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Topic #2391528
Taffy - HOH room... 0 Replies #2391528 12:02AM 06/09/2005
They're saying the next secret will be that Jan is an hermaphrodite...laugh
they all agree that Eric had said that in the begining...April is sure someone has been in DR forever (Howie and Jan are sleeping)
Ivette practicing Spanish. They're talking about Jan may be a man still.
April: she studies all night long...that's what she does guys...they are all agreeing.
April: where's Howie?
Ivette: maybe asleep?
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Topic #2391537
moonscape53 - janelle gets up, saying 'you're cute' towards howie (probably hoping he was awake or would 1 Replies #2391537 12:04AM 06/09/2005
wake up), then leaves the GR, goes into the kitchen for a snack, goes outside for a minute, goes back to the kitchen for another little snack and sits down at the table.

the NH are tracking her, and commenting on everything she does, i.e.

"she's moping"
"she walks just like rachel did"
"what's the point of taking 4 M&Ms then going back for another 4? just grab a handful!"
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Tracie - April kept on saying "all she does is study" over and over again (Ummm...April, it's not like you can't do that also..) NT #2391556 12:13AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391554
drummer_inblack - Janelle's back in the GR, both her & Howie are now asleep. NT 0 Replies #2391554 12:12AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391558
Taffy - they're watching Jan on the spy cam... 0 Replies #2391558 12:14AM 06/09/2005
they're saying that's all she does..study the pics, that she's psychotic, that even if they show that on the TV, it would look like she's just studying.Then something again about how she's getting help and has won everything up to now, why not finish with the big prize.
Earlier in the evening they had complained to each other how BB never yells at the others as much as they do them. that BB doesn't want them (friendship) to win the game. They practice a little and it's back to Janelle bashing, how she stares at them all day...Maggie says they 3 should pull up chairs and stare at Janelle all day.
April says: look at her she does that all the time, she's done looking at the wall and as she walks away BB dims the lights...it's all about her, this is her house...Maggie: eric says that...laugh...April: Matt says that too...more laugh...Ivette: she's been sitting at that table, you'd think she'd pick up those three things...they never help...more talk...
Maggie: she's the underdog...all agree
April: America is hoping and praying she beats us.
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Topic #2391570
Taffy - April: she's gonna sit there and say she's never swallowed in her life 1 Replies #2391570 12:19AM 06/09/2005
Maggie: I've never swallowed
April: Never?
Maggie: never
April: yeah, but you're not what she is
Ivette: really? never?
back and forth with the never? never
April: I love those hairy balls!
all laugh
Maggie: I like it when the pubes tickle you
April: I like to comb the hair with my teeth
Ivette: Janelle must have gone down on some nasty cooch if she calls ti roast beef
April: it was James that called it that
Ivette: then he has
Maggie: yeah, I think he's a whore, he's juggled like 8(?) girlfriends
they making gutural noises now to annoy Ivette
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nickinoodles - it was April that asked if Janelle's looked like roast beef...(she always lying!) NT #2392486 7:20AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391608
auntjulie - A/M/I discussing they aren't America's Choice. Mag just said "Yep,it pays to be a c**t. (In ref. to Jan) NT 0 Replies #2391608 12:31AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391610
Taffy - Ivette: we're not being portraid in a good light you guys... 0 Replies #2391610 12:32AM 06/09/2005
April; hell no, or America wouldn't have given her the f****ng phone call
Maggie: it pays to be a c*nt
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Topic #2391624
Taffy - Ivette said something about April's mother... 0 Replies #2391624 12:38AM 06/09/2005
And April was very offended (I guess she insinuated thatApril's mom is a carpet muncher) April going on and on about how she doesn't want her mom to be called that because she has clients and that would affect her.
Maggie pipes in telling Ivette that saying false things about people is consider slander, even if it's not something bad (ed. note hmmmmm interesting, does this apply to what they "assume" about Janelle 24/7?)
So Ivette apologizes and now maggie is asking April if her sister's husband beat her, April says no, and as she continues to answer, we get fish...
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Topic #2391651
Taffy - Still fish on all feeds... 0 Replies #2391651 12:47AM 06/09/2005
(ed. note...Maybe BB is begging them to stop turning the viewers' stomachs with their gross banter)
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Topic #2391672
applecrisp - Janie gets in another slam about the NH spelling with their legs (LOL)... 0 Replies #2391672 12:56AM 06/09/2005
A little earlier, April started to recount this conversation she had with Janie today.

April: You know what she asked me today? She's such a bitch. We were talking about DR. She didn't get f*cking in trouble.

Mag: Course not.

April: Of course not. And she said, "Have you ever talked about y'all's leg games in the DR?"

Mag: Oh what a f*cking bitch!

April: Yeah, I said, "Oh are you asking me that so you can make fun of it?" and she goes, "No." And uh, I said "NO, I have never talked about our leg war games in the DR, have YOU?" and she goes, "Yes" and I was like, "Because you were making fun of them," and she goes "No, they've asked me about them."

Mag: No they haven't.

April: I know.

Mag: She was never present for them.

April: I never even got asked about 'em.

Mag: Neither did I.

April: So she's lying, again. She's just making fun.

They go on to say BB showed her clips of the leg games and say they're not being portrayed well obviously because of AC. April says "what's the world coming to" after she says that Janie's "screwed 20 million guys, and WE are being portrayed as the bad ones."
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Topic #2391691
Taffy - Feeds are back and all is quiet...then April says something (couldn't understand) and we get fish again :( NT 0 Replies #2391691 1:04AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391720
Taffy - We're back... 0 Replies #2391720 1:17AM 06/09/2005
Maggie and April talking about feeling sleepy but not being able to sleep.
Maggie: thank you
April: what did you say, thank you?
Maggie: uhuh
Ivette tells them that he stomach hurts cuz of the Mc donalds food, they ask her if she needs water, wants them to rub her tummy...she answers no
April: do you think when we go home we'll be carrying that BB bag and people will come to us and ask "were you in the BB show?" and we'll say shut the f*ck up!
then they talk about packing...and how you BB will send your stuff home
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Topic #2391731
Taffy - Everybody's quiet now, maybe they're finally going to sleep...no 0 Replies #2391731 1:23AM 06/09/2005
Ivette: Maggie, can you feel my heart beat
Maggie; yeah, but I can't see...I'd say low sixties, why? how does it feel?
Ivette: it feels like a panic attack
April: but a panic attack your heart races
Maggie: no, it feels like it races but it's normal...talk to us Ivetta
Ivette: I'll be okay... it's slowing down...tell me the names of Maggie's nieces and nephews...and at that...FISH
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Topic #2391737
kaysar_and_janie - ivette having panic attack 0 Replies #2391737 1:28AM 06/09/2005
ivette asks maggie to check her heart rate. maggie checks her pulse and says it's 60.

ivette says she feels like her heart is racing, and maggie says it isn't, but that she's having a panic attack. maggie says when someone has a panic attack, they feel as though their heart is racing, but it really isn't.

april and maggie try to get ivette to talk, but she's not saying much. april says, "tell us how you're feeling." maggie says, "tell us the names of maggie's nieces." ivette doesn't respond much. says she's ok. she doesn't sound panicked.

maggie says it's anxiety.

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Topic #2391760
kaysar_and_janie - ivette talking about what she would do with money 0 Replies #2391760 1:39AM 06/09/2005
says she would relocate her family, frankie, her father's business. her dream is to have land and a horse.

when came back from fish, janie was going back to bed.

ivette goes to bathroom. they say "it's number 2."

april says that she's been waking up from naps from anxiety and that she has to "poop" when she has anxiety.

april: they're probably pissed off at us. they're not getting ratings. at first we thought we were cool, but i don't think we are. i don't take care of myself; i look like *****.

maggie yells to ask ivette if she needs anything, ivette says no. (surprisingly, she didn't ask maggie to wipe her.)

april: push it out.

maggie: show that poo who's boss.

ivette: i don't think my belly likes mcdonald's.

maggie: is anything coming out?

ivette: a droplet here and there.
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Topic #2391769
Taffy - Female voice: So, where do you think Frankie is gonna live when he gets out? 0 Replies #2391769 1:41AM 06/09/2005
I would like to move him where his speaking English and Spanish will benefit him. Sounds like I vette is talking about what she plans to do when she gets out of the house...talk about relocating, maybe this is if she wins the money?
then Ivette goes to the bathroom to poop.
April : I wake up from a nap with my heart racing
mAggie: we're f*cking human
April: that's the thing, they have a show to run, they don't give a sh*t, it's all about ratings. Well, than may not be the case now. In the begining I thought we were cool, but not now...I get up every morning I don't take care of myself...I don't give a sh*t how I look...
Maggie: yeah...Do you want us to get you anything? (to Ivette)
April: Are you poopying? pull that out, give birth
Maggie: show that poop who's boss
Maggie and April talk about something that happened "when the house was fun".
Ivette: (from the Bathroom) I don't think my belly likes Mcdonalds
Mag and April laughing about something, then April saying "Jennifer is lovable"
Maggie: she made me love her
April: she was so funny (then some noise Jen used to do I guess)
Maggie: Hillarious
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Topic #2391772
Taffy - fish for a little bit... 1 Replies #2391772 1:44AM 06/09/2005
Maggie asking ivette is if all went okay and April recomending pepto.
Ivette mumbling that she's just uncomfortable,took two motrin. April says it's cuz she starts her period today,
talking about Pmsing and some drug (diftera (sp?))immunizations...fish
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CanCon - Clarification: Ap asked M if she got her birth control shot once a year, and called the drug 'diphtheria' (pronouncing it incorrectly). ... #2391816 2:09AM 06/09/2005
M said, in a quasi-amused voice, "No, it's every three months, and it's called 'Depo-Provera'. Diphtheria is an immunization..." ...and fish. (Ed: Ap seems like a very knowledgeable pharmaceutical rep. )
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Topic #2391795
Taffy - Ivette is still not feeling good... 0 Replies #2391795 1:55AM 06/09/2005
it seems she hasn't have a period in a while so this one is coming really strong...she's laying on the floor now. Maggie and April offering to sleep with her on the floor (ed. note OMG!) she declines. They keep talking to her..She keeps telling them it's okay...They keep asking her stuff...She keeps saying no...She's pretty much letting them know to leave her alone but they keep insisting on "helping" her by talking non stop...
(ed note: This is too much *rolling eyes*...I'm going to bed...nite nite all!)
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Topic #2391919
Veruta - Howie awake. In BY securing the perimeter with his Jedi powers and light saber. NT 0 Replies #2391919 3:30AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391927
Veruta - Howie in MBR changing his shorts. Non-BB voice: Howie, *whisper* Please go to the DR. FISH. NT 0 Replies #2391927 3:37AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391930
Veruta - Back from FISH. Howie in DR. All else quiet. NT 0 Replies #2391930 3:39AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391965
Veruta - Howie out of DR. In BY preparing for a workout. NT 0 Replies #2391965 3:55AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2391975
Veruta - Howie working out in BY. Token Howie fart. Howie: Sorry BB. Light saber between sets. NT 0 Replies #2391975 4:01AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2392010
Sluggo - Poor Howie is still working out, but doesn't do any one thing for very long. NT 0 Replies #2392010 4:27AM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2392013
smileycute - at 4:30 am Howie is still working out NT 0 Replies #2392013 4:29AM 06/09/2005
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