/she got HOH....they mention Howie and Ape says, "if he goes..."

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Topic #2398526
nickinoodles - April doesn't remember which her week was as HOH.... 0 Replies #2398526 8:39PM 06/09/2005
Now they're coming up with questions that all seem to point to Janelle...

Ivette says, "Janelle was straight up nominated 4 times....vetoed herself once....replaced once...and taken off another time..."

Maggie says, "For people who don't watch the internet...she's got nine lives too." (whuh?)

Ape asks, "I wonder why they didn't have us watch bb5."
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Topic #2398566
nickinoodles - Ivette talks about Howie's convo with her.... 0 Replies #2398566 8:42PM 06/09/2005
she said that Howie said that Janelle thinks Ive is the strongest player because she knows the game.

Maggie asks if Ive thinks that's true...more than Mag and Ape? Ivette doesn't know.

Mag watched bb5 and bb3 before she came on the show. Ape watched bb5. Mags had bb3 on video (ed. and they make fun of Janelle for having one season).

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Topic #2398575
memyselfandi - Ivette telling April and Maggie that Howie said Janelle thinks Ivette is strongest player 0 Replies #2398575 8:43PM 06/09/2005
April says that Janelle's never told her that. A/M ask if Ivette believes him.

Ivette: I believe that. I believe it totally.

She says Howie explained it that Janelle thinks Ivette knows the game the most because she's watched past seasons.

Maggie asks somewhat rudely if Ivette really believes that she knows the game more than Maggie or April, but then says she just hadn't thought about anyone knowing the game besides Janelle.
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Topic #2398578
nickinoodles - Howie thinks Ape would still hug Janelle after winning.... NT 0 Replies #2398578 8:44PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398593
nickinoodles - Howie thinks it's a perfect time for America's Choice to vote... 0 Replies #2398593 8:46PM 06/09/2005
How and Janie tell America that they're vote counts. It's totally fair if they vote. Howie says 2 million votes are stronger than 1 vote.

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Topic #2398615
nickinoodles - Maggie and April complain that Ivette is starting to act and sound like Janie... 0 Replies #2398615 8:50PM 06/09/2005
BB asked for the mike not to be obstructed...Ive blamed it on her big boobies....then BB said thank you...and Ivette yelled your welcome like Janelle.

Ape says Ive is staring at people just like Janelle.
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Topic #2398667
nickinoodles - what's left of the Nerd Herd are conspiring.... 0 Replies #2398667 8:55PM 06/09/2005
they're in the Gold Room....practicing AGAIN....

Ape is getting annoyed by the rules of this new practicing game...they're coming up with every possible question...

Now they're making fun of Janelle for practicing for morph with the faces stacked on the dresser.

They're afraid they won't hear Janelle and Howie coming in...Ape stands guard. They all leave.

Endless mundane questions....
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Topic #2398730
Augustkm - Ivette is telling Maggie that she wants to hide under the bed in the GR. She will stay there all night & escape in the morning. NT 0 Replies #2398730 9:02PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398770
nickinoodles - Ivette flashed Mag and Ape.....and conspiring to hide in the GR... 0 Replies #2398770 9:05PM 06/09/2005
and she's going to take a shower. They're all giggling.....

Howie comes in and chats about past hg's....

Ivette whispers to Mag how she wants to hide in the GR and eavesdrop after her shower....they're trying to figure out how she'd get out...

Ivette thinks they'll talk loud b/c How and Jan will think they're all in the HOH room...

Mag thinks it's a great idea (ed. morals much?)....

Mags will be stressed out if Ive did it...but they're still figuring out how to do it....

Howie is babbling to April about where he's gonna go after BB ends....meanwhile, Ive and Mag are thinking about how to pull their scheme off....

Ivette asks if Howie has a woody....Howie says no, he's the softest he's been in a while (ed. makes sense, considering the company)

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Topic #2398815
Taffy - Ivette's plan...for maggie to help her hide under the bed in GR, so she can spy on Howie and Janelle's conversations... 0 Replies #2398815 9:11PM 06/09/2005
Maggie: fight dirt with dirt?...I love it, but how are you going to get out?
They go back and forth with this "plan"...ultimately Maggie says she would be a wreck while Ivette is there and what if they find her?...Ivette says they're used to them (friendship) going to bed early, they won't suspect...the conversation ends without a definite "go" to the plan...
Now they're all in the kitchen, minus Jan, chit chatting about movies.
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Topic #2398911
deebopalula - Maggie ate to much 0 Replies #2398911 9:24PM 06/09/2005
keeps saying she wants to vomit because she ate too much
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Topic #2398917
deebopalula - Ivette is under the bed 0 Replies #2398917 9:25PM 06/09/2005
maggie and april talk to each other to see if she can hear them
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Topic #2398921
puck71 - Note: Ivette was under a bed in barracks to see if she could eavesdrop on GR NT 0 Replies #2398921 9:26PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2398926
deebopalula - The NH are very proud of themselves 0 Replies #2398926 9:26PM 06/09/2005
a-you're f'ing nuts
m-i think it's hilarious
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Topic #2398937
deebopalula - Ivette found a pillow of Beau's 0 Replies #2398937 9:27PM 06/09/2005
she is giving it to Howie to deliver to Beau in sequester
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Topic #2398941
ferretkiss - camera flashes to ivettes butt cheeks hanging out below her shorts... 0 Replies #2398941 9:27PM 06/09/2005
howie, maggie, april, and ivette in the kitchen, all leaning on the counter and talking. topic was sports - they like the name of peyton manning, and there is a baseball player from West, Texas who plays on one of the Chicago teams (West is the town where April is from, and she does not know the guys name or which team.) During this conversation the camera flashes to Ivettes butt, which shows her butt cheeks hanging way out below the bottom of her shorts. The flash was lightning quick.

Then Howie goes outside and says "youre hot janie" before the door closes, and april/maggie laugh.

Now iv/apr,mag have gone into the barracks room and have found something beau left (a kevala pillow?) and are whispering and looking around and talking about "where she can sleep" - seems to be janelle-related but i dont know what they are doing.

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Topic #2398947
Taffy - A/I/M in barracks room hiding Ivette under a bed... 0 Replies #2398947 9:28PM 06/09/2005
they're figuring out under which bed it would be easier for her to hear them (H/J) talk...They call Howie in...(ed. note:I think they want him to let them pack or something for him so he won't go looking under the "wrong" bed?)
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